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KHAARKOV 42 - 8/11/2012 8:28:08 PM   

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Pour les francophones, l'AAR est en français à cette adresse:


Here is an AAR on the Second Battle of Kharkov.
I play the Germans against Micke II who plays Russians.

The choices made are the most realistic:
C & C: ON.
Disable Heavy Precipitation: OFF.

I will also take advantage of this AAR that will be detailed enough to make some comments on the game.

May 12 1942/Turn 1 Russian:

The Russians trigger a major offensive in the Kharkov area.

South of the city, the troops of the 40th Soviet Army attack the German VIII Corps and break through the 62nd German Infantry Division.
One of his regiments suffers heavy casualties and is pushed westward while the Soviet armored brigades encircle two other regiments.
For the Germans, the surprise is complete.

A little further south, the 57th Soviet Army attacks Romania's VI Corps of the 17th German Army.
The Romanians retreat initially and then recover and manage to stop the Red hordes at the cost of heavy losses.

But in the north-east of Kharkov, the situation is hardly better.

North of Belgorod, two Soviet divisions (the 76th and 293th) push the 1st Regiment of the 57th German division and cross the Donets.

Worse, the line of the Donets is forced only 40 km from Kharkov by the 81st Division of the 38th Soviet Army.

For the 2 German divisions (79th and 294th) of VIII Corps who hold this front over a distance of 60 km (!), the situation is very worrying.

There are heavy losses for the first round.

Especially for the 62nd German division facing the fury of the Soviet tanks south of Kharkov;
division is in the process of complete destruction.

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RE: KHAARKOV 42 (no Micke II) - 8/18/2012 3:46:01 PM   

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In fact, i'll wait until the game has ended to continue this AAR.
Thus, Micke II may intervene if he wishs.
We are at present time in the 6th round of the 8.

In the meantime, let us do a little reminder of the victory conditions.

The Germans start with 63 victory points (VP) which is a draw if the game ends on this score.

Now, if the germans finish with 62 VP, it is a minor russian victory.
If they end with 58 VP or less, this is a major victory for Russia.

At the opposite, if they end with 64 VP, this is a minor german victory.
And with 65 VP and beyond, it is a major victory for Germany.

So we can see, there is little difference between a minor russian victory and a major german victory.
For cons, a russian major is quite difficult to achieve a priori.

Now, except Kharkov, Poltava and Dniepropetrovsk, capturing a city is worth 1 VP.

When you look at the map starting, you note that it seems pretty easy to quickly capture a town by russians.
Indeed, Belgorod, Balakleja, Krasnograd, Sagovshina and Slawjiansk are quite close to the front at the start.
However, if Balakleja is a fairly easy task for russians, Krasnograd is a little more remote and Slawjiansk is difficult of access for the russians given its position on the edge of the map and its geography/topography favorable to the defence.

The russians will have to ensure capture a town fairly quickly if they want to finish with at least a minor victory.
And given their higher means than those of germans, it seems widely possible.

However, they must also be careful not to lose a town already in their possession at the start.
Losowaya and especially Barwenkowo are quite exposed at qtart and it is the only sector where the germans dominate slightly the russians.

However, if the russians want a major victory, they will have to take big risks to conquer more towns or will aim squarely Kharkov, which, given the problems of organization of the Red Army at this time and counter attacks capacity of the germans may be very difficult to obtain.

The german player should easily prevent the russians to get a major victory.
By cons, he will be almost forced to go on the offensive somewhere on the front if he wants to win the game and probably, he will have to conquer more russian towns than he loses which is far from being easy.


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 (no Micke II) - 8/19/2012 11:19:47 AM   

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Game over.
Micke II may add comments if he wishes

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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 8/22/2012 5:46:10 PM   

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May 12 1942/Turn 1 German:

In the german side, the surprise is so complete that the 2 armored divisions stationed in the suburbs of Kharkov are not alerted to the situation.
We'll have to do without them for 2 days.

Back to the front where the situation is serious.

In the center, two regiments of the 9th German division are surrounded by the Soviet masses.
Only chance of success: attack and push back the tanks of the 38th Armoured Brigade enemy which closes the pocket. This is the weakest point.

