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RE: The Yor Empire (Or how to suffer under AI rule)

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RE: The Yor Empire (Or how to suffer under AI rule) - 12/12/2012 11:49:06 PM   

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Your pirate hunting is probably helping. Possibly their government? Can't see them being happy with you guys long though with their colonies bordering like that! You could always just take them colonies out of war time to speed up the inevitable


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RE: The Yor Empire (Or how to suffer under AI rule) - 12/13/2012 9:09:14 AM   


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You must remember that I don't mess with diplomacy.

I do stop the AI from building stupid space ports in the path of the legendary pirates. At least more than once.

I decide military spending within the limits of what I see the AI suggest while at war (a lot!)

I do interfere in always accepting alliance calls (if asked), and in accepting peace feelers (with no additional demands) if I feel like it.

I try to book the odd extra gas mine, to speed up that stuff a bit.

Apart from that, we let the AI guide diplomacy, design, characters...
Also, troop recruitment is auto so that I can be sure that some crack troops are disbanded, but I do book extra ones now and then.

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RE: The Yor Empire (Or how to suffer under AI rule) - 12/13/2012 11:06:01 AM   


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It is time to try keep the house tidy. Retrofitting fleets, mopping pirates, that kind of stuff. Once pirates are mopped, we would love a new request for a spaceport out west.

Battle fleets are told to retrofit at various space ports, ignoring the NW one that has a backlog of civilians.

The two raider fleets (one of 1 ship) not retrofitted, are told to do so.

We are switching to hydrogen reactors. Western resupply ship is on a good source. We got a small gas cloud in our central-north area (Sloes Van Gloom) where one is a good hydrogen cloud. The other resupply ship moves there.

We got a compact empire, retrofitting is easy.

Largescale construction is our new research project in engineering. Cruisers incoming (if the AI designer cooperates a bit)!

3 months worth of peace, and...

We help our allies (as always).

Retrofitting is still ongoing, transports are filling.

Battle 3 was planned to set up base out west. It is allowed to, but drop by the system with a pirate base where our raiders took a beating. It will be empty, but a phantom flag is stuck there. The phantom part could explain the misfortunes of the raider fleet heading that way.

This is hopefully the area of action. Objective? Those 4 colonies straight north. Attacks will start from the south, since we desire clean borders.

Now, where were we? Battle 4 heads for the southern colony, invasion ships moves to Calipsa system, our middle north.

In our general vicinity, Xhumans and Dhayut are at war. Xhumans attacks the capital, and by eye measure it looks like the capital may fall.

Battle 1 heads to Geminur 1, eastern of the 4 Ackdar systems.

Battle 2 heads to Kharun Major 1 space port, our furthest NE colony with the new spaceport.

Adere 1 shows 3 troops on the battle fleets arrival. Battle 4 attacks the strike fleet present and queues up a blockade order. Invasion fleet dispatches 2 transports. 200k strength across 10 troops. Quality :)

The Naxxs blockade our NW colony. Soon our AI wants to lift embargo against them, and they lift their blockade when done.

Battle 1 blockade Geminur Prime 3 where there are 2 defenders. Invasion fleet sends 1 ship.

Adare 2 is conquered, 1 of the attacking troop transports loads troops (leaving the contents of the other). Battle 4 attack Kurolag 1, the colony to the NW, which had a MSP and some ships a few months ago.

Advisors order a MSP in Adare 3, and suggests ships for 661k. Feel free to build... We order 1 constructor and 8 explorers, to reach 6 and 15 in total. (What the AI wants is not visible).

Battle 4 find the expected spaceport and a docked(?) strike fleet. It attacks spaceport.

Geminur 5 falls to our invading force, and Battle 1 heads to refuel at a pirate base we got in mysterius ways (abandoned base, inhert, it has pirate ships).

Battle 2 is tired of waiting, and head for the northern colony, Utoa in the Akthul system, where we expect to find another MSP.

The Qilla ask for help against the Free Trassetan Harmony. We accept as always, and hope for a phony war. These alliances are getting bothersome, but I doubt the AI is noticing. Soon they ask for help against the whites too, and that could be annoying.

Battle 4 carriers take damage due to the docked ships. The base fighters and the carrier are prime suspects. 2 troop transports are dispatched. Battle 4 blockades.

In other parts of the world

Battle 3 is in the west, where we booked some gas mines (we forgot about phantoms). At arrival they were asked to refuel, and heads for the resupply ship. We get attack notification, and it is the Phantom Fleet arriving to bust the mining station. Battle 3 and the resupply ship are in action. Battle 3 kills at least two cruisers (one of 324 power), the mine dies, and the phantoms leave. 1 cruiser is damaged in Battle 3.

An Ack fleet is heading for Adare space port (nearly finished, north). Battle 1 is closer, newly fueled, and go there as well.

And back to the old scene

Battle 2 arrive near Utoa and spots the MSP and a small fleet that includes a Ackie built capital of no massive power.

The alert observer peeking at the galaxy map of the last session, can see that this is not very far from white areas indeed. And there is a white colony ship here (that probably failed to colonize ages ago).

The Ikurro declare war on the Lipid. The brown annoyance at home may become a green annoyance again (but a different green).

3 troop transports are sent to the Akthul system to take care of 3 defenders. 3 because of lower troop strength.

We order a third resupply ship, and hope to find a good location in the new north once built. It is a longish refuel treck.

1st Ackie fleet is spotted attacking Gimenur Prime 3. It starts in the NE Securan areas. The target is the second conquest of this war.

The mining stations in the SW of our main cluster of colonies are being eaten by phantom pirates.

Battle 1 fend off the strike fleet threathening our spaceport build in Adare system, and head of too Geminur Prime to welcome the 1st fleet. It so happens that invasion fleet ships are heading to GP to refuel too.

Akthul system is ours. We officially want peace since our 4 objectives are ours. Ackies are maybe tired please? AI, please? Anyone?

Whites want peace. So do we.

The Ackies had two northern colonies, they are now yellow. With us taking central 4 they are no longer the sprawling empire of the central galaxy. They have lost possessions in the center, north, and also west. But their western colony has been gone for a while (Is probably Naxx now).

An ally fleet in the south reveals an Ackie fleet heading for Ussos (the conquest close to our capital from the last war). Our fleets are far north and low on fuel, but we see no transports. Invasion fleet with some troops will be closest.

The enemy 9th fleet busted a mining station i Ussos, it was no colony attack.

The XHumans have wiped out the Giunese Empire. Bye, bye, old allies. We were not of much use apart from keeping a flank clear.

The 1st ackie fleet, thought to attack Gimenur Prime, arrives at Akthul further north, and find nothing to do harm to (no troop landing).

Battle 1 heads for fuel (from Gimenur Prime), and confusion about the attacking 1st fleet is soon cleared as the first ships of the 1st Securan fleet lands at Gimenur Prime 3. Battle 1 turns around. Battle 1 fires on troop transports, but some troops land, while others are lost in space.

Numbers are not everything. You have to love experienced Yor troops. Of course, the troops are nothing that special, but at least they are a strong point in an otherwise not very strong empire.

MSP for Kurolag, the western of the 4 Ackie colonies grabbed, is ordered (AI). Fleets are ordered to refuel, which generally send them southwards since the resupply ship sent north has only 1600 hydrogen yet, and the Ackies were not kind enough to leave massive fuel stores for us. A 15/4 battle fleet wants to reserve 180x15 + 4x300 fuel on a refuel order (3900 fuel in total).

And I don't reject that kind of calls. For those in doubt, that is the red guys south of us.

It is a good time for a status. We notice the latest build suggestion at 695k, and will not rule out that we could use quite a bit of this rather soon.


The date is 2819.08.24, and we are no longer looking for action.

Two empires have been wiped. Dark brown, and not quite as dark brown. Brown seems like a risky color, but we doubt the Lipid are the next ones to go.

Speculation above about my pirate actions playing a part in decent standings. Our reputation is "heroic". +44 with the Ackies, for instance (leaving them at -17 in total).

Lets do a rundown of the blue and reds.

We are 14987 military strength, and have a GDP of 979.

Grand Ruunadan Hegemony are at war with Ackies and XHuman, 15345 strength and 1209 GDP.

Free Trassetan Harmony are only at war with us, and have 45906 strength and 2517 GDP. We are open for peace suggestions...

Qilla Junction Authority are at war with the Irgishoe Junction Consrtium (white), and have 29307 strength and 1272 GDP.

XHuman Authority have 38151 strength and 1848 GDP. At war with us and the Ruundan guys.

Ackdarian Dynasty have 9601 strength and 550K GPD. They are at war with us and the Ruundan too.

The Ackdars are suffering, I wonder why

Up 400k in cash on hand, with 3 months of peace and a new war. They say war is supposed to be expensive :) Cashflow is up and down, I figure it is randomly at the low end as shown, but it is negative.

Are space port income a huge factor in cash gain? In the last message the civilian counts from top to bottom was:

69, 54, 31, 36, 21, 21

Now they are

114, 88, 52, 44, 27, 27

That is a massive increase, and one can also add some lost due to war, and some oldies being retrofitted/retired.

Getting there, getting there. Top ones are gaining population at a decent rate.

I really love the Ilukas system. 3 nice colonies. To its northwest, Sy Myrth (that probably never has spaceport suggested due to some minimum distance).

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RE: The Yor Empire (Or how to suffer under AI rule) - 12/13/2012 12:03:18 PM   


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Apart from them being good in general, I got a racial condition on a rare resource.

I think I may not know about 1 or 2 of the locations (I have only 1 location for some), but the ones I know has one thing in common: They are not anywhere near my areas. East, West, North, South. They got them. The Center? Nada.

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RE: The Yor Empire (Or how to suffer under AI rule) - 12/14/2012 4:20:38 PM   


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We realize that peace to bust pirates may be a luxury we won't get anytime soon. We also got a new southern enemy.

We place a build order for:

30 destroyers
8 carriers (of CX-4 that we had to unobsolete, since CX-5 is 605 size).
1 resupply ship (for the south where pirates ate a lot of mines)
3 construction ships (since some of the 7 existing are doing silly stuff).

The total cost is just short of 368k.

Destroyers and carriers are put in two 15/4 battle fleets (5 and 6).

Fuel is an issue with lots of fighting, since fighting drains fuel, and fleets gobbles lots of caslon. Resupply ships will hopefully help.

Back to action

Plans for further Ackdar attacks are off. We want to stabilize the north, and I do in general detest to lose a colony. Grab 3, lose 1, is not a happy war. Grab 3 is :)

The far west red colony looks nice, and is of Naxx majority. Battle 3 is nearby and is told to attack. A raider fleet of 4 destroyers also in the west is told to load troops at Cleudex where troops should have decent quality (some fresh ones exist at the other west colony). Of course, my destroyers got a troop compartment.

We got the massive compartment available, but are in no huge hurry to retrofit, as 4 size invasion ships work just fine. But it could happen. For now invasion is struggling to get fuel at Huppawoe Minor, or large colony that used to be our northern one, but has lost that status.

We got something in the closest XHuman system to the south, we see 392 strength MSP and 84 strength destroyers. We are relieved they are not very powerful in that department.

We order one extra destroyer to become the lead ship of invasion fleet. We had an accident with sending the lead ship to attack a colony, and the rest followed. This is why they are all low on fuel, and we don't want to repeat that mistake. Sending ships away from a leader is a lovely way to invade multiple targets, since ships return to the leader once "out of work".

It appears it is quicker to build new battle fleet destroyers, than to refuel the existing. We do not start the habit of scrapping low on fuel destroyers, though...

Battle 3 finds unknown opposition at the west colony, but there are 20+ troops present. They also got damage on another ship (to a total of 2), so something with rail guns must have been there. The raider that loaded troops unload again. This requires a bit more than a swift grab. Battle 3 refuels at the resupply ship out west.

Battle 4 is quite central, with fuel, and refuels at Holtumu 2 spaceport, our SE one, pondering the next move.

The more the merrier. We always approve. We have borders, a lot of borders.

Qilla fleets (red) flying across our northern areas are a stressful sigh while being at war with the other reds...

Planned fleet positions.

Two up top (protection). Two at bottom (short range aggression). Two mopping the darn legendary pirate base. Circles are fleet positions desired. Currently two fleets are looking for fuel on Pliados 3, south of the top left circle. And all but Battle 3 are in the areas between the circles (but not out in the far west).

Back to action

Battle 5 is sent west as they finish construction and has gathered at Huppawoe Minor. They are told to refuel at the west resupply ship (where also Battle 3 is on the way to refuel), which is quite on the edge of their range.

There is a raider in Huppawoe Minor, but pirates are attacking a mining station, so that raider is not about to move right now. In addition Invasion fleet hangs around there while single ships are doing trips north to find troops.

The new invasion fleet leader (destroyer) moves to Holtumu (SE circle). The rest should follow as they are done with their load tasks. This way orders are not interrupted, but idle ships tag along.

Ackies wants peace. We agree. No demand for subjugation, which could quite possibly have worked. The advisors decide to embargo them, though. The Thela demand we lift them, and we don't mind doing that.

Battle 6 is at the lower left circle (their gathering point), and refuel (not much missing).

Battle 4 at Holtumu (SE) jump across the border with attack order on the former Giunese colony. They find a small fleet, a defensive base, and 5 troops with a 6th under recruitment, and a troop general.

Securans want to end the futile war. We could not agree more. Two down.

Sakurrea Realm has bribed a few times, I guess we end subjugation if they ask again.

Invasion has arrived in Holtumu. Some slacker are ordered to load troops, and 3 transports with a bit over 300k strength are told to attack Ecaumbi in the Gulrath system where Battle 4 has harassed the space faring stuff. Battle 4 is told to blockade. Odds at the start will be 242 vs 76, and that is before the third transport arrives.

