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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Humanity video/text LP

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 9/25/2013 3:56:45 PM   

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Ep6? How did I get so far behind? lol

Will get caught up tonight. Thanks for posting!


-Larry Monte

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 9/30/2013 7:35:47 PM   

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The Inexorable War Ep. 7


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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 10/1/2013 9:48:59 PM   

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Martionize, one of our fellow forum members, has created the following narrative which will, eventually, run parallel with the events of the main LP. Taking place between episodes 1 and 2 of "The Colonial Confederation" (found on posts 42 and 43 of this thread) this story follows the captain and crew of the Colonial Exploration Star Ship Resolute. These entries will eventually run parallel with, and be featured in, the regular update posts. I hope you enjoy Martionize's work as much as I do. 

The Resolute: Into the Frontier
By Martionize

 Part One 

Darren sat down in the chair as ordered. He wasn't sure whether he was glad or annoyed that he might not get the opportunity to sit on it again. He looked at the man sitting in front of him across the desk with a terminal and several pieces QNP on it. The man spoke.

"Darren. I think you know why you are," he broke the silence in a professional tone.

"Yes Admiral Yamamoto."

"Please. Just Admiral.

"Sorry Admiral. I did the best..."

Yamamoto raised up his hand, signaling Darren to stop speaking. He brought up the terminal screen next to him.

"Some time ago, you applied to join the Colonial Fleet. You were competing for a commanders slot in taskforce Shield. My taskforce. You showed much promise in your theory test and most of your practical drills. But at the end, you had to complete a simulation."

"Sir, I can..."

"Admiral.", Yamamoto corrected.


"Please, Wilkon. For your sake as well as mine, let me speak; the simulation would be a test of your abilities as a military ship captain. In the simulation, your mission was to escort a freighter carrying a very important artifact from the Umwatt system, to Mytos Prime. It was quite simple."

"The pirates attacked the freighter in the simulation."

"You are correct, and you did a fine job of escorting it. It was what happened when you got to Mytos Prime..."

"Those unidentified ships came out of nowhere! I reacted as fast as I could! I thought the Haakonish has set up an ambush! I..."

"You proceeded to fire on every Haakonish ship you could see without stopping to identify them!" Yamamoto raised his voice. "You attacked innocent freighters and passenger ships. Some of those Haakonish ships contained human tourists as well."

Darren interjected before Yamamoto could speak.

"But if you want to join the Colonial Fleet you need quick actions like me. You can't pause to identify targets in the amount of time I had. I reacted fast..."
The Admiral cut in with an uncharacteristically forceful reply.

"You panicked! A military captain must know when to use force and always keep his cool. I admit I've sometimes got frustrated too but not on this scale."

"But they still attacked the freighter and I defended it even if I did destroy everything."

Yamamoto paused, looking into the man's eyes to gage the effect of his next words, "And that is another mistake you made. You didn't think about all the possibilities. If you hailed the attacking ship in the simulation, they were programmed to respond by telling you their weapons fired accidentally and they were willing to make amends for the damages. You, on the other hand, caused even more damage. That is why, your application to join Task Force Shield is denied." The Admiral looked sort of sad as he said these words. He shook his head as he spoke, "Such a shame. You seem like the kind of man I would've wanted to serve on the Washington."

Darren was silent to let those words sink in. He was bitterly disappointed that he had failed to accomplish his dream of joining the Colonial Fleet. Deep inside he was angry. Angry that they had refused him. Even though he knew he had made the right decisions in the scenario they had put him in. He had protected the freighter. Everything else was irrelevant. He began to stand up to leave.

"I guess I'll apply to be the Captain of a Passenger Ship. They'll love listening to my voice."

"Sit down Wilkon, I'm...not finished yet."

Darren relaxed back into the chair. That was going to be his nickname for it from now on. The Chair.

"My colleagues were impressed by your talent. They are as disappointed as I am that you have failed. However, I think being a Captain of a Passenger Ship describing planets to annoying tourists is a considerable waste of your talent. That is why we have spoken to our friends at EEC (Earth Exploration Command) sharing this information with them."

