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Supply and Target Questions

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Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 5:22:51 AM   


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Two quick newb questions.

First, why doesn't supply drop by as much each day as I expect? I have, for example, 5000 supplies, with a need of 1200. But, next day, I have 4900 supplies, and a need of 1200 still. I was under the impression that the "need" is deducted (as used) from the number I currently have. I do not see where other supplies are getting added here (there is no slash with another number, like at Truk).

Second, several of my ground units will have a target followed by a slash and a number, like "Port Moseby/59". Or, they may say "At Target/1" (there'll be other numbers as well--the Port Moseby has numbers 60, 59, 60, 56, 59. And, the "At Target" has 6, 7, 5).


Chad S.
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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 7:17:08 AM   


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your question 1: i think the 'supply need' # is based on 'per month' requirements of LCUs in the hex. the 'need' will stay constant, unless you bring more units into the base. so absent other needs (sending supply to outlying LCUs, paying for LCU rebuilds/replacements, paying for air-unit missions/repairs/repls, etc.), your 5k supply would keep your LCU happy for 4 months. but 5k ain't nearly enough to support combat ops, bring in more!

question 2: this is your planning %age, you want it to be 100. if you're defending Port Moresby, you want LCUs present at PM to read 'At Target 100', and units shipping in to PM to read 'Port Moresby 100'. but if you're secure at PM, and want to attack Buna, you have to change the Target to Buna. IIRC, the planning %age needs to be >50 to have a possible positive effect. LCUs placed in 'rest/training' mode will plan faster than those in other modes, the possible increase is also affected by having abundant supply, having a decent LCU leader, having an LCU HQ unit present (w/ a decent leader of its own), having low fatigue/disruption, etc.

check out this post wrt leaders,
where you can improve a unit's combat effectiveness by paying PPs to change its leader.

ground combat effectiveness is increased by high planning %age. & don't even think of conducting an Amph or Para assault w/ units that aren't 95+ planned for their Target!

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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 3:48:47 PM   


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I thought I had read that the "Need" was the number of supplies needed per day, which is why I wasn't sure. Same for the value after the /...thought that was daily "income" (in supply, of course). I'll re-read.

On Planning Percentage--good to know, and I think that would make sense with what I had. So, this represents the unit's familiarity with the target, correct? Equivalent to studying the mission plan, I take it?

I'm still playing Guadalcanal as the Japanese. I didn't realize they had so few troops in the area ready/able to get to Guadalcanal when the US landed. The accounts I'd read made it sound much more back-and-forth, almost on a daily basis. I suppose once some reinforcements arrive, I'll start to see some of that.

So, my troops arriving in Truk, I should set their "future Op" to Guadalcanal in order to be prepared to take it back?

One final new question on planning...So, if I attack a hex, and take it, is it expected that I then begin to "plan" for the next hex? In other words, there isn't really any momentum to push through a few hexes in a short time--each one needs to be planned for independently?

Thanks to all!

Chad S

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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 6:06:14 PM   

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As the Allies, you'll want to max all of your front line base's supply to their stacking limits. You have an endless pool of supply, just gotta move it forward where it's needed. If a base is ever attacked with combined air, bombardment and ground attack (ie 'invaded'), you'll need small mountains of supply as hundreds of tonnes will be destroyed daily due to combat. Any base with only 5000 supplies will be in the red within a week, and begin suffering Supply(-) penalties in combat.

Just ask Marines at Midway in my previous PBEM. They ran out of beans LONG before they ran out of fight. Had I staged 50k more supplies at Midway, they could have outlasted the invasion. I'll never let that happen again. I'll be building fortifications with my supply crates in all future battles.


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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 6:21:37 PM   

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BTW, as I understand it the 'supply needed' calculation to display that number is very simple. It is the previous day's supply used x 30. So, the day after the unit engages in combat (which uses a lot of extra supply) its 'supply needed' display number will skyrocket but then come back down the next day.


