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Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released!

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All Forums >> [New Releases from Matrix Games] >> Close Combat Series >> Close Combat: The Longest Day >> Mods and Scenarios >> Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released! Page: [1]
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Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released! - 9/2/2014 1:55:17 AM   


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Dom and his team (Luer, TT, Brett Unger, CSO_Darter, Iain Christ, Dynomite, Southernland and PT11070) started working on Bloody Omaha in 2001 and v1.0 was released on 08/24/2003. Based on feedback following v1.0 some bug fixes were done and v1.01 was released on 09/16/2003. This was the last release by the original mod team.

Per the request of Mark for his Bloody Omaha Autorun CD Release and with Dom's permission I looked at v1.01 and made the changes/fixes which became v1.2 and later v1.3 for CC5. Thanks to Kartboy6 for his help!

The mod was than ported from CC5 to WAR/TLD by Shrecken.

The mod though stopped working with later patches for WAR/TLD so I have made the changes/fixes in v1.4.

Bloody Omaha v1.4 mod for TLD: March 23/2014 by Tejszd
- Added text to debriefscreen for morale & vl ownership
- Added the ability to rest BG's and cohesion/fatigue
- Added M4 Dozer new hull and wreck (thanks Dima!)
- Added SDKfz 232 wreck
- Added Night turns to GC
- Changed Artillery support icon to Naval support icon
- Changed date/turn on the scenario editor and strat map
- Changed Off Map Artillery icon to Off Map Naval Support icon
- Changed support quantities to be based on difficulty level
- Changed the 7.5cm IG18 to fit in more/smaller buildings (changed type from med gun to light gun)
- Changed bunker floor to allow large guns (ex. 8.8cm Pak43) to be deployed (changed interior to False)
- Created a separate mod icon file to use for the shortcut for starting the mod
- Fixed debrief Battle, Operation and campaign buttons/tabs background
- Fixed operation and campaign screen cohesion bars showing black only
- Fixed the 37mm AT gun that didn't want to fire (in vehicles.txt mounted number of weapons was wrongly set at 2 instead of 1)
- Fixed Pak43 fire angle from fixed front to front only
- Re-sized all the commander pics to the TLD standard size
- Removed unsused BG icon for 2 / 352 from scenario editor as it not used (KG LEHR is used in the What If GC)
- Removed Wacht Am Rhein text from splash screen
- Updated the mod to work with the last patch 5.50.14b

Bloody Omaha v1.3 mod for TLD: July 29/2010 by Shrecken
- Added Trogers BO soundmod 1.1
- Added Windowed mode
- Added Modding options; night battles, support by difficulty settings, etc.


Close Combat Series web site:

Bloody Omaha Mod Direct Download Link:


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RE: Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released - 9/14/2014 7:00:05 AM   

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Thanks for all your hard work, Tejszd. I look forward to checking these out on the CC TLD platform!

In your opinion, is CC TLD the easiest to mod, or are other versions more popular? I haven't checked out WAR, LSA or the two newer ones yet.

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RE: Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released - 9/14/2014 3:34:49 PM   


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TLD and WAR with the latest patches applied are the same to mod and are mod compatible (example the Bloody Omaha v1.4 TLD mod can be installed and run on WAR). TLD/WAR are the closet to CC5 of the Matrix releases if converting a CC5 mod.

LSA has the most features of the CC games but will not run TLD or WAR mods. If starting a new mod from scratch
LSA should probably be the target unless you want the few new features in PiTF or GtC but you will lose a few features that were in LSA.

Matrix has moved most of the variables into text files for easier editing and release an Excel workbook stating what all the columns are.

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RE: Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released - 9/14/2014 8:36:22 PM   

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Great, thanks for the info.

I've just started WAR and strongly prefer the TLD interface/GUI. Partly for cosmetic reasons. Nice to know they are compatible with mods.

So if I'm thinking of doing a mod from scratch LSA is the way to go. I was planning on porting my CC5 KG mod, as well as another one I started (US vs Japs in the Phillipines / liberation of Bataan and Manila), to CC TLD, as it seems to be relatively easy.

