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$trummer -> Very confused re. how to save games (2/25/2018 7:44:00 AM)

I am just getting back into CMANO after a long break. I am going through various user-made tutorials but find that I cannot save/load my progress in any scenario. All I can do is use the times autosaves. When I use the "Save" or "Save as" command, I can never retrieve the save, whether from inside CMANO itself or directly from the save file. I keep going around in circles without ever being able to save and then load the scenario. I have a Steam install, on my E:\ drive. I strongly suspect that I am in some sort of weird logical loop involving where the default save location is vs. where I am looking for the file and the problem seems to be that the game does not seem to allow for a "Load from...[file location}" function. Can anyone help? I need user-made saves if I am going to be able to master the learning curve effectively. Thanks!

mavfin -> RE: Very confused re. how to save games (2/25/2018 8:25:08 AM)

Well, if it's a Steam Library on E:, it's going to be similar to my path on D: on my installation.

E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Command Modern Air Naval Operations\Scenarios

See if you find Scenarios in that location. Mine are in that location on D:. With any luck, your system and Steam is following the defaults. Good luck.

If you can't find <drive>:\SteamLibrary, search for steamapps\common\Command and see where that is found.

neno -> RE: Very confused re. how to save games (2/25/2018 12:08:39 PM)

The problem is that by default, the game wants you to save to Documents folder, but wants to load from its own folder in steam library folder, as stated in the previous post. And you can't chose folder from which to load. So when you save the game, navigate to the steam folder and save there.

If you go to the Documents\Command folder, you'll probably find the games you saved there. copy them to the steam folder if you wish to resume playing them.

nukkxx5058 -> RE: Very confused re. how to save games (2/25/2018 3:35:09 PM)

Yes, I was initially also troubled by this. Now I'm saving all my games in the same directory as the scenario. The fact that scenarios and saves have different extensions prevents from mixing everything. So when I want to load a save , I just navigate in the scenario tree and can easily find my save.

$trummer -> RE: Very confused re. how to save games (2/26/2018 4:40:14 PM)

Thanks for your helpful input, gents. I figured out the workaround. It's awkward when you have a Steam install in a non-default drive but it works once you copy and paste the save that the game cannot access from its alternate location.

BDukes -> RE: Very confused re. how to save games (2/26/2018 7:08:09 PM)

If I remember this is MS window thing. It remembers where you save so anytime standard save dialog is called it will remember the last place and if not command then oops. Best to pay attention when hit button.

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