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Blast33 -> The Operations Room - Youtube (3/5/2021 3:50:24 PM)

I stumbled upon a series of vids about Desert Storm (thank you youtube algorithm..) where specific parts of the conflict are visually displayed and retold.
I think a lot of CMO players will also like this, and create maybe their own variants of these situations in CMO.

There are air, land and sea subjects.
Next to desert storm also other conflicts are looked at even to WWII, but at a smaller scale.
Some vids start with some advertisement, but scroll through.

I highly recommend to take a look at this or other playlists at:



1nutworld -> RE: The Operations Room - Youtube (3/5/2021 8:30:21 PM)

That is a great channel. I hit it up a couple times a week to see what they have done

SeaQueen -> RE: The Operations Room - Youtube (3/6/2021 11:47:56 AM)

Definitely a good one. I really enjoyed their opening moves of Desert Storm video.

BeirutDude -> RE: The Operations Room - Youtube (3/7/2021 10:03:02 PM)

I've watched a few of their videos in the past, yes great stuff!

mikkey -> RE: The Operations Room - Youtube (3/8/2021 7:16:47 PM)

Very interesting channel, thanks for sharing!

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