The attack takes place at dawn on May 13: only the two regiments encircled can attack but the other 2 out of the pocket are ready to receive survivors.
The attack was preceded by a raid of Stukas which caused damage and Soviet brigade is totally surprised by the attempt of German output, against all odds, succeeds in destroying Russian tanks.

The division is temporarily saved.

To the east of Kharkov, the Germans do everything they can to reduce the Soviet bridgehead.
General Halder at the head of OKH makes a surprise visit to the headquarters of the XVII Corps to revise the staff: the situation requires it.

And 3 of the 4 regiments of the 294th division helped by one regiment of the 79th division make a concentric attack on enemy with the help of a strong air support and a artillery barrage coming from a independant regiment detached from the 6th Army.

The attack is successful, the germans pusk back the 81st infantry division behind the river.
Meanwhile, all the bridges are blown on the Donets.

But there are no reasons to be optimist, given the observation reports on the amount of russian troops available on the other side.

Curiously, further south, the salient held by the German LI Corps is not attacked, the Russians seem rather defensive in this area.

By cons, there is danger in the area of Mereta in the south of Kharkov, only held by the Romanian 108th division.
It quickly gets the reinforcement of the 113th German Division and a Flak regiment (with 88mm guns) and a small battalion of Stug III.
This forestry sector must be held so that russians units could go directly to the center of Kharkov.

In the area of Krasnograd, the VIII Corps receives reinforcements from two regiments of the 213rd Security Division arriving by train from OKH headquarter's.
In addition, another division of the VIII Corps (the 454th security) abandons Sagovshina to reinforce defense of Krasnograd.

The 454th division is immediately replaced by the Romanian 4th Division at Sagovshina.

The 17th German army of Von Salmuth was made aware of the situation and orders of the high command are clear: do all what is in your power to relieve the 6th Army and go up the north towards Izium.
In fact, the III Corps is the only one which has an armored division, the 14th.

At dawn on 13 May, it is the beginning of the attack.

This is the 51st Infantry Division Soviet which pays the price.
Its first regiment is pushed easily on Barvenkowo but the Germans will however try to avoid this town at first time.

Then the 14th Pz bringing together all its elements, make a breakthrough against the other two regiments of the enemy division and continues 20 km to the north.
Russians are practically destroyed.

And the 14th turns east and with the exception of his armored regiment, make a pincer attack towards Barvenkowo with the help of the 100th German Division attacking from the south.

The 2nd regiment of the 51st Soviet Division is nearly dislocated by the German attack but the 3rd regiment of the Soviet 333rd infantry division well entrenched in the city for several days, holds the shock and stops the Germans a few kilometers from the city center, despite the aviation bombardment and the german artillery.

Barvenkovo has withstood the shock but there is now a hole in the front held by the 9th Soviet Army.

Balance losses of turn 1:

Situation at the end of the turn:

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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 8/24/2012 5:25:05 PM   

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May 14 1942/Turn 2 Russian:

Russian pressure decreases slightly.
In particular, they do not attempt any attack across the Donets, they just shell the German positions with their aviation but especially
with their artillery which causes some losses to our troops.
Belgorod only suffered a massive assault from the 76th and 293rd Soviet divisions that had crossed the Donets two days earlier.
But the Russian attack is quickly out of breath at the price of severe losses (600 versus 100).

In the center, the Russians do not attempt any encirclement but take revenge on the 62nd Infantry Division who managed to break its encirclement earlier.
A second regiment is virtually annihilated by the Russian armors and infantry.

Further south, in the area of Losowaya, the 57th Soviet Army continues to push towards the southwest.
Romanians bend under the shock; by cons, the germans of the 298th Infantry Division hold the shock.

Finally, in the south-east, the germans are dominating.
Realizing the danger, the Russians shorten their lines by giving a little ground and focusing troops on the road linking Losowaya to Izium.
The 9th soviet army doesn't counter-attack the 14th Pz but still remains at Bavenkovo.

Losses are balanced again and are heavy for the two sides (10000 for each side from the beginning).


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 8/25/2012 1:38:02 AM   


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A most excellent AAR! Love the narrative and the screenshots are superb!

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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 8/26/2012 7:08:58 PM   

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May 14 1942/Turn 2 Germans:

Here it is, the 3rd and 23rd Pz which was rested in the outskirts of Kharkov are now available to Paulus.
The problem is to know what to do with.