XHumans want to trade for peace. End war for the pirate base we inherited in former Giunese territory in the west, and which is now contested. They value peace at 1257, and does not seem too keen to fight. We say goodbye. No deal. We are now their only war.

Treachery! Holtumu's human population (with 1200 of the 1500 being Ackdarian), revolt, as an XHuman fleet arrives pretty silently. There is a rather large amount of troops there, and they are not ours (the XHumans must have invaded). Invasion fleet was there and is ordered to move to Battle 4 next doors, as they got company... One transport with 5 troops fail to get away.

These are no puny Ackies of which colonies are ripe for picking (or maybe they are). These are the guys that took the Dhayut homeworld. They attack Kharun Major, and early report is that we are slight underdogs on the ground. This is the system closest to the Ackdarian capital circle. We spot 10 troops, which hints at no great troop strength. We ask to recruit a few more, in case that comes in handy. They will show more force soon enough, and 2 transports of the invasion fleet will be told to unload (if they can make it). But they are starting far south.

We spot an incoming fleet to Dirra, south of the other attack, and the attacker is far away. Battle 2 is almost refueled at our west spaceport, and is told to head to that Colony.

The Attackers of Holtumu are spotted on attack vector of the former pirate base they wanted in exchange for peace :)

The scary thing about retaking Holtumu, is that my spaceport design is not crap at all (compared to other designs).

The Naxx are tired of the war, we agree...

There is one war left. XHumans.

Ecaumbi is conquered, 2 transports load troops so that a few are left. The population here is Yor, and that is all nice.

The Kharun Major MSP can't prevent troop drops, but they give parts of the attacking fleet a beating. Some outrange them, though. Battle 1 is still some way out (but on their way).

Just out of random thought, Dirra 2 start to recruit a few more troops. It could be related to the incoming fleet warning. We have no less than 2 generals there.

Battle 4 is told to jump Holtumu star. The attacking fleet is there. At this time we notice battle 5 at the west resupply ship, one ship refueled. Getting there...

Battle 4 has a nice little fight with defenders kind enough to come to meet them at the star. They have 18 ships at this point.

Attackers at Dirra 2 arrive way before my battle fleet supposed to stop them. Please nerf Human hyperspace speeds.

We lose Kharun Major before defenders can arrive. We redirect the two resupplying transports to Dirra 2

Battle 4 jumps at Holtumu 2 spaceport, of our beautiful design. They will kill it, but heads for repair without battling it out with the numerous ships present. Why this attack? I don't invade with spaceport up, but the AI does not seem to play that game.

Battle 2 is too late for Dirra 2 and heads off to kill our lost Kharun Major spaceport, which is hopefully still low on shields after the last battle (when ours). Lots of troops land at dirra 2. Invasion fleet ships that are south, 4 destroyers in raider 7 near Dirra 2 load troops for a possible reinforcement. The attackers at Dirra head for Huppawoe minor gas station, where they are free to go to.

Invasion fleet is almost 1000k strength, Attackers at Dirra 2 are 447k and will win. Bye bye, colony.

The Dirra attackers, that killed a mining base, are heading for Ilukas 2 space port. Battle 5 that recently left planning to make some noise at Holtumu 2 go back there to wait their arrival.

Battle 2 discovers that fuel is too short for the MSP at Khalun Major refuels at our central area. Maybe Battle 1 can kill the Kharun Major Spaceport instead? Soonish? They are repairing 1 ship and refueling.

Battle 5 out west got fuel. With Battle 3 they get orders to move to yaras system where the legendary base is.

The fleet we though was on attack vector to Ilukas 2 arrive at Happowoe minor 5 spaceport, where Battle 1 are just wrapping up repairs. Raider 7 is also there.

This is a fight we are not going to lose (we hope). Both fleets get attack order on the enemy fleet. Red things die, purple not.

Right now we are +1 and -3 in colonies, and above we said that we hate to lose them.

While the battle of Huppawoe Minor happens, and two battle fleets land in the legendary pirate system, large scale construction is complete. Cruisers will be possible to build.

After a brief stop at the star (original target), the pirate busters jump in below the base, to try catch a single defensive base first. The defensive bases are powerful (700).

Ilukas 2 has visitors, but battle 6 got there first. We are not sure if they hunt the colony or spaceport, but we don't see any troops carriers.

The pirate base attack works a charm.

Nice loot. Fighter upgrades are welcome, while we are Ocean Tech is not so important (we have ackies that can do that).

At Ilukas 2, the spaceport ends up low on shields, and two cruisers take minor damage. That is on our side, the XHumans are worse off.

As a legendary defensive base is destroyed, a pirate crew joins our empire. We gain a hydrogen mining base west of the light brown control circle near our home area.

As the second defensive base dies, we inherit another pirate faction. As seen from screenshot this includes the former phantom fleet. 70 ships, forming a 7260 firepower fleet, heading for Ilukes 2 to retire. 6 of them are dead in space and scrapped (removing 106 firepower).

Battle 3 and 5 are given repair order. They are a few ships short. This sends them to Ilukes too.

The base gained with the pirates are in remote areas, a bit NW of our western colonies in dark area between green and pink. It is kept (nice hydrogen source).

Getting fuel on the invasion fleet is a challenge, they limp to the capital.

Battle 2 moves to blockade Dirra, while Battle 1 approaches Khartun Major and our old spaceport. They find a few ships there, including troop transports. Red things die.

An enemy strike fleet is making a nuisance of itself. It will keep constructors busy rebuilding.

Invasion fleet attacks Holtumu 2, but 2 stragglers are missing as they are out of fuel. The whole fleet is 55 troops at 984k strength, and hopefully the 2 missing is not more than their fair share.

Qilla send us a gift of 3583, it comes in handy with a negative cashflow of 155434. The former phantom fleet sure won't help when it comes to cashflow, but those should be retired as they arrive at Ilukes 2. There are not much build suggestions to be seen. Funds are safe at 844k, nice considering we startet at 1100 and built for 350k.

The fleet at Ilukes went to hang around at our conquests once pirate busters arrived for their repair. An enemy fleet attacks the orbital battery on another colony in the system. Battle 3 and 5 have arrived, and are asked to attack it. Some ships in shipyard and some on low fuel, though.

10 colonies break away from the lipid. They are the orange stuff in the SE, while the lipid are light brown. One powerful empire is converted into two medium ones. We can see our conquest in SE between holtumu 2 (red) and another colony, while our border colonies to the ackies also are lost. Hopefully only temporarily lost, though.

The new empire is the Combined Lipid Republic. Lipid major race.

Yellows offered long range scanners for 157k. Darn house rules.

They attack the Bita Junction colony west of Holtumu. It will be lost.

Two previously out of fuel transports are some way out still. 167k strength.

Sy Myrth 2 is attacked. Invasion fleet get the general "load troops" order, to gather help, and one transport with troops is told to unload there. Teiry in Bita Dasolun Junction is lost to another attack (as mentioned). Holtumu assault is going well.

Battle 6, at our SE conquest is told to attack the colony south of our area, where a spaceport is.

Sy Myrth 2 is on the defensive vs 294 strength.

Holtumu 2 is back on our hands.

Battle 6 kills the spaceport, and jumps away since there is about 40 enemy ships in the system.

Sy myrth 2 is 267 vs 50 as a few transports are landing outside on unload order. Up to 258-214. And 149 more are in the system on their way. Eventually the colony is saved. Close call.

The AI wants to offer subjugation (they subjugate to us) to end the war. They refuse (big surprise). We were worried the offer was the other way around...

The retiring pirate fleet creates a backlog on the Ilukes spaceport Also, we can build cruisers, but have no build orders so we wait, even if cruisers would be nice.

Battle 5 is on attack vector to the spaceport one system further south (from where battle 6 busted its spaceport). This system has a defensive base too.

Build suggestions. MSP on Giminur Prime 3 (in the north). 158k ships. The economy is brighter as the pirate fleet is down from 63 to 29 ships.

Research and design break

Phasers are our new weapon of choice. Still epsilon torpedo. Quantum reactor (stupid AI switches fuel again), talassos shields, kaldos drive.

Destroyer is 184 strength, 16 cruise, 13 turn, 390 shield. Maintenance is 1416
Cruiser is 284 strength, 15 cruise, 10 turn, 650 shield. Maintenance is 1623.

Cruisers are way better deal, but destroyers are a bit more agile. Old habit of cruiser battle fleets, and destroyer raiders hold. We order 20 cruisers for 156k, and gather them in a fleet to meet up at capital.
I figure 10/4 is nice battle fleet number, but that 20 ship cruiser fleet will end up hunting fuel, and fighting a bit, for a long time. I should know not to order fleets around while some ships are very low (or worse) on fuel. Temporarily removal of low ones is recommended.


We notice that we are finally researching long range scanners. It will be nice not being notified of invasion by enemy troops marching through the streets, or ships taking pot shots at the space port.

Battle 5 cleared the system of various ships, spaceports, defensive bases, mines. Permission to
repair is granted. The two spaceports south of our area are both gone. We are 3 down 1 up in conquest. The important was Sy Myrth, as that is a nice colony unlike the others. Holtumu is back, but the one left of is currently lost.

That is 0 up. The conquest is lost.

They take Ilukas 3, that had no troops. It is a Xhuman populated, good colony, in my now 3 colony system. Our conquest has some 5 troops, 10 good quality guys are shipped with 2 transports.

Holtumu 2 is attacked. We wonder if they underestimate defenders or not, as that colony is not lightly defended. Exciting times. They did their homework, 550 vs 450, but invasion fleet moves over to move in some reinforcements. We were planning to attack our old conquest again (east of holtumu), but that plan is scrapped as Holtumu defense is more important. On Ilukas 3, the strengths are 159 vs 118.

Scanners lit up a while ago, now they are improved too! Life is hectic, and we do not give detailed info on all movement in trying to save our colonies, as well as grabbing some new. General there is fighting in the south, and red ships die SE of our capital where we have defended gas mine since the early day of our empire. Other mines are lost around, and some space ports are attacked with no bad consequences for us (battle fleets try to help).

We need to stop being on the defensive with out of fuel ships and stuff. Fleets need organization. For instance, the 20 cruisers has been in Ilukes a while helping in defense against attack, and shooting at enemy strike fleest that in confusion visit their colony in the system.

160k build suggestion has arrived. Orders are:

4 new troop transports: They will relieve the ones we got, and allow the old ones to retrofit.
10 Cruisers and 4 carriers to form battle 7.
161k in total.

Cleudex in the west has an incoming fleet. A raider is there, which moves over to other west to load troops. This will not end well, and both will eventually be lost with the raider fleet and resupply ship heading home. The Xhumans attack both at once, but we were only warned. The west repels, but is lost at another invasion at a later time.

A new attack on Sy Myrth 2. There are quite a few troops. The long range scanner of Ilukes 2 Spaceport reveal their attack in time for Battle 4 to start from Ilukes and land at almost the exact same time as them and shoot at transports coming in. At least 2 are diverted, more are shot at with rail guns, and as the invasion wave is over, it is 93 vs 405 on the ground. A good photo opportunity was lost, but the photographer was overloaded.

Two resupply ships move to caslon/hydrogen source in the south. It is better to make sure to have both fuel types when the AI flips between them. The location is a bit north of Ilukes. Soon 3 resupply shis and a gas mine will sit on a giant never attacked (they don't have intel of that one, I guess).

A huge bump in firepower as phaser cannons are equipped alongside velocity shard torpedos. 250 firepower destroyers, 416 cruisers. At this time most destroyers have sub 130 firepower. It is a bit weird to sport a 4 ship raider fleet of 1000 firepower, and a 14/2 battle fleet of approx 2000.

While the assault on Ilukes 3 is fought, our AI wants to end war. The XHuman reject this. Ilukes 3 is back on our hands soon after this.

Holtumu 2 is saved by invasion fleet as another attack arrives.

We get their operation map. We learn that our first and now lost conquest has 1 troop, and 1 troop transport heads there. After some trouble (stupid transport fleets on high shields being hit by rail guns), the place is invaded.
The next one east of this has few troops, but a spaceport and defensive platform.
The one to the south also low troop levels, but need a few transports.

We spot a troop filled fleet heading for the colony south of ours to refuel, 2 fleets attack there. They will not see this fleet, but we believe it is the same fleet that is soon meeting its end at the Ilukes 2 space port (citizens enjoying the flashes of space combat are not in short supply of entertainment). 7 former pirates that we believe had retirement interrupted by an attack, and at least one battle fleet are always present. In addition this is a very busy space port as the enemies use rail guns, and we repair shields.

The 20 ship cruiser fleet clears the SE spaceport+defense base and helps clear the way for the wimpy troop transport in the system next doors as well. One cruiser is lost. In the form of 9+10 fleets they head for the capital to repair.

After taking 2 in the SE, and cleaning up our south line, we are no -2 in the east(north), -1 (soon -2) in the west, and +2 in the SE.

The system to the south has been invaded, so +3. This is not the worst colony of the lot.

As this one is conquered, a gas mine of ours is about to die up north, otherwise it is almost quiet. Unpausing the game will probably cure the feeling of it being quiet, and remove any feeling of temporary control, though.

It is 2828-05-06, and we have been at war for a while.


We struggled badly at the start, underestimating the opposition. From being at the defensive in the south, we are now up 3, but we have lost 4 colonies in other areas.

All but one fleet have been retrofitted, and they are generally well fueled. But they need some work to cut cost.

Research: It is nice to notice we can trade 20 techs to the XHuman. Two pirate bases help, and inheriting over 60 pirate ships from the legends is a good source for a research boost. The spies have also delivered a lot of research info. I also suspect that the AI could have done some kind of tech trading. I think the AI can accept a tech sale suggestion (we pay), without notifying, and that I see the ones the AI rejects.

