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Game Play Primers

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Game Play Primers - 10/16/2013 1:07:48 AM   

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Any boot camps for game play, etc .... available (independent) of the videos included with the game when it is released) ?
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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/16/2013 4:42:04 PM   


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ORIGINAL: scout1

Any boot camps for game play, etc .... available (independent) of the videos included with the game when it is released) ?

Hi scout 1, not exactly sure what your question is but I will try to explain what I think you meant.

Some games have I guess practice scenarios. I never saw this game in action until I became a beta tester for Steve and Matrix about a year ago, I could only read posts about the game, even board game players could not help me because they had no idea what the computer version was going to look like.

I started testing, actually at first I did more playing than testing and I very quickly got onto the gist of the game and if I could anybody can I never really read a rule through, just glanced at them. It s good to know a rule or two but not mandatory.

There is no fog of war in this game. [none] There could be and in my opinion could make the game more awsome than it already is. But it will remain pure vanilla and thats okay with me.

You can play the game against yourself and I would advise that until you become proficent in tactics before taking on an experienced board game player. This game will never become stale to you because you can add optional rules as time goes on and some of these rules change the game from a beer and pretzel game to going up against Bobby Fischer in chess

The good thing about playing solo is if you get a bad die roll and one of your favorite Panzer corp gets wiped out you can aways turn off the computer and play the next day without someone sitting across from you giggling at you for making a bad move. Sound good.

Is it more fun to play a human or the AI of course but it is not imperative to do so. If someone had told me this game can not be played solo I would have said they need a lobotmy, that was then and this is now, you can play it solo.


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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/16/2013 5:52:37 PM   

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I don't entirely agree with what Bo is saying here. The best boot camp in my opinion is to play against an experienced player, provided he is a good fellow to play against. That means that he or she needs to do two things:

The first thing here is that the new player should play the Axis in a early game, or the Allies in late game, since it gives the less experienced player a better way of seeing how to make a good defense and it gives the new player the opportunity to play with superior forces and have fun. Even playing against an experienced player is fun, when your forces are superior. Also: mistakes are less damaging if you have the upper hand (as long as they are not very big ones).

The second thing is, that the experienced player should aid the new player a little bit by pointing out huge mistakes and not exploit those directly. Of course, the new player will get his ass kicked now and than by the experienced player and will probably lose the game in the end (we all want to win, isn't it), but the goal here is to make sure both sides have fun. Especially MWIF is very good for this, since you can save games at particular instances, play ahead, kick the ass of the new player and go back an impulse or two to a previous saved game and start there so the new player can correct his ideas (which turned out to be a disaster).

To learn game mechanics is one thing, however tactics can only be learned when playing against better players than you are. That's the best boot camp there is...

Yes, there are some very good articles on tactics and advice on good game play.

Two golden rules apply to World in Flames. Those are:

Don't attack if you can't suffer the worst possible outcome of the attack;
Make your master strategic plan for the Axis before the production phase of the first turn of Global War and try to stick with it. A building strategy is required and it should reflect you master strategy...

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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/16/2013 6:07:44 PM   

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I would also disagree on a couple of things (sorry bo):

- Even vanilla without the optionals, WIF is NOT beer and pretzels. Fun? Oh yes, but not beer and pretzels.
- This is a difficult game to go stale simply because of the way the rules are constructed - no fixed dispositions, no guaranteed starting forces, no guaranteed weather, no guaranteed US entry time, no guaranteed turn length, no guarantee what your opponent will do (and there are plenty of options) and of course, no guaranteed dice! Replayability is HUGE!!


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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/16/2013 6:12:45 PM   


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There is no fog of war in this game. [none] There could be and in my opinion could make the game more awsome than it already is. But it will remain pure vanilla and thats okay with me.

Bo is quite correct about fog of war as concerning units on map, in build / repair / force pools, ect, but there is one important aspect of the game which is shrouded in uncertainty (for the Axis) and that is the US entry level. The Axis is told how many markers are in each pool (Entry or Tension) and who they are directed against (Germany/Italy or Japan) but not the VALUE of those markers. The Allies can bluff the Axis into a premature declaration of war against the US with the fear that the US is about to declare on them. US entry is a key part of the game, as its production and units hit the Axis in an ever increasing wave. Delaying the flood for even a single turn is important to the Axis, and each turn accelerated is crucial for the Allies.


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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/16/2013 6:31:37 PM   
Mike Parker


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I would add something to the comments here.

There are enough die rolls in the game so luck is lessened in comparison to many similar games. I know that sounds odd, but more rolls mean your more likely to get average results. And it is very rare to be forced in WIF to hinge the game on a single die roll. If there is too much risk in a WIF attack you can almost always find some other safer attack(s) to make and not gamble too much. There is nothing like the infamour 2-1 failed attack on Warsaw that dooms the Axis... or at least your not forced into such a gamble.

