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kevinkins -> Autonomous Everywhere and Everday (3/30/2021 11:36:21 PM)

Yep, every day I look at the news and AI and autonomous warfare systems are being talked about. Everyday. And the talk is really accelerating this year. Fighters, bombers, refuelers, tanks, attack choppers. etc.. Not asking to add anything to the CMO DB. But we gamers might want to start thinking how autonomous platforms be incorporated into this simulation. I suppose we all drive autonomous systems since no one "is in" a F16 that gets shot down. But I think there is a fundamental difference between human controlled systems and future AI controlled systems that the developers might want to think about moving forward. In many ways, the mission planner is a great way to simulate autonomous warfare and already exists.


guanotwozero -> RE: Autonomous Everywhere and Everday (3/31/2021 7:03:08 AM)

A mission planner would be a great way to prepare instructions for robotic vehicles to slavishly follow (be at WP x at 5.30, launch munition Y, etc...) but AI is different as that would enable vehicles to make certain decisions for themselves.

An example might be an autonomous aircraft sensing potential enemies and them prioritising them, all without any human interaction. I expect they could decide how to best get into a firing position and shoot as well, though there'll be ethical issues to be debated about that.

So yes, I think AI will make a significant difference to warfare in future years.

boogabooga -> RE: Autonomous Everywhere and Everday (3/31/2021 9:18:06 PM)

A few years back, I attended a keynote lecture at an AIAA national conference given by an executive of one of the UAV developers. He said that there were no plans in the United States to ever allow an AI to make the decision to fire a weapon on its own on grounds of accountability...there would always need to be a human in that loop to take responsibility.

Perhaps some day in the future, AI will be viewed as so reliable that it would be much safer to let it rather than a human make that decision, but we are nowhere near that now. Of course, that does not consider what other countries might do.

BDukes -> RE: Autonomous Everywhere and Everday (3/31/2021 10:07:51 PM)

IIRC CMO does do a few things to model unmanned vs. manned stuff.IIRC it had something to do with agility or the evasion logic. A current dev would have to clarify.


maverick3320 -> RE: Autonomous Everywhere and Everday (4/1/2021 4:09:21 PM)

I mean...isn't that exactly what a UAV executive would say? No civilian executive with an IQ over 80 is going to admit they are working on completely autonomous weaponry. Congressmen would be lining up to hold hearings.

Let's be honest with ourselves, though: I'd bet China (and others) are working on this type of weaponry, for the simple fact that men will eventually be the weak component in the loop.

guanotwozero -> RE: Autonomous Everywhere and Everday (4/1/2021 11:14:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: maverick3320
Let's be honest with ourselves, though: I'd bet China (and others) are working on this type of weaponry, for the simple fact that men will eventually be the weak component in the loop.

Undoubtedly. Imagine aircraft that can pull extended high-G turns more than any human can sustain, or targetting systems that can find, prioritise and calculate firing solutions in the blink of an eye. Airdropped heavy weapon systems that can walk along with the squaddies and be ready to fire in an instant. Even if humans are the ultimate 'fire button' decider, the machines should be able to do most of the relevant mechanics.

However what is less likely is that machines will be able to apply wisdom and insight in the way that humans can. We won't have AI tacticians, commanders or necessary boots on the ground in the foreseeable future. Soldiers won't be out of job, they'll just have better tools.

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