The Admiral paused for dramatic effect. "They are offering you a Command post on the EESS-???. It's not a military command but it's not a Tourist Centre either. You have done exceptionally well Wilkon. Usually, this opportunity is not given out to failed applications. You are a special case. Do you accept?"

Darrel searched for the right words, "So , you want me to be an explorer rather than a travel agent?"

"That is correct."

Darrel thought for a minute. It would a pathetic ship. Not as big as the cruiser he always wanted but at least it wasn't a passenger shuttle.

"Very well. I'll give it a go. I accept."

The 2 shook hands. Exploration ship captain and Admiral.

"Then Darrel Wilkon, you will now report to EEC. They will transfer control of the ship to you. Good Luck. Captain.
Yamamoto watched as Darrel left. He then pulled up his computer terminal and contacted EEC.

"He accepted the offer. I think he will make a fine explorer."

A female voice responded over the line. "Good. Many cadets think joining the military will make them seem braver. Not many realize that bravery lies not on the soldiers, but in the explorers."

"You are correct. It's quite alright to charge into battle in an armored military cruiser with weapons to the teeth. But exploration ships are not armed to the teeth. They are not that armored. This coupled with the fact that they go where no man has gone before, makes sure only the bravest Captains command them. Darrel will have to master the art of command pretty quickly. It's a dangerous galaxy out there."

"EEC Out."

"Yamamoto. Out."

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 10/1/2013 10:39:04 PM   

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The Resolute: Into the Frontier
By Martionize  

Part Two

 Darrel stood on the observation platform that looked on at the Space Port's hanger. The CESS Resolute was suspended above the hanger entrance, ready to unmoor herself and drop into the darkness of space. It had been a day since he had been offered command. He had the opportunity to speak with the chief engineer about his new command. The CESS Resolute was a new ship that had rolled out of the assembly line. It was not just any exploration ship. It was an experiment. It had been given some extra Maxis Blasters as a test run. 

It didn't do much to affect Darrel though. It was still a pretty feeble ship, but it was a ship nonetheless. Then he heard a voice behind him. 

"Welcome to the CESS Resolute. This will be your Captain. Darren Wilkon. Get to know each other." 

Darren spun around. The man who had spoken, who looked like an engineer , was saluting while backing out of the way. The man was sweating and had distinct look of nervousness on his face. Darren concluded that introducing senior staff to their Captains was not usually what he did. 

He then turned his attention to his senior command staff. There were 3 of them. A security officer, a communications officer, and a scientist. A Haakonish male, a human female and a Kiaden male. They looked at him expecting him to speak. 

They had sat down on the sofas that the observation lounge offered. There was distinct silence between them. 
It was the human female that spoke. 

"I suppose I shall break the ice." 

Darren recognized an Earthish accent. He hadn't really thought in-depth about the homeworld of the Colonial Confederation that much. It was all about Europa to him. He would've defended that moon with his life. At least he would have, had he been offered a command post in Task Force Shield. 

"I am Lieutenant Commander Valerie Page. I shall be your communications officer on this ship." 

"Good to meet you, First Officer Page. Keep your Earthling remarks to yourself and maybe we'll get along." 

"I'm sure we would get along fine anyhow." 

Darren wasn't sure whether this was a flirtatious remark or not but just in case it was, he moved swiftly on to the Haakonish who actually stood up off the sofa, walked over to Darren and patted him on the shoulder. 

"And who are you?" asked Darren, slightly surprised at the friendly gesture that Haakonish had given to him. 

"I am Haka Folika. Pleased to meet you Captain. I shall be your security officer on the ship. I look forward to working with you." 
Then he did something unusual. It appeared that the Haakonish, attempted to smile? 

This immediately reminded Darren of the Simulation test. How he had destroyed those Haakonish Ships. Looking at Haka now, he felt a small ping of guilt well up but he quickly regained his composure. 

"Don't worry, Human. I destroyed many of your ships in my simulation test too." 

Now this completely startled Darren. So much that he ushered the Haakonish to sit down and turned his eyes to the Kiaden. 