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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/16/2013 7:04:27 PM   

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On the subject of game play primers, I think there are essentially two distinct concepts on 'how to play the game' which I dare say fan-made primers would be suitable for.

The first is how to play the game "mechanically" - e.g. what buttons to push, what things to click on with your mouse, what options to select, and so on, to move units on the map and make them do things for you.

The second is how to play the game skilfully - e.g. how to arrange combats to your advantage, how to make the most of poor rolls or operating at a disadvantage, how to manipulate US entry and other systems, and so on.

Ensuring that the first primer (or set of primers) is in place is arguably satisfied by the tutorials provided in the game, although perhaps additional materials made by fans could be a selling point for those who don't own the game.

While the player's manual provides some ideas to help advance players along the learning curve of playing well, I suspect that a dedicated thread on this forum, or at, say, boardgamegeek, would surely also help, in particular if the first few posts are reserved so that content can be consolidated.


~ Composer99

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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/16/2013 7:09:20 PM   


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Picky picky I would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to make some points with my esteemed colleagues here if I am allowed

1-This post by scout 1 was looked at by, oh I would say maybe 120 posters and no comment was made which is par for the course here. I in my infinite wisdom decided to give and opinion to mr. scout1 and try in my own very limited knowledge of the game try to render an opinon.

2-The posters that are trying to help you now Mr. scout are pure vanilla players with no concept of FOW in MWIF

3- centuur-- a very nice cyber friend of mine but way off base about playing an experienced player, after 3 or 4 smashing defeats by centuur I would really like to find someone I could possibly beat like warspite [getting even ] You can learn the game by doing solo as far as tactics goes I will send you Annual 98 and you will be able to kick all of their butts.

4--warspite should stick to his unit write ups and he is excellent at that trade. My referrence to beer and pretzels as sickly as that sounds to a true grognard like he is, is a true statement, if you play with the basic rules the game is still slightly difficult [beer and pretzels] but if it is played with all the rules that will add many additional hours to your playing time because you might have to actually think about what your doing.[A lot of beer and pretzels]

The tremendous complexity of this game with all the rules in place might not be what an average wargamer is looking for.

5-Mike Parker, a reasonable assement and I will leave that alone.

Cad908- he is allowed to say anything he wants because without him I would be doomed learning this game.

Listen to me and I will send you Annual 98 and you will whip all of these foriegners or at least two of them

P.S. Hmmmm -centuur, play another player, how will that be done, be careful what you say here you are a beta tester [NDS] Ooooops I forgot we have hot seat.


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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/17/2013 2:06:27 AM   

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thanks guys ..... am interested and curious about this release ....

Long time WitpAE player but longing for additional gaming aspects ....

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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/17/2013 2:39:35 AM   

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Hey Scout1,

I'm a long-time AE player too. I think you'll like WIF. It's obviously on a more "zoomed-out" scale than AE, but it still models the naval war in surprising detail. I find myself translating WIF's naval game into AE terms. WIF necessarily abstracts some stuff, and other things are necessarily more imprecise; aircraft might arrive a few months earlier or later than they did historically, for example. But the game does a great job of capturing the relationship between the sea war and the air war, and on a global scale at that.

Anyway, I've found it easiest just to learn by doing. I play, I consult F1/F2/F3 (the players guide and the Rules as Coded), I play more. Yes, a live opponent would school me the best. I just haven't had the time yet.


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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/18/2013 3:15:59 AM   

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Very interested .....

Depends on my impression as to learning curve and price .....

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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/18/2013 3:33:10 AM   

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I would compare it to splitting the difference between a super-massive game such as WITP or the Europa Boardgame series, and less rigorous games such as 3rd Reich.

Where in 3rd Reich, it is possible to invade Germany and take Berlin without the opponent being able to react. In WIF, the turn length, and weather, and limited ability to double-move, make an endeavour of this nature impossible, without at least several reacting moves. And the Wif flip-flops always have a reinforcement phase in between an occasional double-move. Interestingly double-moves are rare, quite powerful, are modelled with an initiative track, but are incredibly difficult to plan for and execute.

Wif has no 'perfect plan', I've used the same plan, but always with radically different results.

I personally pray to the weather gods on a frequent basis, because weather is so random affecting turn length dramatically and your plans in unexpected ways.


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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/18/2013 5:03:58 PM   


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This will get you started

Under Ai for MWIF - France
Free-French Chart* (Administration group: Die (% chance to become Free French))

How to do Naval movement, transport troops, and Vichy France Post #313 though #359

Under Ai for MWIF - Commonwealth
Resources, Convoy lines, and Creating Build points

There are sample Convoy lines for the Commonwelth, France, Japan, and the USA under their respective AI's.

Under Ai for MWIF - USA

The political aspects and invasions
Strategy and its repercussions in the Balkans


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RE: Game Play Primers - 10/20/2013 10:17:23 PM   

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Perfect .... Something to get me started ......


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