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AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side

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AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side - 7/7/2019 1:58:55 PM   


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I had this AAR ready since March, but never posted it because I forgot. I'll just pretend I have just finished it, please ignore the real date in the right corner.

This, contrary to the WWI scenarios, is a big scale one. The rhytm is also slower, it's not fast paced due to short scenario lenght. The map is enormous, and the scale is very big too. It's a big operational scenario in which i'll have to carefully execute an offensive, but at least the Red Army shouldn't be as bad as in 1941-42.

The temporal and spatial scales mean I will have to juggle formations in and out of combat to avoid excessive attrition rates, and I'll have to mind the supplies as well.

It will be an interesting challenge, if the Germans are strong enough to put up a strong defense. Let's see.


The sheer number of units and the broad frontline confuses me a bit.

In the east, the Carpathian mountains restricts movement to a few fortified mountain passes. No hope to break through there, but maybe I can try to lure the axis troops out of their trenches. I hereby pull back from a couple passes and set up for a counterattack if the enemy sallies out. In the SE corner I send the 180th Rifle Division to occupy Toplui. I see a reserve Hungarian unit further down the road.

In the SE, Tirgu Mures and Turda are heavily defended, and the Romanians loyal to me have no hope of breaking the enemy lines. I have Soviet units there, but when I try to find a weak point at Reghin I find the bridge heavily defended too. I then decide to send the Soviet units toward Turda, where the enemy seems a bit weaker.

The main front runs between Gyula and Debrecen, where most of my troops are stationed. I don't like the Soviet positions: my units are deployed mostly in a single line, and my reserves seems to be concentrated in front of the strongest enemy positions, in the eastern part of the MLR, and there are a couple weak points just in front of Oradea and the III Panzerkorps. I immediately decide to redeploy the Gorshkov Cavalry Group to the west and break out there. Since there are two unguarded river crossing just southwest of my lines, I send Pliev's Cav Group there to guard them.

Surprise: the Germans get to do 2 turns in a row... I see them moving out a LOT of troops in the Carpathian area, and attacking south of Oradea, just through my weak points. Ok, no biggie. What bothers me is a MASSIVE buildup in front of Szentes, with the 13th Panzerdivision that takes position in front of the Pliev Cav Grp. Of course i have then to redirect part of the Gorshkov Cav Grp in front of it, lest the Germans smash through and gets in my backfield... I also have no artillery whatsoever to shell the enemy troops' concentration. Wow.

Well, on the bright side I can punch the Axis in the face too: i surrounded the German 76th Infanterie Div that attacked south of Oradea and I expect to liquefy it. An attack over the Koros River allows me to push aside two regiments of the MThersia Division and encircle its third regiment. A third attack push aside a regiment of the 20th Infanterie Div, and I can hope to make more progresses. Let's see.

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RE: AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side - 7/7/2019 3:35:15 PM   


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From: Italy
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The Axis' retreat from the Carpathian area wasn't executed by all their units, so in fact allows me to advance in some areas and encircle several enemy units that stood on the border. Cluj, Bistrita and Sighetiu Marmatiel are occupied without a fight. This basically signifies that the whole Carpathian front may be open by next turn or so.

I also make some additional breakthrough in the main front, and I hope to destroy more enemy regiments in various encirclements.

In three assaults at the Szentes strongpoint, the Germans lose more than 60 Panzer 4F2 and more than 60 Panthers; this is maybe due to the large AT-Guns units I moved there last turn. More assaults south of Oradea force one of my Strelkovy Divisions to pull back with heavy losses. One of the encircled regiments attacks toward my lines, forcing a couple HQ units I used to surround it to pull back.

By the end of the turn, the enemy lines in the center have been broken through. There is a massive hole at Mezotur, and I exploit it with mobile divisions, encircling more units in the process and menacing a total collapse of German lines west of Oradea. East of the city, the Hungarian lines have been broken too.

I'm able to reduce most of the German pockets and rack up substantial victories, then i fail a proficiency check, and I get to see the Germans plunging the whole 24th Panzerdivision through my lines southwest of Oradea, right into my backfield. ****s' sake. They also seems to be moving tons of units by rail all over the map.


Despite the failed proficiency check, I keep hammering and encircling the Axis forces. A couple pockets are eliminated, and in the whole Carpathian area there is but a single Hungarian reserve division holding a single pass. My eastern forces are now free to join the struggle in the center of the map. I also finally manage to break through the Hungarian defenses at a river crossing south of Szeged.

About the 24th Panzerdivision, i'll try to contain it with the scarce resources nearby, concentrating the bulk of my forces there to encircle and destroy more enemy units. Alone, the 24th Panzerdivision can't win the battle.

