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RHS Level II Preview ver 1.204

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All Forums >> [New Releases from Matrix Games] >> War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition >> Scenario Design and Modding >> RHS Level II Preview ver 1.204 Page: [1]
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RHS Level II Preview ver 1.204 - 1/12/2016 5:35:06 PM   
el cid again


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1.204 Preview link!33443&authkey=!AOqahMcHjguNS_Y&ithint=file%2caip

RHS Level II is a reissue of RHS with a view to extending the map system. At the same time, by using different Scenario numbers and files, we can take the opportunity to clean up the Level I files in important respects. This will happen
first by reworking the location files.

1) We will delete some minor locations which have been determined to be unsuitable for use as military bases. For example, there is an island East of Rabaul which has poison soil and water supply, and often subject to volcanic poison gas emissions. These deleted locations will make room to add others needed if we add Madagascar or other locations. This cannot be done for Level I because it would mess up ongoing games.

2) We will "clean up" locations which have unfortunate device order or entries. The need to respect existing device order - so as not to mess up ongoing games - does not apply to a new scenario. Some locations lost "population centers" - or other devices - and they could not be replaced by nothing - so we used duplicated LI, resources, etc to replace them. Some do not use the standard device order and that can be changed.

3) We will add new locations which have been 'discovered' since the pwhexe.dat file set was frozen, or which have long been planned but required different pwzone.dat and pwlink.dat files and/or map art to work as intended. Some of these locations will not be active in early releases - but the slots are filled and they can be activated when other conditions are in sync with them.

4) We will begin work on a revised set of pwhexe.dat files. For example, the railroad ending at Fort MacMurray, Alberta, Canada will be extended two hexes to the NW,
adding two locations with river port and airfield potential. The Northernmost of these is a developed (coal) resource center - the reason the railroad was built. Another is that the road to Imphal, India will be reduced to a secondary road in 1941 - it was upgraded during the war.

5) When these two things are done - new location files and new pwhexe.dat files - we will proceed to attempt to develop several map edge/off map features. Among these is to make existing RHS roads and rail lines off map actually work. And we hope to extend the map slightly in a few places. If we succeed, Midwest USA will become a port - and Gulf USA will be added - so most wartime US submarines can be built where they were built (in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan) and players get to decide what route they take to the Pacific? We hope to add the important navigation point of Recife Brazil. And perhaps make it feasible to move by sea from USSR to the Western Arctic Ocean during Fall. And similar functions.

RHS Level II will also feature new map panels. These will likely be introduced as available - using stock panels mixed with the new system - until the new one is completed. When major new elements are added - only new games will show them - but old games will continue to work as when they started. For example, one cannot add a location to an ongoing game - but it will appear in a new game start.

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RE: RHS Level II Development Report - 1/18/2016 3:21:26 AM   
el cid again


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An interim update for RHS Level I involves some revised stock map panels
basically made for Level II. While I have decided to continue to use
stock art map panels for Level I, nevertheless a few of the most irritating of errors
have been edited out of them. These are mainly false location names. These
include Ruby, Alaska - a town no longer extant by WW2 because of destruction
by earthquake and fire. Also, a few locations did not have the names of the present
day in WW2 - including Urumchi, Sinkiang (which was Dihua), Changchun (which
was Hsinking), Chinnampo (often shortened to Nampo, it was Jinsen to the Japanese),
and Port Arthur (which was Ryojun). The capital of Mongolia is close enough to leave
the art name - but the location has the full, period name of Ulaan Bataar Khot:
today's Ulan Bator was shortened both in number of words and in spelling of the retained words.

One other change is that the border of India and Burma were changed by one hex SW of Imphal.
In that location - hex 59/42 - a new town appears - mainly because it is the end of a primary road.
Some Allied units can use strategic movement along a primary road - but only to a defined point.
In Level II, this location is actually on a trail in 1941. It disappears (as all trails do in
Monsoon in jungle hexes) seasonally! But by Spring 1943, the primary road reaches the hex and
from then on an all season secondary road serves Karlemyo (a potential Level 6 airfield built by
the British during the war) and Falem (protecting the Allied right flank).