"I am Kello Agasa, Kiaden scientist. Pleased to be serving on this magnificent exploration vessel." 

Darren didn't shake hands with the Kiaden because he had heard rumors about how kind the Kiaden were to their friends. If he shook hands he was afraid he wouldn't get his hand back again and so he quietly thanked Kello for his gesture of goodwill and straightened himself out. It was his turn to introduce himself properly, considering the engineer did a pretty shoddy job of it. 

"Well, Page, Folika and Agasa. I am Captain Darren Wilkon. I have been assigned along with all of you to the EESS Resolute . Now this is not the type of command that I wanted. I wanted to join the Colonial Navy. That has been my dream since childhood. I have failed in that dream but I will not stop trying. That is why, I need you all to work the hardest that you can work. If we show Admiral Yamamoto how good we are at piloting an exploration ship, he might allow me...erm I mean all of us, to join the Navy. It might be boring. Just jumping from sector to sector cataloging various things but that is what our duty calls us to do. We will do our duty to the best of our abilities and we will be rewarded. For the Colonial Confederation!" 

Darren was expecting an applause at this point but all he got was a bunch of blank faces looking at him. 

He sighed. He kept forgetting he these people weren't operating on a military vessel and so maybe were not used to long revolutionary speeches. 

He reached out to the small table between him and the sofa where the Valeria, Hako, and Kessa were sitting. It was a brown envelope. He opened it and took the piece of paper inside. 

"What in the heavens is that?" asked Valerie. 

Darren read it. "It's our orders. Quick shakedown cruise and proceed to the border of the Anurbes Expanse. A full briefing will be conducted on the ship. 

"Then what are we waiting for?" asked Kesso. "Let's get on that ship and conduct some science! Proper Science." 

So as they left that room, and boarded the shuttle which would take them to the EESS, no-one knew for sure what each of them were thinking. 

But Darren certainly knew what he himself was thinking. His time as an exploration pilot had begun. He would show Yamamoto that he was capable of commanding a military vessel. Soon, he would be off this mingy little exploration ship and fighting against the Confederation's enemies. 

Would destiny agree with him? Or would it conspire to destroy him? What unknown threats lie in the shadows of the stars? The galaxy was a big place. Darren was going into it.

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 10/3/2013 3:34:01 PM   

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The Resolute: Into the Frontier
By Martionize  

Part Three 

 "This is CESS Resolute to CEC. Reporting Hydrogen Gas Giant in sector..." Valerie's talk with CEC soon became inaudible to
anyone listening. Darren did his best to try and work out what they were
saying. It seemed that they were both talking about the chemical makeup of the
planets in the system they were currently in. Or were they talking about the
makeup of the nebulae? Or were they sharing beauty tips? At the current moment,
Darren didn't really care. Fashion was really not his thing.

He turned from his center seat to his right where Kello sat tapping his
terminal. He turned from his terminal to acknowledge Darren's gaze.

"How are the engines and the FTL AI functioning?" Darren asked.

"They are functioning at optimal capacity, Captain. The emergency FTL
jumping technique we practiced in our shakedown cruise may have lowered their
general kinetic output a bit but other than that, they are extremely efficient.
Quite surprising. The efficiency of our Kiaden ships are mostly generalized on
the fact that the output from our engines does not completely turn into Kinetic
Energy. It is not really what..."

"So the engines are working fine in case of we get attacked?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Good. Are the mineral scans on the planets down?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Right. Prepare to jump to the next sector."

He heard an expression of shock coming from the left of him. He turned round.
From the sound, he concluded it was Valerie. "Did they really?" he
managed to hear Valeria say.

That was it.

"Ahem," he coughed.

"Yes, Captain."

"It is a Communications terminal. Not a gossip terminal."

Valerie's mouth opened wide to from a letter O.

"Captain, I do not mean to be rude, but you seem like type to gossip. I

Darren did not react to this remark out loud but he would be having words with
Valerie later. Or would he? She did appear to be calm. If someone accused him
of doing something he didn't, he probably would've opened his mouth and
defended himself with words many people had thought only middle aged folk hundreds
of years in the past used.

