PC Gamer - (89 %)

Gamespot - (8.1/10)
a rich, rewarding game and a great example of how the designers are using the PC to push wargaming into new and exciting directions.... it's worth your time if you're a veteran wargame fan or if you've been thinking about jumping into wargaming


Strategy Informer - (8.5/10)
Airborne Assault: Highway to the Reich is an excellent wargame for the true enthusiast.

Loadedinc - (8/10)
This is the kind of game that you'll spend many hours working on the strategy then watching it play out.

Gamespy - (4/5)
You won't find a more realistic RTS game than Highway to the Reich .

PC Gameworld - (86%)
Highway to the Reich is an
extraordinary game .

PC Games Magazine - (4.5 / 5)

BUG online - (94%)

gamershill.nl (dutch) - (7.8/10)
It could well be that you will play this game fascinated night after night.

Game Vortex - (7/10)
Those looking for a detailed, military based game -- this is the one for you.

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