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Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2010 by Sean Drummy

Type: Press Release

Command the first hoplites in Greece and the mighty armies of Alexander the Great in the latest expansion for Field of Glory!

Matrix Games and Slitherine Strategies (www.slitherine.com) are thrilled to announce that the latest expansion to their award winning ancients turn-based strategy game Field of Glory is now available for both PC and Mac operating systems! The expansion, entitled Field of Glory – Immortal Fire, introduces players to the varied and intriguing armies of the Classical and Hellenistic era with new features, tons of new units, an enhanced AI opponent, and more!


Alongside the release of Immortal Fire, the whole Field of Glory game system gets a major update to v. 1.3.0 and below is a full list of the changes. The update is downloadable directly from within the game.


David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Immortal Fire brings many more features and even more armies to the Field of Glory series. Since the Field of Glory system has already proven to be a magnificent way to experience Ancient and Medieval combat, any new content coming to Field of Glory is a win for gamers!”


Based on Slitherine’s popular tabletop wargaming system by the same name, Field of Glory now comes to the PC in a faithful adaptation of this acclaimed miniatures wargame!  Without the calculations and measurements required for a tabletop game of Field of Glory, the PC version accurately represents ancient and medieval combat where you make the important and fun decisions on the battlefield. 


Now this award winning ancient combat system is taking phalanx form and marching toward gamers with Field of Glory – Immortal Fire! Immortal Fire covers the armies of the Classical and Hellenistic eras from the development of the hoplite system in Greece in the 7th century BC until the Hellenistic successor kingdoms of the 3rd century BC. Fight battles with a huge variety of armies in conflicts ranging from wars between Greek city-states and against the mighty Achaemenid Persian Empire. Alexander the Great fans will be particularly exhilarated as they take part in the Greek counter-offensive against Persia, or even the wars of Alexander’s successors!


As a bonus, Immortal Fire includes many armies peripheral to the expansion’s main conflict, complimented by over 100 new unit images. The period covered is one of great military variety, with many different troop-types vying for tactical dominance. Each army has its own special character, making this one of the most fascinating periods of military history for a wargamer to explore!


Version 1.3.0 Changelog:

For everyone

Add: Revised facing arrows. See the preferences window for a choice of bases/facing arrows.

Add: Display of results of previous games in multiplayer window.

Add: Logic: Ability to give more than one move order to any one unit in each player turn.

Change: Improved general's flag graphics.

Change: Logic: Units that evade as the result of a charge order now face in the direction that they evaded.

Change: AI Logic: New deployment logic gives much better battles against the AI in DAG games.

Change: UI: Both the number of unviewed results and the total number of results are now shown in the multiplayer window.

Change: Windows help window now opens on the same page it was on when you last closed it, for consistency with the Mac OS X version.

Add: Duplicate play: Ability to issue a challenge to a paired/duplicate historical game. A single challenge to be to play as both sides in an historical battle and the overall win to come from combining the results of both battles. This allows unbalanced games to be extremely interesting.

Add: Ability to cancel old challenges and claim games where the opponent has not moved for 30 days. See opponents turn tab in the multiplayer display.

Add: 40 new large (30 x 5) maps for random selection within DAG battles.

Add: Logic: Units mow evade if contacted in a pursuit move.

Add: Units that start the game in woods are now hidden to the enemy until they move or shoot, or an enemy unit moves close to them.

Add: Ability to copy and paste units in the map editor.

Add: Net: Description for server code 27 (corrupt cookie).

Add: Ability to claim old multiplayer games.

Add: More detailed message in the case of -1 Network Connection multiplayer errors.

Add: Over 100 new units images for use in the scenario creator.

Fix: In the map editor, in Mac OS X, you could not access unit properties by right-clicking a unit.

Fix: In the 'new game' window, the value for Complexity did not always fit.

Fix: UI: The radiobutton for 'paired games' was wrongly left visible in army generator games.

Fix: In the army generator, when enforcing the type of or-constraint that requires all one or all the other troop spec to be selected, the count for the wrong row would sometimes be increased.

Fix: Logic: The Variable Die Roll was sometimes being recalculated when a previously-calculated value should have been being re-used.

Fix: Logic: Before this fix, no more than one pursuit could succeed as a result of any one charge or attack order.

Fix: The preferences were sometimes not being stored when the user's multiplayer password was remembered.

Fix: UI: At the end of a multiplayer game, the user would sometimes be asked if they want to save the game.

Fix: If one side moved no battle groups at all in a player turn, and just ended the phase, then in the following player turn a phasing unit could be wrongly frozen (i.e. marked as being unable to do more).

Fix: Logic: It was possible for ranged units to shoot out of the fog when Fog of War was enabled.

Fix: UI: The 'cancel' button in the dialogue box for accepting passworded challenges did nothing.

Fix: The help window would sometimes be blank in OS X with Safari 5.

Fix: UI: Looting help message now reflects new camp break points value.

Change: UI: Possible fix for the bug that some users were reporting where the help window flickered (possibly related to ATI graphics cards).


Only for owners of Rise of Rome

Add: All Rise of Rome armies that could have allies from the Immortal Fire army pack have been added, with no need to own Immortal Fire.


Only for owners of Immortal Fire

Add: All Immortal Fire armies in the DAG

Add: All Immortal Fire armies that could have allies from the Rise of Rome army pack have been added, with no need to own Rise of Rome.

Add: New Scenario - Sparta 338BC.

Add: New Scenario - Crocus Plain 353BC.

Add: New Scenario - Gaugamela 331BC.

Add: New Scenario - Gabiene 316BC.

Add: New Scenario - Hellespont 321BC.

Add: New Scenario - River Thatis 310BC.

Add: Over 100 new units images exclusive to Immortal Fire for use in the scenario creator.

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Field of Glory - Immortal Fire

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  • Close Order Warbands no longer get +1 Cohesion Test modifier for being Heavy Foot.
  • Bows can now shoot over other units if on higher ground