For Level II we probably will move to a separate installer for maps and pwhex.dat files -
and eventually pwlink.dat and pwzone.dat files. Possibly this will also become the way we "switch"
these files. My plan is to start with 1941 maps - as stock kind of does (except a few places have
roads not yet built - see the road to Imphal above). Then, probably, to create annual map art for
later years - all using stock panels - except modified for Level II in several ways.

Map development of entirely new art is underway - but is not going to be available to issue soon.
So I am issuing modified stock art as a workaround.

Level II can not be issued until all locations are reviewed - so any that can be eliminated are gone
before ANY game begins. Also it needs a new set of pwhexe.dat files - and so far only the first one
has been made. Certain technical questions need to be answered, and these will determine the extent
to which presently "off map" locations can be developed - or in what sense? Level II also needs new
art panels. Missing islands will be added in art. New roads and rail roads (only a tiny number) need
to be added - for example the road art for the first few seasons around Imphal needs to be downgraded
from primary to secondary road or from either kind to trail. Also - up by Fort MacMurray - a rail line
extends two more hexes to the NW. There may be other cases - depending on location research developments.
But most of this will be in the "off map" area. It turns out the existing off map system works for
logistics (which I doubted) - so showing it in road/rail codes (and art) may help players understanding
what works better than all black does.

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RE: RHS Level II Preview Details and Plan - 1/20/2016 7:32:32 PM   
el cid again


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Status: online
The way I generate installer links is operating near the limit of size capacity.
So I need to uninstall the Level I installer from the cloud in order to put the Level II
installer into it. Before I do that, I will issue a final techincal update for Level I -
likely today - incorporating the more important location/industry/base build revisions
found in Level II research. We are getting ever closer to a data model of the way things were in WW2, with some provisions for development of locations to the extent that was feasible with the technology and populations then available. Many - I hope most - of the important locations missing from the stock map system have been identified and added. [See for example Kao, a major Japanese air base, and nearby Daruba Island, which became the major forward base supporting the invasion of the Philippines by the US, in the Moluccas. Or Sibu (aka New FuChow) on Borneo, which got its present day international airport courtesy of Japanese wartime construction.] Many, I hope most, of the cases where things were not as developed as they appear in stock also have been identified. [See Brunei - which was not yet a major oil producing center so it is a more limited one.]

I have been able to work with the stock art well enough to create a usable
foundation for development and playtesting. This process has led me to
adopt four of Andrew Brown's five revised map panels as well as his
pwzone and pwlink files - we won't use panel 15 - which would require
changing all the pwhexe files for no useful purpose.

We will use the RHS pwhexe files - but I must modify them slightly to do that.
I have already folded in the changes on Luzon and at Shortlands - as well
as my own plan to correct the road to Imphal (which was not built until after
the war began) and to extend the RR from Fort MacMurray, Alberta. I need
to do some changes to deal with Andrew's 0 and 1 panels - and some others
to deal with my own plans - eventually.

I am using a mixed set of stock and (4) of Andrew's panel. These are modified
to get rid of incorrect place names for the period and to add some islands where
there was no art. I also moved the border in our panel 8.

I have not figured out how to draw on a panel - but I can copy and paste at pixel
level and so far that is good enough.

I will probably issue an interim art and supporting revised location files, pwhexe.dat file and (probably modified) versions of Andrew pwzone and pwlink files tomorrow. These will not include the future 29 panel with Madagascar on it - but instead use one with no art at all. The location files are set up for all Madagascar locations and units
to fold in (some units are already present but inactive - and the Vichy air units already exist but are not active as well). There will be several stages of this - and
the jury is still out on off map expansion. We may be making Andrew's art work
as if it were really an extended map - if programmers are correct about the effect of coding pwhexe.dat to say "on map" being all that is needed. If not - they will work
in the off map sense they do now. Stage one - called preview - is slightly modified stock - with the changes to Luzon, Shortlands and the NW corner area. Stage two will involve changes to the off map movement and locations on the right side. Note the
legend, compass rose and logo are all moved already - and I am doing both WPEH and WPEN versions of everything. Faster than expected. Stage three will add Madagascar and associated OB changes (or activate those units already done).