Further down the turn, Reghin is taken and the Rumanian 2° Corps moves toward Oradea. The 50th Rifle Corps and the 40th Army takes Satu Mare. An attempt to further expand the bridgehead south of Szeged is succesfull, but costly.

At the end of the 6th phase of combat, I promptly fail another proficiency check.

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RE: AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side - 7/7/2019 6:51:31 PM   


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From: Italy
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The Germans don't exploit the 24th Panzerdivision's success, instead leaving it surrounded by (relatively) weak units and out of supply. Good. Instead, they try a counterattack against my southernmost bridgehead over the Tisza river, but they are beaten back (albeit at high cost). More preoccupying is a local counterattack against the lonely 10th Guard Airborne Division north of Mezotur, that forces it to withdraw.

But with the arrival of the bulk of the reinforcements from the Carpathian area, i'm able to launch a broad-front offensive that encircles 5 full brigade-size Axis units in the Oradea-Mezotur area. I'm confident I'll be able to destroy them all, making the whole Axis central front collapse.

The 50th Rifle Corps and the 40th Army are however forced to stop their advance: supplies are very low and I can see several Axis units ahead.

The enemy forms a MLR northeast of Toroksenetcetera, and other light units arrive at the river crossing just behind my lines, so I have to dispatch the depleted 10th Guard Airborne to guard them. My lines aren't very solid here, and there are no reserves, but the enemy isn't very strong either and I think I can hold the line long enough for my main forces to win at Oradea and strike the enemy from behind.

At Oradea (that is taken at the end of the previous turn), I prepare another encirclement. The 24th Panzerdivision still isn't moving, so I can concentrate my units against two Panzer Regiments just west of the city. Annoyingly, two weak Hungarian units, albeit surrounded, managed to break through the weak points of their encirclement and run free. I have to re-encircle them and assault them once for all.

Heavy enemy concentrations of troops are seen at Szenten and in front of my southernmost bridgehead. I have zero reserves there so I can only garrison the river crossings.

Debrecen is occupied by SU-76 battalions, spearheading the advance of 25th and 27th Guards Corps, with 51th Infantry Corps just behind.

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RE: AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side - 7/11/2019 7:05:19 PM   


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TURNS 8 and 9
Two turns in a row for the Soviets, don't know why. I can see a massive redeployement of Axis troops toward Budapest and, in general, the western part of the map. In the southwest I see a stron German force amassing and then moving east, toward Mohacs. I decide to send the 35th Guard Corps and part of the 6th Guards Tank Army southwest to act as a strategic reserve against a possible German assault at the Tisza River line.

In Turn 9 the remains of the 24th Panzerdivisionen around Oradea are killed off. Several Soviet Armies are heading toward northern crossings of the Tizsa river, while in the south I'm trying to build up a reserve against a possible counterattack. The enemy units north of Mezotur aren't moving, so I can hope to cut their supply lines by rushing the river crossing just north of them.

After having liberated the map center, I decide to start reorganizing my forces and re-unite the various formations.

And now two turns in a row for the Axis. I see many units going back and forth from Vienna to Budapest, and an armored Hungarian unit escaping from the eastern side of the Tizsa to the safer west side.

When my turn starts, a truckload of Soviet troops emerge from the southern edge of the map, in the middle of the German advance. Damn. They also are already out of my supply zone, so I either try to attack and dislodge several strong Axis units, or they will be unsupplied fast. Damn.

With the reorganization in full effect, all my formations are divided among the following Fronts:

- 50th and 51th Rifle Corps; 7th Guards Army and 40th Army are now the Czech Front. Their next objective is to take Miskolc; then, they will engage enemy forces at Ozd and Salgotarian.

- 25th and 26th Guards Corps; 49th and 57th Rifle Corps; a good part of the 6th Guards Tank Army; 4 Guards Cavalry Corps; a part of Gorshkov Cavalry Group and the Rumanian 4th Army are now the Budapest Front. Their mission is to take the Hungarian capital.

- 33th and 37th Rifle Corps; Pliev Cavalry Group; the 2nd Ukrainian Front's AT Assets and Artillery; the other part of Gorshkov Cavalry Group; 53th Army; the 6th Fds Cavalry Group, and the 27th Army are now the Rivers Front. Their objective is to cross the Tisza and defeat the strong enemy troops that guard their area. After that, they may try to advance toward the Danube River.

- 46th and 57th Army; 6th, 10th, 31st and 35th Guards Corps; 64th and 23rd Rifle Corps; the other half of the 6th Guards Tank Army and the 4th Guards Army are now the Emergency Front. Their mission is to save the units that spawned in the middle of nowhere. If they survive, they can join the Rivers Front in his mission.

