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Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario?

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Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 6/8/2017 10:15:31 AM   


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Evening the odds in the Pacific!
In the ever-constant struggle for the Pacific between the US Army and the Japanese, this community mod creates a new “What if” scenario with all new kinds of challenges and enemy threats to take on in Gary Grigsby's War in the Pacific! 

In the “Reluctant Admiral” Mod, the Japan prepares itself for a long attrition war against the “Giant”, with Adm. Yamamoto taking charge for the renewal of the Rising Sun army, by issuing the construction of modern aircrafts and ships.
Expect to fight an army that focus on Quality over Quantity, where time will be crucial for victory, due to the need for resources required to supply an advanced air and naval fleet.
Kudos to John 3rd for this tremendous work!

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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 6/11/2017 2:40:33 PM   
John 3rd

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Goodness. I am honored for the endorsement. My Design Team has tried to create a 'realistic' ALTNAV History that we hope many enjoy.

When we created the Mod it moved too much in the direction of the Japanese. That has been corrected and we have added all sorts of exciting additions using the Extended Map and JuanG's off-map Allied Aircraft Purchase System. Gives the Allies a chance to reflect their desperation in fending off Japan's assault.

Thanks a Bunch.


Member: Treaty, Reluctant Admiral and Between the Storms Mod Team.

Reluctant Admiral Mod:

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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 6/11/2017 2:46:20 PM   
John 3rd

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RA 8.0 (Scenario 50)

The Reluctant Admiral is a Japanese 'what if' scenario based upon a greater contribution by Adm. Yamamoto Isoroku to the development of the Kaigun in 1936-1941. The premise of the Mod is that Yamamoto exerted a much greater influence first on the Japan Naval Aircraft Industry, then as Deputy Navy Minister, and finally as Navy Minister itself. Yamamoto chooses, at great risk to his life, to forego command of the Combined Fleet and dedicate himself to preparing Japan for a war he didn't want. He adds two new slipways for Fleet construction to facilitate a different, final pre-war expansion of the Kaigun. New and expanded Naval Yards, Heavy Industry, and Armaments are added at tremendous cost for the Japanese economy as the Admiral attempts to prepare Japan for a possibly long war. In so choosing to do this Yamamoto then changes the 4th Circle Building Plan replacing the 3rd and 4th Yamato-Class Battleships with improved Shokaku-Class CVs and a pair of Kawachi-Class fast Battlecruisers, two Tone-Class CAs, an accelerated Light Cruiser deployment, and additional destroyers. Quick, reasonably cheap carrier conversions are moved forward seeing all of the pre-war CVs/CVLs deploy by December 7th or at slightly earlier dates in 1942. Though only a few of these new ships are ready on December 7th, these additions shall make the Kaigun a force to be reckoned with well into 1944.

The Japan Naval Air Arm is changed so that everything is staked to the Zero Airframe with a specialization of the Zero into a Land-Based Interceptor as well as CV-Based Fighters. Research and production expansion is achieved by streamlining the air industry (cutting several models) while bringing forward second generation aircraft: Judy, Jill, etc… By great effort the IJNAF deploys nearly all new aircraft on December 7th.

On the ground Yamamoto reorganizes the SNLF units into a Brigade-Sized offensive force and—knowing it will be a war of attrition—converts many Naval Guard into enhanced units with Coastal Defense artillery (using guns taken from refitted warships) for a stronger defensive unit. Additional small units are added to the IJN’s Troops and support units better reflecting Yamamoto's foresight into base building, defense, and expansion needs. While all these units are small and not in great number they promise to help the Japanese war effort.

The foresight of the Admiral pays off during late-1942 and 1943 as new ships, aircraft, and ground units enter into the Japanese Order-of-Battle, however, the cost is steep. Though expanded and using modern aircraft many Japanese Naval Air units start with their experience lowered to reflect the dilution of the experienced pilots into new units that start in Japan or arrive during 1942-1943.

Supply and fuel reserves start at a much reduced state. The Japanese MUST take the DEI as fast as possible!

