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Curious about a few things in game and editor, any idea what exactly these functions do?

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Curious about a few things in game and editor, any idea... - 7/17/2012 3:51:22 AM   


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Never did find anybody that wanted to make my scenario for me for payment. I now have some time and am determined to make and finish this scenario. Everything is done except scoring and Warcards, but I do have many questions on some functions of the editor and how the game handles certain values and how that effects the outcome of certain actions. I will number my questions below. Thanks for any helpful info!

1. What exactly does the carrier and ship value do to game play? It appears that you can put any number you want, I thought I read somewhere that 15 was as high as you can go, but seems I can put a much higher number in there. From looking at other scenarios I am using.
7 for Carriers
6 for Battleships Yamato and Iowa Class
5 for smaller Battleships
4 for Heavy Crusier
3 for Light Crusier
2 for transports
1 for Destroyers
I have seen some scenarios where the Yamato BB was a higher number then the carriers, very curious what this value does in the game?

2. In the editor under category edit task group, what does the EFFECTIVENESS value mean and do to gameplay.

Any info appreciated, I have some more questions to post, but these 2 are the most important for me to understand.


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RE: Curious about a few things in game and editor, any ... - 7/17/2012 8:17:34 PM   
Kiwi Red One


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From the CAW manual pages 46 - 48

21.9 Ships Editor Screen
Carrier/Ship Name: Enter the name of the ship or carrier.
Ship Class: Choose the ship class from those previously defined.
Carrier/Ship Worth: Enter a value for the worth of the carrier/ship, maximum is 15. This is used by
the AI only by summing the worth of all ships in a TG and then comparing it to an effectiveness value
assigned by the scenario creator to the TG.

Damage Status: [0 – No Damage…15 Sunk] Choose the damage level for the ship/carrier at the start
of the scenario.
Radar: [0 Air – 0 Surf…100 Air – 40 Surf] Choose the effective air and surface ranges for the installed
radar, if any.
Fire Control: [No Training…Superb] Choose the effectiveness of fire control for the ship’s guns.
Damage Control: [No Training…Superb] Choose the effectiveness of damage control procedures and
fire fighting doctrine.
AA Accuracy: [No Training…Superb] Choose the accuracy of the ship’s AA guns
Carrier: [Yes/No] Choose if the ship is a carrier – this allows further, carrier specific entries on the edit
Crippled: [Yes/No] Choose if the ship is sufficiently important to allow it to be detached from its starting
TG and sent under AI control to a safe point in order to preserve it from further damage.
Max Aircraft: Enter the maximum number of planes carried by the carrier.
Outer Strike Limit: [0nm…620nm] Used only by the AI. Choose the maximum range at which the
computer will launch strikes against a naval target.
Inner Strike Limit: [0nm…620nm] Used only by the AI. Choose the optimum range at which the
computer will launch strikes against a naval target. This should be the maximum range where all the
carriers aircraft can participate with their preferred armament (ignore the Devastators).
Spot Number: Enter the spot number for the carrier. The spot number measures how many aircraft can
fit on the flight deck at the one time and still have space to take off.
Available and Assigned Squadrons: Click to select a squadron and use the Add or Remove Squad
buttons to assign squadrons to the carrier.

21.10 Task Group Editor Screen (for each side)
Name: Enter the name of the TG.
Start Location: Enter the X,Y location of the TG start location – clicking on the purple button will allow
you to select a location directly from the map.
Effectiveness: Used only by the AI. Enter the value which establishes the amount of damage the TG will
accumulate before it considers itself to be ineffective. Damage sustained is calculated by adding all the
carrier and ship worth points of all vessels which are no longer combat capable.

Endurance: Enter the value of the TGs endurance in days at its cruising speed of 20 knots.
Task Force: Choose the TF that the TG belongs to from the previously created TFs.
Admin: [No Training…Superb] Choose the admin value for the TG. This reflects the amount of experience
that the vessels within the TG have in operating together and affects a number of important parameters,
including AA and surface gunnery fire.
Mission: Choose the TG mission from the drop down menu.
Objective: Choose the objective from the drop down menu, if the mission is one that requires an
objective, otherwise choose None.
Task Force Command: [Yes/No] Choose if this TG is the Command TG for the TF.
Reinforce Hour: Choose the hour if this TG reinforces the scenario after it starts.
Reinforce Day: Choose the day if this TG reinforces the scenario after it starts.

