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CHS vs Jap AI Progress

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All Forums >> [Current Games From Matrix.] >> [World War II] >> War In The Pacific - Struggle Against Japan 1941 - 1945 >> After Action Reports >> CHS vs Jap AI Progress Page: [1]
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CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 1/2/2014 9:17:09 PM   


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Several months ago, I reported starting a CHS game vs Jap AI. I intend this to be a complete Dec 7, 1941 to the finish which should check the CHS fairly completely. I was cautioned that CHS had not been thoroughly checked into the latter years. Here is summary of progress so far.

Dec 7, 1941 to Aug 1, 1942

Japanese initial attack on PH was not as effective as historical. Devastated US aircraft but only BB Nevada sunk.
Japanese failed to capture Wake
Japanese captured Singapore about on schedule
Hong Kong put up stubborn, protracted resistance and held out until May!
Philippines also resisted stoutly and Bataan and Manila also held out until May.
Doug joined his troops in captivity
British chose not to defend Rangoon and retreated their troops
Aussies/US decided to defend Rabaul.
Japanese failed to capture Rabaul!! Lose Junyo in process. A24's on Rabaul proved devastating.
Allies hold Rabaul, Kavieng and Shortlands. Intelligence says Japanese planning another go at Rabaul.
Two carriers plus Long Island w/F4F's under Halsey @ Shortlands to defend Rabaul. Many land based bombers in range.
Japanese efforts in NEI partially successful. Celebes, Borneo and Sumatra captured.
Japanese persist in effort to capture Java. UK, US NEI airforces now at good strength. Japanese ship losses very high including 2 BB's
They appear bogged down taking Java. Several CA's and CVL's appreciably damaged in process.
Japanese stalled in their progress in Burma/India.
UK hold a line of Akyab - Magwe - Mandalay - Lashio - Tsuyung in strength. Japanese beating themselves up at Akyab.
Japanese invaded Port Blair. UK reinforced. Japanese attriting and will likely be wiped out in the next month
Allied aircraft winning control at last. Loss of early zero advantage + better allied aircraft and experience winning
China has been quiet. Guerilla forces have been effective in capturing undefended bases behind Japanese lines.
Ship losses: Japanese 1CV, 2 BB's, 15 DD's, 10 subs: Allies 0 CV's, 1 BB, 1CA, 2CL's, 8 DD's, 3 subs
Ship losses score: Japanese 370 ships/2918 pts.: Allies 105 ships/888 pts.

So far the CHS version is playing OK. The additional ports of Aden and Panama introduce some change in where reinforcements enter
Dumb AI does't put subs at US ports so using Panama to end run supplies to Oz isn't necessary.
Allies still suffer from shortage of a/c to upgrade so some Mohawks still in service. They are worthless.
NEI aircraft basically shot up and no good fighter upgrade available until mid-1943.

Observation: Japanese are going to be in a world of hurt in 1943 unless Allies screw up.

So far, this version is an improvement over base WitP without the micromanagement of WitP-AE. I will post again in Mid- 1943
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RE: CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 1/31/2014 5:11:10 PM   


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September 27,1942

Two major naval engagements occurred in September. Japanese sortied from Truk with carrier task forces. Allied intelligence misjudged strength. Sent Halsey with Yorktown and Wasp to intercept. Japanese had 4 fleet carriers + at least one CVL. Halsey recklessly attacked. Yorktown and Wasp sunk. Japanese then converted major victory into marginal one by lingering in vicinity of Kavieng and allied land-based air proceed to sink CVL Shoho and CV Akgai. Next Japanese sent carrier task force into Java Sea. Java still strongly controlled by allies with good land-based air. Japanese lost CVL Hiyo and CV Zuho. Japanese while still formidable have lost carrier initiative. They are down three CV's and two CVL's to allies two CV's. Additionally, at least one of their surviving CV's was seriously damaged in Java Sea engagement. Took a Beaufort torpedo.
Meanwhile, British succeeded in defeating Japanese at Port Blair. China is quiet. Chinese airforce is trained up to reasonable proficiency and equipped with Vanguards and Lancers. Chinese air war is now a push. Japanese are stalemated in Burma. Attrition battle at Akyab tending to be favorable to British. British bombing Rangoon airbase to suppress Japanese air. Seems to be working.
Unless the allies really screw up, Japan is going to be in a world of hurt in 1943. Halsey has been benched with a desk job!
CHS version of WITP is working well. No anomalies so far.