In a shocking turn of events, the Emergency Front achieves a supermassive success in the south! The Germans are driven off in the western pocket, allowing supplies to flow to the westernmost units. Near the Tizsa river, the success is enormous: a German and Hungarian tank divisions are encircled and completely destroyed in the offensive. Almost 190 enemy tanks are destroyed!

The whole Front pours over the Tisza river, pushing the scattered (and presumably shocked) Germans away. To honor its victory, the Emergency Front is hereby re-named as the Shock Front.

The Budapest Front, not to be outshined, encircles and destroy the last Axis units east of the Tizsa river.

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RE: AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side - 7/12/2019 5:48:07 AM   


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Historically, the operations in Hungary were pretty dramatic. Debrecen, the Budapest siege, German efforts to relieve the SS corps there, the use of infra-red lamps for night combat with tanks, and the "inside job" that delivered Vienna to the Soviets ... capped by the link-up of British Eighth Army and the Bulgarians in the Alps. I've always thought it odd how many of the Panzer divisions were deployed there in 1945 when it was clear that was -not- the shortest route for the Soviets to reach Berlin.


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RE: AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side - 7/12/2019 7:15:23 AM   


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Probably the terrain made the Germans think it would have been possible to sneak up a big victory in a secondary theatre turning Soviets' attention away from Berlin.

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RE: AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side - 7/14/2019 9:46:30 AM   


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From: Italy
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The Axis is clearly in shock and don't do much. In my turn, I keep pounding the enemy with the Shock Group, that has already reached the Danube river, encircling the Brandenburg Panzergrenadier Korp. The 31st and 21st Guards Corps reach Baja, but it's garrisoned by a Gebirsjaeger Korps and can't be stormed. The 35th Guards Corps and the 6th Guard Tank Army are dispatched north to join the Rivers Front, encircling the Rumanian troops at a river crossing from behind.

The Czech Front advances in the north and takes Miskolc and Eger, but it's low on supplies and must be stopped for now.

The Budapest Front loses the Romanians, that decides to withdraw through Czekoslovakia (???). The imminent assault on the Axis positions at Szolnok won't be launched for now, but the 25th Guards Corps, 57th Rifle Corps and the 4th Guards Cavalry Corps cross the Tisza north of the enemy positions and establish a bridgehead.

During the turn, the Brandenburg Pzg Korp is destroyed, losing 118 Panzer 4H tanks.

Supply levels are low all across the board, so I decide not to push too hard this turn and simply better position my Fronts. The Budapest and River Front cross the Tisza river and establish three strong bridgeheads; the Shock Front prepares for a future break through the Danube river's lines; the Czech Front don't move. A few bombardments here and there, with the shelling of the Axis concentation of troops near Szentes that proves to be absolutely murderous to the tightly packed enemy units.

I stay still, just bombarding the same Axis stack near Szentes, with the same horrifying results. It has now gone from "red" to "orange". Several Axis units seems to converge toward one of the bridgeheads made by the Budapest Front.

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RE: AGS Hungarian Campaign 44 - Soviet Side - 7/14/2019 12:44:52 PM   


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The 20th Guards Corps crosses the Danube at Paks without opposition, accompanied by elements of the 3rd Ukrainian Front AT Assets. Several Rumanian units appears in the South, as well as other elements of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, mainly security units, AT and artillery.

During one of the usual bombardments near Szentes, i absolutely ANNIHILATE the enemies, inflicting 96% of casualities including 105 Panzer IVHs, 77 Panthers and 18 Jagdpanzers IV! No idea how I managed to do that, I include the screenshots... After that massacre, only 44 Tiger II and and a handful of infantry remains guarding the crossing, so I attack en masse and occupy it. The Rivers Front is now free to cross the Danube and move west.

In the north, supplies are still low.

A solitary Rumanian unit shows up in Borsa, deep in the Carpathians! How it resisted all those turns is unknown. Fortunately, several Soviet formations spawned on the eastern border, so I can try to chase it.

The River Front continues its offensive, and the Budapest Front encircles and destroy a German infantry regiment near Cegled, in the center. Axis units converge toward the Paks bridgehead, that is being reinforced. Kecksemet is taken, and another crossing will be attempted at Dunaujvaros.

More attacks in the south makes other holes in the Axis lines. The crossing at Paks is exploited by part of the Shock Front, and more units pours over. In the north, the advance is stalled due to bad supplies. It's been 4 turns of relative stillness for my units, and supplies are still low...

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