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RE: 9/18/42 - 9/21/42

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RE: 9/18/42 - 9/21/42 - 3/29/2013 12:05:31 AM   

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The IJN subs are inflicting pretty heavy losses on his assault shipping. This could be cutting down on the enemy's operational capabilities for future amphibs.


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RE: 9/18/42 - 9/21/42 - 4/9/2013 7:19:33 PM   

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Indeed, I am pretty happy with my subs. I think I will need to go through the OOB and compare with what I believe I've sunk thus far.

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9/22/42 - 9/25/42 - 4/9/2013 7:46:39 PM   

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September 22
SS Albacore attempts to interdict the landing of reinforcements at Tassafaronga, but the ASW escorts are on top of her. She takes 3 penetrating hits and the next near miss forces her to surface, which ends as it always ends. First she puts a shell into an APD, disabling one non-combat squad.

The I-10 sinks xAK Willimoto outside of Brisbane.

Lots of fierce air action today. Cactus Air Force launches against the ships unloading next door, and APD-34 is hit after unloading has finished. She sinks at dusk. In total 10 F4F-4s, 18 SBDs from two groups (8+10), and 8 TBFs fly against the IJN ships, vs. 23 A6M2s on LRCAP. The second USN wave comes in unescorted, and at least 5 SBDs and 8 TBFs are shot down.

43 Zeroes and 40 Bettys encounter 10 F4Fs at Lunga. The bombers get through at 15,000 feet and achieve 9 airbase, 3 supply, and 15 runway hits. Not enough...

...but KB launches their strike in the PM, revealing their position just 3 hexes to the north, in the first open ocean hex. They do a bit more damage, getting 2 airbase, 1 supply, and 24 runway hits with their bigger payloads.

<<<Placeholder for total air losses screenshot>>>

Almost all troops were unloaded at Tass today, along with about 3500 supply. Going well. I will remain another day at least to unload what I can, as Lunga's airforce should be fairly neutralized after yesterday's air-to-air losses, so the only threat is 4E bombers from Luganville and Port Moresby. I am confident that KB's 80+ Zeroes can hold them off well enough to minimize shipping losses. Plentiful and vectored Nav Search ranging from bearing 120 to 270 relative to KB comes up empty.

Detection level 9/10 on Lunga reveals 34 airfield damage.

September 23
KB shows a 4/4 DL, so I move them 2 hexes E-SE. I move DDs from Buna to Lae to transport the naval guard unit there, for extra defense at Buna.

The I-7 sinks xAK Santa Pita midway to Noumea, the first sighting in this sea corridor for a long time. xAKL Kentuckian is sunk in the day phase - no escorts for this small convoy.

I-169 sinks AKA Alhena as she attempts to retire towards New Caledonia, and suffers a fairly substantial fuel leak from a near miss.

Only 4 F4Fs rise to greet the air raid on Lunga today, which puts more holes in the airfield for no losses. KB doesn't launch, I think due to weather. However, they also remain unsighted. With luck, he thinks I've retired them after getting off yesterday's strike.

No attack comes at Tassafaronga today, so he still doesn't know what I've landed. I have 516 AV present in the hex with 13876 supply vs. 1799 required. I will stay to unload one more day, which should get everything off of all but the largest xAKs. Support is 1005 vs. 665, but my fatigue levels remain steady at 22-26. I think I may need to bring in an HQ to see if that will help a little.

September 24
Just subs today.

I-175 sinks xAK Nabesna outside of Milne bay. RO-63 hits xAP Charles McCormick once nearby, but she doesn't sink.

The I-174 hits AM Lark with 2 torpedoes near Port Moresby and she promptly goes down. Only one AM remains operating in this area on ASW, to my knowledge.

7 B-17s raid Tassafaronga during the afternoon but achieve nothing. KB fails to launch once again due to weather. But today they are sighted, with 7/7 DL.

I decide that tomorrow, I will attack at Tassafaronga. I hold one fresh regiment and one fresh Naval Guard (~200 AV) in reserve, thinking that 170 IJA AV plus 150 or so IJN AV will be enough to inflict losses and possibly force a retreat if I get lucky. My supplies are at 16706 / 1848. 3940 supplies are still aboard various ships, but I will drop them at bases in need along the Slot as I retire.

CVL Zuiho has arrived and will resize to 21 A6M2/9 B5N2s (upgraded from B5N1, which are needed to fill out KB's TB units while I wait for more 2's). She will join KB after transiting to Rabaul with escort.