However, in the north, the situation is critical.
It can already be considered as almost miraculous to have managed to push back the Soviet 81st division 2 days ago but russians have an impressive amount of men and materials behind the Donetz river.
If they go on offensive and successfully cross the Donets, the XVII and XXIX Corps German which control only 4 german infantery division won't be able to stop them.

In this sector, the Germans simply use their heavy artillery to shell large Soviet concentrations.

Further south, in the south-east of Kharkov and in particular in the German salient of Balakleja, everything is quiet and the Russians even seem quite weak.

Paulus is facing a serious dilemma: should he send his Panzers to the north to hold or break the Soviet assault or at contrary,
should he send them in the salient held by the German LI Corps to breakthrough the line of the 38th Soviet Army then go towards Izium or in the area of Krasnograd to rescue the VIII Corps in distress?

In fact, he must wait for the results of the offensive of Von Salmuth's 17th German Army.

In the center, the VIII Corps who received 2 security regiments from OKH has been placed in hedgehog with the help of the small river in the south.
The two regiments of the 62nd reduced to 300 men only retreat both to Krasnograd.

The 4th Romanian division which hold Sagovshina took the opportunity to blow the bridges.
But the situation in this sector very critical.

Fortunately, further east, the 17th Army continues its progression towards the north.

Von Mackensen which controls the III Corps leaves complete initiative to the 14th Pz.

This one continues to go north, crushes under its tracks remains of the 2 Soviet regiments of the 51st division which still stand in the way, reaches the road connecting Losowaya to Izium and falls right on a Russian genius regiment and an anti-tank regiment while moving.
This last one is completely destroyed by the charge of Panzers supported by airstrikes while sappers survivor owe their salvation by crossing the Donets rapidely and going deeper into the forest.
The road to Izium is cut.

Taking benefit of the road Bavenkovo-Izium, motorized engineering German units goes behind the fighting and finally reaches Izium.
One bridges on the Donets is now blocked by the Germans. One of the two roads that ensure the supply of two Soviet armies in the west is cut.

In the same time, the mountain divisions of De Angelis's XXXX Corps with strong artillery support push back 20 km north 1 regiment of the 333rd Soviet infantry division.

Barvenkovo is almost isolated.

Finally, the 14th Pz curves its trajectory towards the east and inflicts heavy losses to Russian troops in the west.
The latter fall back in disorder.
This Panzer division still remains a little bit exposed at counter-attacks but fortunately, the 60th mechanized division has arrived from the south and reaches the west of Barvenkovo on May 15 evening. It should be able to lend a hand to the 14th Pz from May 16.

So, the news that comes to Von Paulus from Von Salmuth are pretty good.

Decision is taken in the evening of May 14: 3rd and 23rd Panzer Division must go to the Balakleja's salient held by the LI Corps.

Paulus himself warns Stecker which controls the XVII Corps: he will receive no relief next days.
Stecker makes a quick visit to the 79th Infantry Division which is on the hottest spots: they must hold at all costs.

The Russians have 4000 additional losses.


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 8/26/2012 7:10:36 PM   

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ORIGINAL: RedCharlie65

A most excellent AAR! Love the narrative and the screenshots are superb!

Thanks but i am a bit surprised.
IMHO, my english is limit. I am a good french.

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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 8/29/2012 7:14:39 PM   

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May 16 1942/Turn 3 Russian:

The Russians intensify their attacks on the whole front. Fortunately, they are a bit dispersed.

In the north, Belgorod is again attacked by 2 sides, but our troops are holding. The Russians lose 900 men in vain.

Then the Russians attempt to cross the Donets further south in several places.
The 79th German division boosted by Stecker pushes back, not without difficulty, 2 large-scale attacks.

Unfortunately, the Russians also attack at the junction between the 79th Division and 294th.
The first regiment of the 294th division gives in under pressure and abandons more than 1000 men on field.
The 22nd Russian Armoured Corps crosses the river but can not exploit the breakthrough.
Chugulev is only 20 km far away.

The 3rd regiment of the division that is in the forest in a loop of the Donetz is also attacked but this time, the Germans firmly entrenched behind the river hold their position in spite of the Russian numerical superiority.

Finally, the salient of Balakleja is also attacked and broken through on 10 km.

In the south, it is not better.

The Russians accentuate the pressure on Krasnograd by directly attacking while attempting a bypass by the north with their armored brigades.

