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Best Soviet Airforce Settings

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Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/2/2013 10:18:28 AM   


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I am a soviet player and I want to use my airforce aggressively.
Specifically I want my fighters to interdict Axis bombing raids etc as much as possible as well as maximizing attacks on German armoured units and infantry wherever possible.
I want to bomb bomb bomb as much as possible, and do not mind if my planes die
But something is wrong.
My oppennent has just bombed my airforce with devastating effect because my fighters did not rise in sufficicnet numbers to defend them.
Also I have wanted to create strike airfields with all my long range bombers in one airfield to bomb key axis cities etc.
I also created a tank attack airfield by putting my su2's in one airfield to mass strike axis panzer divisions but when I try to bomb only a few su2s etc take off at one time.
Worse still, while my oppenent can bomb my airfield I try to bomb his and nothing happens.
What is wrong with my airforce settings?
What is wrong with my airforce?

All advice appreciated

Zhukov just before winter comes 1941
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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/2/2013 11:06:51 AM   


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The Soviet air force has some real coordination problems in 41. They start to improve in 42 and don't really hit their stride until 43. This seems to be built into the game system.

If you stack your air base units, or keep them within a hex of each other, you will get better results in the interception. I put the interception rate to 300 in the Air Doctrine and that will help too.

If you study the Air Losses you will find that the Luftwaffe is killed more by AA than any other source (except overrunning their airbases). So work on keeping up the AA assigned to your airbases, cities, and units.

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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/2/2013 12:21:27 PM   

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From: Lochan nan balgair-dudh
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some comments on my own (limited experience).

I've found the VVS to be ineffective in 1941 - but worth plugging away with. You won't get massed co-ordinated bombing raids but you can chip away inflicting some losses and some disrupted elements (which in turn costs MP for the Germans).

I've given up on separating fighters and bombers if I want the bombers to be escorted, so I'd add some fighters to almost all my bomber bases.

Think, quite rightly, the Su-2 is pretty rubbish, so even if it all works you won't see mounds of smouldering panzers.

If your opponent likes to bomb your airbases there are two solutions. One is to assign a lot more AA to the controlling HQ. Second is to leave some near front empty - if I understand the engine your planes can base through this in any case, but it raises the chance that he will waste a raid. My regular PBEM opponent seems to have given on airbase bombing after a few disasters caused by concentrated flak (of course if he reads this ...)


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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/3/2013 2:42:15 PM   

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As stated above the Soviet air force isn't up to very in the early war year but this is what I tend to do with it
Important a minimum of 6 air units must be kept on all unfrozen airbases otherwise your new airbases will not arrive
1 send all IL2's to the national reserve to train. When older tactical aircraft are replaced by the IL2 transfer those units to the reserve
2 Do same with units of YAK1 's
3 all I15 & I16 units should be changed to operate as bombers & placed on SAD airbases along side your SU2's
4 U2VS units should be set for night operations & also placed on SAD airbases
5 LaaG's & Migs should be placed on the IAD bases & used as Fighters (if you use them as Bombers make sure that the are based on SAD airfields
6 Pe2 units should be put into reserve to build up SB2 & DB3 and other older bomber units should be placed on the BAD bases (set them for daylight operations)
7 Transports Change to the Li2 transport Plane from the U2VS transport plane as soon as possible (it might be a idea to send these factories to cities close to the German advance to be destroyed I would keep the U2VS tactical bomber though) and keep the Transports in the NR to build up (once the unit is at full compliment place on VVS bases along side Recon units & fill out with Fighters

Not sure about most of the air war settings but set ground support to off & Fighter intercept to 300% & recon escort to off

Recon extensively (you are looking to identify your opponents Tank units) once spotted bomb them, you will not get very many kills but you will cause some disruption & it will build up if they are being hit turn after turn (try to hit each mobile unit at least once using one air unit per target) if they are in a stack attack the stack 2 or 3 times in a turn. If your opponent is flying fuel & supplies to his tank groups (especially in the south)
assign a decent air leader to the air HQ concerned & put your fighter bases as close as possible to his lead units ( THIS CAN BE A BIT HIT & MISS) it might be an idea to use units with a high experience level for this.
Hope this is of some use to you

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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/3/2013 5:17:56 PM   


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Analysis here in re Soviet air forces helps also for Axis forces. Means to Axis that early on not to fear the Soviets all that much. In later years bomb Soviets air forces as much as possible, as they are powerful. As Axis I always leave GS on and set participation rates low, unit assignments low.