September 25
KB launches against Lunga, which is in heavy rain today. 10 Kates and 1 Val are damaged to destroy 2 F4F-4s on the ground and put more holes in the runway, and destroy some more supply.

My first deliberate assault at Tassafaronga is a miserable failure. I should not have kept that 200 AV in reserve:


Ground combat at Tassafaronga (113,137)

Japanese Deliberate attack

Attacking force 14850 troops, 116 guns, 144 vehicles, Assault Value = 536

Defending force 13617 troops, 331 guns, 81 vehicles, Assault Value = 326

Japanese adjusted assault: 159

Allied adjusted defense: 523

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 3

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), preparation(-)

Japanese ground losses:
2635 casualties reported
Squads: 86 destroyed, 19 disabled
Non Combat: 4 destroyed, 47 disabled
Engineers: 7 destroyed, 6 disabled
Guns lost 13 (9 destroyed, 4 disabled)
Vehicles lost 2 (1 destroyed, 1 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
435 casualties reported
Squads: 4 destroyed, 39 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 12 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 1 disabled

Assaulting units:
14th Naval Guard Unit
35th/2nd(Kitao) Battalion
81st Naval Guard Unit
Maizuru 4th SNLF
2nd/29th Inf Regiment
35th/124th Infantry Regiment
Maizuru 2nd SNLF
2nd/16th Inf Regiment
Kure 3rd Naval Guard Unit
2nd/2nd Engineer Regiment
13th Naval Construction Battalion
11th Naval Construction Battalion
2nd/2nd Arty Regiment

Defending units:
24th USA Regiment
1st USMC/1st Regiment
112th USA Cavalry Regiment
1st USMC Amphb Tank Battalion
1st USMC/5th Regiment
3rd USMC Defense Battalion

Is inferior Japanese firepower to blame here? Or was it entirely due to holding some in reserve? I will have to rethink my position on the island. This isn't a disaster, but it does raise the question of whether I can dislodge him at all without completely foregoing all other territorial goals.

Despite the heavy losses, the picture post-turn is not as bad as the combat report led me to believe. I am only down to 455 AV from 516. Almost all casualties were concentrated in the Ichiki Battalion and Naval Guard units, leaving the regiments untouched (in fact Kawaguchi's brigade recovers some disabled AV).

9/10 DL at Lunga shows 54 airfield damage. I like that number.

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RE: 9/22/42 - 9/25/42 - 4/9/2013 9:19:56 PM   

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Checking the Allied OOB, I see the following totals up through 10/1/42 for Allied shipping, and what I see as sunk with FoW on (totals might be higher, in particular I might have sunk a couple of other cruisers, destroyers, and merchantmen that didn't go down right away)
Air/Surface assets
4 CV - 1 probably sunk, 2 heavily damaged (Saratoga shows as sunk 8/29/42 as of 10/2/42, but I have doubts). 1 unaccounted for.

1 CVE - damaged

3 BB - 1 sunk, 1 heavily damaged. 1 unaccounted for.

12 CA - 2 showing as sunk. Probable kills, as they show sunk at dates/places they were not hit. Several others damaged.

5 CL - 3 showing as sunk (Leander, Boise, and Helena - to a mine, probably). I believe Hobart is also sunk, making it a total of 4.

60 DD - 20 showing as sunk.

Amphibious/transport assets
2 AMC - 1 sunk
6 AKA - 2 sunk
22 AP - 9 sunk
14 AK - 2 sunk
17 xAP - 6 sunk
14 xAK - 9 sunk
2 xAKL - 1 sunk
This looks to be about 40% (30 of 77 ships) of the Allied sealift at this point in the war. Of these 30 ships, 18 were sunk by subs. Can you imagine if the IJN submarine forces had achieved this level of success during August/September 1942 in the real war? And it's not like all of these ships were unescorted - with his plethora of DDs, there have usually been 2-4 accompanying trips up to combat zones at least.

16 SS, diesel - 4 sunk. Unsure if it's actually 4. I believe it to be 2, possibly 3.
5 SS, electric - 1 sunk

Untouched (mostly) assets
5 PG - 2 sunk by subs
19 SC
4 DM
38 AM - 2 sunk by subs
1 AR
1 AS
3 AD
2 AV
1 AG
7 AO
1 AE
5 TK

Assuming Astoria sank (showing as "Chicago" on the sunk ships list - that ship was never hit), then my subs have sunk a total of 25 ships including a CV, CA, and BB if you count Washington. This is nuts.