The sector of Sagovschina is also attacked but Romanians hold.
Same thing south of Losowaya where the Russians fail but their cavalry manages to seep between the 2 towns.

Finally, the Russians abandon Barwenkowo and the hills to escape any encirclement and try to counter-attack our troops with the help of the 24th Armoured Corps attacking from Izium but they fail.

Losses are heavy with 7000 men for the Russians and almost 6000 for the Germans in addition.

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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 8/29/2012 7:48:33 PM   


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ORIGINAL: rominet


ORIGINAL: RedCharlie65

A most excellent AAR! Love the narrative and the screenshots are superb!

Thanks but i am a bit surprised.
IMHO, my english is limit. I am a good french.

You do very well! Your narrative is straight-forward and to the point. I would loved to have seen another AAR from your friend's (Russian) point of view as well. I had actually just started this scenario against the AI the other day. These AARs are perfect for learning the game from others. I'm still learning how this game works. Reading and watching AARs as much as I can.

Please keep them coming!

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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 8/31/2012 5:43:57 PM   

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May 16 1942/Turn 3 Germans:

In the salient of Balakleja, the Panzers are getting impatient.
What is surprising is that despite their proximity to the Russians, these last one don't seem to have perceived the danger and they haven't made any significant movement
in order to strengthen the 38th Soviet Army. Only 2 divisions (in fact, 2 regiments of the 300th and 304th in full) hold eastern Balakleja.

The order to attack finally comes, the Panzers are going down to the southeast.

In a few hours, with the help of a artillery shelling and air raids, the Soviet front is broken through, the Russians leaving more than 3000 men on the field.

On the evening of May 17, Paulus is satisfied, he just received a message:
the second and last bridge which allow the Russian supplies moving to the western Donets has been taken by the Germans.

All Soviet troops which are west of the Donets are going to have serious supply troubles in the coming days, which is a great news,
especially for the VIII Corps troops defending Krasnograd and facing real Soviet hordes.

The attack south-east of Balakleja makes sense only if , in the same time, the southern route is securely locked by the Germans.
This is the task of the 17th german army.

German reinforcements are arriving by the road of Izium which must be hold.

An attack is attempted in order to block final passage on the Donets and to capture several Soviet units.
The 14th Panzer attacks from the north-west, the 101th division from the south.

A Russian regiment is destroyed in the battle but an enemy artillery regiment in the hills manages to hold in extremis.
What a pity!.

Feeling the danger of a possible re-open of the road by the Soviets present in large quantity at Izium, the Germans attack towards west to widen their corridor.

In two days, 4,000 Russians are knocked out, four regiments are destroyed and only the 2nd regiment of the 351st Soviet infantry division survives and temporarily stops the Germans.

In the same time, the 298th German division leaves his defensive position in the south and takes position on the west flank of the 17th army.

Further south, because of the threat of Soviet cavalry, Romanians retreat to Pavlograd.

Between the 3rd PzD and 14th PzD, the bottleneck is no longer than 20 km wide but the terrain is very favorable to the defense, especially in the south.

Finally, in the north, the Germans don't launch any attack and simply shorten their lines by leaving a little ground, especially in the woods of the small loop of the Donets.
In this sector, we need to save time and to slow the enemy advance if possible.

Maximun is also made to surround the Soviet 22nd Tank Corps.
Fortunately, the 389th German infantry division coming from the north-east of Kharkov arrives in the area of Chugulev.

In the south of Belgorod, the situation has worsened for the Germans who have been forced to send multiple units in the south, in order to close the breach on the Donetz made by the 22nd Russian Tank Corps.
No doubt the next clash against the 79th Division will be the good one for the russians.

The Russians have suffered 8,000 casualties in addition.

And the 6th and 57th Soviet armies may have supply problems in the coming days.

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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 9/2/2012 6:55:01 PM   

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May 18 1942/Turn 4 Russian:

The Russians replicate violently.

In the south, sector of the 17th army, battle comes almost 24 hours for the control of the bridge on Donetz at the west of Izium.
The Russians do everything they can, supported by an artillery barrage and even aviation.
Finally, the Germans attacked in concentric attack, retreat. Russian units from the hills can join their lines.
Over 1000 men are lost for each side besides hardware and tanks.

