Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War 1861-1865

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Gamesquad.com Review

Posted: 2 JAN 2008

9 / 10 - Forge of Freedom is the best and most complete game of the American Civil War on the market.

Link: http://www.gamesquad.com/index.php?option=com_articles&id=8&pform=&aid=181

Armchair General Online Review

Posted: 24 SEP 2007

A fan of richly detailed grand strategy games, or the American Civil War era will be greatly rewarded for spending time exploring Forge of Freedom.

Link: http://www.armchairgeneral.com/articles.php?p=3585&page=1&cat=59

Armchair General (September 2007 issue)

Posted: 1 SEP 2007

Forge of Freedom re-creates in abundant detail the strategic challenges the Union and the Confederacy faced, including the issues of weapons development, economic management, state politics and elections, and the possibility of international intervention. With so many factors to consider, players’ management skills are thoroughly tested. However, Civil War buffs in particular will appreciate the comprehensiveness of this strategy game of the War Between the States.

Link: http://No link - Print only

Review of "Forge of Freedom" on GamersInfo.net

Posted: 13 AUG 2007

On the whole, I was pleased with playing the game as it encompassed more then just a single battle but the whole aspect of the war in general.

Link: http://www.gamersinfo.net/index.php?art/id:1833

Gamer's Info Review

Posted: 20 JUL 2007

Forge of Freedom appears to do a tremendous job of appeasing the history buff while also providing an opportunity for the rest of us to learn a bit. However, the game never obsesses over detail and emphasizes playability and customization of game experience to suit each person's desire for realism.

Link: http://www.gamersinfo.net/index.php?art/id:1804

The Wargamer Review

Posted: 4 MAY 2007

"Forge of Freedom was unquestionably developed by people with a rare love for historical based wargaming. The folks at Western Civilization Software put forth extreme effort in researching 1860s economic, diplomatic, and military systems and transformed all that raw data into a venerable piece of gaming software."

Link: http://www.wargamer.com/reviews/forge_of_freedom/default.asp

Forge of Freedom at Net Wargaming Italia (in Italian)

Posted: 31 MAR 2007

Comment (Translated from italian): "Forge of Freedom can be appreciated as an addictive game, wide in its strategical scope, suitable to preferences of different players."

Link: http://www.netwargamingitalia.net/giochi/forge-of-freedom-the-american-civil-war-1861-1865/recensione.html

GamersHall review of Forge of Freedom (auf Deutsch)

Posted: 5 JAN 2007

Translated: "This game has kept me attached to my computer since Christmas. In contrast to its predecessors all the right improvements were put in place to improve the flow of the game and provide greater flexibility for the player. Also the historical accuracy and play depth are as remarkable as expected from Matrix Games!"

Link: http://www.gamershall.de/index.php?option=com_simple_review&review=1007-Forge-of-Freedom-The-American&Itemid=42

Bovine Conspiracy Review

Posted: 21 DEC 2006

Everything said; Forge of Freedom is the best Civil War game I have ever played. It perfectly matches a strong strategic game with compelling tactical battles. It simultaneously gives the player depth and options to reduce that depth if desired. Mix in the strong AI and I may have my wargame GOTY.

Link: http://www.bovineconspiracy.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=553&Itemid=42

Out of Eight PC Game Reviews

Posted: 8 DEC 2006

The combination of grand strategy and classic detailed tactical battles gives Forge of Freedom a leg up on most of the competition in terms of game features. Forge of Freedom is a highly enjoyable title that’s recommended to anyone who wants to take his or her shot at commanding the Civil War.... A Civil War grand strategy game with flexible complexity that’s friendly to new players while still maintaining strategic variety: 7/8

Link: http://jaguarusf.blogspot.com/2006/12/forge-of-freedom-american-civil-war.html


Forge of Freedom: The American Civil War 1861-1865

Release Date: 29 NOV 2006

Language: English
Genre: Tactical, Strategic
Turns: Turn-Based WEGO
Complexity: Intermediate
Period: Civil War

Western Civilization Software

Product Specs

  • Theatre: America
  • Unit Scale: Squad, Brigade
  • Players: 1-2
  • AI: Yes
  • PBEM: Yes
  • File Size: 635mb
  • Download Time:
  • - 56K Modem: 25hr 11min
  • - DSL or Satelite: 82min
  • - High Speed: 16min
  • Version: 1.10.10
  • Manual: PDF E-Book, Printed - Black & White
  • Editor: No

Product Requirements :
    Minimum System Requirements
    Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
    500 MHz CPU
    1GB RAM (512MB for low animation)
    32 MB Video Card, DirectX 7 Compatible
    Sound Card (Windows XP Compatible)
    1GB Hard Drive space
    DirectX 7+
    Adobe Flash Player 8+ (for intro screen only)

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John Tiller's Battleground Civil War

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