Hopefully the underlined entries may be of some help in answering your questions.


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RE: Curious about a few things in game and editor, any ... - 7/24/2012 4:25:05 AM   


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Hi KRO, thanks for reply and sorry for delay in my reply. I Finally have got the scenario finished enough to take it for a test run, I am excited it played out like I had hoped, I was up till 4:30 am, have not played a game that long for a long long time, this is going to be a perfect game for me now. When I am done I will upload for others to try out. Very unpredictable no where on map is safe. There are a few things I may want to add and have many questions still, just need the time to write them all down, hehe.

Yes I did read the manual and was not quiet clear on the effectiveness thing. Lets see if I got it down now. So basically you assign a value to all ships in the Task Group and add these up under the Task Group EFFECTIVENESS value. This value now represents the maximum value of the ships in the Task Group with all its ships afloat, if a ships sinks then you lose the value of that ship.

AFTER playing and reading more what I wrote above is WRONG.  

Okay lets see if I got it now.  You assign a value to each ship class. You do not add all the ship values in the Task Group and put that number in the Task Group Effectiveness slot. The value number you put in the Task Group Effectiveness slot represents basically how many ships or possibly just 1 high value ship the TG can lose before its labeled ineffective.    

For example you have a value for you Carrier at 6 and BB at 5, Heavy Cruiser at 4, Light Cruiser at 3, Supply ships at 2 and Destroyers at 1.  

If you put a value of 6 for your Task Group Effectiveness then if you lose your carrier that has a value of 6. Now your entire Task Group is labeled ineffective for purposes of the editor. Or if you lose 6 destroyers here again your entire Task Group is labeled ineffective for purposes of the editor.

1. If this is correct I finally understand that part. Now it appears this Task Group Effectiveness value only deals with a ship being sunk, it does not keep track of damage a ship accumulates at all. Correct?

2. Also this value slot and Task Group Effectiveness slot has nothing to do with the 15 sections of damage a ship can withstand before being Sunk. Correct?

So that brings me to more questions about damage. Each ship has 15 sections and if all sections are damaged or on fire the ship is sunk. Now a carrier that looses 6 sections to permanent damage looses the function to launch planes. To me that carrier is now ineffective and would be wise to have it Flee to a location on edge of map where it is permanently removed from the scenario map to safety. This part is controlled in scenario editor under action called Set Up TG Flee Points. Now what confused me when looking at many scenarios with the editor is that the maximum ships value you could put was 15 and the Carriers value always seems to be 6. That’s why I was thinking this VALUE thing had something to do with 15 sections of damage and by giving the Carrier a value of 6 you are telling the game to make the Carrier ineffective when it looses 6 sections of damage. It appears I was wrong for thinking this though about VALUE and TASK GROUP EFFECTIVENESS.

3. So my question is in the editor it appears there is no way to set or use as a value how much damage 1 ship can take before you want to label him crippled or ineffective and try and get that ship to leave the map? I know there is a section in the Edit Ship area that lets you decide if you want that ship to be able to detach if it becomes crippled and a action in the editor called Breakdown Response that lets you pick a ship to use this function called Set Up TG Flee Points and it states that “IF a CRIPPLED VESSEL becomes ineffective the breakdown TG will steam at Flank speed for the closest Flee Point and once there it will be removed from the game." How does the game or editor or the AI side you are playing against decide how much damage a ship can have before it qualifies to be crippled or ineffective and try to get it out of harms way? I would think a Carrier with 6 permanent damaged sections making its Flight Deck Closed would automatically be labeled ineffective or crippled .hopefully?  When does say a Battleship become labeled crippled or ineffective, how many sections need to be permanently destroyed? Is there a place in editor I can say if Battleship Iowa accumulates 8 permanent damaged sections out of 15 please label him now crippled and ineffective?