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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 7:59:05 PM   

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One of the primary reasons the Japanese lost the Guadalcanal campaign was their "victory disease" - they continually underestimated the strength required to successfully push the Americans off the island, and so continually committed far too small of a force to accomplish their objective. When they finally started getting serious about it, Henderson Field (and Fighter Strip One) were continually operable and able to completely shut down any serious attempts to retake the island.

In any case, I'd like to add that if you know you'll be landing unopposed, you can get away with having low (or no) preparation for your target on an amphibious landing. But if you do land against opposition with little or no prep, you can expect massive disruption and disabling of squads/devices. I've found, in my newbie bumbling, that having CAs and BBs capable of suppressing shore batteries somewhat mitigates the disruption/disabling, but it's still pretty bad.

As for pushing through multiple hexes, if there is no base or dot base in the hex then planning makes no difference. Also, as I understand it, if the opposing forces are also not prepared for the base/dot base in question, then there is no positive or negative modifier for preparation for either side (vets, feel free to jump in here...). For example, if you were to make the allies retreat from Buna into the hex between Buna and Moresby, and then follow them there: since that hex has no base, prep doesn't matter for either side.

Example 2: the allies have Tassafaronga and Lunga but all of their forces are at and prepared for Tassafaronga. You invade Tassafaronga (taking it) and the allied units retreat to Lunga. You then pursue to Lunga, and all forces on both sides are prepared for Tassafaronga. In that case, no prep bonuses or penalties on either side. (It would be a good idea to begin prepping for Lunga, however, in case you are in for a long siege.)

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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 8:21:15 PM   


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Excellent info! Thanks to all!!

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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 8:42:03 PM   


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OK, I may be beating a dead horse, but no one mentioned this, so I just want to confirm--the rulebook does indeed indicate that the value for "supplies needed" is a "per day" value. So is any value after the slash, which is what is being produced by the base.

I take it this is an error, and that those should both indicate "per month." Is that correct? Text attached below:


Supplies on hand (1728), Supplies Required (417) per day in order to function
at full efficiency, Fuel (200), and Fuel Requested (1500), which indicates how
much fuel this base is asking for in order to conduct normal operations. If
a slash and a second number follows either of these values, the number to
the right of the slash is the number of these items produced per day at this

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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/25/2012 9:35:43 PM   
Gräfin Zeppelin

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It is per month. However keep in mind that combat operations can burn through supply really quick.


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RE: Supply and Target Questions - 9/26/2012 4:22:19 AM   

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Supply is a tricky concept in this game!
Firstly, "Supply Required" is indeed the BARE MINIMUM amount needed per month to keep up with daily usage, using last turn as the daily rate.
Second, bases will try to get to at least twice their monthly requirement because some activities require OVER 2X supply levels to occur. I forget which actiivities - it might be something like supplying ammo to ships or conducting bombing ops - check the manual.
Thirdly - when the base gets to 3X the required supply it will allow yet more things to take place, like using some of its supply to replace equipment. Again, see the manual.
Fourthly - That number that sometimes appears in brackets after the "Supply Required" number seems to me to represent the number of months supply on hand at the moment i.e. actual supply level divided by supply requirement.
Fifthly - Some actions like replacing aircraft or creating PT boat or barges require that the base have a minimum of 20,000 supply on hand. I am not sure if supply requirements are looked at by the game engine before deciding whether to let you have an aircraft or not - I don't think so. In addition to supply, your industry pool must show that you have produced the appropriate type of aircraft for the replacement. As aircraft are taken supply does get used - the game engine deems some of that 20,000+ supply to be aircraft and reduces the total as it makes them appear.

Fuel is only needed for ships and industry. Every base seeks to have a minimum amount on hand, but if you never refuel ships there and there is no industry, don't worry about the fuel needs. DO put some fuel at front line bases for PTs and subs to use. Subs cannot refuel from other ships, even AOs.
The fuel used by aircraft and vehicles is considered to be in drums and is part of supply. That is one reason why air ops use so much supply.


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