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Dzherzinski Square

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Dzherzinski Square - 2/11/2018 11:42:18 PM   

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From: Genoa, Italy
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Just for the sake of change, I first tried this scenario playing with the Germans.

First, I looked at the victory conditions (you can never tell what Rico's devious mind has conceived ). They looked quite straight: I had to take three VP hexes on the eastern side of Dzherzinski Square within 6 turns, so I have to move quickly.

Turn 1:

The north-west group sent a HS scouting - which was promptly broken by a Russian MMG. The rest of the platoon moved under cover and took position in a stone building. The supporting SIG II dodged a Molotov Cocktail but was stunned in full view of a 57mm AT gun . It missed, but I had few hopes for the assault gun.
The infantry broke the Russian MMG and advanced west.

The south-west group didn't fare so well: the leader and the Pz IV were OOC, and the infantry exchanged some fire with a few, but well led (a A** leader) with no results.

In the Russian turn, the Russian AT gun missed again, and the SIG replied with a well-aimed 150mm HE that killed the crew and made the AT gun malfunction . In the south, the firefight continued.

Turn 2:

The north-west group sent a squad scouting: it discovered - the hard way - a Russian HMG that only broke it. The rest of the infantry moved double-time through the buildings, with the aim of attacking it in CC. Moving forward, the Germans discovered a SU-76 parked in the middle of the square. The Russian made no FPF, so the German infantry fired on the SU-76, stunning it. The SIG II advanced but didn't fire after moving (I supposed it has very few HEAT rounds). The Russian squad with the HMG was killed in the subsequent Close Combat segment at no loss for the Germans.

In the south-west, the Pz IV finally positioned itself so as to fire at the Russian squad with the A** leader, taking care to not expose its flanks to the ATR-armed squad (they might be lucky, who knows). In the Advancing Fire segment it fires to gain acquisition (I wouldn't had complained should it get a hit ).

In the Russian second turn, the SU-76 remains stunned and is destroyed by a 150 mm HEAT from the SIG II . The infantry has no targets, so it regroups with the previously broken squad: hopefully, it will rally in the next Administrative Segment and I will be able to resume the advance. In the south, the Pz IV manages to hit and break the Russian leader and his squad, while the infantry breaks the ATR-armed squad.

Turn 3:

The north group moves cautiously east, but it does no discover any new Russians . The SIG II goes OOC (painting a victory ring around a 150 mm barrel takes its time).

In the south, the usual scouting squad finds - by taking fire - a 45mm AT gun, perfectly positioned for a rear shot on any panzer advancing west. The leader and the remaining two squads move to engage it in CC, but it has lost its ROF. The Panzer IV advances cautiously towards the south-east VP.

In the north-east, a StuG III and three squads arrived this turn: a squad engages an ATR-armed Russian squad. The others advances through the building and the StuG follows: they discover a squad and a B** leader and both stop 2 hexes away. The StuG fires (just to get acquisition) and the infantry fire does no harm. The lone squad enters CC with the ATR-armed squad and kills it :D.

In the Russian turn, Russian fire against the north-east infantry is ineffective, but the German return fire breaks both the leader and the squad: the north-east objective is near :).

Turn 4:

The north-west group discovers a Molotov projector and kills it in the Advancing Fire segment.

The north-east infantry advances through the buildings towards the VP hex: it should be able to take it in the Advance segment... but as soon as the engineer squad enters the last hex, a T-34 fires from just above the center VP hex. The shot has no effect, but the squad will have to advance in the open to take the VP. On the other hand, capturing a VP should guarantee a Russian attack. The StuG III and the SIG II (which still has HEAT rounds!) position themselves so as to fire at the VP hex, should the T-34 ever arrive here. The engineer advances and takes the VP: if Russian fire breaks it, it can safely rout away; if it survives, it can move away in the next German turn; if it is eliminated, I still have two SS squads here and three more are arriving from the west.

In the south-west, the infantry advances to make sure there are no Russians waiting to ambush the Pz IV, but there is not a soul around. The Panzer does not advance up to the south-east VP hex: perhaps there is more than a T-34, and a Pz IV is a quite fragile machine.

In the Russian turn the T-34 continues firing on the engineers and breaks them: that's fine for me; a crew with a Molotov projector appears in the north, but is wiped out as it crosses an open terrain hex. A KV-1 moves towards the VP hex I just took, but is killed by the StuG with an APCR round.

