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The Rookie's Report

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The Rookie's Report - 2/15/2012 2:44:52 PM   
Drunk Nimitz


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Hi all. After lurking for a couple of weeks the friendly nature of yon denizens has convinced me this might be a fun place. I'm new to the forum, the game, and after action reports in general, but something about this game just compelled me to tell my story as it unfolds. I want to write a no holds barred AAR of my first run through the grand campaign of this magnificently detailed game. This will be an unapologetic look at what is, almost certainly, an idiots war. Run by possibly the most incompetent commander since General Jar Jar Binks. Hopefully it will entertain you and me both and possibly provide an "it's ok to be dumb" guide to some other n00b out there wondering why the hell are there so many green dots on the map and just what the hell is going on in this game.

Also, I'm bored at work, so this will give me something to do to pass the time.

First a little background. I'm a relative n00b to super-detailed strategy games such as WitP: AE (having mostly played games like PTO II and some old school Great Naval Battles), but I'm quite familiar with WWII and especially the Pacific Theater. Not nearly as much as most of the psychos here (he said with love and admiration), but let's just say I've read a few Pacific War for Dummies books so while I know what the Thatch weave is, I cannot tell you the maximum speed of an unladen Zero, or an African swallow either.

As for game experience, I've browsed the manual and watched some of the excellent training videos I found via links on these forums. I played the Coral Sea campaign twice as the Allies and lost badly both times losing Port Moseby and Lady Lex once and losing Port Moseby, Lady Lex and the Yorktown the second time. But I learned the controls and the basics of moving assets around to their ultimate doom. Second time I even sunk the Shōhō and scratched the Shōkaku.

Finally I highly encourage any mockery, laughter, disdain, or advice from anyone out there reading this. You won't hurt my feelings. I fully admit I'm in over my head launching this campaign and many dumb things will occur from here on out. It's a game, and it's the internet, so who gives a ****. Part of having fun with games is laughing at your mistakes, learning new tricks, and reloading a save if things go REALLY bad. Also, I've got a built in excuse....I'm Drunk Nimitz, what else would you expect? I only hope you find this entertaining and not annoying, but even that might not stop me anyway.

On to the game....

Game Setup:

Fog of War: on
Advanced weather: on
Allied damage Control: on
PDU: off
Historical 1st turn: on
Dec 7th surprise: on
Reliable torps: off
Realistic RD: on
No unit withdrawals: on
Variable reinforcements: fixed
Production expansion: on
Auto upgrade: on

I should also mention that, due to wifely interference I usually only get a handful of turns in each night, save for the weekends when I send her out shopping and get my game on. So I expect updates will be sporadic at first.

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/15/2012 4:12:37 PM   
Drunk Nimitz


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Report #1: Dec 7, 1941

I'm writing this report from memory as I'm currently killing time at work, so some details such as ship names and exact locations are escaping me. Lucky for me there's not much worth remembering this first week. Besides getting bombed harder than Charlie Sheen at an open bar, the general feeling of the first week of the war is "Where the hell are my troops, what the hell is going on, and why are there so many red dots all over the map?"

December 7, 1941...what a fine, lovely, peaceful da...well holy ****! it's a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor! Where or where did those 9 million Japanese planes come from? Almost immediately I regret not turning the combat animations off. After what seems like 3 hours of whistling bombs, splashing torpedoes and lots and lots of explosions, the combat report finally pops up. I can't look. The Japanese raid can be called nothing but a complete and total success. 2 BBs, 2 CLs, 5 DDs, and 10 other support ships are destroyed outright. Seemingly every other ship, including Drunk Nimitz's personal dingy are damaged. The damage ranges from "oops, my mast fell over" to "So that's what 6 torpedo hits on a ship look like". Sure they missed the carriers, but seeing as how it takes me about 5 minutes to find them on the map when it's my turn, I think the IJN has very little to worry about going forward and can mosey on back to Japan high fiving themselves until their arms hurt.

Elsewhere during the opening surprise the Japanese execute unopposed landings on Batan Island and bomb the ever loving crap out of Hong Kong, Singapore, and several locations in the Phillipines. Meanwhile, off the coast of Singapore, the Repulse and the Prince of Wales work on their tans and get jumped by a relatively small air raid. Somewhere around 30 Jap bombers escorted by some zeros swoop in and are just as surprised as I am when they are met by a fearsome CAP of 3 Buffalos....which are promptly swept aside. However, they must have had some impact as the attack on the two mighty ships seems uncoordinated. The Repulse escapes without being hit, while the Prince of Wales takes 2 torpedoes. A near duplicate, follow up attack is detected later in the day and once again Buffalos intercept, doing little damage but apparently putting the fear of Uzume in the Japanese pilots. Once again the Repulse escapes undamaged, while the Prince of Wales takes another torpedo.