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RE: CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 2/1/2014 8:54:27 PM   


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October 4, 1942

Another blow to Japanese naval strength. The fleet carrier Zuikaku which was badly damaged during the land air/carrier engagement in the Java Sea sank enroute to (presumably) Manila for repair. The Japanese are now down four CV's and two CVL's to the allies two CV's. A somewhat worse position than they were in at roughly the same time after Midway in the real conflict.

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RE: CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 2/11/2014 5:45:39 PM   


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November 1, 1942

Japanese have remained active in Java Sea area. This has been an expensive proposition for them. They bombarded Soerabaja with a very poor outcome for them. Land-base air in the vicinity exacted a heavy toll on their capital ships. One BB sunk, 2-3 CA's seriously damaged - one may yet sink. They appear to have at last decided to give up trying to take Java. Most ships are being withdrawn. Dutch recaptured Merak by defeating the Japanese forces there which had withered due to lack of supply. Once the airbase at Merak has been built up, Palembang will be seriously threatened by Beauforts carrying torpedoes. The British launched a carrier raid on Soerabaja in an attempt to sink a damaged CV and CVL that were at anchor there. The CV and CVL apparently departed before the arrival of the British task force but the Albacore torpedo bombers wreaked havoc on transports anchored there sinking at least four.

Intelligence indicates that the Japanese are contemplating movement against the East coast of New Guinea. As a result, the allies have moved forces to Hollandia and Madang. This is about the only likely place where the Japanese can strike without having to run the land-based air gauntlet. Given time to build airbases at Hollandia and Madang, they will have some difficulty. If they move quickly, they may succeed. I have two CV's in the South Pacific but am reluctant to commit them to defend Hollandia given that the Japanese may be able to equip a carrier task force of equal strength. The zero's are still more than a match for wildcat's.

Overall, the Japanese are in poor shape for it still being 1942. By mid-1943, the Allies will be in good position to go over to the offensive. There are several options. Central Pacific starting with Tarawa; Netherland East Indies aiming at Palembang, Borneo or Celebes; or strengthening New Guinea for a drive on the Philippines. What to do, what to do.....

The CHS version of WITP is performing well.

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RE: CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 3/4/2014 2:40:01 PM   


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December 7, 1942 -- One year of war

The first year of the war did not go very well for the Japanese. Their attack on Pearl was successful against US airplanes but not successful against the fleet. Only one BB was sunk. All of the Pearl Harbor BB's have repaired and returned to service.

The Japanese captured the Philippines and Hong Kong after heavy and prolonged resistance by the Allies.

The Japanese failed to capture Wake I.

The Japanese also had a failed invasion of Rabaul -- a major setback. Additionally, they failed to capture Java -- an even worse setback.

Currently, the Allies stand on a line in the Solomons/New Guinea anchored on Rabaul and including Kavieng and Admiralty I. In the Dutch E. Indies, the Allies hold Java. They have very strong land-based air which has had a devastating effect on Japanese persistence in the area. The Japanese have lost 3 CV's, 1 CVL and 3 BB's in this theater. Losses of light forces and transports have been similarly heavy. the Japanese appear to be finally exiting the theater but continue to be pounded as the leave. In the Burma/India theater, fighting is stalemated. The Allies stand on a line of Akyab-Magwe-Mandalay-Lashio-Tsuyung. Attrition fighting continues at Akyab. The Japanese are suffering the worst. The Allies finally wiped out the Japanese forces at Port Blair.

Major naval losses for the Japanese are 4 CV's, 2 CVL's 3 BB's and 2 CA's.
Major naval losses for the Allies are 2 CV's, 1 BB and 2 CA's.