Turn 5:

Enter the Tiger! Even if the Russian has other KV-Is, their 76mm have few chances to kill a Tiger, so it moves and takes the south-east VP hex: there is another T-34, which fires but fails to damage the Tiger. The Pz IV moves just behind the Tiger, and the infantry rushes forward to protect the tanks from possible Russian infantry attempting to engage them in CC.

In the North, everything is quiet. The T-34 is no more visible.

In the Russian turn, the T-34 shifts its fire and kills the PzIV and is in turn killed by the Tiger. The road to the last VP hex (and to a Major Victory) is open (provided the Tiger doesn't go OCC). The other T-34 does not seem eager to counterattack.

Turn 6:

The Tiger moves to the VP hex and occupies it. The T-34 turns its turret but the shot bounces off even at point-blank range. The game is won: the only Russian unit is the T-34 and even if it destroys the Tiger, it cannot move into the VP hex. The approaches to the VP hex are covered by German infantry, which should be able to stop any Russian "surprise" squads (this would be a typical Rico trick).

In the Russian turn, the Tiger goes OOC and does nothing, and the game ends with a German Major victory.

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Chasing Germans in the moonlight is no mean sport

Siegfried Sassoon
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RE: Dzherzinski Square - 2/12/2018 1:04:44 PM   

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From: Genoa, Italy
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And now, the Russian side.

The victory conditions are tougher: the Russians need 9 VP to get a Minor Victory (10 for a Major). Since controlling the VP hexes provides 4 VP, this means the Russian must kill 5 or 6 AFVs to win. It also means the AI has at least 2 more AFVs (I hope the 2 extra AFVs aren't Tigers: I will have enough trouble dealing with one. Besides that, Russian units are scattered all over the map, so C&C will be a major issue. It looks like a tough day.

Turn 1:

In the north-west, German infantry appears in the buildings near the MMG, which fires, and does some damage (1 pinned and 1 broken squad). The SIG IIB comes right into the sights of the Molotov Projector, which promptly kills it. Scratch one AFV! In the advance segment, the leader and the lone unscathed squad advance towards the Russian MMG.

In the south-west, the A** leader proves its worth when it fire breaks all the Germans advancing. It would be nice to add the HMG fire, but it is OOC. The ATR fires on the Pz IV side with no visibile (I once lost a Pz IV to ATR fire, so I know it is theoretically possible; on the other hand, what else should I do with this cumbersome piece of junk?). The 57mm changes its CA and also fires at the Pz IV with no effect. The German infantry routs away, leaving the Pz IV - which fired on the A** leader - alone.

During the Russian turn, the 57mm AT gun fires at the Pz IV again and misses. Firing the ATR is a waste of time: chasing the routed Germans (which have not rallied) and keeping them at Broken+ status (as a minimum) looks like a more interesting option.

In the north-west, the broken SS squad self-rallied, so the MMG is now facing three SS squads at normal range. The MMG moves away, so as to be the first to fire when the Germans advance. The Molotov projector is also visible by the German squads, so it starts moving east and leaves their LOS.

In the south-west, the ATR-armed squad moves double-time and comes adjacent to the German squads. It also fires (its inherent FP at the German squads, the ATR at the Pz IV) with no effect. It will, however, force the German to rout in the open and should be able to get some kills (provided it does not become OOC). The 45mm crew manhandles the gun so that it can fire along the east-west road: it should be a bit more effective than the ATR if the Panzer decides to move east. The A** leader and his squad do not move: I think (and hope) they will survive the next fire from the Pz IV (and indeed it does).

Turn 2:

In the north-west, the German infantry moves in open terrain and comes right into the sights of the Russian MMG and HMG. Goodbye to the north-west Kampfgruppe .

In the south, the Pz IV continues firing at the A** leader and manages to pin it, but it is then - finally - destroyed by the 57mm antitank gun. Scratch another AFV. The ATR-armed squad fires on the still broken Germans to keep them at "Broken+" status.

In the Russian turn, the Russians in the north attempt to move east, hampered by OOC. In the south, the A** leader and his squad moves double time and manages to encircle the broken Germans, together with the ATR squad. In the Rout segment, the Germans are all removed due to failure to rout. It's time to move east!

Turn 3: two StuG III's and three squads enter the map from the north. The infantry is hit hard as it crosses the road and forced back, and the ATR (surprise! ) fails to penetrate the side armor of a StuG.