About the AI

I have not played a lot of Legends, and I have not been this "weak" before. My enemy is stronger, and has a lot good areas that they can launch from. Before I have seen the Legends AI attack hard on defended target, now I see the AI do this and also do good attacks on multiple colonies at once. I never noticed the pre Legends AI to perform at this level in war. I suspect that they scout well, and that it could be beneficial to have light colony defenses. 4 troops defending if you feel like it, they invade with 10. You take it back. You defend with 20, and they invade with 40. It is a pain to take it back.

Enough of that.

We are not friends with all anymore. I am not sure why, and the game is not up while I type this. Maybe I did something to piss some off, but they did not seem to mind me grabbing Ackdarian colonies. It could be all about "war with our friends, trade embargo our friends", as well as bases getting contested as new colonies land (up north where I think Silvermist may be gone), and also in general when influence circles grow.

On the score sheet, the diplomacy overall is an indication of who the major players are.

We are below the Xhumnas in military score, but not a lot. 40 vs 48. We got more firepower on ships, but they got rail guns that are annoying.

We are:

In general in the mid-pack, with some empires (way) ahead, and some behind.

7th in victory points (victory is impossible, though).
7th in population. Securans in the lead, and Ikurro/Xhuman are large.
6th in territory. Ikurro and Xhumans are top.
11th in economy. But there is not a huge jump up to 7th. XHumans are 4th.
7th in strategic value.
8th in military strength.

Our enemies are wealthy bastards. They got a rare source, and the former Dhayut homeworld which I think also has the shipyard wonder.

Gains in the SE (and south) and losses in east and west are clear. The Quameno has managed to place a colony near our area (volcanic). I think the galaxy is a bit short of volcanic guys, at least in this general area.

The Ikurro (green) have had progress in our direction.

I am not sure what hit the Ackdarians, but from the shot is is obvious that they are short of a spaceport in the capital area.

Getting there. Ilukas 3 was under temporary red control, and has always had Xhuman main population. 0 tax there is a 20-30K loss in tax income. We can see the conquered colony to the south being 0 as well, while the two SE are not Xhuman (the bottom two shown).

Looking at this list, I wondered about Holtumu 2 not being present (below the cut). It also had a strange structure. It is a terraforming plant, its quality is reduced. Now I know what that mysterious red presence was about, and why they attacked a colony with lots of troops. I did not have resources to chase those away at the time, as I had priority on stopping/performing other attacks. If I ever find myself sitting outside a prime Xhuman colony with no spaceport in sight, I will remember Holtumu 2 (they got a Villacoya colony in the top 10 among other candidates). My destroyers sport a nuclear exterminator, the cruisers have two.

Only resupply ships are outside fleets. The frigates and escorts (and a cruiser) are pirate ones destined for retirement, but caught up in Ilukas battles.

I hardly lose a ship in the war, I kill a lot, though.

This is not good, we need to cut cost. I should visit my research and resort locations and check that they are not occupied by any xhuman...

This is the current state of the empire. We can see an enemy strike fleet about to bust a mine in the north. It is the first time they have been that far north, and usually they come from the south and are well spotted. I think the reason why the battle fleet seen Huppawoe Minor to the south of that location is not stopping it, is that they stopped a major fleet attack instead.

A raider out left is returning from our lost west, and another raider is seen at the very low part where it has been returning the favors in helping update mining bases to new designs.

One fleet sits at the latest southern conquest. I expect visitors.
One is mentioned up north.
The rest are in Ilukes(south scanner), the capital (the one above), or between that where the resupply ships are. There are 5 battle fleets and 2 10 cruiser cruiser fleets in that area. Not exactly well spread out.

Main fights has been the south scanner spot (Ilukes). NW of that is Sy Myrth of good quality and that has been attacked a few times (a red explorer hides the star). East of Ilukes is the small system lost and retaken, then Holtumu 2 also lost, retaken, bombed, and defended, and beyond htat the conquered systems. We miss a scanner in that area.

North of the capital are good Pliados (west) and Huppawoe Minor (east), both space ports have been attacked. I am quite sure the Naxx fleet covering the capital is just passing by in hyperspace.

I expect troop attacks in the south, and fear attack from the east on Huppawoe Minor or from west on Pleiados. I hope they try retake the south core colony of theirs instead, or the former Dhayut ones in the SE. Otherwise they are free to keep attacking Ilukes 2 and its spaceport. In general I have low defense on the capital (maybe 7 troops and a large spaceport), but a fleet sit on the mine SE of it and should get here in time from scanner warnings (fast jump and slow travel is our style). Main troop concentrations are Sy Myrth 2 (NW of Ilkues) and Holtumu 2 (fuel symbol in lower right).

Despite the incredibly awkward fleet distribution we are in a good fleet spot right now. The ones central are fueled and repaired, and only the south one lacks a retrofit (bigtime), and need repairs. And our fleets spank their's in a straight fight, even if we have to repair afterwards due to rail guns.

The two we loft on the right are not a priority target, simply because they are still well defended by troops, at least as of a little while ago when we had their operation map. Too bad they are out of scanner range, maybe a monitoring base could be useful during war (but we have high enough maintenance).

This is the roughest war I have ever had in Distant Worlds. Good times.

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During the above I changed my mind in always accepting alliance calls. I am unsure if the AI has ignored them or not, since I think it may have rejected calls in the past.

I need no war alongside this one. It is tiresome to fight a stronger empire that can reach your's easily.

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Love the AAR Bingeling.

Your increasing my expectation factor with each post. Keep it up

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Thank you for the feedback. I almost started wondering if I am the only one reading this.

Writing alongside playing makes one pay more attention to what is happening too. Even if I don't pay much attention at all to AI business. Research? Diplomacy? Characters? I don't care.

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This is a terrific read Bingeling I'm looking forward to seeing more of this AAR

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Thank you for this most excellent AAR. It has inspired me to have another go at the Shakturi.

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Thank you for the feedback. I almost started wondering if I am the only one reading this.

Don't worry, Binge, you're as awesome as ever. That's the problem actually, you're too effective at this AAR business for guys like me to keep the time I finish this you'll be already fed up with the lack of feedback and decide again to make this your last one.

And then more and more guys will have time to catch up with reading at barely the same speed with your playing/writing/posting/uploading and all that jazz and we'll start harassing you again for a new one.

And thus the cycle goes on...weird, ain't it?

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...Igniting stellar cores....Recharging reactors...Recalibrating hyperdrives....

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Sadly I find reading the AAR's more enjoyable than playing the game. I strongly suspect that 4x games are not my cup of tea. I got jazzed up reading Bingeling's AAR and went back to one of my several unfinished games and played for a couple of hours but the joy just was not there. I miss my JumpGate! Thanks for your hard work Binge (and everyone else who has done an AAR...those are what got me to guy the game and invest in a new computer to play it on) and please keep them coming!

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We need a budget slash, and a general plan. We are somewhat happy with the current state, and won't mind peace as of now. But we are not happy with heading for bankruptcy.

Fleets was 15/4 with destroyers/carriers and one had 10 cruisers instead of destroyers. 20 cruisers built to replace destroyers have not been inserted in the fleets. Most fleets are somewhat less than that, though.

We reduce them to 10/4. Two new 4 ship destroyer fleets are created. My ships has gotten stronger by far lately, and hopefully the Xhuman ships are not about to do the same.

We build 1 cruiser to replace the one lost. Even if we got no build suggestion...

16 destroyers are retired. 10 more will follow once the cruisers are in place (not long).
6 troop transports are retired, we don't plan on filling that many anytime soon.
All cost approx 1500 to maintain.

The remaining alien ships are retired. Two former pirate bases are scrapped, while one very old tech and cheap one near/in the Ackdar capital circle is kept.

The total maintenance savings should be in the 55k area.

Some troops are disbanded. Maybe 10, so 5k total, even if some of them were not yet recruited (panic buys).


Current objective is to load a few troops in transports for flexibility, but be passive in the south. We need to observe where they push. One bet is the new south colony, so I want a fleet there. The only spots with "lots" of troops are in new conquests, and the main targets of invasion attacks (Sy Myrth 2 and Holtumu). If we spot colonies with very few troops nearby, we will invade, otherwise wait. Hopefully we can remember to poke at the two NE ones to check if troops are removed.

2 new destroyer fleets will focus northwards to increase the coverage and intercept strike fleets. The lone battle fleet has been busy up there.

Battle 3 has special treatment. It gets 10 cruisers, 10 destroyers alongside 4 carriers. It will be my intended destruction force. One resupply ship will join them on a trip in enemy territory.

The Bitter Sovereign resupply ship has 6500 caslon and 7000 hydrogen. It will retrofit and be the offensive ship. Retrofit is needed for all resupply ships to get long range scanners. It also got a fitting name.

The northern resupply ship has been sitting in a hydrogen cloud, and is not useful at the time. It will retrofit and head for the system north of the SE most colony, where there is both a good caslon source, and a need for a long range scanner in the vicinity.

The fleets:

Battle 1 is just done repairing at Ilukas 2. It could stay there.

Battle 2 is sitting at a gas mine in a mining system just SE of the capital. It covers both systems nicely, and stays. This has been a major battle location as the xhumans tries to kill that mine.

The strengthened Battle 3 is at the capital. The resupply ship is still just receiving its retrofit order, so it moves to the south conquest to wait.

Battle 4 is just north of Ilukas, in good shape, and moves to the south conquest to stay for a while.

Battle 5 is at Huppawoe Minor in the north. It stays in the north, and has no need to move right now.

Battle 6 is in the southern system and is given retrofit order. Which of course sends it to Ilukas 2 spaceport just north.

Battle 7 is looking for fuel in Ilukas, and may need a trip to the resupply ships.

In general, 1 or 2 fleets should be in Ilukas, but maybe one should stay more east.

Raider 6 out west moves to Sy Myrth (NW of Ilukas).

Raider 7 is on it way back from the south, and will stop by a cloud we are pretty sure to find a gas mine (since it is shown as contested in trade options). It is 5 strong, and may retire a ship once it gets near home.

Raider 1 and 2 are new, and will hang around in areas north of the capital.

Invasion has 6 ships and 1 troop at the capital. It has no massive plans.
Invasion 2 has 4 ships and no troops at the resupply system in the south, and should load some troops.


The original plan for the war was to grab a colony carefully, then sit tight until the extra fleet came back, and then maybe grab some more. It did not work out that way. Lets hope this plan works better.

Invasion 2 sends 3 ships to locations with numerous troops to load. One to Perul 1 (SE), one to southern conquest, one to Holtumu 2.

And as we start, Holtumu 2 is under attack by a troop transport. Battle 3 decides to wait there instead of further south. We spot the 39th fleet going south, I think that was what kept Battle 5 busy in the north to let the strike fleet go alone. The troop transport that was planning to fetch troops is stopped, the one at Perul to the SE could come in handy. However, the troop transport attack is not of a fleet, and drops nothing of significance.

Gifts, keep them coming. Feel free! Ortain and Securans sends 26k in total.

No detailed log from here on, I assume some protection action. Only spectacular events or shift of ownership are worth mentioned. The trip south could get some coverage if it actually gets moving, though.

Battle 3 has fun in the first enemy system south, the 39th was seen heading there, they waste the spaceport, and attack the fleet refueling at a gas mine. A good sign is that they don't spaceport refuel, since that seems most preferred, which at least means they are not managing this without some hint of a fuel shortage in the north. 1 sector of travel and battle is what the destroyers can do, cruisers and carriers got a bit more range. The target got a nice pure caslon source, so third fleet waits for its resupply friend. They blockade and notice the target having 1 troop. One transport with 6 troops is sent.

Battle 1 replaces destroyers with cruisers. No more "loose" cruisers, and the final retire orders (for now) are given.

Our advisers sees it fit to offer peace if they accept to be subjugated. They reject. What a surprise.

We feared the silvermist was dead. They are not. I guess our explorers just finished that area and the noise disappeared. Trust mining ships to do the scouting for scary stuff.

We look for targets as the resupply ship moves south to our current camp (first enemy system).

Scanners gives a short warning about attack on Perul 1. Luckily the 7th had moved there (good hunch), and manages to fire at a lot of troop transports. Minor troop drop, decent defenses, 1 of our cruisers dead. Fleet rotation in place, back for repairs.

Securans keep suggesting free trade. Keep bribing, and I am sure we will reach an agreement eventually.

Of course our 6 troops on a transport can take a colony blockaded by us and that has 1 defender. We got one more colony in the south (next in line).

Money was down to 350k, now it is up to 488k. Cashflow -82, but it works anyway. This is a relief. This is a temporary high point, but we are not losing money at a scary rate, at least.

Southern new conquest rebels and is lost. Oh well. At least there is no need to worry about keeping it. It is instant shift, even with 6 good invasion troops. Me not happy. It seems like they land troops, but we ought to have seen a warning with Battle 3 sitting there, and the resupply ship with scanner parked just outside the door (the colony orbits the good caslon source).

Blozec in the Muurja system is the next major colony south for the Xhumans. It is 93%, with almost 12M max population, just 455M non-Xhumans. This could be a suitable place for the (first), Holtumu 2 revenge mission. Pondering the option, we wipe bases in the neighbor system (also colony).

Bitter Sovereign (resupply in the south) finds a gas mine in the system it intended to set up camp. It is also one of my two strongest ship (the other being the other retrofitted resupply ship).

Yay, desert colonization. Useful. Now we know how to live at our planets.

Blozecs is attacked, 3 defensive bases (and there seems to be a strike fleet at each colony).

We see the south action, where the resupply ship is setting up shop (after killing a gas mine). Battle 3 fleet marker is just west of the Blozecs system, it is probably the leader hurting a bit and going for a break.

