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Uranus Full Mod

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Uranus Full Mod - 5/26/2015 10:19:57 PM   


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Hi all,

As I have been saying in some topics I'm working hard on a Uranus Full Mod.
The editor and understanding all the nutts and bolts is surely a challenge! And I only just scratched the surface of what it all can do. But we soldier on!

The purpose of the mod is to bring the game closer to games like OCS EATG, with up to 9 multi-unit formations and a host of OOB changes, etc..., etc...

Since pictures speak more than a tousand words, here are a few: (note: I'm currently in an advanced alpha phase so things may, or may not change). Pls feel free to comment, suggest, propose and/or offer to help

The normal scenario screen has one more option: No Tunesia Bridgehead.


The effect. Pls note, I have not yet tested the impact on the game. However, it seemed like a logical choice to abandon Tunesia well before the Allies got their act together and use part of the reinforcements to send to the East. That is, if Hitler wasn't such an idiot. 300K troops surrendered in Tunesia, the Luftwaffe got a beating and as a result, Sicily was not defendable.

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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/26/2015 10:32:51 PM   


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Some special rules are in effect for the Axis player to simulate the slow reaction of the Axis to the offensive. Do not expect you will have it so easy as the Russians did historically. In fact, if you are at all interested in this mod that almost certainly means you have a a lot of knowledge of what happened historically and will naturally not make the same mistakes as in reality. That is not to say it is impossible to achieve your objectives but keep in mind the Axis player is obviously going to avoid making the same historical mistakes only to make new ones of his own and vice-versa

Please note that the mod is 1-day per turn.

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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/26/2015 10:38:52 PM   


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Starting situation 3rd Rumanian Army, North East Stalingrad:

Starting situation 8th Italian Army:

Around Voronezh:

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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/26/2015 10:45:41 PM   


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South of Stalingrad:


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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/26/2015 10:57:03 PM   


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The situation in the Caucasus:

The Waffen SS divisions are the strongest units in the game for the Axis. Only the Wiking had a 3 Rgt structure at this time and was still in pretty good shape.

44th Army, poised to envellop 1st Panzer Army but severly understreght after the last Axis offensive only days ago.


Caspian sea zoom2:

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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/26/2015 11:47:28 PM   


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A major change is that the Wehrmacht has been upgraded in quality. German Infantry/materiel replacements come in at 40XP and promotion cards should also make sure they keep the qualitative edge they had historically. German Panzers also have no first round penalty which is to simulate their huge advantage in tactics and so on (don't forget that the T34 had only a 4 man crew which forced the the commander to double as loader, this was only corrected with the T34-85 in late 1943-44). All Panzer/Tanks attack at 200% in clear terrain but defend only at 100%.

Additionally, mech/trucks are allowed to dig in. And tanks also to a limited extent.

All in all Russian infantry is weak by itself, but many AT Rgts have been added as per information from Glantz Stalingrad Triology (actually 4 books + companion). Also important to mention is that Rocket Arty now behaves as normal Arty (i.e. it is not removed after combat). And off course they have masses of tanks and several Tank Corps in reserve which are free to move. Which gives the Russian player many options and makes the game very unpredictable. They also receive masses of TC and MC and, off course, a large number of replacements. On the flip side, only the armies who were selected to carry out the offensives where near or at full strength. Armies with secondary roles to play where seriously understrength and you will need to prioritize as will the Axis.

All-in-All, after studying this battle for years (remember W@W Stalingrad) I am in agreement with Von Mansteins assesments in his book Lost Victories; the German high command failed to appreciate the scope and strength of the Russian offensive and reserves and Hitler never made a timely decision on any important matter. The Germans "where out played" by his refusal to give up anything. To simulate this, the Axis will be forced to defend Stalingrad and Mozdok for the historical period. Each will cost 20pp to give up. For the most realistic effect, the dismissal option should be selected. That will put you in the same dilema as your historical counter parts (off course without Hitlers constant micro managing).

Panzer divisions 1942(3) at full strength consist of: (note: their are also Panzer division 1942 variants of 2 and 1 Panzer Bn)
1. PG Rgt
2. Mtrd inf Rgt
3. Mtrd Arty
4. Panzer Bn
5. Panzer Bn
6. Panzer Bn
7. Panzer Pioneer Bn (excellent to attack or defend in urban and rough terrain and excellent dig-in values).
8. Mtrd Flak Bn
9. Recon+ SP AT Bn

The Axis does not have any full strength PD's at the start of the game and many formations miss a Panzer Bn with the others seriously weakened. This info comes from various sources but the main source is Thomas L. Jentz, Panzer Truppen vol 2 and from Nafziger's 3 volumes on The German Order of battle.

Example Recon/SP AT Bn:

Some components PD:

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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/27/2015 12:01:48 AM   


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The Russian Tank, Mech and Cavalry Corps have been seriously upgraded. In addition, although perhaps not very historical correct, Guards divisions have just a bit more of everything. The main reason is to simulate they had a much higher combat effectiveness than normal rifle divisions.
OCS has quite a variety on quality but this is almost impossible to implement and some generalization cannot be avoided.

Your Guards Mech Corps are your most powerful units and can certainly deal with weakened Panzer Divisions. Be aware though that the 1942/1943 Panzer Divisions were still of high quality, not to mention the SS.

A 1942 Mech corps consists of:
1. Mech Rgt
2. Mech Rgt
3. Mech Rgt
4. Rocket Rgt
5. MC Bn

I made the decision to incorporate the 2 "independant" Tank Rgt's in the Mech Bgd's.