Once war begins RA postulates Yamamoto’s influence upon the wartime Kaigun. Several more Shokaku CVs are ordered as well as another pair of CAs, and the conversion of several CLs into CVLs. First class destroyers are accelerated and emphasis is shifted to the AA Akizuki-Class at the expense of the more balanced Yugumo’s. Manpower is at a premium within the Fleet so Submarines, Escorts, and ASW forces all see a major retooling reflecting the Japanese quality over quantity belief. Yamamoto chooses the immediately useful projects, large APs converting to CVEs, better 2nd-class destroyers, fast transports and coastal defense fleet.

It should be noted that not all the changes are for the Japanese. RA 6.4+ brings major additions and more choice for the Allied Player. The Allies see continued major changes in their starting locations, new air units, the addition of Training Squadrons on mainland USA to allow for an American pilot training program, enhanced aircraft production numbers, additional Allied FP groups, several ground units, a French Squadron at Noumea, the use of CLV Charlotte (a Flightdeck Cruiser), a CLAA conversion for the Omaha-CL, an additional pair of CVLs, and optional conversion of the Kittyhawk Class AKV, Tangier Class AV, and Cimarron Class AOs into CVEs. The added warships reflect a ‘stopgap’ counter to the increased Japanese strength found at war’s start.

How well can YOU do to use these new tools OR how well can you stop the Japanese Navy in its tracks as the Allies?

In addition to its own special modifications, The Reluctant Admiral 6.0+ has been made fully compatible with DaBabes and thus has more ship classes than stock, and many more of the smaller vessels comprising these classes for both sides: yard oilers, coastal minesweepers, auxiliary subchasers, patrol boats, minefield tenders, and many others designed to give a more robust and realistic feel to the development, population, capabilities, and logistical support of bases and rear and operational areas. The Reluctant Admiral 6.0 also incorporates several database modifications that are designed to give a more robust and realistic feel to several combat modes. Database elements have been modified to provide more realistic results for AAA (flak) combat, ASW combat, and certain minor, but nevertheless fun, aspects of naval combat, like land bombardment and coastal defense fire and new modifications to ATA combat. The modifications include lining-up and unifying data elements within certain fields, so that things interface more smoothly, as well as substantial changes to the data elements themselves.

Garrison requirements have been raised in China as well as India to, hopefully, better reflect the political environment of the regions.

If using the special road movement pwhexe.dat file this serves to slow movement in the CBI Theatre.

The 7.0 version fixes all data bugs and errors found in the scenario so far and adds a significant number of refinements compared to 6.0 and previous versions:

--6.5 The Jack Fighter has now been eliminated as an option for Japan.

--6.6 The French Fleet and Merchant Marine get a major redeployment from earlier versions.

--6.7 A number of Editor Slots have been cleaned up, Allied FP Groups added to French and British ships, and other minor errors dealt with.

--7.1 Deletes BB Washington (Colorado-Class BB) from the OOB and replaces it with the correct, historical BB Washington. Issue was from work on Treaty Mod.

--7.6 Further weakens the USA starting Economy, raises garrison requirements for Manchuria, Occupied China, and China by 500 each, and lessons garrison requirements in India

--7.7 Fixed CL Jean de Vienne so it does not withdraw. Examined and worked on Essex (names and dates) as well as US CVLs. American industry is further damaged.

--7.8 Fixed starting locations of 55th ID, deleted 4 SNLF units that were left in when JWE did his conversion to newest DaBabes update, fixed naming issues with ships, moved Japanese Paras to Hanoi, added an upgrade to CLAA Omaha, and fixed TOE of Brit 2nd Inf

--7.9 Fixed 9th Aussie ID coming in and needing to be bought out of a restricted HQ.

--8.0 Brought RA more into line with BTS/BTSL with ship names and additions, added CL Java upgrade line, major changes to garrison requirements in India/China lowering them for the most part, and tweaked E16A1 to be more in line with DBB.

JWE's DBB Air Combat Model is now used within RA.

Production is 'on' for this scenario.

Installing this scenario takes time is an easy process; simply download and unzip the contents into the game's SCEN folder. RA 6.7 will appear as Scen 050 on the Scenario load screen.