He decided he was going to let the remark slide. It wouldn't look good on his
next application form to Yamamoto if he wrote down that he had taken out his
frustration verbally on a crew member.

"Anyway, enough of accusing me to gossip. I have some information that
might be of interest to you."

This got Darren's attention.

"What kind of information?"

"Every call for help from a ship, whether that be life or death, or
running out of fuel because they didn't know how to do simple maths, is
recorded by the Colonial Fleet for future reference."

"And this interests the Captain how?" Hako joined in the conversation
from his security terminal in front of the center chair.

"I have managed to "acquire" these calls."

"Aren't those supposed to be classified?" asked Darren.

"Yes they are. But my friend, well ex-friend, well ex-boyfriend works in
that particular department. I've fed up with him. He still thinks he has a
chance with me, so in order to pull me over to his side, he sends me all of
useless information he picks up. Can you believe how many pieces of classified
information I have to read through and incliner..."

"Enough of your personal life!" Darren interrupted, so loudly it made
everyone on the bridge turn around. Darren then quickly coughed in surprise. He
then said quietly, "How does this concern our mission in this

"Well, I've read through all the maintenance calls from this sector. I
noticed a pattern. 15% of ships that passed through reported a minor power
failure on their journey."

"15% is not really that much."

"45% reported a major power failure."

"How come we've never heard of this, "Anurbes Triangle?"

"Most of the power failures occurred on civilian ships. Military ships
reported no problem whatsoever and since no-one pays much attention to these
logs, the issue seems overlooked."

Darren thought about it and smiled.

"We're in an exploration ship. In the same sector as the ships were that
reported the powercut. We have information that the Colonial Fleet has

Hako immediately objected, "Captain, I can't recommend this. It's a
probably just the fact that the military ships had better maintenance that the
civilian ships, you cannot..."

"But, it could be interesting," Darren argued. "I mean, what fun
is it to serve on an exploration ship mindlessly jumping between sectors
scanning planets? It might be interesting."

"But, it could be danger..."

"You're the security officer. You job is to protect us from that

"And you're the Captain, your job is to make sure we don't just wander
into that danger."

"I have made my decision, Commander. Kello, divert spare power to sensors
and commence sensor sweeps of this sector."

"Yes, Captain."

"Valerie keep scanning those call logs. There might be further clues in

"Seriously, Captain. Why must you torture me with this. I will do it,
but...never mind."

"And Hako. Why don't you go and brief some of the security officers on the
ship. In case some fighting starts."

Hako opened his mouth object and left the bridge.

Darren stared at the blackness of space. He smiled. He would solve the mystery
of the Anurbes Sectors. And Yamamoto would offer command of a military ship.

But fate, is not always in your hands.

Regular LP uploads to Youtube will continue next week. I will be using this time to catch up on the written portion of the LP as it is becoming important to continuing the narrative.

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 11/14/2013 10:16:08 PM   

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This Is Amazing I Cant Wait To Contribute!

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 2/10/2014 11:40:46 PM   


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I would think that some radical political parties would be forming that just want the extermination of all insectiod races because it seems that most of your enemies are of that general family

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 3/25/2014 10:18:38 AM   


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nice AAR, I look forward to continued

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 4/28/2014 4:27:43 AM   

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I admit i was pretty disappointed that the war went the way that it did/has. Seems as though the Boskara at least sort of bugged(pun intended). When you sent your fleet initially i was expecting a blood bath :P

Just curious are you still doing this? I noticed on your channel it looks like your starting to play star citizen. Planning on doing the same when i get the money.

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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 5/13/2014 2:54:32 AM   


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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 5/15/2014 4:21:48 AM   

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Yes this is continuing! I'm working very hard on getting the new seasons finished with editing and written text. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

I have also included the text for the first episode of "The Inexorable War" which can be found here.
The Inexorable War Ep1


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RE: We Will Reach Out to the Stars – A History of Human... - 5/15/2014 4:41:52 AM   

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Double post

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