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Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 by Daniele Meneghini

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Supply enhancements contained in TOAW IV include a new supply state that falls between “Supplied” and “Unsupplied”, an option to reduce the movement cost of motorized units on Improved Roads by a factor of from 2 to 10 – impacting supply broadcast along such roads, and the removal of the 50% limit on Unit Supply Recovery per turn.

Overextended Supply State:

There is now a new supply state that falls between “Supplied” and “Unsupplied”.  It’s called “Overextended”.  If used, it will allow a designer to realistically impede units from continuing to press on indefinitely at red unit-supply conditions.  Units in this state will have to slow down enough to keep their unit supply levels above their desertion levels – or wither away.

  • A unit is “Overextended” if it has a line-of-communications to a supply point but is far enough from any supply source to be in a hex with lower location supply level than the designer-set “Overextended Supply Threshold”.  For example, if that threshold were 6, then any hex with a supply level of 5 or lower would be “Overextended”.
  • The default setting for the threshold is 0 – making it impossible for any hex to qualify for the new state.  Therefore, only scenarios specifically edited for it will employ this feature.
  • “Overextended” units receive supply normally.
  • However, they also suffer desertion losses (see below) during the interturn calculations the same as if they were “Unsupplied” – except that those losses go to the “On Hand” pool, not the dead pile.  To review, such losses start when the unit supply-level drops below (100 - unit proficiency).  The percent loss per turn is scaled by turn intervals per week and by how far below the threshold they are.
  • “Overextended” units only receive replacements if they are not suffering desertions (their unit-supply level is above (100 - unit proficiency)).
  • “Overextended” hexes have a different supply font from the normal supply font in the supply display, for information purposes.

This shot shows the pull-down access to the Force Extended Supply Threshold.  (Note that it is a Force Parameter – each side has one).  You have to have the Force Editor active for these options to be listed:



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Thursday, November 23, 2017

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Mare Nostrvm updated to version 1.01!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Hi Everybody!

Mare Nostrvm has been updated to version 1.01! This version brings many improvements and bug fixes, as requested by the community.

In addition, we have a nice news for you! The first Mare Nostrvm Tournament will be open soon!

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Battle of the Bulge is out on PS4!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Battle of the Bulge is out on PS4!

One of the most immediate wargames available, Battle of the Bulge recreates the German offensive of the '44-'45 winter in an innovative way.

The fast-paced gameplay of Battle of the Bulge was perfect for a port to console: we released it on Xbox One a few months ago, and now PlayStation 4 players can enjoy it as well!


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Field of Glory II: Immortal Fire announced!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Centuries before the Rise of Rome, the Ancient World saw the confrontation between the City-States in Greece and the mighty Achaemenid Persian Empire.

“Play your part in the epic events unfolding during this era, including the conquest of the Lydian Empire (in western Asia Minor) by the expanding Achaemenid Persian Empire, the Persian Wars, in which the Greeks of mainland Greece defeated two Persian invasions, the subsequent wars between the victorious Greek city states, the development of a new military system by Philip II of Macedon, his conquest of Greece, the invasion and conquest of the Persian Empire by his son Alexander the Great, and his campaigns beyond Persia into India.”


Order of Battle: Panzerkrieg - A look at the new units

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The Operational Art of War IV Stream TODAY!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Quick reminder: as almost every day, we're going to have a stream today, and it will be The Operational Art of War IV!
Come have fun with us, 12 PM EST / 5 PM GMT / 6 PM CET, on our Twitch channel and see what we're capable of!