A little further south-east, the Russians inflict heavy losses to a regiment of the 384th German division which was pursuing the enemy along the left bank of the Donetz. The Germans are pushed back.
The Russians obviously don't pursue and retreat towards Izium.
The Germans have lost 800 men in the battle versus only 500.

By cons, in the west, the Russians do not seem determined, they don't even try to move north of Krasnograd.
There is even movements towards the east.
The Russian attacks in the north and east of Krasnograd do nothing, the Germans hold the field.

In contrast, the Russians continue to engulf quite heavily by the breach between Sagovschina and Losowaya and
attempt to outflank the 4th Romanian division in the sector of Sagovschina.

Even Pavlograd, where refugees of the remnants of the 1st Romanian Division are, is not immune to a fast attack.

Finally, in the area of Balakleja, the Russians are now aware of the danger and have sent everything they can, it seems, to encircle the two PzD in spearhead.

But the events are much more dramatic in the north.

In fact, this time, the front of the Donets breaks literally into pieces.

The 1st attack completely pulverizes a regiment of the 79th division, only 200 engineers can escape.
2000 German are killed versus only 200 Russian soldiers.
The Russians exploit the breakthrough and create a permanent separation between the XXIX Corps which hold Belgorod and the XVII Corps.

In the same time, east of Kharkov, the Soviet 38th Army expands its bridgehead and completely destroys another German regiment belonging to the 294th division.
In one day, the XVII Corps has lost a quarter of its starting troops (i.e. 4000 men).

Only consolation: Russian attacks fail completely in the southeast and especially in the northwest of Belgorod, held high fight by the first regiment of the 57th Division (2300 losses for Russia versus 200).
This defensive victory is capital as Belgorod is now threatened by encirclement from the south, but fortunately, the north held good.

These attacks have cost 6000 men to Germany and 5000 to Russia.


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 9/25/2012 7:25:06 PM   

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May 18 1942/Turn 4 Germans:

In the south, the objective of the Germans is to ensure as much as possible the best defensive position along the Donetz and to be able to send fast units towards Losowaya. There is no question of trying to cross the river, it would be a foolish enterprise.

The Germans therefore begin to regain ground lost previously in the southwest of Izium but they had to engage the whole 14th PzD, then making it partly unavailable for operations westward.
The attack costs 700 casualties to the Germans but the Russians are pushed back across the river towards Izium, leaving nearly 2,000 men on the floor.
The bridge over the Donets is quickly blown by german engineers.

Alas, the German attack against the Soviet bridgehead in the hills south of Izium is breaking its teeth against Russian defenders, in spite of artillery and air attacks.
The Germans lose 1,000 men against 400 for Russian.
This is annoying because it will need more troops to contain the Russians if they want to try to regain Barvenkowo.

Meanwhile, on the left flank of the 17th Army, the Germans are making a bad joke to russians.

While elements of the 14th PzD but especially of the 60th Motorized Division and the 1st Infantry Division occupy 3 russian regiments positioned north-east of Losowaya on the road, the 4th Regiment of the 60th motorized division bypasses everyone from the south and with the help of the 298th Infantry Division captures Losowaya in the back of the Russians.
It is a very unexpected success.

by this audacious hit, the Germans have therefore captured their 2nd Russian city (after Barwenkowo) which gives them their 65 PV for a major victory.
So now, i'll try to keep the towns i have, while obviously, in a great campaign, i would look primarily to complete the encirclement of the Soviet armies engaged too far
in the west, then destroy them.
Unless prestige points are attached to them (only in a large campaign), towns are not real objectives.

The objective of the Germans from now is to keep all their cities.

In the area of Balakleja, Russians now have gathered large amounts of troops all around the 2 PzD and block them in this spearhead position.
The chances of progression are now very slim in this area.

Paulus orders are very clear: the two PzD have to leave the area and rescue the German troops in big trouble in the north.

German fast units therefore abandon this position not without first blew up the road bridge so important for russian supply in the west.
It will perhaps take about one week before the Russians could possibly repair this bridge which will give enough time to germans in the west.

In the same time the 2 PzD leave the vicinity of Balakleja, the town receives reinforcements from LI Corps.

Northeast of Kharkov, the situation now seems hopeless.
The Russians have crossed the Donets in several places and the balance of power leaves no doubt about the outcome of fights.
Despite the protection of the river and the entrenchments, the 79th German Division and the 294th have both lost one regiment in 2 days.

