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25 Suggestions for the Future.

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25 Suggestions for the Future. - 6/6/2013 7:14:36 PM   

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Hey guys, today I was going to post a link to my new PitF LP, but I'm not allowed until I have 10 posts on here (link to my Youtube Channel is in my profile). So instead, I thought I'd give some constructive criticism for PitF. Below you'll find a list of advice or needs for future Close Combat games.

All of it is my personal opinion built from years of playing cc games. Feel free to disagree.

A lot of this stuff could be hard to implement, but I think most of it won't be. And some of this stuff could be patched into the current game... hint hint.


The ability to turn my tanks to face a chosen direction. I want to move my turret seperately to the tank body. The number of times my Panther shows it's rear to the enemy shermans...

The ability to reload ammunition type in tanks. I find myself firing HE at tanks because my previous shot was vs infantry.

Save battle replay. So I can view battle from enemy POV and both POV. Like in AoE and Total War.

A variety of map sizes. A (multiplayer/cc5 biased) poll on (no link because I'm not allowed yet... but it's there) suggested half the community prefered medium maps. BUT the other half of the community were split between small and large maps - that's 25% who prefer small maps, 25% who like large maps, and 50% that like big maps. So having a variety of map sizes would benefit the community as a whole. And it helps the AI to have smaller/medium maps.

A variety in units. Seems to be limited types of tanks. Panther, Mark 4, then the odd Stug and Tiger. Really?

More sides. Not just US vs Germans. Include Brits, Canadians, Commonwealth, Japanese, Russians, Polish, Romainians, Italians, French... as many as practical. More sides means more work, but allows more replayability and panders to a wider audience - this is what made CC2 so good back in the day!

Full 3d like Achtung Panzer or Combat Mission BUT with the ability to go back to the traditional CC view. You said that Panthers is the last "traditional" CC game. Fine. Give us true 3D then. But let us zoom out to birds-eye-view, just in case.

A new campaign scenario. No more Normandy Games. Please, for the love of... How about North Africa? Italy? Korea? World War 1? Mars? Maybe even have two campaigns in one - like they did in the early Call of Duty games - so some fighting on both Western and Eastern Front. You could call it Close Combat: United Offensive! (Warning - united offensive was a COD expansion.)

Server system needs updating. The ability to minimize server system to browse the internet whilst waiting for someone to come online is a must. Plus show us the number of games being played/people online so I know I'm not the only one in the world waiting to play.

The ability to observe other MP battles. This will help players learn what it takes to play against a human opponent, and maybe encourage them to play multiplayer or the game as a whole. I understand this may be difficult to do, but AoE managed this back in the 90's!

Bring back the surrender/retreat/resign button. Some battles are lost. Why waste time continuing the fight?

More support units please. Even if it's just one extra. I don't take trucks because they aren't as useful as guns/tanks, and with the limited support types, I can't bring myself to take them.

Mounting guns is great. How about mounting infantry on tanks? (Someone else suggested this idea, and I like it a lot.)

AI needs to move. It's ok on defence - it just sits there. But it hardly ever attacks. In battles where both sides have to move to engage, it won't move, meaning the human player has to spend ten boring minutes getting to the battle! (Smaller maps may help a little - or left vs right) The first battle of my LP proves this is an issue. If you can't fix the AI, then have a button to speed the game up.

AI needs improvement! I'm saying this twice because most players prefer single player (evidence: another poll on {link coming soon!}, plus what I've read on forums, and opinion/observation on my youtube channel). Even if you just make it move across the map in semi-suicidal fashion - it would be better than nothing! Working on the AI should be your top priority because it's a training platform. Players gain experience in single player, then go multiplayer. If they're not happy in single player, they may not have the confidence to go multiplayer.

I'm loving the variety of map terrain. Most maps are rural with urban elements, which is good. A vast improvement over the monotenous hedgerows of CC5. However, another poll on (link coming soon!) suggests players prefer more urban maps. This may have something to do with the scenario, but maybe next game, could we visit urban battles like Berlin or Stalingrad?

You included semi-historic scenarios in PitF. Great. Please include more of these next time. Something I've been thinking of too - How about in-historic battles? US vs Brits. Germans vs Japanese. Germans vs Germans (might make fun multiplayer). Just a suggestion.

Demo. Please have a demo next time. I understand why you don't, but games without a demo put people off from buying a game. Have you ever bought a game you didn't have screenshots of? It's the same principle. Do it like they did in CC2. Have one playable map from both sides and nothing else. Done.

More players in multiplayer battles. So we can have 2v2 etc. The maps are big enough! Even if it's just for the in-historic battles.

DLC. Yep, I want DLC. I want more official (smaller) maps and more units. How many maps will you give me for £5? How about £10 to include a British operation?