Once the system is tidy, the order is given to bombard Blozecs. We are not immune to damage, even if our fleets dominate. 24 ships has become 21.

The resupply ship deploys, and a 4 ship raider goes south to entertain the mining systems in that gas cloud area.

As we are satisfied with the result, our reputation is dubious. And we receive an Ikurro Blockade at Sy Myrth 2. Our war exhaustion is rampant.

We have started seeing the first XHuman carriers recently (first at Blozecs)

Planetary shields going up. That could be handy, considering our recent actions.

Our raider arrives in the south, and is sent on a trip in the gas cloud to clear the area of mining stations. 3 mines are left after the resupply ship killed the one where it set up camp, soon they are dead.

As the Ikurrro blockade Sy Myrth 2, we wonder: Will that prevent any XHuman invasion?

Funds are at 248k. It would be nice to see where the money went.

The raiding battle 3 has over half its ships with armor damage once it refuels. We wish for repair bots for Christmas (and with this pace of playing, we should get some).

We get updated info on their operations map, revealing the extend of planetary defenses, and also the lack of good invasion targets. More important, it reveals an incoming fleet aimed at Ecaumbi, the other conquest in the SE. The outermost has seen action already.

To Ecaumbi, over 500 strength are incoming. The defenders at Perul jump over, a fleet takes off from Ilukas, but only the first is likely to be there early enough. We take note of which transport is empty, and which got the general. Defenders are 10 in number, and not strong (10-14k).

Remnants from an earlier attack are incoming with some troops for Perul, but these should be dispatched easy enough as we got a decent garrison. Invasion 2 with 2 transports filled moves to the system of the resupply ship to be close in case reinforcements are needed.

To spice things up, the 53rd is to attack Ilukas 2 space port with 18 troops on board. Good thing it is spaceport bound.

As battle 3 is closing in to the system of a spaceport in the south, and Raider 7 is doing a round of mining stations (and a star base) in an enemy system, we can see:

Battle 6 at Ilukas 2, waiting for the 53rd alongside at the spaceport.
Battle 1 sitting at Ecaumbi awaiting the incoming 31st fleet.
Battle 7 near Ecaumbi, probably arriving just in time.
Invasion 2 just east of Ecaumbi, where the resupply ship also is lighting the sky to allow this situation report.
The 54th strike fleet, seen quite some time ago, heading for a gas mine, where Battle 5 is parked in preparation.
Battle 4 is sitting in the south colony, never having been properly attacked, but has shot down the odd visitor.

First, mining stuff dies by raider hand, then Ilukas 2 spaceport is attacked, then Battle 7 lands, just ahead the attackers.

As the first attackers land at Ecaumbi, they got the hosts waiting. Orders to target transports are given.

4 Ecaumbi attackers are still alive, and no transport has been near landing troops.
9 enemy ships are alive at Ilukas 2
troop transports are near, but not at Perul 1
Battle 3 happens to find itself in an independent system after its attack
Fighting is going on at our gas mine in colony a bit north of the capital


We accept.

Refuel and repair orders are given in the south, Raider 7 is a ship short after their mining trip.

Cashflow is positive (85k).

Build orders/suggestions.

New defensive base at Sy Myrth 2
Large Spaceport at Sirmirea 2 (the new south of Ilukas).
12 escorts, 4 cruisers, 8 troop transports, 2 resupply ships, 4 exploration, and 2 construction...
The military stuff is not bought, the last two are, but we remember that we got some freedom to purchase stuff.

We feel an urge to bust the two pirate bases within our reach (that we know of). One SE and one NE.

And another look at the XHuman operations map. Not so interesting this time.

Fleet home bases are set up to cover the empire. It is still not huge and hard to cover. Almost 3 sectors tall, and less than 2 sectors wide.

It is 2832.04.11, and we are at peace.


The result of the war is:

Sirmirea 2 in the south is a good colony. It has XHuman Population.
Preul 1 and Ecaumbi are nothing special, but they have Yor main populations.

All bring along nice fuel locations, and more resources in general.

We lost 4 colonies, none of them very good. The two top right have Ackdarian populations, and the two in the west Wekkarus.

Compared to the chaotic start, outcomes are quite good in my mind. I am also a fan of clean borders, which we achieved, and the two SE really makes my area feel like a cluster (even if the galaxy is irregular).

Lost in the chaos of war (I did see the message and forgot). We have colonized the ice moon Itev in the Kurolag System (northern spaceport, west). At closer inspection, it reveals a 22% ice world that we colonized with Naxxilians, and the colony has 22% development bonus, and more importantly, a 100% empire-wide weapons research bonus.

They did calm down their pace of attack (or maybe it just felt that way because my fleets were ahead and not behind on fuel and stuff) A couple of raids and one attack in the SE, in addition to that final push covered which was a good punch, but one we stopped easily. The operations map that revealed the attack on Ecaumbi was gold. The revealed attacked on Ilukas 2 was not so important, but good for my nerves to know it was spaceport bound and not colony bound. Ilukas 2 has some defenders, but not a huge core of crack troops.

Victory screens: I am now the top colony conqueror. 58% in destroy the most ships and bases. The lipid territory leads in destruction, last time it was the Irgishoe Junction Consortium. We are still short of any of the 3 largest desert world, and we have no rare resource (the last two racial goals).

Statuses are:

4th in population
6th in territory
6th in economy (Each step up is a decent distance, it is closer behind).
5th in strategic value.
7th in military strength (down at 36k after reducing my areas, but defensive base and LSP should help a bit).

Ikurro og Visara has 2 top 10 colonies each, but none of them top 4. My memory was off, Villaceya mentioned is Lipid Republic. But it is in the south.

What to say? I think the naxx has two colonies in the North compared to where they were before this mess, but I pay attention to my closest areas. My eyes are on the former Dhayut ones, even if it did not look that way during this war. The former capital will not be taken easily, unless they load more troops to die near colonies.

The lipids don't appear so even anymore. Maybe they have had a war. I study my wars, not those not involving me. If I ever get curious, I can watch galaxy map development in this thread, though.

Sirmirea 2 is not bad at all. The Huppawoe regional capital never looked like a bright idea to me (but Ilukas are close to the capital). I wonder how important the war was for Ilukas 3. They are XHuman and had 0 tax. It is not full, and doesn't appear guilty of causing the growth at Ilukas 2 and 4 (11M and 95M xhumans on the other two).

The defensive bases were lost. 2 research stations are gone. The research one remaining is in the North East, inside the "dark" area circled by the mortalen red.

We have no resort base, but some locations. One is taken by the Quameno (gobbled by Pliados circle in the west), one is north of Happawoe Minor, and annoyingly, there are 2 Xhuman ones south of Dirra circle (the lower, red, taken from us). Those location could have been snatched.

The Happawoe Minor one is free (in scan range), 36% scenery and 8% weapon research. N'zuth has a better location for weapons (the capital mining system).

The "other" base is the cheap pirate one that is annoying the Ackdarians. There are more dangerous empires to annoy.

I did not watch, and 200k disappeared. Maybe the AI did a tech deal, or something like that? Or maybe just the negative cashflow took a major hit.

Anyways, the funds should rise, peace did wonders for the economy.

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Thanks for the feedback all. I am impressed how I managed to mess up end images in both the latest post, and the one before. Double images are probably not the best entertainment. At least two more are cured with the latest edits...

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One thing I notice now, is that colonies are 130 culture. I am quite sure the Securans are trading us rare resources, and notice the 237K trade amount.

And the medium blues of the right should not exactly be the prime trading spot for caslon and steel, either (and I doubt we lack too much strategics these days).

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And some random info and thoughts.

I have sinned. I have rejected starting some trade sanctions (and started, and lifted them when someone asked me to lift). The Ackdarians and the Naxxilians are the one that should be embargoed.

We had somewhat high war exhaustion (I have not payed much attention to those levels in past games, as I generally are not at war for long times in my games). This probably kicks in on income (less happiness, less tax), but our Military Dictatorship has quite a lot reduced penalty here (and the Yor racial too).

But the XHumans... They missed the Ack opening, but they had been in war for a while too. And that colony south where the last spaceport attack was, went independent, probably because it lots its happiness bonus from the spaceport modules. All was not quite well at team red either.

Also, when having that resupply ship in the south, circling the cloud to kill 3 mining bases with the raider fleet, and Battle 3 was incoming for fuel... That was when I found my war groove in this game. Resupply ships, I love them. Now I just need to stop feeling the need to have 6 battle fleets at home to protect myself.

And about the resupply ships. The 100% hydrogen one that went from the north and set up in the SE to light the sky, was 50% of each fuel once the session ended (which was when the peace happened + a few days). It is not a big problem to have the wrong fuel on them (which I think I noticed in my last AI AAR as well).

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Peace and Prosperity

(One can always dream)

It is still just moments after peace was made.

All but the two full troop transports are released and automated. We expect them to fill their bellies. One more is bought to achieve the number of 10. The two last resupply ships are told to retrofit.

The Ackdar are blockading Gimenur Prime 3 (but not for long). The Ikkuros are still blockading Sy Myrth 2.

Qilla calls for help on the Securans. Our mood is to test a bit if war happens without us always triggering by accepting messages. How does automated diplomacy really work in this area? Also, a war there is not so interesting, and they give spice.

Defensive base at Sy Myrth 1 ordered by advisors.

A troop transport attacks Ecaumbi, and the only thing present is a badly damaged cruiser not listening to orders. 3 troops land, 39 vs 160. And they warned us to stop attacks...

Being detected after stealing the Ikurro Galaxy Map, will sure help making them lift the blockade.

And one more troop transport attacks Ecaumbi. It takes potshots at the defenseless cruiser too. Still no critical troop levels, but a raider is sent there a bit before schedule just in case. They hang around until raider arrives. And stupid XHumans again warn against attacks, probably those on troop transports attacking our colony, and taking pot shots at a damaged cruiser.

Defense base at Ilukas 3.

Lost opportunity for photo - we were distracted by an XHuman fleet appearing to land in Holtumu (but it disappeared from scan range there):

Our Yellow allies want help on the Naxx, and we give up waiting for the AI to declare.

The 1st Naxxilian Nation War

The title is probably off, I think we have had a very brief phony one as well.

Transports with bellies full are gathered in invasion fleet. Battle fleet heads for the three spaceports closest to the Naxx, the southern one (Pliados) already got a fleet, though. Two resupply ships move north.

The Naxx have approximately half our military strength. They are at war with Ruundan and Qilla too (yellow and red). This will not go into Naxx history as their brightest moment.

It is 2833-10-11 as peace is over, and we are in motion.

Circled in yellow are suspected arrival spot for attacks (if any), and red circles are enemy systems.
They are also at war with the reds and yellows, so we suspect the top right ones are not going to send much our way, and in general they are not in the same class as the XHumans. We hope.

Battle fleets are seen selected (pink) (two of them, actually), in lower yellow, and capital at the bottom. Two raiders are in the north right colony and in the lower yellow circle.

We see two colonies on long range scanners. The fleet is two ships, the cruiser there is only 128 power. The medium spaceport is 424.

The 4 battle fleets to the circled systems with refuel order, Invasion heads for the 2nd lowest, and 3 battle fleets are kept at the capital and in the south.

The raider in lower yellow is adventurous, and heads off to attack a defensive base seen in the low upper colony.

2 resupply ships are on the way, but still south of this image. They are heading for Adara 5 (2nd lowest circle), and the gas giant with a mine that is seen outside our north circle on the green trade line.

Naxx suggest peace if we hand them an contested base. Right. We rather uncontest it.

Advisers want defensive base at that northernmost colony. They also want assorted ships for 555k (we got 644k now, 122k cashflow, 136k bonus income (spaceports)).

The small fleet moves one colony south, and our raider takes its chances. A peek at their capital reveal spaceport, parked resupply ship, strike fleet, a couple of defensive bases. But we are not heading there anytime real soon.

A raider and XHuman troop transports are still attacking each other in the southern system with Ecaumbi that saw the last big attack in the previous war. They complain of our intelligence missions, but hang around in our system. We think transports are much larger than spies, and that their presence is a much larger trespass.

Not the most epic approach ever, as Raider 2 attacks the defensive base at the colony Roasted. The colony has 6 troops.

The best die young. 2 ships lost, and back for repairs. Battle 5 sitting very near, attack instead, as the scanner reveals the Naxx 28th fleet going by, heading for what appears to be south western Qilla colony where they got a couple of strike fleets as well.

Battle 1 arrived at lower circle, and just moves on to attack colony straight left of that. The resupply ship for Adare is close, and realizes that scanner on scanner is boring, and heads to the system left of the top of the two colonies closest to ours, where a nice gas giant is present. Kurolag 2 (nearest spaceport) builds two new destroyers to replace the brave ones.

The brave one's depletion of the defensive base's shield, is probably the major reason why Battle 5 manages to down it. They blockade. Invasion fleet dispatches 3 transport with 415k troop strength to attack Roasted.

We spot a nax strike force heading north right in the middle of our northern areas. We prefer those heading away, rather than at our gas mines, like we are well used to from an earlier war.

We notice an attack warning that a carrier called "Mauler of Ikurro" attacks a ship. It is a freighter at Sy Myrth 2 that they are blockading. A defensive base and Battle 2 is present. As well as a colony ship, actually. About to colonize at our top north system (but quite possibly soon dead).

A defensive base is ordered at Calipsa 3 (system NW of the pink selected fleet in image above).
We reject and alliance call on the whites from Qilla. This is a bit sad, since the right most white colony is called Zentiba. It is 3 sectors away, though.

Battle 2 is three ships missing (destroyers), the blockade is lifted. At least one of the lost ones is damaged in the system. A cruiser repaired in Perul (SE), and two destroyers of the strengthened battle 3 (in the south colony) transfer to battle 2. We boggle that 1+2+11 is 15 ships for battle 2.