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9/26/42 - 9-30/42 - 4/23/2013 2:46:12 AM   

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September 26
Aside from working out some planning questions for a future operation, I do nothing different this turn. My sweeps of Milne Bay and Port Moresby net enough P-39Ds that it is now the most-lost aircraft in A2A combat, surpassing the Betty. Finally. 15 are shot down plus 1 ops loss, as well as 2 Kittyhawks, in exchange for 1 Zero and 1 ops loss.

September 27
Zeroes over Buka decide to shoot instead of giving the bombers a pass, shooting down 4 Beauforts.

Tassafaronga is up +21 AV to 476.

September 28
SS Triton shows up in Buka harbor, sinking AV Kamikawa Maru. I thought I had ASW here! I must have sent it somewhere else. I immediately send some from Rabaul.

8 B-17s visiting Shortlands are disrupted by 4 Zeroes on LRCAP. 2E bombers visit Lae and Buna.

September 29
Triton stays at Buka and gets another shot at Chitose before the ASW arrives and merges - a torpedo hits the big tender, but it isn't enough to make her run for home.

The component units of 38th Division arrive at Truk.

September 30
Still lots more recuperating - building up fuel and supply stocks for the next thrust. KB received CVL Zuiho as a reinforcement a couple of days ago.

An Allied convoy is sighted near Lunga, subs are sent to intercept.

51 Zeroes and 50 Bettys bomb and sweep Port Moresby in 3 waves, inflicting slight airfield damage. His 2E bombers continue to strike but keep suffering flak/ops losses - only 11 fly this turn, and 2 are shot down at Lae.

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RE: 9/26/42 - 9-30/42 - 4/23/2013 5:16:03 AM   

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Good to see this continuing!


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RE: 9/26/42 - 9-30/42 - 4/23/2013 5:45:12 AM   

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Good to see this continuing!

We've both been out of action due to unforeseen events IRL. Up to 10/9 now. Turns will probably be a bit slow for a few days but we're plugging along.

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10/1/42 - 10/5/42 - 5/10/2013 12:45:35 AM   

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October 1
The Bettys are set to rest, while Milne Bay is swept and sub patrol zones are adjusted.

27 Zeroes meet 1 Kittyhawk and 28 P-39s at Milne. Over a dozen P-39s are shot down for no loss. Banzai!

2 A-20s are shot down at Lae, and a B-26 by flak at Buna.

Allied ships are sighted at Lunga. 10 ships - 7 CA, 3 APD. Yesterday it was APDs and AKAs, which I tried to intercept with my I-boats. Severe storms seem to have prevented any attacks from occurring before they reached Lunga. Too bad - lucky Allied dogs.

October 2
Jintsu, Nagara, and 3 DDs leave Shortlands for Lunga to "visit" the resupply convoy. This turns out to be a major miscalculation.

Bettys will strike Lunga as well, with the Vals at Buna to strike Milne Bay's airfield.

The Surface Combat TF reaches Savo Sound first and finds:

Day Time Surface Combat, near Lunga at 114,138, Range 26,000 Yards

Japanese Ships
CL Jintsu, Shell hits 30, heavy fires, heavy damage - All 3
CL Nagara, Shell hits 19, heavy fires, heavy damage - sink at
DD Maikaze, Shell hits 8, heavy fires, heavy damage - noon
DD Isokaze, Shell hits 3, heavy fires - hit with 1000 lb. bomb in afternoon, sinks next day
DD Ariake, Shell hits 1

Allied Ships
CA Chicago, Shell hits 4, on fire
CA Minneapolis, Shell hits 2
CA Australia, Shell hits 1
CA Canberra, Shell hits 3
CL Helena, Shell hits 1
DD Monssen
DD O'Brien
DD Sterett
DD Dunlap
DD Dewey
APD Manley
APD Colhoun
APD McKean
AK Carina
AK Draco
AK Albireo
AK Eridanus
AKA Bellatrix, Shell hits 1, Torpedo hits 1, heavy fires, heavy damage

Ouch!! So much for 10 ships, and so much for APDs/AKAs. Tons of torpedo launches from the IJN at Allied CAs, but Savo was not to be repeated this morning - absolutely none hit. DD Ariake manages to put some hurt on AKA Bellatrix, but that's it.