Example 1st Guards Mech Corps:

A 1942 Tank Corps consists of:
1. Tank Bgd (upgraded with inf and trucks)
2. Tank Bgd
3. Tank Bgd
4. Mtrd Rifle Bdg
5. MC Bn (I had to improvise here and didn't want to create too many extra SFTypes so I added SU-76's to the MC Bn (and Rgt) and gave them a high recon value.

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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/27/2015 12:56:48 AM   


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Perhaps to finish this first introduction a word on the Air forces. As with the Panzers, German fighters have no first round penalty and have a much higher experience than the VVS. The decisions to keep 6th Armee in Stalingrad forced the LW into an impossible situation. Understregth with low operability rates after more than 5 months of constant combat, it was in desperate need of rehabilitation. Especially its bomber Gruppe. Even in this weakened state their fighter gruppe performed extreemly well. Racking up kills at an amazing rate.

As a 5 year long avid IL-Sturmovik flight sim virtual pilot I know a thing or two of air combat. First, at this stage of the war, new German pilots had 100+ flight hours before reaching the front. Then they were slowly broken in and had to fly as a wingman. Rank did not count in the air, ability (kill score) ruled. Almost all of the 2 Jagdgeschwader (JG3 & JG52) pilots had 10-20 or more than 100 kills on his score (putting aside some overclaiming). In air combat experience is everything. Most new VVS pilots had around 10 hours of flight training (jokingly called "take off and landing" pilots by the veterans because that was all they could!) before being sent to the front. For many, their first mission was their last!

Second, the 109G2 was a superb plane. It had great climb, good sustained turn rate, was faster at all heights than the VVS machines and outperformed the VVS fighters especially at high altitudes, last but not least, being of all metal construction (versus wooden wings on VVS fighters) they could easily dive away when caught at a disadvantage. This gave the German pilots the ability to fly above their opponents, dive, attack, climb away, repeat. I cannot overstate the huge advantage that gives in air combat!

What the VVS did have going for them was mass and an incredible replacement capability. They could also concentrate on 1 front, while the LW fighter Gruppe where defending against Allied bomber raids in Germany and/or fighting in the Med. In fact, the quality of the Russian pilots was rising due to slightly better training (which was done before Uranus was launched), the start of Air Corps in the chain between Air Armies. Finally outfitting their planes with radio's so they could actually communicate during flights and the start of the Russian equivalent of "flivo" or officers who could communicate with the pilots and direct them to their targets from the ground. An art long perfected by the Germans. Lastly, they copied the rotte (or 2-ship) and Schwarm (or 4-ship) and were encouraged to take initiative (not easy in the regime of Stalin), they also made up to some degree for their lack of experience with incredible determination. Tarrans (i.e. voluntary air collisions were common).

Finally, the P39D, Yak9 and La5's were closing the gap technically to some extent. These 3 planes have only a 0.5 first round penalty.

In a nuttshell, as the Axis you'll need to be very patient and avoid combat to rebuild your bomber, dive/attack aircraft (playing the right reinforcement card at the right time might be crutial) or commit what you have if the situation requires it which is what was done historically.
As the Russian player, you will need to accept huge losses and rotate units and if possible train them up before throwing them back in. However, every loss you inflict will be painfull to the German player, you can be sure!

Finally, finally, main sources for the Axis air units are "Stalingrad the air battle: 1942 through January 1943" by Christer Bergström and (highly recommended) "Stopped at Stalingrad - The LW and Hitler's defeat in the East - 1942-1943" by Joel S.A. Hayward. Excellent read with much information.

Soviet Air corps:

Luftflotte 4 extra Cards:

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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/27/2015 12:58:08 AM   


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One more regarding extra reinforcement cards for the Axis Allies:

All comments, hints, tips, help, advice, constructive critism more than welcome!


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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/27/2015 7:51:01 AM   

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Oh my! I must congratulate you due to the sheer amount of work alone.

A reasonably balanced Uranus Scenario would bring a welcome breeze of cool air to the constant regrinding of the summer months of '42. I admit being a bit daunted by the possibility of added click-fest due to the number of additional div/corps subunits but that is a minor problem in the end.

Reworked air part could add some welcome balance on that department as well. Again, a major bonus in itself.

Since you mentioned the new div/corps HQs, as well as air HQs. Is something planned on the Army Group level? Not that I would insist on adding those, simply curious.

And the map changes! I look forward to burning some JU52s on the ground at Tatsinskaya

Btw, what is the map mod you are using here?

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RE: Uranus Full Mod - 5/28/2015 6:00:11 AM   


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Hi Urpa,

Thanks for the compliment, but the credit must go to Vic for his ecellent system and suberb support! Without his help, I'd have given up several months ago.
I also borrowed some idea's from the forum, for example the OCS counter colour idea.

To many counters is an issue, and my ideal balance is not going to everyones, but the divisions can still be used in group mode and the little ants are ideal for for working around the flank and getting combat bonusses, etc... In fact, I think you'll find you don't have enough untis!

Yes, All AG's are there and in the chain. Manstein starts on the map but has 0 points. Not historical but easy and clean.

ah, you noticed
Don't forget Morowsky

About the Mod, I never noticed unitl you mentioned it that the map Mod isn't working currently (Ritterkrieg by Remarkus). Tried reloading, deleting; unzipping, etc... but no go, must have srewed something over. Will check but not priority.

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