Battle 1 finds a MSP, defensive base, strike fleet, and two resupply ships at Etau in the Roorea system (SW of yellow fleet in image at top). They also spot approx 12 troops. We ponder our enemy choice of using resupply ships as colony defense in orbit. They all seem to prefer to use them like that.

Ouch. There is two colonies there. The source is the Quameno pinkie west of our location. Battle 2 is scared and moves to the gas mine just across to the neighbor system.

Battle 1 lacks coordination on own initiative, and loses 6 cruisers. Battle 4 at Pliados 3 gets blockade order on Etau to take over the work there, and Pliados 3 starts construction of 6 cruisers for Battle 1. We got frequent large build suggestions from the AI.

The Ikurro 15th fleet blockades the nax capital. Are they going to start a battle by shooting a freighter there as well?

We search far and wide for our transports supposed to head for Roasted. We fail in our search and try again. 391k strength this time.

Sy Myrth 2 got the plague. Yay.

We spot the 48th enemy fleet attacking Kurolag 1 from the north, the main colony (2nd circle from top) in the system. Battle 7 is refueling there, but rather out of fuel, and battle 5 is told to lift blockade and move there (short jump).

The Acks are blockading Gimenur Prime 3 (their favorite spot).

Battle 5 will be prepared to defend, and at least some battle 7 ships got fuel.
Battle 4 arrives at etau and Battle 1 is told to repair and refuel.

As first enemy ships arrive at Kurolag 1, invasion fleet members still at Adare take off for Kurolast star. We got 5 defending troops. At landing just 5 of the ships in Battle 7 got full fuel, 2 got fumes enough to shoot a bit.

1 frigate is the survivor of the 48th attacking fleet. No troops reach the colony.

Defensive base to Proa (north of capital and early colony).

On roasted, it is 402 vs 84.

We lose Kurolast 1 spaceport, but no ships. As usual quite a few ships are damaged, though. Battle 5 jumps back to blockade etau. They are low on fuel, and with 7 damaged.

Just before reaching Kurolast, Invasion dispatches 5 ships, 30 troops, 644K strength to attack Etau, where Battle 1 took hits defeating defensive structures, and Battle 4 now blockades.

Plague is back from Sy Myrth 2 to Sy Myrth 1. A suicidal constructor repairs a destroyer in the system, which rejoins battle 2, trying to spread the plague there.

Advisors orders LSP to Perul 1, the SE most conquest from last war.

Before Battle 5 can blockade Roasted again, the score is worsened to 375 vs 103. We should manage.

We spot the 25th fleet incoming to Urd Ebanna system north of Roasted (and near our colonies). We do not do a stupid jump after it as there is MSP and defensive base there, which hurt Battle 1 (with cruisers) quite a lot. The colony has a non-shabby number of troops (25?).

Fortified Bunkers are researched, and popping up.

Plague keeps bouncing in the Sy Myrth system.

Roasted is conquered as it is 548 vs 193 at Etau.

Orbital defensive base for Kurolag 1. Bah, too close for a new spaceport?

Etau is conquered.

We get the naxx operations map. Many strike fleets around Etau, some with unload order (a tad late). 3rd fleet is refueling at the border colony, 22 troops of 271k strength. The 28th is heading to capital to refuel, 530k strength on troops.

Battle 1 is heading to Kurolag, we want a fleet there, and need to repair rotate the fleets to allow repairs. We also want fleets at our conquests.

The Lipid Territory declare war on Xhumans. Please beat each other senseless.

MSP to Holtumu 2. We dismantled the old one ourselves back in the days.

Defensive base at Ilukas 2.

Money is going down, cashflow is positive, but we spam planetary stuff. Advisers want to build military ships for everything we got, spare maybe 20k. We build nothing, though.

Another operations map. 3rd fleet still refueling. 29th doing is the same at the capital. And they got our operations map (spy spotted).

We are a spaceport lost, but we got good scanner coverage in the NW with resupply ships both West of the remaining enemy system, and to the north east. We see that system from the western one.

A raiding fleet and two Xhuman troop transports, are still taking pot shots in the south.

NW fleets are repaired, but the last has 3 ships heading south for fuel. When battle 5 is close to reach Korolag again, we issue orders:

Battle 7 at Rooster, attack Urd Bennar 5 spaceport to the north.
Battle 1 at Kurolag (a fraction shorter distance), do the same.
The 12 fueled ships of Battle 5, just short of Kurolag, do the same.

Their 3rd fleet is in the system, and a defensive base. And probably something more.

Ugh, that is a new one. Rightmost of the two very tight colonies north of the capital. And the AI wants to build defensive base there to shoot at the stuff.

Fleets on attack vector are stopping and starting to coordinate the attack a bit.

A troop transport left the system just before the landing. The enemy fleet is at the spaceport.
16 enemy ships survive the first push, Battle 7 lands first, and loses 2 ships. They move back to Roasted, Battle 5 to Kurolag 1, and Battle 1 stays.

It looks like 3 troop transports may have survived the attack (enemy side).

We are not the only problem of the Naxx. Our Yellow friends called for help at the start of this, and they attack the capital system.

As Capri 003 of the Invasion fleet load 6 troops at Roasted, Invasion fleet attacks Urd Ebanna 5 with 36 troops of 871k strength. Battle 1 blockades.

The enemy capital system has two colonies. The yellow horde has attacked the minor (but not bad) colony, and landed troops. They will win.

Two spaceports pop up in the SE, and Mighty Judgement, the resupply ship there moves to the left part of the circle of our new system left of lower yellow in the map above.

With 180k yet to land, Urd Ebanna 5 has strength situation 682 vs 297.

More defensive bases. Ilukas 4 adds one.

Ikurro wants a mine in the Kyphar circle to lift sanctions. We point out that: 1) it was built in free space, and 2) that colony was ours in the first place. (Then wekkarus, the lipid, then ikurro).

As Cruiser Overpowering Scorpion is repaired by a constructor outside Ecaumbi, the XHuman troop transports leave. It is 2836.10.26, and 4 years since the war ended.

Again their operations map is stolen. The 3rd fleet, attacked at Urd Ebenaar, is heading for a gas mine, with 22 troop of 270k power on its transports. We lack a fleet for interception, which is a tad annoying. The mining base attacked is of our yellow ally, just north of Pilados. Twitchy, Battle 6 at the capital move to Pilados 3 spaceport.

Urd Ebanna 5 is taken.

It is 2836.11.16, and time for status. We are still at war.


We are colonizing two planets, both in our areas, and both ice. We probably lost the colony ship mentioned, or it ought to be done by now.

The Naxx hurt more than the Xhumans. At least my fleets report so. And my dead MSP.

I should have more trade sanctions, I am breaking my own house rule.
We look more powerful, probably because we are more powerful.

The Mortalen and Naxx made peace. Yellows are still at war. The naxx have 9.8K military strength. We got 43k, the yellows 33k.

Still no Ackdarian spaceport on the capital. I guess they have some economic issues, or very frequent visitors.

News related to the war is the yellow line into enemy capital system. We have +2 in the NW, and +1 a bit further south, without purple connection to "home".

We lost the spaceport nearest the conquests in NW. Resupply ships are parked north of this, in black area just in the "gap" between the tops of the purples, and a bit left of the top left colony. So scan cover is decent. Enemy fleets are to the right of the southern conquests, heading to my old west border to bust a mine, among others. And troops are there.

We notice that the system west of Sy Myrth in the south, that sent plague, used to be pink (Quameno) and is now red (XHuman).

Still improving. At least where not plague stricken. Ussos 6 is not on the list (below cut).

The Sy Myrths was 2300 and 3200, and they have grown a bit. So not a total disaster.

Rauraxxa, Ilukas 3, Huppawoe Minor 1 and Proa are population capped. The only colony sub 1000M is Itev, the ice moon with the fancy tech ruin.

The economy is relaxed.

We got a resort base. It is at a black hole east of the north(eastern) colony in our circle. There are no visitors, and we hope it is brand new. Lots of defensive bases built, but no research stations.

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A look at designs reveals and upgrade, and a switch back to Hydrogen fuel.

North central resupply ships is OK (100 caslon, 80 Hydrogen).
NW one has no hydrogen on its gas giant, and must move.
NW corner of NW influence circle has a good spot. 91H 50C. And it also allows to scout for arrivals from the capital.
In the new W one, the resupply ship is not that far away, and the intended target is quite heavy tilted to Caslon. It selects a spot just S of the colony instead, 82H 60C.
There is an idle ship at Ilukes. It heads to the big cloud in the SE, and a 89H system. It doubles as pirate scout, there is the odd pirate visiting our empire.

As for fleets. Battle 1 took a spanking on the "stupid" attack on unknown colony. 6 cruisers lost from MSP and defensive base and some ships. And it appears the AI builds a strike fleet per colony system, which are at home unless raiding (or maybe not even raiding). Also: we should have more raider fleets. Some to raid in war, and in general some at corners of the empire, and with 4 in total, that is a bit busy. Lots of destroyers in battle fleets are available if replaced with cruisers.

Only 3 battle fleets got cruisers. We see a budget on build orders of 400k+ and 84k maintenance (matches cashflow), and aim for 10 or 11 cruisers and maybe an extra carrier per battle fleet. It
We look at the build orders screen, looking for total number of ships.

40 cruisers to reach 10 per battle fleet. 40 cruisers and 7 carriers cost 416k, and has 84k maintenance. We will also retire some destroyers when done. We book that. We imagine the horrors of out of fuel cruisers cruising the empire while looking for their fleet, and organize them in two temporary fleets according to build spot, and generally try to make things tidy... Capital and south meet up at Ilukas. The rest meet up at Pilados (since we know Adara has struggled with fuel after lots of fighting nearby).


Still at war. We try to behave according to house rules, and trade block the Ackdarian when suggested to.
We refuse to blockade Kyphar, though, the Ikurro colony funded by us, that is a sore spot. Blockades are fleet usage, and fleet usage is mine to decide.

The 3rd fleet that we have fought at Urd Ebanna, and that we saw busting a yellow mine north of Pilados, leaves our 3 mining bases in the system alive, and heads for their own capital. Big relief goes through the population at Pilados 3 as the news arrive.

In our new and well behaved ways, we trade sanction Visara, Xhumans, and Lipid Territory when asked to. We refuse to lift trade sanctions when asked, and refuse when the Naxx wants peace, even though the military would be happy to accept.

Akthul 5 is colonized. A 64% ice planet in Akthul, our northernmost colony system conquered from the Ackdarians previously.

Ikurro lift trade sanctions

The Invinsible Verdict, is the resupply ship trying to set up in the south east giant gas cloud. The first attempt seems to stop at a Combined Lipid Republic gas mine and fleet presence, at least the resupply ship ends up in space outside the cloud. The second attempt ends in a cloud filled with kaltor (we guess there is a reason it was empty), and it hopes the third attempt is more successful. On arrival it looks good.

Trade sanctions started against Irgishoe Junction Consortium.

We have colonized Reeclabe, a 61% ice colony in the Calendes system just east of Sy Myrth. We got 2 mines there, and our ally got 1, so the system is well known to us.

Since we are at war, we should do something more than busting some pirate bases. The Cruisers and Carriers seems built, and we order Invasion to load troops at own discretion. The annoying management job of organizing fleet contents begin. Extra annoying because we are at war, and it is kind of stupid to let 4 carriers sit alone at a border colony, the 10 destroyers moving away, and 10 cruisers and a carrier incoming from 2 sectors away... Combat readiness should be kept. A retrofit for all is also in the works.

After following trade suggestions for a while, things change a bit.

In fleet rework, I create 6 new 4 ship destroyer fleets (in addition to 4 old), and retire 23 destroyers. Raider fleets get names according to home base (Raider Adare), and are spread around. If I bother to, I will move them to a mine outside their home base if there is a battle fleet parked there, so that both fleets are visible. Two fleets in one system is annoying for me (while at peace), since I locate them by watching the map.

While organizing, our Diplomacy Advisors wants to end the war. They accept.

We gained 3 colonies. We cleaned up the NW, and got a foothold out west, making green Ikurro colonies even more annoying as they sit in "our" area.

Last time war broke out before fleets reached their positions, how will this go?

It is 2839.01.07, and we are at peace.


Not much happened, so no full set of images. It was quite a bit of administration updating the fleets, though.

Our yellow ally is still at war with the Naxx, and diplomacy has not changed much since the image above.

The diplomacy bar indicate we are among the major players, but not the most major. We are ranked between 3rd and 5th in most status charts.

We gained Etau, 73% ruinless colony with 2100M inhabitants, and a narrow Naxx majority.
We gained Urd Ebanna 5, 83% ruinless colony with 5900M of which almost all are Naxx.
And we ganed Roasted, a ruinless 65% with 1600M. Majority is Riktoh (that are the guys of the white guys), but it is a narrow margin over Naxx.

The peace offer makes me believe that the AI seeks peace when there has been a general lack of fighting. It explains the rather quick resolution to "phoney wars" too. Also, I think my AI asked for peace the moment it thought it was a good idea, and it would always reject before that point. I figure the same may be for wars, but I am not sure on alliance calls.

As for the map. We are surrounded by red, and Ikkuro green is intruding in our purple blob. I know where I would look for trouble if I was in control. Red is an awful stress to fight, though.

Now fleets are configured with "defense, system only" and automated. This should bring them home if they go on adventures. While at war, only those on "far side watching" are likely to be automated, though, but the stance is always there. Fleets with a mind of their own are not appreciated here...

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Peace and Prosperity 2

War has ended, and it is the daily maintenance. Fleets are moving home, pirates are annoying us, otherwise.

Large spaceport for Urd Ebeneer 5 (NW most colony).