In the Russian turn, a T-34 moves at the northern VP hex: if the StuG's come down this road, it should have a decent chance to stop them. The lone Russian infantry squad and the B** leader move back from the buildings to avoid taking fire from both StuG's and from the German infantry stack (two SS and an Engineer squad plus a LMG = 23 FP at +2). The ATR-armed squad also moves away and attempts to join the other squad; the two Molotov projector crews are also moving east to set up an ambush on the other road the StuG's might use to move towards the northern VP hex.

In the south, the A** leader and his two squads run along the east-west road; the 57mm AT gun also moves east (I expect to see the Tiger soon, and the 57mm has some chance to harm it).

Turn 4:

The Germans in the north-east don't look too eager to advance: they stand still and fire at the ATR squad that was attempting to join the B** leader.

The Russians in the north (the two Molotov projectors and the MGs) move east as allowed by OOC. The 45mm slowly moves east.

Turn 5:

Here comes the big cat! Where are my beloved SU-152s when I need them? The SU-76 is a wannabe Marder and is out of its league dealing with a Tiger. The beast comes from the south, advances on the road and stops just adjacent to a Russian infantry squad . The T-34 fires an APCR (its last one) but it fails to penetrate.

In the Russian turn, I face a dilemma: should I fire with the T-34 or attempt to move away? I decide to move: this will prevent the Tiger from firing at the adjacent Russian squad. Perhaps the Tiger will miss. The T-34 starts its engine, the Tiger fires... and misses! :D. The T-34, the KV-1 and the SU-76 all move behind the Tiger at 2-3 hex range. The adjacent squad enters CC it should should - as a minimum - keep the Tiger busy while my AFVs attempt to kill it. Nothing happens in the CC segment, but the Tiger is engaged in CC and cannot fire :D.

The A** leader arrives on the scene and finds another Tiger! (Rico...). Its group survives the fire directed at them and advances out of sight. The 57mm AT gun moves south-west, together with the HMG. It should be able to fire on the Tiger in the next Defensive Fire segment, provided it survives so long.

In the North, since the Germans don't come at me, I will have to attack [Note: this was a big and stupid mistake: I should have retreated out of sight, so as to force the AI to move]. The two Russian squads assault move adjacent to a StuG and - to be honest - German fire is not deadly as it could have been: the leader is killed, a squad is broken and the other is pinned.

Turn 6:

The Tiger in the south-east fires at the 57mm gun and at the HMG with no effect. A lone leader (Peiper?) with a squad appears near the Tiger, moves towards the south-east VP hex but is pinned by a Russian squad.
During the Russian defensive fire, the three Russian AFV fire at the Tiger rear and the SU-76 kills it with an APCR round. The 57mm fires several rounds to the south-east Tiger, but all of them bounce off.

In the north, all the German units fire on the lone squad that remained in sight, breaking it. This means I won't have a chance to see my brilliant :D ambush plan work :(

In the Russian turn, the KV-I moves to draw Fire from the Tiger and is destroyed (I hoped its thick armor would give it some chance to survive). A lone Russian squad moves to engage it in CC: it takes fire both from Peiper and from the Tiger MGs, but it comes adjacent to the tank. On the other side of the road, the A** leader and his two squads rush forward and also come adjacent to the Tiger.

In the north, the T-34 moves forward and comes adjacent to a StuG: both StuGs miss, but the T-34 fails to hit its target in the Advancing Fire segment. My last opportunity for a victory has disappeared.

My only chance to get a Draw is to destroy the Tiger. Unfortunately, three Russian squads with a ** leader fail to kill it and the scenario ends with a Russian Minor Defeat.

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Chasing Germans in the moonlight is no mean sport

Siegfried Sassoon

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RE: Dzherzinski Square - 2/12/2018 2:00:53 PM   