Next I will complete the unfinished scenarios.

I expect to release technical update 1.202 for Level I today. This is approximately the same as the Level II Preview release tomorrow - except it has different map art and different supporting pwhexe.dat, pwzone.dat and pwlink.dat files.

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RE: RHS Level II Development Update - 1/23/2016 6:17:12 PM   
el cid again


Posts: 15558
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Status: online
I have issued Level ONE update 1.202. The corresponding 1.202 Level TWO update - the first to be issued -
is now in final integration of map art, map support files (pwhexe.dat, pwlink.dat, pwzone.dat), and location files.
It should release in a day or so. This is an extended map version.

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RE: RHS Level II Development Update - 1/25/2016 9:18:25 PM   
el cid again


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Status: online
I have been successful at modifying maps. This will provide a development platform for testing as well as "real" map development - it is helpful to have a guide for where things are when developing maps and the road/rail networks which appear on them.
I used a combination of stock art, Andrew Brown's extended map art, and custom modified panels for both (deleting ahistorical names, adding or 'subtracting' roads and rail lines which are incorrect for game start). I have decided to develop five different sets in parallel - all for Winter - one each for 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945 - permitting working with the current game year at least (while we wait for the 'real' maps - which are at least six months out).

I have a problem because three locations have moved: Aden, Abadan and Peshawar. It seems ships and air groups follow the location when it changes hexes - but land units do not. And large numbers of LCU appear at Aden - so moving them all is a long and tedious process.

As well - although this issue is in suspense because I have asked for help (and was promised it before we began Level II development) - while I CAN get LCU to move on row 03 on the exiting movement track - I can not get them to work on row 03 or 04
in the extended map area added by Andrew. Never mind I generated what should be a proper pwhexe.dat file to permit that. Something else is necessary. As well, for reasons entirely unclear, my pwhexe.dat files do not work with Andrew's extended map pwlink.dat and pwzone.dat files. But they do work with HIS pwhexe.dat file. That means I need to modify his file in all respects required by RHS. To simplify that process, I have decided to use his entire extended map system. That in turn means I must modify the location file for some points in Malaya. [We already modified them for Luzon, Shortlands, Aden, Abadan etc.] Bear in mind that I maintain many sets of flies - there are essentially six scenarios under development - times two because of Levels I and II using different map systems. While Level I development is not as demanding - only big changes are worked in - it still means for an important record I must make it in 12 different files.

Wether or not we make the extended map area work as if it is on map - we should be able to do what we want in the off map areas. The remaining unknown is "how will the lower left corner area behave after we remove the blocked hex sides" - another tedious task. But preliminary testing - and answers to formal questions - indicate there should not be a problem.

It is clear there is more than "a day or two" of work involved. I was also slightly delayed by the effects of the largest earthquake in Cook Inlet since seismic instruments have been recording them.

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RE: RHS Level II Development Update - 2/2/2016 4:28:24 AM   
el cid again


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I have virtually completed the location file review for RHS Level II - repeat II.
The more important unit changes from that file are being fed back to the Level
I location file. The "final" Level I product - 1.204 - should release tomorrow.
It corresponds to the "preview" first Level II product - which should release
in 2-3 days - when I have a new pwhexe.dat file to go with the new location file.