The advisers are ill. They lift at ton of trade sanctions. Only lipid territory and Ikurro left, and Ikurro is the one blocking us... And as lipid declares a blockade, we lift sanctions there too.

The grumpy guys are indeed growing soft. It will pass, though, sanctions are on and off.

Experiment with automated fleets stopping. The idiots are loading troops. Stupid troop compartments.

The Ikurro blockade Sy Myrth 1, and soon enough a troop transport attacks the defensive base. The base is lost, and slacking Battle 2 based at Sy Myrth 2 does not seem to care. They are ordered to attack the fleet, after failed attempt to order attacks on single ships. Battle 2 has none seriously damaged.

The resort base is lost to sabotage.

Genetic Scrambling Syndrome (Plague) at Eucaumbi (SE).

A build suggestion for 35k is spent on 4 extra transports. 2 monitoring bases are ordered in the SE gas cloud to keep an eye on pirates roaming that area pretty frequently (and then some). 6 more transports are built on next suggestion. We have lots of troops on colonies, and rather want them in ships. But not in non-troop transports.

We get a yellow alliance call from the Yellows on the Ikurro. We are in AI explore mood and reject. The options are changed from suggest to automated on war and sanctions.

It is very quiet, we bash pirate bases.

2848.10.19, another call from Yellows. Now we have absolutely full automation (also on war and treaties), and are still asked. We reject, even if bored.

2850.09.24. We know of a phantom pirate base as megascale construction is complete. Two battle fleets gather and attack, while a white strike fleet is seen heading there.

The base is a bit west of our northwest colonies.

The pirate base attack follows the pattern on landing on the side of 1 defensive base, and mopping it. Battle 1 and Battle 6 land at approximately the same time, and no big issues arises, apart from the fear of the white strike fleet getting credit. 1 cruiser is lost.

Bigger size did not tickle redesign it seems. Cruiser is 495, and Capital is unavailable with 650 size.

About time

It is 2851.10.24, and we are at war.


15 years of peace, two manually rejected alliance calls, even if all diplomacy is automated at the last one.

Research level is for all trees in general that Level 4 is complete, and we got a couple of level 5s.

The enemy is slightly higher in tax revenue, and military strength is 69k vs 95k in their advantage. We are their only war. They are allied with Irgishoe and Visara (White and dark green).

10 4 ship destroyer fleets. Two destroyers are invasion fleet leaders.
2 escorts not yet retired after a huge pirate catch (26 ships).

7 battle fleets at 10/5 hold 70 cruisers and 35 carriers.
3 cruisers and 1 carrier is in a spare fleet since I could not count while reorgainizing.

The good colonies has had their spaceport retrofitted to large by the AI.

Relaxed state of affairs with over 3 million. Defensive bases and spaceports helps eat the cashflow. Build suggestions has lately been at a modest 33k while at peace.

Ilukos 2 is a monster. Pliados 3 still need more people.

It is worth noticing that Happawoe Minor 1, and Urd Beneer are the only "good" ones not in the south west or middle west. And which way are the Ikurro?

The war is not for this session, and it is late. However, compared to the big XHuman war, it is worth noticing that they had major colonies both in the south at a wide angle (their start) and east (the Dhayut former homeworld among them). This gave them many muster points in range, as well as angles of direction. Maybe this will be a bit different, as they are more remote in their "core worlds"?

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So much for aggressive AI.

Maybe it was utterly eager on fighting the Ikurro and did not dare. Or something? Or maybe I am so good at border cleaning that it is all satisfied? I have at least an Ackdar contested, though.

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The first Ikurro war - Setup

In general we eye green seen in this picture.

Our most valuable systems are around and south of that lower green area.

Of the 7 battle fleets, 2 are in the north (west and east), while the rest are spread in the south. Battle 1 is low on fuel after pirate bust, Battle 6 is top left and also not all well on fuel. Top left is also valuable, with a large spaceport.

The space structures of our enemy has more firepower than ours. We can see their north system (for some reason), and there is a strike fleet and a load of ships under construction. Not too much troop transports, though. It has Large Spaceport and a Defensive Base, which seems common, which requires more than a single battle fleet (or that is believed until proven otherwise).

My troops are in invasion 1 and invasion 2. They are both southish, and consist of a leader and 10 transports filled with troops. Invasion 1 has more than twice the troop strength, so lots of bots and fresh troops are likely to be in invasion 2.

The north enemy colony also got some 20 troops on ground, and a fortified bunker, which can be expected to be everywhere of some value. It is a 100% defensive boost. We also got decent troop levels, over 20 at valuable colonies, and over 40 at Ilukas 2 and the capital.

Right after war starts, builds suggested are 0, and we don't have a build budget.

The resupply ships are not deployed after their last retrofit. One in SE, and 3 in NW.

The general aim of the war is to not lose anything, and to convince the Ikurro that they don't belong in the Central Galaxy. "Push them back" is the main motto. None of the green visible on the screen above have Ikurro main populations.

In addition to the north, we can see the spaceport just off the left of the map. No major fleets are seen. We remember them prefer to blockade in Sy Myrth (close to the south edge of their most annoying colony circle), and we will keep a bit extra guard there.

Even if their stations are a bit more powerful, ships are a bit different. We got more firepower, they got better shields.

We keep in mind that we are not the most popular guys in the galaxy, and that others may join the fray.


Resupply ships are told to deploy to my west.
Just SW of their colony SW of mine top left.
In my circle, west of the westernmost colony in the middle (etau).
West of the lower green circle.
Almost at the larger red circle west of my southern colony (the one we took from Wekkarus and lost to the XHumans).

This should give a decent scanner cover on the approaches from the west, and also function as refuel stops if necessary.

Battle 4 is at Pliados, NE of the most annoying lower, green circle. It is told to move to the minor system colony (of no space port). Battle 2 is at the system below (Sy Myrth), and is told to do the same. The general idea is to bust the expected Large Spaceort and Defensive Base at Kyphar, the colony founded by us back in early days. We don't know what is there, though. They just need to meet up, and will hopefully not find much more than a defensive base and a strike fleet at that minor colony.

Battle 1 is just south of Pliados, and is told to refuel.
Battle 3 is at Sirmirea in the south, and stays.
Battle 5 is at Huppawoe Minor, east of Pliados, and moves to Pliados.
Battle 6 is at the top left colony (Urd Beneer), with refuel order.
Battle 7 is at the top right colony (not the very top), and moves Roasted south of Urd Beneer

Both invasion fleets are close to lower green circle, and waits at Capital and Ilukas.

A couple of raiders visit mining systems nearby.

The population at Etau out west, is complaining at the lack of spaceport and proper presence of the military (just a raider fleet).

As movement start, resupply ship heading for green south reveals just minor ship presence in the minor system, and no spaceport.

We get a build suggestion on ships for 2.4 million. We feel free to build.

We manually order (at selected large spaceports) the contents of two new fleets. Crusher 1 and Crusher 2. Each will be 20 cruisers and 10 carriers, and the total cost is just shy of 790k. 15 years of peace should allow large spaceports to stock up on resources. 10 ships build at each large, 3 spaceports used for each fleet.

The idea is that Crusher 1 and 2 will be the main spaceport busters. The battle fleets are half size and will blockade once defenses are down, and defend, and attack non massive defenses. They get a different name to mark them as more powerful.

Battle 1 is renamed Battle 8
Battle 2 is renamed Battle 9

Large Spaceport and 2 defensive bases are spotted at Kyphar 1 by long range resupply ship scanner (on the move). Quite a few ships built, not a major fleet. I guess we are not the only ones building for war. Again, not a significant number, if any number, of troop transports.

Lipid Territory blockade Ilukas 2 spaceport. Now, how will that work with 10 ships being built?

The 4 ship fleet of Cruiser Pilados, which has 3 cruisers and a carrier, are still there. We rock.

Darn lack of early scan cover. We spot attack on Sy Myrth 2 as they are just outside the system. Battle 3 take off from the south, and battle 9 (until recently battle 2) turns around. Both invasion fleets are already close, and there is about 20 defenders. Sy Myrth 2 got a defensive base as its only help.

Enemy strike fleets heads for mining bases.

The Sy Myrth 2 defensive base is about to be lost, and did not prevent troop drops. A crowd has dropped, strength at 382 vs 552, so not looking shabby. We are fewer, though.

Battle 9 arrives and attacks the offending 12th, and we get report that the feelings are mutual (they attack battle 9).

Invasion 2 (southernmost with less powerful troops) is told to go to Sy Myrth 2 while Battle 9 and the 12th fleet battle outside, and Battle 3 is close to arrival.

Battle 8, refueled at Pliados, head to Harroon Cal, the system where Battle 4 went just outside their eastern spaceport. The other fleet heading there was Battle 9, remember, now fighting at Sy Myrth 2.

Battle 3 joins the attack on 12th fleet.
Invasion 2 arrives, and 3 transports are told to unload to even numbers, even if power balance is good.

Their 31st fleet is attacking Urd Ebannar 3, our NW colony. Battle 6 is there, and is told to go to colony (to be sure), Battle 7 is at Roasted to the south and also moves, and will probably be a bit late. The target is of course protected by a Large Spaceport as well as Battle 6. The attack is from the north, but not from their north colony. Some stray leftover from old adventures, we assume.

We get a scan at their colony SW of Urd Ebanna and we see 3 unfleeted troop transports. That could help in a future conquest (we hope they load troops).

We notice a build suggestion at 605k, as messages of completed cruisers at Pliados 3 spam the log.

We got a message that the 12 fleet that attacked Sy Myrth 2 is heading for a mining station in the system next doors. That is, the single troop transport left. In the same system we got a small colony, where a strike fleet is attacking the defensive base. A raider is just about to land on attack vector on that strike fleet. The defensive base don't seem too rattled by a cruiser, 2 destroyers, and a frigate, though.

Battle 4 and Battle 8 are at their colony north of Kyphar (the most annoying circle), and note about 10 troops present as they head for Kyphar Star. Kyphar 1 is close, and it would be a nice point of attack.

Sy Myrth is under our domination, both in numbers, and in 253 vs 821 strength. Invasion 2 (with 3 empty transports) head for Haroon cal where Battle 4 and 8 is leaving. A raider do the same with blockade order.

We are not too clever at urd beneer, so they land troops. Numbers are even in troop count, we got 3 times the strength.

At Kyphar, One base is down, focus is on spaceport, one base still remain.

Invasion 2 empty 4 transports at Haaron Cal 1, and await numbers.
Invasion 1 with 61 troops of 1200K strength (and a bit) leaves the capital for Kyphar. Battle rages outside the target. The space port hurts (1384 firepower). Our fighters and bombers hurts it as well.

The Attacking Fleet at Urd Ebeneer suffers. The battle on the ground rages (but is hardly scary).

Abrigu-San, the green colony SW of Urd Ebeneer have no space defenses. Battle 3 at Sy Myrth moves to attack. The colony battle of Sy Myrth 2 is about to end in a not too distant future.

Resupply ships are deployed, they should need to aim well to get through our western sensor net without being noticed.

The Ikurro refuses to end the war. What are our insane diplomats suggesting? Haroon Cal is even in strength, Invasion 2 drops the rest of its contents (18 more troops at 157k strength).

Holy cow, defenses at Kyphar are over 2k. Battle 9 at Sy Myrth and Invasion 1 get troop loading orders.

Etau in the west is assaulted. Defensive base and raider is the protection. Not a lot of troop transports, and it may be a defensive base attack. The 48th is spotted by scanners, attacking the colony. 5 troop transports. Battle 3 heading north may be there in time, but unlikely.

We order 10 troop transports at 80k.

Haaron Cal 1 is ours, Invasion 2 loads troops there.

It is a proper race to Etau between Battle 3 and the attacking 48th. Etau has some 20 troops, assumed of decent quality since it was captured in the last war. A few troops land, most troop transports are killed or made escape.

Invasion 2 picked up 46 troops at 536k strength at Haron Cal. Kyphar is 758 vs 2513.

The 15th is incoming at Sy Myrth 2 (we got some warning).

Invasion 1 has 536 strength, the battle fleet 150k more. Invasion 2 is attacking with its 758k. Empty transports are given their own refuel orders, while Haron Cal desperately starts recruiting for own defense (a whopping 4).

Haron Cal 1 is a 90% volcanic colony with 2200M inhabitants, almost all Tairoshan.

Sy Myrth is awaiting attack with a battle fleet, while Crusher 2's first ships are near. 10 are not completed, and only one batch may be close.

Crusher 1 is built, and moves to Etau where Battle 3 is hurt after fighting two fleets. The other fleet (48th) is incoming again, not sure what they attack (fleet, colony, whatever).


Kyphar is beating our 1200 attack force easily. We don't have another 1k there anytime soon, and we need even more. Defense is 2500.

Our Yor troop strength is just over 11k, we got some bots in the empire of less. The attack was 20 strength average.
If we assume 10 strength troops, and 6 troops per transport, we have 60 strength per transports.

2500/60 is 42, and average will probably be higher to give some extra.

We order 12 more transports to a total of 42. We stop all attacks on Kyphar, and automate not-full transports outside fleets. We keep the blockade at Kyphar, though.

We are aware that bombard could help, but Kyphar 1 has 7219M Yor main population, and we rather brute force that spot.


Sy Myrth 2 has a fleet incoming, and was sucked dry of troops. Invasion transports just left, and turn 3 ships back to drop 15 troops.

Battle 3 at Etau takes damage, but stop most of the first drop. They get repair order. Keep in mind that Crusher 1 is incoming.

Ikurro has encountered a new legendary faction. That could be handy. Dark blue also spots them, so we could hope they are north at the west edge.

The Combine Lipid are blockading a bit, and we are not sad when they declare war on XHumans. We hope they keep each other busy for a long time.

We retrofit defensive bases and spaceports as reactive armor is researched. Sadly, no change in the Capital ship size. And no retrofit for fleets (some are a bit old, but they are busy).