The sole remaining Allied CV makes an appearance today. Hornet's SBDs hit Ariake 5 hexes ESE of Lunga, but she gets lucky and escapes with 29/25 (14)/5 (2)/1 damage.

4 Bettys and 15 Zeroes (.......) strike the Allied ships at Lunga, and the Bettys drop torpedoes on a DD (). Over 80 Bettys are sitting at Rabaul with 60+ Inspiration commanders and an Air HQ.

October 3
I vector RO-61 towards the Allied CV TF, but KB will remain at home. I doubt the CV will stick around long enough for me to get there, and I want to save my fuel.

Turns out that the resupply TF remains at Lunga today, with 2 USN subs at Tulagi. All 4 of my I-boats around Guadalcanal are detected. They'll have to be repositioned.

No other action.

October 4
KB will sortie after all, and the Bettys will strike the ships if they stay at Lunga.

S-44 and S-37 are located outside Rabaul and Buna respectively, and attacked.

20 Zeroes sweep Lunga to start the action today, shooting down 3 F4F-4s. 13 Zeroes and 28 Bettys then arrive and achieve 2 torpedo hits on CA Canberra. 27 Bettys in a followup strike get 1 hit on CA Minneapolis.

Then KB strikes: Canberra and Minneapolis are both put down by more torpedoes and 2 bombs penetrate Australia's decks, one of which destroys her torpedo tubes. 2 more bombs strike Helena, one of which penetrates while the other destroys her radar sets. 2 AKs are damaged.

Total air losses are 7 Bettys and 6 Vals to flak, along with 1 Zero, 1 Val, and 1 Kate to ops. Not bad at all.

October 5
Junyo arrives at Truk. Her air groups will resize to 19/15/18 Zeroes/Vals/Kates. I stand down my strikes and have KB hold in shallow water near Ontong.

18 Zeroes and 9 Bettys strike at a TF near Milne Bay and face 13 Kittyhawks with 12 P-39s. I shoot down 5 Kittyhawks and 2 P-39s in exchange for 6 Zeroes.
I notice "elements of X unit break off the attack!" in regard to one of his P-39 units - what does this mean/why does it occur? They had just arrived!

All that is sighted during the air strikes are CA Vincennes and 2 DDs. I manage to put one torpedo into the CA with later unescorted Betty strikes, but it costs me 10 Bettys lost in air combat plus 2 to ops.

RO-63 finds the TF afterwards and it is:

Japanese Ships
SS RO-63, hits 4, heavy damage

Allied Ships
DD MacDonough
CA Vincennes
DD Phelps
DD McCall
DD Gridley
PG Swan
AMC Kanimlba
xAP Manunda
xAP Largs Bay
xAP Idomeneus
DD Warramunga
DD Arunta
DD Aylwin
DD Monaghan

Bad luck for RO-63. She sinks a week later on her way back to Rabaul.

The Lunga TF from yesterday is seen just east of Lunga.

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10/6/42 - 10/10/42 - 5/10/2013 1:26:53 AM   

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October 6
Sortie Yamato and Mutsu with Chikuma, Atago, and Kumano plus 5 DDs to hunt down the Milne Bay TF under Tanaka.

Junyo is sent to Rabaul with Suzuya, both Kitakami CLs, and 5 DDs.

Tanaka doesn't quite make it to Milne Bay - 1 hex away and spotted during the air phases, 10/10 DL. Well, surprise is lost. The Allied TF is sighted unloading at Milne Bay. I'll have to chase them at high speed, as I expect them to run for cover. He probably sees 10 ships with accurate force composition...

October 7
The Allied TF escapes Tanaka due to radar and 3% moonlight. Nor does Tanaka catch them in the second movement phase due to ops limits. Bah!!! The Allies appear to be running for Noumea. Tanaka will continue to chase at high speed. DL on Tanaka's forces is only 2/10, but he has to know it's the same fleet.

The I-157 fires twice on the retreating supply TF from Lunga, sinking AKA Bellatrix and putting 2 torpedoes into Australia, which doesn't seem to sink.

The sunk sound effect is heard at noon, but no idea what it was.

October 8
4 units are now spotted at Milne Bay, with 14340 troops, 69 guns, and 6 AFVs - probably division landed as reinforcements as the troop level is about 10k higher than it has been previously. There go my chances of taking it with Naval Guard units...

