Advanced Tactics: World War II

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Advanced Tactics is a versatile turn-based strategy system that gives gamers the chance to wage almost any battle in any time period. The first module in this series is Advanced Tactics: World War II, which allows gamers to hop into a Panzer and storm across Europe. Complete with a streamlined interface and an addicting style of gameplay, Advanced Tactics offers a unique and infinitely replayable experience for any strategy fan.  Depending on the scenario, you can decide what your towns should produce, which HQs receive reinforcements, how your chain of command is formed, what sort of troop and equipment mix you put in each unit, if you use air, land, or sea strategies or maybe even call in the paratroopers – the possibilities are endless! Almost any type of strategy or tactic can be used effectively in Advanced Tactics. 

To round out Advanced Tactic’s replayability, it also features a powerful scenario editor that allows gamers to recreate their favorite historical scenarios or simple fabricate their own fictional conflicts. World War 2 buffs will enjoy Advanced Tactics’ numerous scenarios from the period like: Gothic Line, Afrika Korps, the Russian Front, Endsieg, and more.  Furthermore, for players with only the time to play and not create their own scenarios there is a powerful and easy-to-use random scneario generator that will keep gameplay fresh with minimum user input to create new missions and campaigns.

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  • Random map and scenario generator with optional shroud of darkness and mirror map functionality, infinitely replayable!
  • A Wargame Construction Kit-like editor allowing you to make any wargame scenario you like
  • Realistic Supply System that can be harassed by damaging bridges and ports or by interdicting enemy supply lanes with your navy or airpower.
  • Customizable Chain of Command
  • Excellent PBEM cheat prevention mechanism, not even re-installing the game will let you cheat.
  • Detailed, but fully automated mini battles, with results that show you what's happening during the battle.
  • Engineers can construct roads and fortifications, blow bridges and build airfields.
  • Aircraft can paradrop, airlift, airsupply, air attack, bomb and do air recon missions
  • Excellent Fog of War, depending on your recon level you have full information, partial information or almost no information on enemy units and hexes.
  • You can control what all your towns and cities produce
  • Up to 4 research levels for almost all equipment; possible to upgrade existing equipment both in service and on production lines
  • Three (3) Great Operational scale WWII scenarios: Ardennes 44, Africa 41 and Gothic Line 44
  • Two (2) Full Theater WWII Eastern Front scenarios for 1941 and 1942
  • A 3 player Europe 1945 scenario giving the Germans a last chance due to the Soviets advancing on the Allies.
  • Fictional USA and Europe map scenarios, as well as a Diplomacy style scenario and loads more (see the full list in the More Info section)
  • History Screen in which you can review all moves the enemy made in his turn
  • Not just limited to 2 players, scenario for up to 9 players are included
  • Very customizable units; you decide the weapon mix of your divisions!
  • Command forces on land, sea and in the air

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Review of Advanced Tactics at eDome
A positive and original small strategy game, that suits well to also less experienced wargamers.

Review of Advanced Tactics on Armchair General
Strategy gamers who miss this title will be missing out indeed.

Review of Advanced Tactics on Out of Eight
This highly addictive wargame is an absolute bargain at $40 and Advanced Tactics should be a part of any strategy gamer's collection.


Advanced Tactics: World War II

Release Date: 25 OCT 2007

Language: English
Genre: Tactical, Strategic
Turns: Turn-Based IGOUGO
Complexity: Intermediate
Period: World War II, Modern

VR Designs

Product Specs

  • Theatre: Eastern Europe, Western Europe
  • Unit Scale: Operational, Division
  • Players: 1-9
  • AI: Yes
  • PBEM: Yes
  • File Size: 136mb
  • Download Time:
  • - 56K Modem: 5hr 23min
  • - DSL or Satelite: 17min
  • - High Speed: 3min
  • Version: 1.00
  • Manual: Online, Printed - Black & White
  • Editor: No

Product Requirements :
    OS: XP, Vista, 7
    CPU: 1.5 GHZ
    RAM: 512MB
    Video/Graphics: No 3D card required (not hardware accelerated)
    Sound: Basic Soundcard
    Hard disk space: 165MB
    CD-Rom: YES
    DirectX version: NO
    Peripheral hardware: NO
    Anything else that is needed: NO


Best of 2007 Silver Award




Release Date: 7 FEB 2007

Battlefront features the power of battalion-level combat in some of this period's most bloody and intense conflicts: Saipan, Market Garden, Novorossisk, and Gazala. Players will have realistic control over their soldiers, with a tactical scale just large enough to make a telling difference in the strategic picture.

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Digital Express Edition: This edition comes with a full color printed box, full color printed CD (with your order number and serial number printed on it) and a PDF E-Book indexed manual.
Standard Edition: This edition comes with a full color printed box, full color printed CD (with your order number and serial number printed on it), a Printed grayscale manual and a PDF E-Book indexed manual.
Collector's Edition: This edition comes with a full color printed box, full color printed CD (with your order number and serial number printed on it), a Printed full color manual and a PDF E-Book indexed manual.