If anyone can answer these questions I would sure appreciate it, I have a few more but these are the most important right now. The Scenario I made is playing out beautifully I still need to address a few minor things. I should be done with it this week and will upload so others can give it a try. Finishing this is my main focus this week, so I will be monitoring this forum daily.

Thanks for any help!

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RE: Curious about a few things in game and editor, any ... - 7/24/2012 10:24:49 AM   


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Sorry about that, I pasted the post above earlier and did not notice that it showed up all crunched together no paragraphs. Would be terrible for someone to read it like that. Fixed now. Thanks for any help!


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RE: Curious about a few things in game and editor, any ... - 7/26/2012 8:28:49 PM   


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Darn no one out there with the answers? Anyone know of a Active forum with CAW players?

Okay a few more questions on damage and crippled vessels.

Still wondering what or how the game decides when a ship is considered crippled and will brake away from TG and steam away at maximum speed capable to one of the  Set Up TG Flee Points?

Now in the startup warcards there is one called Set-up TG Viability and it has places you can enter new values, there is also a startup warcard called change TG Effectiveness value. I assumed that the startup warcard is where I can change value for ships, but after looking at it closely maybe this is the warcard that tells when a ship class damage level can be labeled crippled? It shows default values the game uses and has carrier at 6, capital at 9, minor at 9,axillary at 9 and aircraft%30

In my scenario I have made I have not seen a carrier breakaway from taskgroup yet even though a made a warcard saying I want that ship to have that function. Maybe because I did not have a Set-up TG Viability warcard. I would assume the game would just use default values but maybe you have to have this warcard activated for ships to be labeled crippled. I sure hope so, I will have to play with this some more.

My Carrier war is playing out beautifully different each time, this is the perfect laptop game!

Lots more questions coming.


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RE: Curious about a few things in game and editor, any ... - 7/30/2012 9:39:58 PM   


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Been busy still have more qustions though about editor. Does not look like anyone has answers for the ones I posted, bummer.

Where is the most active forum for CAW players?
I will probably post on the Subsim forum soon.

My 5 US Carriers versus 6 Japanese Carriers in the open pacific no land bases, 5 Task groups but the Japanese has 2 carriers in one Task Group for surprise is playing out beautifully. Both sides have a Task Group witch include 2 Super Battle ships, each Carrier Task Group includes 1 Battleship. Each Task Group has 8 ships in it. Each side has a convoy Task Group, Plenty of subs all over map with random patrol, subs can hit you hard when you least expect it, during testing I have seen 2 carriers sunk by subs. Always random never plays out the same, I did Random AI for both sides. You can actually watch the computer play itself till the bitter end. Scoring works beautiful too. I am very happy how it turned out, the random patrol that lets me use the whole map worked out great! I will upload or send to anyone that wants to try it out.


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RE: Curious about a few things in game and editor, any ... - 8/2/2012 9:21:56 PM   


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Glad you dove into the editor ! Its not all that hard really...dont be afraid to experiment ! I am pretty sure the detach crippled ship option is for the player, not the AI to be able to detach from the TG. If you are not able to detach a crippled ship, then as a player you can't break off your crippled ship from TG and have the rest remain fighting , the whole TG will eithe rhave to flee or stay. Now you MIGHT be able to do somthign with the warcards to allow for AI detaching a crppled ship, but I am not sure about that at this point. Likely that the whole TG will just flee when it becomes ineffective.

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RE: Curious about a few things in game and editor, any ... - 8/16/2012 5:06:01 PM   


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Hello dfoehammer, was away camping. This type of laptop game works perfect for camping too, hehe. I love my CAW game now! I have watched the AI after losing a Carrier or Super Battleship head for one of several set flee points on map and leave the map to safety. Also after setting up the Warcard Set-up TG Viability I have seen the AI break off a carrier that lost 6 damage points (its flight deck) with a  escort destroyer and it was sent to a random flee point I made on the edge of map and was removed from game to safety. This was nice to see the AI do this. Just need to polish a few things up and set up the American side AI exactly like the Japanese AI side so the game can be played against either side. Should be a very fun multiplayer scenario too Sent you a PM.


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