Still not on top of defense, troops land at Sy Myrth 2, but the colony is in no danger. Invasion fleet with 96 troops at 966K strength (not bad that 10 strength estimate) is at Calendes system next doors (small colony), but they don't need to interfere.

So much for phantom luck. They kill a mining base just west of Urd Ebeneer.

42 is a brilliant number, but we order 8 more troop transports for 50. Funds are at 2.7M, so not critical.

It seems that Sy Myrth may be a good spot to set up camp. As well as the other two spots that has been attacked. Troop transports will need time to be built and filled.

Large Spaceport to Utoa. that is the very north(east), and we are confused. Why not while at peace? There is no change in the spaceports around it, and it is not like we have been poor.

And while we wage war, Silvermist is still growing fat in the NE.

We stabilize at Sy Myrth 2, Etau, Urd Ebeneer, and repair a bit, wait for troops, intercept strike forces.... And blockade Kyphar. We are +1 in this war.

A raider peeks at Abrigau-San, the green colony SW of Urd Ebenna (our NW one). It has 1 troop with more being built. Two nearby transports with 12 battle bots are sent. They are a mere 6k strength each, though.

Our yellow friends want help against the Thela (pink). We accept (after learning that AI always accepts alliance calls). Our red friends are in on this war as well. Ikurro are only at war with us, and we are alone against the Ikurro.

We got a build order at 2.1M, after seeing lots at about 500k. We are free to build.

Uck, 12 bots at Abrigadu-San 2 are 63K, Defense with 2 troops (they are building 2 more) is 107. A battle fleet moves to blockade (the raider there struggles with the local forces). Invasion 2 receive 3 transports with 208K strength and moves to the colony.

We have a fleet admiral on a destroyer assassinated. That is pretty clever...

The 54th is incoming at Bita Dasolun Junction east of Ilukas. They have no troop transports, so they are mine or defensive base bound, and the defensive base has already been attacked.

The 53rd attack defensive base of Sy Myrth 1. 20 ships of crusher 2 and another battle fleet is there, though. 10 cruiser for Crusher 2 is stuck in construction at our SE colony.

Invasion 2 reinforces Abrigadu-San 2. It is 193K vs 168K, but we got like 20-4 in number of troops.

The Thela 20th fleet is spotted by a resupply ship on their way to Etau. A good number of troop transports. Crusher 1 at Esau is told to take up positions.

At Etau, we go a new breed of visitors. As we fight with good progress, they propose peace. We accept. Not that it stops the fighting already ongoing.

We conquer Abrigadu-San 2. Troop amounts count in quite even fights. The conquest got a troop academy (we lack that). The colony is 96%, with 3263M inhabitants, quite evenly split between Naxxilian and Ackdarians (and some small spares of various).

We have slow progress, but we can see the lack of green at the north-west, and the purple blob in the green of Kyphar. +2 colonies.

Etau braces for an attack from the 8th fleet (Ikurro, of course). Crusher 1 is going nowhere.

The empire has a carbon fiber shortage, which stalls construction. We got 5 sources.
Ilukas 3 is a source. 7403 reserved (by us).
Sy Myrth 1 is. 12662 reserved.
Sy Myrth 2 is. 18441 reserved
Etau is. 20000 reserved.
Pliados 3 is. 7600 reserved.
But how much of this is stuck, and lost forever?

A new attack is incoming to Haroon Cal, proving that conquests are wise to defend. We will welcome them with 1.5 battle fleets.

We leave the blockade at Kyphar, hoping they load a few troops. Invasion now got 38 troop transports with 228 troops at 2198k strength. Far too many battlebots at 6k are present.

Caught a bit off guard, Simriea 2 spaceport has 212 damaged components after an attack. A raider, then one more, and finally battle 3 helps. A very few troops land and die.

Long range scanners show 2 troop transports undocking from Kyphar 1. Hopefully with more troops than they arrived with.

The Ikurro reject another peace as a fleet is incoming Abrigadu-San. Battle 5 in top shape awaits. There is a decent number of troops on the colony. 4 attacking troops will eventually make the colony to meet their death.

We spot the 61st fleet crossing our territory for a gas mine. That is, away from their territory. We are encouraged by this, and send a raider to terminate that gas mine...

We decide to try again at Kyphar 1. We attack the strike fleet there with the two battle fleets, and blockade. Invasion attacks with 39 transports, and some 2200 troop strength.

The reports of the battle are at tad confused.

They suggest peace, we are fighting the mystery battle above, and remember the AI should decide. We forgot on the Thela, though (we were a tad eager to get rid of them).

The siege is not long. We conquer Kyphar 1, a 69% desert world with 11382M inhabitants, almost all of them Yor.

Invasion sheds some ships and start loading. This could take a while without a proper spaceport.

It is 2856-09-09, and we are still at war with the Ikurro.

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It seems fitting with a status, even though the war we started with is still ongoing. We finally captured the initial goals, and we had great success in shifting the tide after taking a status break in the last war, and hope we will do so again.

I will do a main forces rundown. Circles with numbers (fleet numbers).

1: Crusher 1: 29 ships after losing one, planning to hit that North Ikurro colony and destroy whatever is there. Fleets are moving to cover the area, due to this. The circle is Etau, which has had quite a few fleets attacks, including the Quameno.

2: Crusher 2: 30 ships, but 10 are not yet complete, so it is a battle fleet with extra carriers. It has some damaged carriers, but a local spaceport.
It is at Sirmirea, a place of late attention where the spaceport was almost destroyed.

3: Battle 3 is at Ilukas. Various fleets are (and have been) attacking spaceport/defensive bases, and dropping tiny loads. Battle 3 is at 13 ships, after taking a beating at Etau early on. NW of here is Sy Myrth which had early activity.

4: Battle 4 is at Kyphar, the latest conquest. It has lost 2 ships, and covers this and the above system nicely, and can get to Sy Myrth pretty fast. The system next doors has seen one attack (and has two raiders in it).

5: Battle 5 is at Abrugadu-San, the system found thinly defended and conquered. It has seen attacks. It is moving south to take over at Etau where Crusher 1 is leaving. It is full strength.

6: Battle 6 is just NE of Urd Ebenna. Two fleets have been there, and received attacks, and battle 6 has protected a mining base in the system next door just now. It will move to position 5 to take over when the fleet there shifts south. It is full strength.

7: Battle 7 is at Urd Ebenna, and has defended this with battle 6. It is full strength.

3: Battle 8 is at circle 3 (Ilukas) since the last batch of attacks. Its carriers needs repairs, otherwise it is newly refueled.

4: Battle 9 is at circle 4 (Kyphar), having been involved in attacks at the retaking.

So a couple of spare fleets in south, which is quite handy considering the green traffic.

33 ships of invasion fleet is loading troops at Kyphar. 90 troops have been picked up, but 33 ships should take twice that. Docking queue is progressing, though. It plans to head to that north green once full. 6 ships have left with the intention of leaving some troops on the colony.

We can see the Lupid Terriory 48th fleet blockading Holtumu 2 to the right of circle 3. The 10 cruisers not complete are in queue at Perul on the colony SE of this.

Green circles shows the resupply ship positions, where they mostly scan the sky, but the north is expecting Crusher 1 to refuel quite soon. Scanner cover is good now with the LSP being built at Utoa in the NE. The scanner there is online, but lots of components are not finished. A raider is protecting the build.

I built a monitoring base just NW of Sy Myrth that helps light the sky in that area. It was annoying having like 2 seconds warning of attacks.

The pirates in NW are phantoms. They are no priority now, though. I think it is the same system where we busted the phantoms a year or so before the war.

Lots of nice, continuous purple. NE has a lot of white colonies in silvermist territory. Are the silvermist under control, or about to be fed?

The Qilla has progressed on this chart. The massive Securan trade value hints that they do trade us rare resources right now. So do Qilla.

The "big ones" all have military strength between 80 and 90k. Us included.

The massive population at Kyphar 1 gives it a spot just below the middle. The high quality volcanic just north is a few steps lower (needs population).

40 destroyers have become 31, proving that raiders live a dangerous life. Some have been pressed to defensive duties a bit above their level.

300k negative cashflow, and the money is still pouring in.

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It wont affect this game but a new patch is out for the Extended mod to fix an issue with the AI behaviour of the Lemeresh if you run another game.


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Thanks for the info.

Do you think my RaceEvent crash (tech forum) could be related to playing Yor. I got it once more just now...

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Yes it could be. They are using race events others are using though so it shouldn't be an issue, must be a game bug.


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Even if it is a mod problem, the crash should be caught, though. If it bugs, just ignore the event and play on.

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I officially regret this galaxy setting. The game has been fun but:

- Saving takes like 5 minutes.
- I had to reduce my autosave interval from 20 to 35 minutes just to cope
- And it has crashed a few times lately.

My computer is a tad old, but...

It is a quad core (but with slow 4Gb memory)
DW is installed, and saved, on a SSD

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More Ikurro war

I have never been a huge utilizer of the left menu. Now I glance at attack targets, and spot 3 mining bases in the NE of the final status image above. They are in clouds shared with 2-3 other mines. The raider at NE spaceport (under building) refuels and takes a run at them.

The main idea is to hold positions, Crusher 1 to mess with that northern colony, invade it, conquer it... I hope I have wasted enough enemy troop transports that any huge stores up there are down.

Abrigadu San and Etau see attacks. It is good to have some shooting practice.

We complete research in Genetic Replication. We doubt we will see much benefits, though (automated troops apart from special circumstances).

Urd Trase 1 (north) has LSP and Defensive Base, and 1 troop. We scoop 5 northern transports (finished after being stuck in construction) with 30 troops and 183 strength, hoping that Invasion 1 won't have to do the whole trip. We discover that Crusher 1 also got 12 troops, so it should be fine.

Crusher 1 kills the spaceport and defensive base with only shield damage. They then land troops just after the transports who were not far behind.

The invasion is blitz with 20 vs 1. Urd Trase 1 is ours. It is a 61% colony with 3000M people, mostly Ackdarian.

As usual the yellows want help. This time against the Visara Kingdom (Dark green up NW).

We are at war with the Whites (Irgishoe Junction Consortium). This was not asked of us, and the AI responded to alliance call. At least as far as I can see.

There is a whole lot of wars. We got 3, as do most others. Ikurro including. White enemies got 5 wars with major players. The same has our dark green enemies, but those are pretty distant.

White war gives an option to head for rare resource on the right side. I feel this is out of character, and won't do that unless stuck with them alone, and choosing to end their eastern expansion.

Roasted rebelled. They have 68 vs 163 and should lose. This is the Riktoh colony south of Urd Ebeneer, and NE of Abrigadu San, and the white empire we are at war with is the Riktoh one.

The south has been silent, we wait for more attacks. The new north should have some protection since we have enemies up there. We had two somewhat spare fleets in the south. We move Crusher 1 one step south to Urd Ebeneer, and the defender there up, and shift fleets one defensive position northwards from the south.

The rebellion at Roosted is crushed.

We have researched the repair bot. No fleet retrofit unless we feel safe, though.

Fumble again, I accept dark green peace.

The pattern is. Enemy fleet attacks colony, defensive base, or spaceport, and a few gets away. The few charge a mining base. We scan well, and kill them there. Some raiders and the spare cruiser fleet (3 cruisers and carrier) travel around a lot.

Lots of peace is made in the galaxy, the Ikurro got only us, again. We still got the whites.

I am a good lad, and reject when whites want peace.

We are closing in on the next green systems, beyond the naxx area. A raider is peeking around (finding an empty system that could be a mining one), and heads for the southern one with no spaceport. Crusher 1 is refueling on a resupply ship, Invasion 1 is waiting at another. Both in that general area (but on our scan line, of course).

Distractions at high command allows troops to land at Etau. It is no danger though, the defenders are well trained from earlier small drops. 234 vs 849 (almost as many attackers as defenders).

The Ikurro suggest peace, we reject (AI work).

Crusher, invasion fleet, and a small fleet of extra transports head for Yaslur Minor system. We expect to have quite a lot more troops than necessary (193+36). This is the southern and minor enemy colony system just beyond the Naxxilian areas.

We order two more resupply ships. We love the scan cover, but we are heading west, and got a new northern colony with no fuel source, and no scanner. If nothing else, the resupply ship can sit there and scan a bit. And the new, empty one can take position of another which moves there.

We get the message that the Ikurro ends the war. We obviously suggested it.

It is 2859.04.16, and we area at peace (where did that white war go?)


Strange stuff. We have a distinct feeling that we conquered some more green, but that the world went under. Or something.

We are happy with the current position, and last night I wanted peace at this point. Our area is nice and interconnected, with just a few annoying trade lines crossing it.

Colonies have one added since last time, which places itself as one of the poorest of the empire. Ships are much the same, 2 extra resupply is being built, and 2 destroyers are lost.

Economy is up after end of war, but cashflow shows 231k negative. 5100k funds. And bonus income is 277, so no stress. I notice a build queue of civilians of Utoa in the north, the colony with a new large spaceport.

The securans adore us due to that 1600 trade value (+68). In addition we got noble reputation (+14). Some -4s for government and instinctive dislike does not matter much with those present. They want free trade, but the feelings are not all that strong the other way (my AI is pleased).

The NE white/cyan is still there. Maybe they finally killed the silvermist? Or are they old, fat, and lazy? Or this session was just too short for them to do the full circle?

We reached the objective of removing the Ikurro from the central galaxy. The next two could have been nice to take, but we would lose the status of a solid empire (even though the north has "uncontrolled" territory to the purple blob as of today.

The capital is free of offending foreign presence in its zone of influence. And we got our self funded Kyphar 1 colony back.

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There was two candidates for being the "big guys". Securans and Ikurro. XHuman are players, as are the larger lipids. We managed just fine.

