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Spaceports and Resources

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Spaceports and Resources - 9/14/2013 3:45:38 AM   


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Hey everyone. I am currently playing my first game as pirates in shadows. I was wondering if I build my spaceport on a planet, will the said spaceport automatically mine the resources? Or will I need to add mining components to the spaceport design? For example, I found a planet with Loros fruit. Thanks!
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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/14/2013 4:54:48 AM   


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Only colonies, mining ships, and space stations with mining engines will extract resources from planets. Thus, as a pirate before obtaining the ability to colonize, you will need to use either a mining station or a spaceport with Luxury Extractors included in the design in order to obtain Loros Fruit (or any other Luxury Resource, as defined in the Expansion Planner's resources by type section or the Galactopedia) from a planet. Alternatively, you can build some Mining Ships and hope that they go mine the Loros Fruit for you, but this is a less reliable way of obtaining resources.

Designs will also need to include Gas Extractors to obtain gas-type strategic resources (Argon, Helium, Caslon, Hydrogen, Krypton, etc - normally found on Ice Worlds, Gas Giants, Gas Clouds, and Frozen Gas Giants), and Mining Engines to obtain mineral-type strategic resources (Gold, Steel, Lead, Chromium, Iridium, etc - normally found on colonizable worlds, barren worlds, moons, and asteroids). Generally speaking, you should not need to include both Mining Engines and Gas Extractors on any one particular design, as I cannot think of a world-type that normally has both mineral and gas resources present.

Also note that orbital facilities have a tendency to disappear if the planet gets colonized after the facility is built, so if your source of Loros Fruit is a decent potential colony site or if you prefer the security of a colony you may not wish to make a particularly heavy investment in orbiting bases.

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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/14/2013 9:03:46 AM   


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Short version: if the spaceport is over a colony, then no,the colony will handle it. If you're building it anywhere else, as you will often do as a pirate, for example, you'll need mining equipment.

Also it's worth noting that a colony's mining rate is actually a good deal less than what you can get with actual mining equipment, but unfortunately putting extractors on a spaceport orbiting a colony will do nothing to increase the extraction rate there.

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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/14/2013 9:14:46 AM   


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Hi! So far, the planet is not colonized, and its at an early game so I think I am the first to find it. I was thinking about making a spaceport so that I can really control the resource without fear of other pirates taking it. Would it be much better if I make a mining station, or spaceport? Thanks!

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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/14/2013 9:19:22 AM   


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Hi! Thanks for all that info. It might take me a while to really digest properly though.
I have tried making state-owned mining ships by placing extractor units on an escort. It works pretty well, except the ship brings resources to nearest spaceport. You cant pick where to drop off resources.

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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/14/2013 1:39:24 PM   


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Would it be much better if I make a mining station, or spaceport? Thanks!

As Pirate i only would set up Spaceport over fuel sources, fuel you need much more then resources.
But you can design 2 Spaceports one with mining and the other with Gas mining equipemnt. But it is better to use Mining stations. If you want to use Spaceport to defend the mining source you could give the mining station weapons too.

When i played pirate, i never build any Mining/gas mining stations anymore. I handle my resources income only with improved (gas) mining ships and with captured and disassembled ship. Only Spaceports over Gas giants with 4 gas resources.

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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/14/2013 9:19:58 PM   

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BTW, you can build a military ship (frigate, etc.) with mining capabilities by designing it with all the components that civilian mining ships have. The advantage is you can tell this ship exactly where and when you want it to mine (and then send it to deliver the goods where you wish).


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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/15/2013 4:11:34 AM   


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Thanks for the info. So far i've built a mining station on it. I must say that the planet has loros fruit, megallos nuts and falajian spice! It really boost my economy I think. I just built a spaceport in the same system on a gas planet, like you suggested.

How do you fuel your ships if you dont have mining stations? . Do you just increase the fuel cells on designs? What I've been doing is placing at least one gas mining station per sector.

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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/15/2013 4:13:46 AM   


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Hey everyone, So I guess I just decided to build mining station on the valuable planet, then made a spaceport in same system and assigned a fleet to guard. Has been working for 3 in-game years so far. Thanks for all the info!

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RE: Spaceports and Resources - 9/28/2013 1:41:05 AM   

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I had the same situation. Playing as pirate faction, finding Loros early.

Remembering the income effect of the 3 ultra rares from previous games, it was clear that this was the new center of attention. Well above the 4 heavily contested independent colonies in the vicinity.

So I designed a new spaceport, to be my 2nd center. SSP based, no Labs, but 1 mining engine, 4 luxury extractors, 1000 Shields, 100 armor, no weapons, no fighters, only enough solar collectors to power static usage, refit only manually.
Then I send the constructor to build that above Loros, protected by nearly my whole fleet.

Why such a limited design? To speed up the initial contstruction! I want the Spaceport online asap and start producing. My fleet can handle the rest, it has enough defense to survive with my fleet around.

Then once it is build, I sent the constructor to build a gas mining station at the nearest caslon source and manually upgraded the design of this Spaceport. 3 mining engines, 4 luxury extractors, 40 cargo bays, 5000 shields, 1200 armor, 50 concussion missiles (long range!), 10 fighter bays, 10 short range weapons, 10 assault pods (boarding defense!) and most important: Enough solar collectors to power the static energy consumption and full weapon energy consumption by solar power alone!!! You dont produce fuel here, you dont want to run out of fuel in the middle of an attack! You can concentrate your labs on this spaceport, it is defended anyway and easily upgradeable.
I also put enough reactors to cover the static energy use and enough fuel cells for at least 800 fuel just in case...

Once the refit is done, you can use your fleet for something else again. By that time the cash should flow (you started producing with the "mini" version).

After I dealt with my most urgent needs (fleet building to control indep colonies), I once again upgraded the Loros Spaceport. Everything offensive and defensive doubled. So 10000 shields, 2400 armor, 100 concussion, 20 fighter bays, 20 short range, 20 pods and more energy collectors. But only a few more fuel cells, they are just a reserve...

The spaceport should now be a few times the size of Loros...
And you know what, if you have enough freighters built and enough exploration done by now, the maintenance of that monstrosity should be a tiny fraction of your Loros induced income by now...

Oh, and you dont need a single ship to protect Loros (but maybe the Caslon mining station nearby), if you are not convinced, just start the fighters and bombers and let them patrol in space...

edit: Make sure that the AI does not update your other Spaceports to those designs. I make my Spaceports early on to be manually upgradeable, you can only pause the game, design the special spaceport, give the build order and obsolete it before unpausing the game. Or just designate it eg as a "Large Space Port" if you dont have any large spaceports yet, since it does not upgrade SSPs into LSPs automatically.

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