KB is sent hurrying SW, passing Guadalcanal to the south, to help hunt the retreating supply and reinforcement TFs.

Tanaka is foiled again by Allied radar and 0% moonlight - 3 times! Then he finally catches them at dawn, and blood is spilled:

Day Time Surface Combat, near Rossel Island at 106,140, Range 24,000 Yards

Japanese Ships
BB Mutsu
BB Yamato, Shell hits 8
CA Chikuma
CA Atago, Shell hits 1
CA Kumano, Shell hits 1
DD Kagero, Shell hits 12, heavy fires, heavy damage
DD Oyashio, Shell hits 7, and is sunk
DD Shigure, Shell hits 13, heavy fires, heavy damage
DD Yudachi, Shell hits 10, heavy fires, heavy damage
DD Umikaze, Shell hits 9, heavy fires, heavy damage

Allied Ships
DD Gridley, Shell hits 1
DD McCall
DD Phelps, Shell hits 2
DD MacDonough
DD Worden, Shell hits 2
DD Dale, Shell hits 6, heavy fires, heavy damage
DD Monaghan
DD Aylwin, Shell hits 2, heavy fires
DD Arunta
DD Warramunga, Shell hits 1
PG Swan, Shell hits 2, heavy fires
PG Warrego, Shell hits 1
AM Mildura, Shell hits 1
xAP Mungana, Shell hits 3, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAP Demodocus, Shell hits 13, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAP Diomed, Shell hits 7, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAP Idomeneus, Shell hits 2, on fire
xAP Lycaon, Shell hits 3, and is sunk
xAP Neleus, Shell hits 5, and is sunk
xAP Moreton Bay, Shell hits 6, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAP Esperance Bay, Shell hits 10, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAP Largs Bay, Shell hits 17, and is sunk
AMC Kanimlba, Shell hits 8, Torpedo hits 1, and is sunk
xAP Maori, Shell hits 1, on fire
xAP Manunda, Shell hits 8, and is sunk

Allied ground losses:
768 casualties reported
Squads: 7 destroyed, 7 disabled
Non Combat: 38 destroyed, 48 disabled
Engineers: 2 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 43 (25 destroyed, 18 disabled)
Vehicles lost 2 (2 destroyed, 0 disabled)

Maximum visibility in Partly Cloudy Conditions: 28,000 yards
CONTACT: Japanese lookouts spot Allied task force at 26,000 yards
Range closes to 24,000 yards...
CONTACT: Allies radar detects Japanese task force at 24,000 yards

Bad news bears for all of my DDs - they will all sink over the next day or two. 4-9 xAPs, an AMC, and DD are sunk on the Allied side though, along with a small portion of whatever troops were landed at Milne Bay. Mutsu and 3 CAs will continue the chase tomorrow while Yamato heads back to Rabaul. I guess Vincennes was damaged enough that she had to retreat before the battle.

The I-15 hits 2 AKs south of Lunga just before midnight.

October 9
Mikawa sorties from Rabaul to bombard Port Moresby - repeated recon shows that a large portion of Allied bombers are based there. They must be destroyed.

KB continues to vector in on the retreating TFs.

The loaded LCUs at Truk are repurposed for Lunga and sent to land at Tassafaronga.

Tanaka and his 2 CAs (Atago has yet to rejoin them) find the remnants - no more radar!

Japanese Ships
BB Mutsu, Shell hits 5
CA Chikuma, Shell hits 2
CA Kumano, Shell hits 1

Allied Ships
DD Monaghan, Shell hits 1
DD Warramunga, Shell hits 5, heavy fires, heavy damage
PG Warrego, Shell hits 2, on fire
AM Mildura, Shell hits 1
xAP Idomeneus
xAP Maori, Shell hits 1

I guess the DD should sink. Kumano lost an AAMG, but other damage is insignificant.

RO-64 hits and sinks AO Sabine south of Lunga. Why was she up here? This is my first tanker kill of the campaign.

Atago rejoins Tanaka in the morning and they find the remnants again - both xAPs should sink, as well as the PG Warrego.

The sunk sound effect is heard before both the AM and PM air phases.

KB is revealed when it strikes at a 3x AM ASW TF in the sea lane between Noumea and Lunga. 1 sinks outright and the other 2 should be finished. Something sinks at dusk as well.

Mikawa is sighted, but he's only 2 hexes outside of PM. Mission is still a go.