The penalty for the weaker start (and pirate and Ackdarian early punishment) is over, even if still having cruisers stuck in build since the start of war. I got no available carbon fiber spots.

Otherwise, I guess we are contributing to the carbon fiber shortage of the galaxy by wasting lots of Ikurro ships, we did not lose that many at all (but some).

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Peace and prosperity 3

Fleets are sent back to base (distributed), and intentions are to retrofit as they are home.

A resort base at our NE is busted by a phantom fleet. We spot titan beams and mighty firepower on a capital ship.

The pirate base is very near our territory. It is spotted NE of Akthul system, and straight south of the southernmost Qilla (dark red). Crusher 1 is preparing for a trip once retrofit is done (not long). Some fleets have a bit more issues with retrofitting.

A bit rattled by the observed phantom capitals (900 power), we move Crusher 1 and Battle 7 to a system a very short jump from the pirate base. While doing this, we send a warm thanks to the inventor of ultra dense fuel cell, which allows a good range on our fleets.

Shortly they are redirected to Utoa as our scanners spot the pirate fleet incoming. They have sent escorts on a mining base in the system, but now the big guys are heading there. Battle 8 is also incoming due to some confusion with home bases, but they are very spread out. The pirates are fast in and fast out, killing the mining base, and they head back to their base. We return to original meetup outside their system.

Actually bearings show the pirates are heading for the same system too. Battle 8 is mostly at Utoa, stragglers still on the way. Could a spaceport attack be brewing? This is soon confirmed. The pirates were actually jumping to our gathering system, then jumping back.

Battle 7 and Crusher 1 make the short jump to the star of the pirate system. Battle 7 arrives first, after some order confusion, and finds the usual base, and only a couple of escorts as ships.

Battle 8 has a mind of its own, and leaves Utoa for repairs in the far south. We convince them otherwise, but it could mean they are a tad late for battle. The attack is on Akthul 5 defensive base.

At the same time Crusher 1 and battle 7 gather outside Nispes 2 defensive base.

At Akthul, the Akthul defensive base dies fast, battle 8 is too late to save it. Pirates continue to utoa spaceport in the same system.

Utoa also got a defensive base. The mighty pirate capital ship is forced to flee, and the space structures are saved. The spaceport ran out of shields, but had modest damage, the defensive base was more damaged. To command's surprise, Battle 7 arrives, and Crusher 1 is alone against the pirate base. The central commands's communication officer is fired.

The cruisers of Crusher 1 fire at the pirate base after killing the first defensive one. The Carriers are hanging back at a safe distance.

Nice loot. (but no new ship size).

Retreating pirates from Utoa arrive at the last two defensive bases. The Capital escapes again.

Crusher 1 heads for repairs at Utoa, with 1 cruiser missing.

This is silly. We have some attack warnings around utoa, hinting at a stealthed pirate destroyer in space outside. Crusher 1 hangs around, since we know the legendary ships have joined Serafor Corsairs. While poking for their base, another legendary crew arrives in the very same system as last time. We attack the base, Battle 8 turns to protect Utoa, but both spaceport and defensive base is lost as the second legendary gang attacks.

"How to set up 3 defensive bases and a pirate hideout in 2 days. In the middle of nowhere".

To add to this, the faction inheriting the first fleet surrenders as we kill their first defensive base. We inherit the 682 power Immortal Banshee that escaped twice, as well as various other previous legendaries and normal pirates, but we retire the lot.

We got the end of the line phasers, our primary weapon of choice. The regional capital is placed at Urd Ebennar

It has been quiet, but great news arrives. We have completed the Koloros Medical Academy at Ilukas 2. A colony that made the top 10 list before this happening, and has the galaxy lead afterwards. 50 colony development, 30% empire wide growth rate. Let the people breed.

The annoying thing about losing the Utoa spaceport is of course that the AI is not replacing it. Cashflow is solid negative. Bonus income is large enough to make us earn money. And there is 5+ million cash on hand.

All kinds of small stuff want to blockade. Ortain, Lipid Territory. Silliness. Ortain got 18056 military strength. Crusher 1 got 14880 firepower alone.

Writing that, something shakes up the situation, though.

We accept, of course (always accept). We are at war with the white team.

Things are not looking well for team white. They are at war with us, the dark red (qilla), Free Trassetan Harmony (medium blue), Grand Ruunadan (yellow), XHuman Authority (medium red), and the Ackdarian dynasty (light blue).

Yet another Irgishoe war

We have had a lot of wars with no fighting...

Looking at the map, their capital is not far NW of our north colony. We are not trying to capture the capital early, though. The capital system got 3 colonies. There are some minor systems around that will be early targets due to our "move borders" policy. The far east colony is called Zentabia, but that is not our first move of the war. The war with the blues over there could cost them some colonies, though.

Also, their number of wars could lead to some peace action quite soon. And will others join the fray?

Fleet orders are given. Crusher 1 is central, and moves NW. Generally fleets follows. A fleet in NE moves to the very north colony of little infrastructure. Crusher 2 is at Ilukas far south, and moves towards the middle. Invasion is at the capital (southish), and moves to Urd Ebenna with its 50 transports (and one destroyer) containing 301 troops at 3386558 strength. Fleets are drawn NW, but the south is not forgotten with 3 battle fleets staying down there.

Roasted follows their tradition at war white the whites, and rebels. We expect the rebellion to be crushed again.

The treasurer got into spending mood at the start of war. LSP for Kyphar 1(the stubborn conquest near home). They also suggest 1.4M of ships, but we are in no hurry to build. The fleets were restored to full strength while at peace, and are retrofitted with top of the line weaponry (at last the phasers are).

A resupply ships moves to a nice planet near their influence borders. It should catch some of traffic heading our way, if any.

Trassetan (medium blue) is out of the war. We spot a major colony south of the capital, and it sports a large spaceport and 3 defensive bases. Stupid rushes are not advised.

The colony furthest south has a single military ship present, and a whole lot of troops 60? 90? And a bunker. Battle 6 made a visit and plans to stay.

XHumans are out of the war.

A bit hesitant, invasion arrives and performs a test drop at the rather well defended duren 2. As we drop, they suggest peace (we reject, AI business). It reveals 37 vs 2186. Invasion is told to drop its full load (3299 more). Needless to say, odds will be in the area of 2200 vs 3300 at the start.

Rarely has a capital ship died that fast. An enemy capital arrived, and battle 6 and crusher 1 was there watching the troop drops. Crusher 1 remembers that it has 9 troops, and drop them as well.

Raider Utoa is bored. It keeps visiting promising mining systems, finding nothing to kill. The Whites have had way too many wars with the yellows and others.

Crusher 1 thinks watching is boring. It attacks Oklois spaceport to the north. It has no weapons (?), no graphics (new?), and 3 defensive bases around it. There is also another colony in the system, having 1 defensive base.

We spot an enemy fleet headed for the Yellow capital system. Interestingly enough, the Yellow cap system is their south one, got a wonder and a Naxxilian majority. It is the former Naxx capital, and they either decided to move theirs to wealthier grounds, or lost their own. They do still control the system giving the name of their empire, though. Another fleet is heading for our invasion spot. Battle 6 is there and should do just fine if they arrive.

Crusher 1 disintegrates the spaceport shell, and engages defensive bases. This colony too seems to hold some 60 troops. The minor colony also has comparable numbers. The Irgishoe is fond of their colony based troops (with good reason, considering how hard it is to stop troop drops).

The land battle at Duren 2 is progressing well. Battle 6 waits for the incoming fleet, and Invasion is ordered to move to a nearby system in case of enemy arrivals.

Crusher 1 finishes the 3 defense bases, and moves on to the single one defending the other colony.

To the north, our allied fleet is pounding a defensive base at the capital. The base has run out of shields, and things don't look too bad. The spaceport is not near being finished, and don't fire.

Crusher 1 finishes its task, and joins in the attack with a charge at another defensive base at Irgishoe Junction 1.

Crusher 1 arrives, and our allies has taken a beating, being on the way out. They got their base, though. As battle rages, Duren 2 is captured, and invasion fleet is told to load troops (which will take a while). It should be no great surprise that Crusher 1 has good progress. They suffer 1 damaged armor on 1 carrier.

Our ally is also tidying up the structures in the enemy system just to the left of the capital. Our dark red ally arrives at the newly conquered Duren 2.

Duren 2 is a 79% continental with a 2323M population. Just about half of them are Riktoh (whites), but a huge minority is Ortain (dark blues).

Kyphar 1 has finished its LSP. We are eagerly awaiting news of another spaceport project (there are some northern candidates). Ship build suggestions are at 1.4 million.

Not much is observed heading our way, two strike fleets are crossing our northern lands heading for their eastern colonies. A peek at diplomacy shows them to have just below 50k military strength. We got 113k. Yellows got 45k. Our dark red friends 140k. They are in trouble, as none of their enemies have a second war. And the ackdarians are still in too, but they are weak (13k).

The fleet that was incoming for our new conquests, seems to change its mind and head south. Way south, to Ikurro lands in line with our southern colonies. They are allied, and we assume the fuel situation is a bit critical in white lands.

The start of these war was a mess, potential trigger is Qilla on Ikurro, but we are not sure if the log is in chronological order for events happening at the same date.

Crusher 1 is out of work, and decides to visit the large spaceport one step north. The yellows are there already.

Sure, sure. And now we will remember that they got a mining base in our territory (in former ikurro lands around Kyphar 1).

Irgishoe and Ackdar make peace. We are doomed, now they can throw all their forces at us. Or something.

Yellows, reds, purples... The spaceport at ubas 1 will be very dead. The photo of the event went missing in processing.

Crusher 1 eyes the regional capital further north, but decides to refuel at the resupply ship deployed SE of our new conquest.

The ikurro blockade two in the west. The ortain 1 in the east. The original (lighter) lipids heads for one in the SW. Our empire is a camp site. The Ikurro in the west are probably not so much blockading, as having ceremonies in remembrance of their countless troops and ships lost in battles at Etau and Abrigadu-San 2.

Sy Myrth 1 is hit by a massive quake. Terraforming is probably incoming. Or not, they are more busy building a giant ion cannon. (Eventually terraforming starts, of course).

The XHumans offer free trade. Confused beings - they are supposed to hate us, since we possess their former (now ours) wealthy, northern, core colony. We leave the decision to the diplomacy core, though. (We are delighted, so it would not amaze me if one shows up soon).

The spaceport Crusher 1 decided was one too far, is busted by the Qilla 72nd fleet of 25 ships.

Invasion discovers that its troops have improved. Once 253 is lifted, they are 4035k strength (total load was 3200), and sets sail north with battle 6. They attack the Naxxilian Oklois of better quality, rather than the less wealthy boskara colony in the system.

At Oklois, our allies are having a fight with some locals and a new spaceport. We shake things up a bit. About 1900 strength on defense should not be enough to stop us...

As the Ackdar blockade Geminur Prime, we can't help chuckle at our former tormentors. Their capital ship got far less firepower than our destroyers.

As we capture Oklois, invasion fleet is told to load its troops again. Oklois is a 83% continental moon, with a population of 4598M, where a majority is Naxxilian. Tairoshan and Riktoh also got a solid presence. The colony is the site of the Monastery of Tar Murdin Major, which grants the colony a 25% development bonus.

LSP to Utoa. The one lost to the legendary pirates. Yes, please.

AI is boss, Visera peace offer rejected.

As invasion has lifted 211 (of assumed 258) troops, they are told to attack Tar Murdin Major 2, the other colony of the system. The defense will be 1450K, the attacking force over 4000K

Free Trade with the Xhumans. Disgusting.

We take control of Tar Murdin Major 2, and the system is ours. Invasion that has been refueling is ordered to load troops to get some back. Apart form that we plan on staying quiet while hoping for peace.

Tar Murdin Major 2 is a 63% volcanic planet, the population is just above 5000M and almost all of them are Boskara.

The Irgishoe - Qilla war ends.

We have researched Torrent Drives, and are happy with that. We are not so happy on the next focus being Fusion Balance. The lure of megascale construction escapes us.

Mystery! We spot an enemy fleet going along our territory and aiming for a gas cloud south of our empire. We send a raider to visit that system.

War is over. We obviously suggested, and for some not too weird reason, they accepted. And the mystery about that gas cloud is unsolved as the fleet heading there turns to retrofit.

It is 2869.05.06 and we are at peace (I thought we had a green one too?).


3 colonies gotten, more land to the NW. One colony was pretty nice.

From the national comparisons.

We are 2nd in population. Qilla is a bit ahead, Ikurro is pretty even with us. The rest are from a bit, to a lot behind.
We are also 2nd in territory. Qilla is again ahead. By some margin.
We are 5th in economy. I guess our cute military dictatorship are no economic masters. Thela (of all) is top, followed by Ikurro.
2nd again in strategic value. Qilla is again top. The way of darkness is showing... way.
And the same is the case for military strength. We are 2nd with some distance to the ones below.

Ilukas 2 is the third best colony in the galaxy at this time. It has run out of fluid and spice. Nasty thing, that. Other empires own small quantities there, they should learn to reserve.

We took 2 systems with 3 colonies in the NW. The reds have a host of new colonies in the former Silvermist country where red, white and light blue meet. Some are probably conquests from whites, some are fresh.

Oklois barely makes the top list, the other new ones not. There are more colonies than Ilukas 2 that miss goodes, some still got. We got supplies from our Dark Red Allies and the whites, who we were at war with until 1 day ago. Weird.

Some rare goodies for major colonies could bump tax income enough to even the cashflow. And we may see some spaceports in the north.

We fought a war, conquered 3 colonies, busted defensive bases and spaceports... And did not lose a single ship. 1 armor damaged. Repaired by repair bots (yay).

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