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RE: Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released - 10/31/2014 7:58:53 PM   

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Bloody Omaha v1.4 (played on CC-TLD, v5.50.14b)

Played as the Allies, hardest settings, 15 min battles, FM on. Achieved Total Allied Victory at 0900, Turn 1, June 7th. Overall I had a great experience playing a well manicured mod. I only had two CTDs, and they were of the 00:00 timer quality (my battle info was saved when I resumed the game).
(EDIT: I was only routed once (Rangers on Charlie)...and I only reinforced two different Allied units (116/29 and the light (Stuart) tank batallion)
I used Soldier mod '95' and it went perfectly with this mod in terms of scale. Tanks looked like tanks, not compact SUVs. ;)

I've always thought of CC5 'Bloody Omaha' as the 'Saving Private Ryan' mod, as it covers the fighting depicted in the movie, has numerous stills and screenshots used in the UI, and even has a song from the movie. But Tom Hanks isn't on the beach. :)

Cohesion: Allies 70%, Axis 68%
Axis Losses: 1843 KIA, 1644 WIA, Armor 41, Veh 14, Guns 63 (!)
Allied Losses: 829 KIA, 698 WIA, Armor 60, Veh 6, Guns 0

-Beautiful maps!!! Beach maps are mostly exquisite and challenging. Other inland maps are attractive variations on the CC5 themes of the French countryside (D3, Longueville, Chemin).
-Some maps are simply legendary and better than those in the original game (ex: Point du Hoc, Port-en-Bessin!)
-Large maps enhance strategic possibilities (ex: I enter Longueville from the west and faced with a I attack south into the town, 150m away, or do I risk ambush or flanking as I traverse 600m to capture the town and roads on the far end of the map so my BG can keep moving?)
-Lovely unit pic photos. Most are clean and crisp and present appropriate images of the units they represent (ex: Jeep, Greyhound 37mm, 30 cal, Pfaust, US rangers, etc)
-Awesome vehicle graphics! I like the large 'boxy' feel certain halftracks and SP guns had. The M7 Priest looked great! Tanks appear large and to scale. Colors are brighter, lines are more defined. Objects look less skewed than the original sets.
-Diversity of units. German formations had unique force pools and units had interesting weapon combos (arty and flak units were ingenious!)
-BG unit markers on the strat map appear supberb and much nicer than the stock games
-Reinforce works for both sides
-Smoke grenades that work exceedingly well! 'Smoke' engineers are a unit that are very important to the Allies in this mod....they can work wonders if used properly. Hands down my favorite team on most maps!
-MG42 is simply devastating in this mod! I haven't peeked at the data yet, but I'm guessing the kill rating is substantially higher, as those bursts shred infantry and knock out scout cars with ease. There were times were I had to halt entire platoons until I could isolate and terminate the MG team firing on me.

-Strat map inconsistencies (elevation poorly depicted, grass colors not matching, a few sloppy cut & paste jobs on some maps, tree shadows depicting different terrain than that of surrounding area – ex: crops instead of high grass).
-Wrecks were often hard to distinguish from 'live' vehicles, especially the StuGIII. Was this intentional?
-Some inland maps felt like 'filler' and were not as fun as the beach maps.
-Default BG unit selections seem disorganized (esp Germans) and need to be manually edited.
-Delay on mortar round firing/landing was too long (and often annoying)

-If Turn 1 on June 6th @ 1800 was 'NIGHT' (and it was dark), why is there a turn 1 and 2 also labeled 1800??
-The night flare sound cue is a guy yelling 'Jabos!' this intentional?
-I noticed that 'resting' Bgs doesn't do anything. I left 2/16/1st ID 'resting' for four full turns and there was no increase in fatigue/cohesion bars (they remained yellow and orange, respectively). Isn't this supposed to increase with time?
-What was the rationale for using 30 cal MG teams with only 3 men, when historically they used 5-6 men? Is this an abstract expression of attrition on the battlefield?
-As above, why 3-man 60mm teams and 4-man 81mm teams? Again, is this due to attrition from the landings or simply a convenience for the modder?
-My 50 cal MG team scored a tank kill....Im assuming this was from firing on an open-topped vehicle (perhaps that russian gun on the czech chassis, or something)???
-Geballte Ladung is back! Why not in TLD?
-108 rnds of ammo for Snipers?
-Sherman dozer has over 6000 rnds of MG ammo, but Sherman DD only has 1100?
-Nice touch with the US names (with asteriks)...I'm assuming these were actual soldiers in the US units present?
-Some injured soldiers always appear as orange (incapacitated) instead of yellow (hurt) in the 'soldier' screen. Can this be fixed?
-I noticed that the Sherman DD was 'repairing' its bow MG almost constantly through certain battles. Was this intentional / historical, as these tanks were often damaged in the water and by landings?