The Allies initially suffered a significant defeat in the sea area around Kavieng. Halsey rashly gave battle to a Japanese force containing at least 3 CV's and 2 CVL's and lost 2 CV's. The Japanese converted this major victory into a marginal one by lingering too long in the area and eventually losing a CV and a CVL to land-based air.

China theater has been quiet. Chinese air is mostly Vanguards and P-43's. They are trained up and a pretty fair match to Oscars and Nates.

Allied air strength is quickly improving. P-38's are growing in strength and beginning in 1943, Corsairs will start appearing. By mid-1943, Allied naval and air strength will be strong enough to begin invasion operations. In the meantime, the Allies continue to strengthen the E. Coast of New Guinea at Hollandia, Madang and Sorong.

The CHS version of WITP is working well.

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RE: CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 3/4/2014 7:24:30 PM   
Capt. Harlock

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In the Burma/India theater, fighting is stalemated. The Allies stand on a line of Akyab-Magwe-Mandalay-Lashio-Tsuyung. Attrition fighting continues at Akyab.

Does this mean that the Burma Road is still open? If so, will the supplies allow you to upgrade the Chinese Air Force?


Civil war? What does that mean? Is there any foreign war? Isn't every war fought between men, between brothers?

--Victor Hugo

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RE: CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 3/5/2014 1:34:13 PM   


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Mandalay-Lashio road is blocked at hex 34 30 by Japanese ground forces. Myitkyina-Tsuying is open. There is 123875 supply at Chungking. Most of the Chinese air units have trained up into the high 50's to low 60's. The Vanguards and P-43's seem to be able to hold their own against the Nates and Oscars. There are two squadrons of Tojos operating in the theater. They don't seem very effective either. I have one squadron of P-40E's in the theater. The Chinese have upgraded I-16's to either Vanguards or P-43's except for one remaining I-16 squadron. The Chinese guer. forces in CHS have been fairly effective in seizing cities behind Japanese lines which the Japanese failed to keep occupied. Currently they hold Suchow and Tsinan. In Sept. '43 when the Chinese can upgrade their bombers to B-25J's,(if the Burma Road stays open) they can do some serious hurt to Japanese ground and naval forces.

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RE: CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 4/4/2014 8:25:10 PM   


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Been on vacation. Back and resuming game.

January 1, 1943

The Japanese have suffered another naval defeat near Rabaul. They sent a carrier task force to Rabaul. Land-based air from Rabaul, Kavieng, Shortlands and Port Morsbey savaged them. Kaga confirmed destroyed. A CVL was hit so many times it is likely also destroyed (unconfirmed so far). Several CA's were damaged. The US lost a CVE to a Japanese sub torpedo while operating near Shortlands.

The Japanese continue to operate in the Java Sea. Losses for them to land-based air are high. The Yamato was bombed severely and suffered significant damage here. China is still quiet.

In Burma/India, the allies are moving to the offensive. Meiktila has been reoccupied which cuts the supply line to Japanese at 33,30 and 33,40. Additionally, there is movement to surround the jap forces at Akyab thus cutting their supply from Rangoon. The Japanese may have enough strength to retake Meiktila but it is not close at hand.

Allied air strength is sufficient to maintain air superiority over land bases. The Corsairs are coming! The allies continue to pound Rangoon from the air and seem successful in suppressing Japanese fighters and bombers there.

The US is planning an attack on Tarawa.

The CHS version of WITP is behaving well.

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RE: CHS vs Jap AI Progress - 4/5/2014 4:46:21 PM   


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Jan 4, 1943

CVL Hosho confirmed sunk off Rabaul. Japanese are now down 5 CV's and 3CVL's.

The battle for Meiktila is on! Japanese have pulled back troops from threatening positions near Mandalay and Lashio in an attempt to recapture Meiktila. Allies are moving reinforcements to Meiktila.

Most Japanese ships have exited the Java Sea and bases adjoining it. The naval "turkey shoot" in the Java Sea appears over. Significant damage was done to Japanese capital ships in this theater.

Allies are gathering land forces for a move into the Celebes.

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