The XVII Corps decides to retreat, partly around Chugulev in the south and also behind a tributary of the Donetz.

Fortunately, the 289th division has just arrived and has taken positions in Kharkov and its suburbs.

We hope that the road from Chugulev to Belgorod via Kharkov will still be available the next round. PzD need it to reach the sector of Belgorod.

In the Belgorod area, the XXIX Corps sets himself in hedgehog.

Total losses:


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 10/4/2012 6:28:15 PM   

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May 20 1942/Turn 5 Russian:

The Russians launch a massive and murderous assault on Belgorod but fail.

Further south, the Russians move en masse to the west of the Donets and even attempt an attack on the headquarters of the XVII Corps with a few tanks across the river.
Russians are only 20km away from the center of Kharkov.

Finally, an attack north of Balakleja is stopped just in time. The town itself is shelled by enemy artillery.

In the south, the Russians attack in vain in the sector of Krasnograd, in the south of Sagovschina and even the forest area held by a regiment
of the 108th romanian division in the south of Mereta.

A concentric attack pushes back one of the regiments of the 60th motorized which loses there too many trucks and turns into a infantry regiment.

Finally, to the surprise of the Germans, the Russians abandon their bridgehead south of Izium.
That will greatly facilitate the German operations in this sector.


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 10/15/2012 5:56:02 PM   

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May 20 1942/Turn 5 Germans:

The abandonment of the russian bridgehead in the south of Izium is the best news of this turn.
Indeed, the Germans will be able to defend the line of the Donets with a minimum of troops and are going to spend the maximum forces
for an attack westward toward Sagovschina in particular which remains very threatened despite the difficulties of supply the Russians may feel.

Thus, while the bulk of XXXX German Corps is taking place on the south of the Donetz river between Izium and Slawyansk, the III German Corps is rushing to the west.

The Germans first crush the Russians in the north of Losowaya and release passage.

Hurry now, Sagovschina is in danger.

The 21 evening, the Germans attempt a surprise attack to cut back the russian units and to link up with the 4th Romanian Division.

Unfortunately, despite a good artillery preparation and airstrikes, russians hold the shock and stop the Germans.

In the area of Kharkov, the road that connects Chugulev to Belgorod has remained free fortunately, i.e. at least 10km away from the front.
Thus, the two Panzer divisions could rapidly rise the north and are well placed in position of counter-attack just behind the small German defense line.

In the same time, General Strecker controlling the XVII German Corps gives orders to the 79th Division to set itself in hedgehog.
It is likely that the Russian masses will fall on it the next days.

General Von Obstfelder controlling the XXIX German Corps has had the same iniative and has placed the 75th German division in hedgehog also.
Belgorod and its flanks must hold at all costs.

The 3rd Panzer is also placed just behind, ready for any intervention.

Here the global map for the end of the 5th round:

and total losses:


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 10/19/2012 6:07:21 PM   

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May 22 1942/Turn 6 Russian:

From south to north:

The Russians launch a major attack south of Izium across the river.
The assault is a slaughter for the Russians who lose 2000 men without inflicting great damage to the Germans.
As the Russians had evacuated their bridgehead just before, this attack is surprising.

Farther west, a pincer attack ejects the Romanian regiment holding the south of Sagovschina.
Fortunately, a direct attack on the city from the north-east is stopped.
The town is increasingly threatened.

Russian pressure also continues to be strong east of Krasnograd.
In the same time, the Russian armored brigades are going deeper into the free space between Krasnograd and Mereta.
Poltava, far in the west, is no longer in safe.

Finally, to the east, there is an important battle at Balakleja.
But the Russians face a resolute German defense; 4 regiments, well entrenched push back the attackers.
The Russians undergo about 3000 losses against almost anything.

Further north, the Russians continue also to attack.

They start by forcing the passage north of Kharkov.
The Germans suffer heavy losses, including members of the staff of the XVII Corps.

At contrary, a little further north, the 3rd regiment of the 79th division holds the shock.

And south of Belgorod, same result: the Russians are facing an iron defense of the German 75th Division, placed in hedgehog.