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Ce scenario est un mix de BA2, Flames of war et de récits de batailles correspondant.
L'objectif des allemands est d'encercler le square, pas de le conquérir.
Les unités présentes dans le square vont géner la progression des allemands et les obliger à y pénétrer et donc à perdre du temps.
La clef de voûte de la défense du square est le canon de 57mm qui menace les deux axes de progression initiale des allemands.
Si il survit à l'assaut il pourrait géner l'incursion ultérieure du stug et du tigre dans le square.
Le point faible initial des allemands est le bison qui doit résister aux tirs de mitrailleuse, de molotov et d'obus antichar.
L'OBA AI russe composée de Katiouchas doit obliger le joueur allemand a se dépêcher et donc à commettre des erreurs.
Dans la deuxième partie de la carte se trouve les VPs.
Celui au sud est sans réelle protection face à l'arrivée du tiger, il faut bien laisser un peu d'espoir au joueur!
Celui au nord est défendu suffisamment pour stopper un joueur trop pressé.
Le point de victoire final est sous la surveillance de blindés qui doivent empêcher sa capture par de l'infanterie et obliger les blindés à stopper et combattre jusqu'à la fin du tour six et ainsi obtenir la victoire.
UP844 a très bien joué en envoyant de la Reco.
Il a eu la chance de détruire rapidement le 57mm AT.
Il a échappé aux katiouchas.
Il a utilisé le tiger comme bélier vers la victoire.
Je suis heureux que le Bison est échappé à Buffalo Bill.
Mon seul regret est que ce putain de stug a crevé mon KV!
This scenario is a mix of BA2, Flames of war and corresponding battle stories.
The goal of the Germans is to encircle the square, not to conquer it.
The units present in the square will slow down the progress of the Germans and force them to enter in the square and therefore waste time.
The keystone of the defense of the square is the 57mm AT gun that threatens the two axes of initial growth of the Germans.
If he survives the assault he may be able to slacken the subsequent incursion of the stug and tiger into the square.
The initial weak point of the Germans is the Bison, which must withstand machine gun fire, molotov and anti-tank shells.
The Russian OBA AI composed of Katyushas must force the German player to hurry up and thus to make mistakes.
In the second part of the map is the VPs.
The one in the south has no real protection against the arrival of the Tiger, we must leave a little hope to the player!
The one in the north is defended enough to stop a player in a hurry.
The final victory point is under the surveillance of armored vehicles that must prevent its capture by infantry and force the armor to stop and fight until the end of turn six and get the victory.

UP844 played very well by sending Reco.
He had the chance to quickly destroy the 57mm AT.
He escaped the Katyushas.
He used the Tiger as ram to victory.
I'm glad the Bison escaped Buffalo Bill.
My only regret is that this ****ing stug has burst my KV!

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RE: Dzherzinski Square - 2/13/2018 12:44:42 PM   


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Thanks UP844 and Rico.
In a game where details are of the utmost importance , but the rules are blurred these type of posts are incredibly
To peter the percentage to hit update has been a great tool for ppl like me .
Pretty sure it hasn`t made myself a brilliant tactician , but it certainly has helped to make choices easier
without knowing the finer details.

UP844`s dedication to the improvement of the AI .
Rico`s dedication to working with the AI we have.
Peters love of the game.
And those who love the game as I do.

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(in reply to rico21)
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RE: Dzherzinski Square - 2/13/2018 12:48:06 PM   


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thank you :)

(in reply to fuselex)
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RE: Dzherzinski Square - 2/13/2018 1:41:38 PM   

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I tried explaining the reasons behind my most important decisions, but should I do that for every one I tool I would have written a new "War and Peace" .

Some of the tactical principles I applied in the games described above:
-> get the first shot: this usually means the target is more vulnerable as it is moving (infantry)
-> when firing at AFVs, wait until it stops: if it doesn't, it will suffer a penalty for firing in the move much higher than the one you will suffer for firing at a moving target (through a to-hit process);
-> do not fire on a broken unit (unless you have no other targets );
-> if you have shots to spare, fire at "Broken" units to make them "Broken+" and lessen their chance to rally;
-> before advancing, always send a scouting unit (preferably a HS) to draw fire, using double time to match a leader movement allowance. A human might suspect a trick and hold his fire; the AI won't ;
-> if you have time, move along a path of hexes providing cover; moving in the open is bad (I discovered this about 40 years ago when I first played SL scenario 1 );
-> if you only have to move a single hex, use assault movement and negate the FFM DRM to the AI.
-> when playing with C&C, do not attempt fancy manouvres unless you have a large number of leaders to control the various independent groups. In brief, if you play with Russians, the good old human wave is always the better tactic you can use.

A critical trick (which I hope will become obsolete soon) to gain advantage of the AI shortcomings:
- don't care about cover if all the AI units are farther away than their normal range; if you have a range advantage, you can fire at full effect without risking return fire (a.k.a. "The Joachim Peiper manoeuvre")


Chasing Germans in the moonlight is no mean sport

Siegfried Sassoon

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