1) RA 7.0 scenario is set up for use with an Extended Map that has several enhancements/changes, to both the Map Art and the Map Data, over the stock map that comes with the game. So you MUST download and install the file set in order that these scenarios function properly. They WILL NOT work correctly with the stock map art or the stock map data files (pwhexe.dat, pwzone.dat, pwzlink.dat). There is an Installation ReadMeFirst.doc file in the and we strongly suggest you open and read it after you download but BEFORE you install the files..

2) If you wish to slow movement down in the CBI Theatre please use the Extended Map for Roads with Stacking Limits.

3) The Reluctant Admiral scenario has many modifications to Ship-Art, Plane-Art, and various Load Screens. The modified Ship and Plane Art files are necessary for the scenario, and the modified Load Screens add some real spice to the presentation. All of the Art is contained in a series of Art Files that are found on the next page. Installation takes a bit of time but is straight forward.

4) The Reluctant Admiral scenario can be played using Babes-Standard individual hex Stacking Limits. If you wish to do so, just download the AE Extended Map Data with Stacking file from the Babes site on the Map Art and Data/AE Stack Limits page.

5.) A detailed and up-to-date Change Log file has been added for download as of RA 7.0.

6.) This Mod is getting to be more and more difficult for the AI to handle. Is best with head-to-head PBEM.

Scenario Designers: Stanislav Bartoshevitch (FatR), Michael Benoit (NY59Giants), John R. Cochran, III (John 3rd), Juan Gomez (JuanG), Ben Kloosterman (BK), John (JWE), EJ (SuluSea) and John Young (Red Lancer).


Member: Treaty, Reluctant Admiral and Between the Storms Mod Team.

Reluctant Admiral Mod:

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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 6/11/2017 2:53:03 PM   

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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 6/14/2017 4:44:15 PM   

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Nope! Tried for ever to get WitpA to run on window 10 and it does, but the scroll is so slow. Tried all the Tec suggestions but none really worked gave up. Still my favorite game. But gave up on it after years of playing it. One reason, I went back to war gaming with Board games most of the time now. You can play e'm forever. Played it from release until window's 10 and that blew it for me.


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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 6/15/2017 4:29:07 AM   

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Use the -dd_sw switch for the slow scrolling issue.

Never played RA because I am not fond of alt-history mods, but the mod team seems to have put lots of work into the mod.

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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 8/2/2017 8:36:39 PM   


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I dragged and dropped the WinRAR files into the SCEN folder, but what should I do next? Scenario 50 isn't showing up when I get into the game?

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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 9/8/2017 3:13:10 PM   
John 3rd

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I just bumped up a 'how to' install thread in the War Room. It should help a bunch.


Member: Treaty, Reluctant Admiral and Between the Storms Mod Team.

Reluctant Admiral Mod:

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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 10/9/2017 10:08:14 PM   


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I am currently playing this against the computer. I am still learning things but as Allies in October 42 I have all of Luzon. I captured Hong Kong in March 42.

I saw this in my version (6.0?) where the 1943 USMC Combat Engineers A/Arm value is 55 and where the 1944 USMC Combat Engineers A/Arm value is 35. Did they forget their satchel charges or something?

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RE: Have you already tried The Reluctant Admiral scenario? - 4/25/2018 1:15:16 PM   


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Dear all I have a game of this play by email 2 day turns against human opponent. We are now in September 1943 and the and the allies have only made very limited gains and that is where the Japanese are weak.

The scenario is fundamentally very good.

The issues I have are follows -

The Japanese can easily develop the very advanced fighters by and 1942 as my opponent has done (by he claims spending thousands and thousands of supplies) this means the corsairs and hellcats during 43 could be considered at a slight disadvantage. We are yet to discuss the amount he is producing but it seems potentially quite high. I have no problems with the Japanese having quality over quantity. The Allied plane production does seem quite low even into 43. This however is my first game as the allies.

The political points for the allies especially are way too low if you play usual house rules.
We have just allowed all Indian, British and Commonwealth units to fight their way into former colonies like Thailand Burma et cetera but not cross into China. This has been a good workaround.

If anyone wants to see how the game looks in September 1943 please personal mail me and I can send you a reply.


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