October 10
KB is sent to the middle of the Coral Sea to hopefully evade detection.

Amphibious TF with 2 regiments of 38th Division and bits of a Naval Guard detachment, as well as 16.8k supplies, sets sail for Tassafaronga from Truk. KB will remain in the area to cover when it arrives in a few days.

Recon of Port Moresby reveals 2 fighters, 68 bombers, and 21 auxiliary aircraft on a 9/10 DL. Despite the high DL, only minor results are achieved:

Allied aircraft losses
B-17E Fortress: 5 damaged
B-17E Fortress: 1 destroyed on ground
A-20A Havoc: 13 damaged
A-20A Havoc: 2 destroyed on ground
B-26 Marauder: 2 damaged

Japanese Ships
CA Kinugasa
CA Maya
CA Takao

Allied ground losses:
90 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 24 disabled
Engineers: 1 destroyed, 5 disabled
Vehicles lost 10 (1 destroyed, 9 disabled)

Airbase hits 2
Airbase supply hits 1
Runway hits 23
Port hits 4
Port fuel hits 2
Port supply hits 1

I-174 sinks AM Starling outside of PM. This ship has been sighted repeated patrolling the area. I'm amazed how many minesweepers my subs have sunk this game.

KB sinks DD Aylwin and PG Swan in the morning, and xAP Diomed as well as probable kills on DDs Gridley and Phelps in the afternoon. B-17s hit Shokaku once from 8000 feet. Damage is moderate at 18/10 (9)/6 (3). I guess now she's similar to Zuikaku again! I love the durability of the Shokaku class.

Something sinks at dusk...

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RE: 10/6/42 - 10/10/42 - 5/15/2013 1:45:49 AM

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i second the vote on nice work with the subs so far!!


John 21:25

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RE: 10/6/42 - 10/10/42 - 7/11/2013 4:06:18 AM   

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We've played up through November 4, but I've been pretty short on time to write it up...Here is a start. For posterity!

October 11
KB is sent to Rabaul to rest. No other orders.

Only action today is a lot of subs sighted in/around the Slot. I'll have to reroute my landing TF.

October 12
Sturgeon misses one of my ASW TFs, and I-15 misses when firing at 5 DDs.

The I-16 sinks AD Dobbin outside of Noumea.

A bunch of midget subs arrive at Shortlands.

October 13
KB is outside of Munda, undetected. Kates are set to ASW with arcs, and a new ASW TF sets out from Rabaul.

I-16 sinks AM Direct (as in hit ) outside of Noumea.

I-11 sinks AK Lynx west of Renell Island with casualties on board. This is part of a big Amphib TF.

KB launches on said TF, but the strike is small. An APD is sunk, a DD is damaged, and 2 AKs suffer deck penetrations from 250kg bombs. Only 23 Vals and 22 Kates flew. I still had the Kates on partial ASW...

October 14
My CS at Shortlands is now covering ASW/Search duties in the Slot. KB a/c to full Nav Strike, as well as Bettys and Zeroes from Rabaul. Junyo will merge with KB today.

Yamato, Chikuma, Chokai, Furutaka and 3 DDs to Shortlands to await orders to go in.

I-16 launches a midget sub outside of Noumea and it does some minesweeping the old fashioned way...

37 Bettys strike the Amphib TF at Lunga, but no escorts are present. Still, 2 APs, 2 AKs, and a DD are sunk while CL Helena also takes 2 torpedoes. I guess she didn't sink to a mine earlier. 34 more Bettys strike throughout the day, sinking AK Lyra and damaging another AK.

KB strikes in morning and afternoon. The first strike gets 2 deck penetrations on Helena with Vals, heavily damaging an AKA, DD and damage to a DD, AKA, and AK. The afternoon strike causes heavy damage to an AKA, AK, APD, and damage to an AK.

Junyo strikes on her own before merging, sinking AKA Stevens and heavy fires/damage on an AK and AKA.

This is all of the action, but sunk sound is heard at dusk. I hope it was multiple ships...

October 15
Aircraft losses from yesterday are light - 2 Bettys to flak, 1 Val, 1 Kate, 1 Rufe as well. 1 Zero to ops. I basically got off scot-free.

10 B-17s strike at my own Amphibious TF unloading at Tassafaronga, getting 2 bomb hits but only causing 56 casualties. Most of my troops must be ashore already.