Can anyone say what the different Soviet terms for airbases mean? IAD, SAD, VVS and if these terms affect operations.

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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/3/2013 7:30:11 PM   

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From: Lochan nan balgair-dudh
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ORIGINAL: rrbill

Can anyone say what the different Soviet terms for airbases mean? IAD, SAD, VVS and if these terms affect operations.

VVS is Voyenno-Vozdushnye Sily (transliterated), technically RKKA:VVS ie the military aviation wing of the Red Army (in Soviet doctrine airpower was not an independent arm but designed to assist ground operations).

SAD is a composite and IAD is notionally a fighter orientated airwing (each base tended to have around 4 squadrons). In reality the Soviets mixed fighters and different range of bomber squadrons at the same base (at least in 1941). In game the SADs are the ones that are withdrawn in early 1942.

BAD were purely bomber bases and DBAD were the long range bomber bases. The in-game OOB is a pretty good attempt to reflect this.

PVO was the city air defense formations and combined command of land based AA with purely fighter bases held back to defend key cities.


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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/3/2013 10:19:36 PM   


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Personally I disband all of the SAD airbases in the first two turns. They add a good jump in manpower that is needed elsewhere. Otherwise they start disbanding in early 42 and always seem to disband EXACTLY where I can't afford them too!

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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/5/2013 8:23:59 AM   
cpt flam

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From: caen - France
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some advice too
SAD as carlkay I disband them but slowly, no real need for personnel but for the unknow disbanding
i have 300 for interception, 160+ for ground support (i like to hit hard)
allways have a mix of aircrafts on a base; you can't have 6 groups otherwise and this will become harder with extension of the goups
(going from 20 to 32 planes)
VVS will be your prime "partisan supplyer" with TRS on night missions, bombers on night mission can help for this if located on a BAD
other terms have no real effect


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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/5/2013 8:31:05 AM   

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Yes, farm the game for airbases until the groups will change from 20 max planes to 32 max planes (december'42) as later it's very costly (overloaded bases results in hundreds of planes lost to operational reasons).

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RE: Best Soviet Airforce Settings - 7/5/2013 2:54:48 PM   

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From: Sydney, Australia
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+1 to keeping the interception numbers as high as possible, I set it to 300 throughout the game. Evenutally your numbers will win out -- I'm routinely seeing 40-50 German fighters and bombers turn up to find my stack covered by 300+ fighters, and a lot of those bombers don't go home.

Apart from VVS (bombers and transports on these bases set to night missions will supply partisans), the base designations don't actually mean anything. Always keep a good mix of fighters and bombers on each base.

Make sure you rotate your planes to the reserve very often. At the start of each turn I pick up all of the low morale units and fly them back to reserve. At the start it doesn't matter if the units you're replacing them with aren't much higher in morale, but the morale will build up over time (simply flying a unit back to reserve bumps its morale up, so the more you rotate units the more the morale will go up). Experience is what really matters but that won't grow higher than morale so focus on getting the morale up.

I never disband SAD bases. Every AP spend disbanding the bases is an AP I can spend somewhere else.

By about mid to late 42 I'm disbanding low morale air units especially those with older planes (I15s, I16s, Su2s, SB2s) rather than flying them back to reserve. There's some kind of hard limit on the number of air units you can have, better to put the pilots back into the pool and let the units of the more modern planes build up.



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