Include random historical mainly-military quotes in-game, like they do in HoI or Total War. So while we're waiting for someone to join the multiplayer server we can read "Patience is a virtue" or something

Vehicles get tracked way too often. This wouldn't be an issue if I had lots of tanks, but usually I have 4 tanks. I've had battles where 3 out of 4 tanks gets tracked. I understand why this happens etc. but it seems as though if I go off-road for two seconds, my tanks get tracked. That limits me to roads. Then path-finding issues cause my tanks to shed their tracks often because instead of going down the open road, my tank will roll along a wall or hedge... Maybe the chance of being tracked should be reduced?

Tooltips. I know what the difficulty levels mean, because I've played CC since the 90's. But new players don't. How about a tooltip over the settings, just to tell new players things like what putting the enemy on easy will do?

Have a button to speed the game up. This should be in single player only, but would be very welcome. Achtung Panzer included both x2 and x4 speeds. It's needed at the beginning of a battle where your troops are casually walking towards the enemy over such large map... even on the fastest setting... :(

"Enemy spotted."
Ok, thanks.
"Enemy spotted."
Yes, you don't have to repeat yourself.
"Enemy spotted."
No, seriously, shut up! I don't know why all my guys sound exactly the same and say the same things, but a variety of shouts would be nice.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. Thanks for reading!


I have a Youtube Channel that features Close Combat and Panzer Corps Let's Plays and videos, as well as historical documentaries.
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RE: 25 Suggestions for the Future. - 6/6/2013 8:42:35 PM   
Steve McClaire


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Thanks for your suggestions TIK. You definitely have some good ones and it is always great to get feedback.


(in reply to TIK)
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RE: 25 Suggestions for the Future. - 7/17/2013 9:51:58 PM   


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If you play against the computer using the standard abs files, then your only getting 25% out of the game.
If you play a full campaign against some one you know, using standart abs files, your getting 50%.
If you play a full campaign against some one you know, after changing the abs to suite you, then your getting 100%.

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RE: 25 Suggestions for the Future. - 7/18/2013 11:02:55 AM   


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+1 to these suggestions


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RE: 25 Suggestions for the Future. - 7/19/2013 12:41:03 PM   

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TIK the next game is 3D BUT it will be top down view same as the old CC games..which is great as it will keep it looking or feeling like a CC game. Graviteam tactics already have the 3D wrapped up to be honest. So CC needs to still feel like a CC game and going 3D but staying top down is the best way to do it.

Going 3D will help with LOS and LOF etc etc and give more fidelity to the game.


(in reply to Pvt_Grunt)
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RE: 25 Suggestions for the Future. - 7/22/2013 10:41:18 AM   

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@wodin. The benefits of going full 3D (like Graviteam has done) is that you're more likely to attract newer players to the series. Graviteam have done a good job, but their control system sucks. Having a game that is fully 3D (but able to zoom out to the traditional cc view), with the ability to tell my guys to Move, Move Fast, Sneak etc would be heavenly.


I have a Youtube Channel that features Close Combat and Panzer Corps Let's Plays and videos, as well as historical documentaries.

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RE: 25 Suggestions for the Future. - 7/22/2013 6:37:06 PM   

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What I like about AP:K1943 is that you give orders and your soldiers try their best to execute. You don't have to be babysitting every unit for them to behave like you want. I love how they take cover on their own and disperse themselves over several adjacent buildings instead of all of the team being cramped up in one room like in CC, sure the controls are the worst ever but practice makes master.

But what I love more about Graviteam and their games is that they are cheap and lots of fun. I hope they go back to WW2 again since modern war doesn't interest me much.

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RE: 25 Suggestions for the Future. - 7/22/2013 10:43:05 PM   

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Yeah you can kind of order and forget. However, you'll notice a big difference - AP/Graviteam is about bigger units than CC. So you'll not be able to split your infantry from your halftracks to clear out a town - your halftracks have got to go in too.

I think that's why the games play/feel a lot different. Close Combat's units will stay in one room - but you can put more units in a tighter (closer) area, thus you get intense close-quarters combat. AP is about the wider picture - having several platoons all moving across the battlefield.


I have a Youtube Channel that features Close Combat and Panzer Corps Let's Plays and videos, as well as historical documentaries.

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RE: 25 Suggestions for the Future. - 7/23/2013 6:04:20 PM   


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Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 is very old now...

Graviteam now offers their new and much improved version: Achtung Panzer: Operation Star.

You can buy it here, at Matrixgames:

and you can patch it to the latest version at the Graviteam web page:

You can download also a free demo of the game at the Graviteam web page. The improvements since AP:K43 have been fantastic !!!


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