KB sinks an APD, AK, and damages another APD and AK in the morning. In the afternoon, they sink another AK.

Very successful couple of days.

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RE: 10/6/42 - 10/10/42 - 7/11/2013 5:48:07 AM   

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Nice run of results. Your opponent has a high threshold for shipping losses!


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RE: 10/6/42 - 10/10/42 - 7/11/2013 6:53:02 AM   

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Yeah, I'm impressed with his endurance/tolerance for losses. We're pretty much stalemated at this point. My naval power is superior, but with the forces on hand I can't dislodge the USMC. There have been a couple of times when I've felt close, but if he gets even a trickle of supply in I can't get the upper hand.

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10/16/42 - 10/20/42 - 7/12/2013 11:34:54 PM   

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October 16
Junyo and Suzuya will actually merge with "KB" this turn, bringing it up to 15 ships. The 2 Kitakami-class and 5 DDs that made up the rest of Junyo's temporary escort will go to Tassafaronga to help screen landing operations.

KB aircraft are stood down to NavS/ASW while the Zeroes are to 70/30 CAP/rest and range 2. Good thing, as B-17s and the Lunga air force strike at my ships. The leaky CAP destroys one of the 4Es, 2 TBFs, 3 SBDs, and 2 F4Fs for 1 destroyed Zero. No damage to ships.

October 17
KB moves one hex, in case he saw me. I end up losing an xAK to bombs anyway.

I-169 fires 8 torpedoes at an xAK and misses. I never understand when skippers do this. I realize firing 8 is an artifact of the code, but realistically how do you miss with a salvo of 8?

An artillery-only bombardment at Tass reveals 900 AV vs. his 540 AV, for no results.

October 18
My Kitakamis and DDs bombard Lunga on their way out of the area, destroying 3 F4Fs and 1 SBD on the ground as well as some supply. Hagikaze sinks a PT boat first.

B-17s bomb my TF again but miss. This is the last day of unloading, with KB still 3 hexes away.

I begin loading fuel at Truk for Rabaul, I need more forward...

October 19
KB is sent NE of the slot to await a second landing TF's arrival, and to rest the pilots for 1-2 days.

No action.

October 20
Gudgeon is hit twice by my retiring xAKs and APDs, which is the only action today.

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10/21/42 - 10/25/42 - 7/12/2013 11:48:23 PM   

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October 21
No orders on my side today. KB is safe. A 2-ship TF is spotted at Milne, as well as lots of Allied subs in the Slot area.

RO-33 runs some SCs out of depth charges near Noumea.

October 22
Re-route my incoming landing TF to avoid the subs...and get hit by 17 SBDs instead. They are met by 11 Zeroes on leaky CAP, and 15 are destroyed. 12 B-17s bomb it inconsequentially.

I-169 shoots at a DD, misses, and takes 2 penetrating hits in return. She is later caught on the surface, unable to dive, and sunk. A sad end.

October 23
My 3 Arty units are delivered to Tass. I'll bombard to probe. I now have 914 AV and 933 in the bombardment, but no results. He has 567 effective AV.

2 SBDs bomb an xAKL and both are destroyed by leaky CAP afterwards. The xAKL will live, but she's burning.

B-17s from Luganville hit an xAK with a bomb, but it will live also.

9 ships are spotted SW of Rennell, showing as CA/3 CLAA/DD. Is this Hornet, or is it a SCTF?

October 24
Amph TF just has supply left to unload and Tass has more than enough for the time being, so I'll retire them to Truk. KB is also headed to Truk - I need torps, and I'm not itching for a 4v1 CV battle right now.

Shortlands AF builds to 87% this turn.

My TFs are undetected during the day, though Snapper fires at a DD escorting KB and misses. She only sights the DD.

October 25
I-9 sinks AVD Mackinac.

The Allied "KB" is spotted WNW of Rennell. 10 ships - 3 CV, 2 CA, BB, CLAA. 40 fighters, 51 bombers, 3 auxiliary. This has to be Hornet on her own, as Long Island is 99% sunk.

I tried a Deliberate this turn at Tass. It did not go well, despite plenty of supply and low disruption levels on my side. Fatigue was normal, at average 22-24, for a combat hex. 935 to 568 AV gets 1:4 odds, with one of my Naval Guard being destroyed. 4885 casualties vs. 615. I guess I'm stuck here; maybe I'll evacuate and try to backdoor him at Lunga? I have designs on Tulagi in either case.

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