War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition

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  -   Author: GaryChildress   -   Reviewed: 14 FEB 2012

WitP-AE is THE magnum opus of all wargames, a true masterpiece of research and detail. The game is not for the faint of heart, however. It is easy to become intimidated by the depth and scope of the game which covers the entire Pacific war from the West Coast USA, westward to the tip of the horn of Africa. You'll be in command of every ship, plane and ground unit that participated in the war. The attention to detail is astounding. Virtually every conceivable aspect of the war is modeled in the game down to the effect of radar, weather, disease, intel reports, drop tanks, resource production, repair ships... Every unit, whether it be aviation engineers, landing barges or float planes plays its own significant and special role in achieving victory. It's all in there and everything serves its purpose as you fight your way across a vast map encompasing almost 1/2 the entire globe.

  -   Author: Gridley380   -   Reviewed: 16 JAN 2012

The massive scale of this game can be a bit intimidating, but once you grasp the basics things move along very smoothly.

This is by far the best and most detailed simulation I have ever played.

  -   Author: deltaalpha111   -   Reviewed: 16 JAN 2012

Absolutely the best game I have ever played. IF you are looking for a game that taxes your organizational skills this is the game for you. The pacific war was a war of logistics and this game proves it. Love it.

  -   Author: LPGamble   -   Reviewed: 13 JAN 2012

Gems like this keep me investing money in games trying to find hits.

  -   Author: Jeromus   -   Reviewed: 4 DEC 2011

It took less than 30 minutes for me to determine that this game is so bogged down in minutiae that it is unplayable for all realistic purposes. The land order of battle is hopelessly overrun with anti-aircraft and more engineers than you shake a stick at. Every ship in the game is an individual unit. Capital ships I can see, but PT boats, AP's and AK's? To top it all off, with one-day turns, it will take almost as long to play the full war scenario as the real Pacific War took to fight. I spent 50 bucks on this game and uninstalled the game the same afternoon. Avoid this like the plague.

  -   Author: AllenLee   -   Reviewed: 8 JUL 2011

1st, the combat report on WIP is better than WIPAE.
2nd, spotting reports should show on the map but not reported.
3rd, if historic schenario, Russians should be skipped (computer controlled).
4th, get rid of "replacing pilots" - especially for the allies. (wastes time).
5th, clarification on ships - Local Minesweepers (cannot escort convoys)have more range than normal minesweepers which cannot escort convoys very far. "x" designator - I have no problem ignoring them. ML (Harbor?) Motor Launch has more range than PT boats and are really useless.

Basically the games needs to be cleaned up.

  -   Author: Taz303   -   Reviewed: 23 MAY 2011

One of the best war games ever. I truley enjoyed the attention to detail. Well done. 5 Stars.

  -   Author: waynek   -   Reviewed: 13 MAY 2011

I first was exposed to the original WitP many years ago (don't remember the computer it was on) and enjoyed the game a lot, especially since my Dad had fought in WWII in the Pacific. Lost touch with it for years until a friend told me about WitP-AE. This is a great game and portrays the diffultly on both sides of fighting in a area covering half of the world. There is one thing that is a bit of a problem. Using the Historical first move in 3 day turn mode, the game engine should alow the Allies to react and the Japanese to then set up for starting the 3 day per move option. The game would
have a better start.


War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition

Release Date: 27 JUL 2009

Language: English
Genre: Operational, Strategic
Turns: Turn-Based WEGO
Complexity: Expert
Period: World War II

Henderson Field Designs

Product Specs

  • Theatre: Pacific
  • Unit Scale: Squad, Individual (People, Planes, Tanks, etc.), Regiment, Task Force
  • Turn Scale: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days
  • Players: 1-2
  • AI: Yes
  • PBEM: Yes
  • File Size: 462mb
  • Download Time:
  • - 56K Modem: 18hr 20min
  • - DSL or Satelite: 60min
  • - High Speed: 12min
  • Version: 1.00.79
  • Manual: PDF E-Book, Printed - Color
  • Editor: Yes

Product Requirements :
    Windows 98SE / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
    CPU: 1.0 Ghz minimum, 2.0 Ghz recommended
    Video/Graphics: 128M minimum, 256M recommended
    RAM: 512MB minimum, 1GB recommended
    1 GB free Hard Disc space
    DirectX version: 9.0 or later
    Direct X compatible Soundcard
    8x CD-ROM


Gold Award from Gamer's Hall


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Digital Express Edition: This edition comes with a full color printed box, full color printed CD (with your order number and serial number printed on it) and a PDF E-Book indexed manual.
Standard Edition: This edition comes with a full color printed box, full color printed CD (with your order number and serial number printed on it), a Printed grayscale manual and a PDF E-Book indexed manual.
Collector's Edition: This edition comes with a full color printed box, full color printed CD (with your order number and serial number printed on it), a Printed full color manual and a PDF E-Book indexed manual.