The total losses:


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 10/23/2012 6:10:02 PM   

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May 22 1942/Turn 6 Germans:

In the south, the priority is to save Sagovschina.
Mackensen which controls the III Corps decides to give initiative to the 60th Motorized division for a rush westward.

Helped by the intervention of two regiments of the 1st infantry division, the 60th Motorized breaks through the enemy lines and makes its junction with the Romanians who defend Sagovschina.
Unfortunately, it can not go further, because fatigue seriously feels among divisions of the III Corps which are fighting non stop for almost 2 weeks
(average readiness, AP not at max at the beginning of turn).
A convergent attack supported by a part of the 14th Panzer on Russian units also quite surrounded fails miserably.

Reinforcements from the north-west arrive happily in the town; i hope that will be enough.

Note, however, that the 337th russian division which supports the bulk of the fighting was boosted in defense

In the north, the Germans violently attack against the Russian bridgehead.
All 23rd and 3rd Panzer are involved in the combat and push back the russians behind the river.

At the end of turn, the situation is restored in this area and is very similar to the previous turn.

In the west, the Germans sent by trains the remains of several units in order to stop the Russian threat on Poltava.
This is more bluff than anything else but we expect that the situation in supply of Russian is not very good so far from their own bases.

Southern area, very quiet this time on the Donets but where the Germans are maximum forcing towards Sagovschina.

Total losses:


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 10/27/2012 7:47:54 AM   

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May 24 1942/Turn 7 Russian:

For an unknown reason, the Russians do not try to repair the bridge over the Donets, no engineer unit is present.
As a consequence, the situation of the Russian armies ventured west of the Donets is gradually deteriorating.

Despite the extreme weakness of the Axis units covering Poltava, Russian pressure decreases and there is even retreats.

Only notable success in the south, the Russians, unable apparently to directly capture Sagovschina, attack and progress north-west of the city and even succeed to make the junction with their surrounded units.

Elsewhere, the Russian attacks fail.

Same failures in the north where the Russians have yet large numbers of troops, the German resistance is fierce. Deep defense of Kharkov is good.
Note that the Russians let quiet the XXIX Corps this turn.

Total losses:


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 10/30/2012 3:36:22 PM   

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May 24 1942/Turn 7 Germans:

In the area of Losowaya, divisions of the German III Corps actually begin to be exhausted.
Despite air support, the 60th Motorized fails to eject the 2nd regiment of the 47th Russian infantry division which blocks any connection between the III Corps and VIII Corps defending Krasnograd.
However, the most important thing here is to keep Sagovschina which now has many troops for its defense.

So, the Germans concentrat their efforts in crushing the 337th Russian division in the south, the same one who had held the previous round but they fail in their attempt to capture the bridge over the Bereka.

At least Losowaya is now beyond any russian rush.

In the east of Poltava, small Axis units regain land on the russians.

Finally, in the north, Kharkov now seems immune to a capture.
So, the 23th Panzer passing under the command of LI Corps is going in the south and is positioned in the sector of Mereta in anticipation of a pincer attack in the direction of the German 17th army.

And the 3rd Panzer is sent just behind Belgorod.

Southern area:

Total losses:


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 11/2/2012 9:52:18 AM   

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May 26 1942/Turn 8 Russian (last turn):

The Russians are attempting everything they can on a large part of the front.

In the north, Belgorod undergoes a major assault which is stopped not without losses.

But this is the area in the north of Kharkov that collapses completely.
The 79th German division already weakened and left alone to defend this flank, cracks over 20 km and the Russians are approaching the northern suburbs of Kharkov.
Fortunately, they will not go further.

The sector of Balakleja wakes up too, the russians attempt a envelopment which fails both in the south and in the north because of the determinationof the 71st german infantry division.

Finally, the Russians managed to advance a little southeast of Krasnograd. But once again, it's too late.

Note that the bridge over the Donets has still not been repaired. It was really a good idea to blow it.

Total losses:


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 11/6/2012 6:46:22 PM   

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May 26 1942/Turn 8 Germans (last turn):

A small last turn only for fun!

Total losses:

(followed by some comments)


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 11/6/2012 11:52:54 PM   


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Thanks rominet, I enjoye dfollowing this.


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RE: KHAARKOV 42 - 1/7/2013 5:42:19 AM   

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Thanks for this! I am going to try the Kharkov 42 campaign again to see if i can do better than last time

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