Observations / Gripes:
-Strat map arrows not always appearing or displaying which way a BG is headed (ex:Deux-Juneaux to Jucoville, An-en-Bessin to Louvieres, from Louvieres to Formigny, etc).
-In the 'zoom out' function when viewing a map, the correct name does not appear in text at the bottom (they are still the classic CC5 names, ex: Carentan instead of Louvieres, Raids instead of Columbieres, Fort du Roul instead of Dog Green, etc)
-Some commander pics are missing (ex: 513/30 Schnelle - 'von Aufsess', US 1st ID - Col Seitz, 635th TD - LCOL Smith, 743rd TB - LCOL Upham, Ari - 'von Kistow', etc)
-Medals: Bronze stars and Silver Stars were occasionally rewarded, mainly to tankers, AT crews, and MG teams. Only had one soldier get a Distinguished Cross, and that was the leader of a Ranger Assault team.
-I like the Scheissbecher team with 2 men, 2 rifle grenades. Nice 'tank hunting' option for Germans that can be deadly if deployed right.
-D/E/F Rangers are the toughest Allied unit on the map...nice!
-On Montebourg, the elevation depiction on the map is skewed and not consistent with the graphic image.
-German FOBs were disappointing and uninspiring. Very inaccurate and rarely a game-changer.
-I noticed than an enemy Pzschreck killed one of my armored cars at 190m (!!)
-Sherman Dozer was listed as an 'amphibious tank' in descriptor bar
-For the first time ever in CC, I killed an enemy infantryman with a smoke round from a bazooka...whizzzzzz
-Won a 'Decisive Victory' on Dog Green, defending from the Germans attacking from the north. Should have been a 'Total Victory', as I had all the VLs and the enemy BG was gone the next turn.
-Occasionally when assigning a mortar or air strike to a sector, I drag-and-drop the icon to the appropriate BG marker, only to have it disappear and still be substracted from the tally on the left hand side of the UI (???). Only happened twice, but air strike would appear on the BG marker, nor appear in the game.
-'Ari Beobachter' unit shows man holding MP40, yet is armed with French SMGs in the game.
-Flamethrowers NOT firing when ordered to do so. This was also a problem in classic CC5, IIRC. 'Weapon lost' message, 'waiting' to fire, firing but nothing happens, then switches to carbine and fires – even with an enemy within 30m (??!).

-US has too many BG available in GC. An edited version of the GC with 10-12 less American Bgs is more challenging.
-105mm guns (M4s, M7) seem overpowered. Kill rating or related stat could be toned down.
-Some units had the same name, but with different points, morale, training, and weapon combos. Perhaps some customization with team names that are alike (ex: Scheissbecher Team, Scheissbecher AT; Spahtrupp AT, Spahtrupp SMG, Spahtrupp Rifle, etc)
-Create different names file for Ost Batallion to reflect Russian, Ukrainian, Polish names in that unit
-Command Stuart unit pic is that of an M4 Sherman
-II/726/716 ID has '7.5cm IG' duplicated in Fpool
-M8A1 uses short-barrel 75mm; long barrel is pictured

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RE: Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released - 10/13/2015 1:18:49 AM   


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Thanks for the feedback/review!

Finally got some time and are looking at your suggestions for v1.41;
- Added an RUnames.txt for Ost troops to have Russian names
- Added/Fixed 3 missing strat movement arrows (stratmap.txt and ScrnGadg.gdg)
- Added some missing commander pics; 513/30 Schnelle Hugo von Aufsess, US 26 1st ID Col Seitz, 1/175 29ID Lt. Whiteford, 3/175 29ID Lt. Gill, 121 Eng Lt. Col. Ploger, 635th TD Lt. Col. Smith, 743 Lt. Col. Upham
- Changed German 8.8cm Pak43 element size from 1 to 2 to prevent it from being deployed in small bunkers (vehicles.txt)
- Changed German panzershrek and US bazooka reducing max. range (weapons.txt)
- Changed German and US FO increasing accuracy (weapons.txt)
- Changed Night to occur before the 06:00 Turn 1 each day instead of before the 18:00 Turn 1 (campaign.txt)
- Changed mortar time to fire from 40 to 20 for all mortars but added the time to reload to not change the rate of fire (weapons.txt)
- Changed Command Stuart unit pic from M4 Sherman to Staurt (GameGadg.gdg & ScrnGadg.gdg)
- Changed M8A1 75mm unit pic to side image to show short-barrel (GameGadg.gdg & ScrnGadg.gdg)

Edit: for anyone who has not tried a CC TLD mod you should head over to the Close Combat Series website NOW and look in the TLD download and forum sections....

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RE: Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released - 10/28/2015 5:41:43 PM   

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Awesome updates Tejszd!!! Thanks for your continued efforts! I knew there was a reason to randomly check back into this forum...

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RE: Bloody Omaha v1.4 for TLD/WAR - Released - 2/24/2018 1:13:04 AM   


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Bump for anyone who missed or purchased the game in the last year....

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