Apart from many changes for Allied units (particularly those which appear at Aden)
so they better match their formations - there is a new location (Ras-Hilf, Misirah Island)
which was apparently added by Andrew - and technically IS off map (but does not look
like it any more) - and it works AS an ON MAP location (as do the nearby sea hexes).
This is a British auxiliary air base - unmanned - and minor port - not too far from
Abadan. There also are probably going to be some new Greek warships - two destroyers
have been identified in theater so far. They join the Georgious Averof, an ancient
CA already in the file set. The Greeks are very proud of her - and technically she
remains in commission (as a relic).

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RE: RHS Level II Development Update - 2/4/2016 4:24:57 AM   
el cid again


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This update is ready to issue except for "invisible" map issues related to the pwhexe.dat, pwzone.dat and
pwlink.dat file, and a few art modifications to a few map panels. A "preview" release will occur shortly.
It lacks later seasonal files and maps, and some off map location developments. The "full" release will
include more pwhexe.dat files and map art files. Work on it will begin as soon as the preview is issued
and will take perhaps 2-3 weeks. During that time, technical updates folding in reported eratta or
new information will be worked in to Level II files only. Level I files will no longer be updated.

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RE: RHS Level II Preview ver 1.204 - 2/7/2016 8:29:42 AM   
el cid again


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Link to follow when it the cloud is ready. The msi file can be sent by email
on request.

1.204 Preview link!33443&authkey=!AOqahMcHjguNS_Y&ithint=file%2caip

This update is a first look at RHS Level II. It uses a variation of the Extended
Map System (while RHS Level I uses stock maps). It roughly corresponds to
the last technical update for Level I in most on map respects. It is a Beta, untested.

It comes only with an undeveloped version of the start of game pwhexe.dat
file - for Winter 1941. And this itself needs to be developed with respect to
inland waterways not part of stock, as well as some inshore work defining
straits (most of which are undefined in stock). As well, contemplated "off map"
developments for Level II are (mostly) missing. There will be an extensive period
in which pwhexe.dat files, and pwlink.dat and pwzone.dat files, and map art
is developed and integrated, sometimes involving changes to location files.

Here we have a preliminary set of map art panels modified from stock or from
Andrew Brown's Extended Map System. As with the final versions of Level I,
Level II is intended to be played with the non-hex map art. If you want to see
hex sides, turn on the hexside details switch. This is because it is easier to
modify plain maps - no need to line up hexsides. In spite of that, some map
panels with hexside details are also included - mainly to show name changes
(where they are not historical for the period or were in error) - and sometimes
also to show important infrastructure (railroads in particular). This early
form of Level II only has 1941 map art - and that is common to all scenarios.

Eventually we contemplate a great deal more map art (and supporting files).
There may eventually be three different map systems: modified stock (shown
here, done by me), a boardgame style system and a topo map style system
(both done by our map artist). He estimates it will be at least six months until
he has a full set of panels - so I have made quick and dirty modified panels
to permit testing and to facilitate development. Eventually I expect the size
of the art files to be so large we will issue it in multiple forms. Right now I am making
map art for five different game years. It may be that each will have its own installer
in due course. It also may be we will develop a sophisticated art (and map support file) switcher program to make management of all this easier. Right now, players
must change pwhexe.dat files every season. Eventually that process may also
involve map art changes. One possibility is, if we can read save game file names
in a way that reveals game date, this process can be automated.

This version of RHS adds seven Greek Warships, all destroyers or escort destroyers. There was already a very famous and ancient Greek CA (a ship
which technically remains in commission to this day, never mind it pre dates the
First World War!). Four of these ships (a division of DEs) only becomes availabe
for a final Allied push to crush Japan in the fall of 1945. But that may be needed
in game terms: I do not think strategic bombing is effective in this game system.
And while RHS atom bombs do not affect victory levels, and come in realistic
numbers (the Allies get three per month - two Plutonium and on Uranium) - and while
RHS bombs will destroy vastly more targets than stock bombs do - they cannot achieve the massive effects of real atom bombs (and there is no game mechanism
to destroy a railroad, a road, a port or a bridge, or even to reduce their capacity).
For that reason the Allies may find an invasion of Japan is necessary.

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