Some other base north of Singapore gets extra special attention from 2 perfectly coordinated land based bomber attacks from Saigon and surrounding areas. About 200 bombers drop the un-fun kind of Sake Bomb and do serious damage. Again, since I barely know what's going, I have no real idea how much damage they do, but I'm already writing off that base as lost. Bombings continue apace all over the map. My astute tactical mind tells me that there will be more landings in the Phillipines and that Hong Kong is probably in danger. After what seems like 12 hours the IJ forces finish their prison rape of the pacific. All told I think every major base east of Rangoon, North of Borneo, and West of Wake Island was bombed to within an inch of it's life.

The Allied response to these attacks isn't exactly what one could call coordinated. As control is handed over to me, I'm scrolling all over the map to try and find out just what the hell happened and how bad I've been hurt. First thing that comes to mind is "Hey look! Korea is above Japan". Yes, the Allies are in good hands. Other things like "Where the hell are my carriers? And don't I have anything that can shoot Japs in the face?" are repeated several times. I'm awfully confused and have no idea where to begin. I finally remember my internet training, and decide to focus on getting supply and infrastructure up and running. So...automatic convoys it is. I pretty much take every ship and San Francisco and Colombo and put them in convoy. Being sure to include as many escorts as I can spare. I spend the rest of my time moving transports from other ports to San Francisco so they can join in on the convoy fun. I also spend about 30 minutes trying to figure out how I can start moving troops forward to reinforce some areas but I run into 3 problems. 1) I apparently don't have any non-restricted troops anywhere within 4000 miles of the battle zones 2) I don't know where my troopships are or how to move them even if I HAD the troops and 3) I don't even know where I would move them to, if I could solve #1 and #2. Why did all this take 30 minutes? Well, I only know about half the ship abbreviations so I have to click on just about every ship in port while I figure out what AM, AKM, AP, and most of the others mean, and what those ships can do. Dammit you grunts, just pile on all those patrol boats and get moving. Not for the first time I wonder if Sober Nimitz had these problems.

So I do the only thing a graduate of "Pacific War for Dummies" knows to do, I look after my carriers, anxious to kick some IJN ass. I manage to get the Saratoga and 4 destroyers out of port and on their way to Pearl. Turns out the destroyers endurance number is red, which even I can tell is not a good thing. After about 20 minutes, I manage to get a fleet oiler and another DD to follow them, but I'm totally unsure how to refuel the DDs are sea. I'll work on that later I guess.

I rush a carrier group towards Wake Island, as my astute strategic mind tells me it might also be in danger. Terrified of the IJN Fleet of DOOOOOOOOM lurking near Pearl, I send my other CV task force South West toward the Marshall Islands. I'm hoping I can sneak in a raid or two there and maybe pick off a convoy as the Japanese will inevitably attempt to finish their Marshall Islands Pokemon collection. But I'm mostly just running away from the Fleet of DOOOOOOOOOOM with my tail between my legs crying out "NOT IN THE FACE!!!".

As I advance to the next turn I panic as I realize I haven't set orders for any air groups at any of my bases. Some of the RAF and Dutch squadrons scrambled CAP, but not nearly enough. I cancel the order and put every fighter group I can on at least 50% CAP. It is here that I realize I don't have enough of anything to stop a concentrated Japanese attack on any single target. With a heavy heart, I set half the planes at Wake Island to naval attack. Since I can't load a troop transport to save my life, I know I'll lose Wake Island eventually, but I swear to all that is holy I'm going to sink something before that happens.

I hit the next turn button and wait for the bombs to start falling again.

Next up...Dec 8 to Dec 14.

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/15/2012 5:19:34 PM   


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Hi Drunk Nimitz and welcome! What kind of fuel do you like? Whiskey, beer... certainly not sake

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/15/2012 5:45:44 PM   
Drunk Nimitz


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I'm a beer guy, myself. Though sometimes you gotta get drunk fast and bourbon will take care of that.

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/15/2012 8:00:38 PM   
Drunk Nimitz


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Dec 8, 1941 to Dec 10, 1941

The next 3 days pass fast and furiously, thankfully with no Vin Diesel in sight. After realizing I forgot to do about 6 different things on Dec 7th, I develop a plan. Protect the carriers, stabilize Pearl Harbor, identify and reinforce defensive strongholds, and run away from everywhere else. After marveling this time at how India is above Burma I decide that Rangoon, Rabaul, and Midway cannot fall. Rabaul was very mean to me in the Coral Sea scenario so I'm determined to hold it. Whatever ships I can pull out of the Philipines, I send to Rabaul to regroup

Speaking of Pearl Harbor, the Fleet of DOOOOOOOOOM has been decidedly unhistorical and while moseying along bombed the ever loving crap out of Pearl Harbor again before moving northwest. 2 more BBs sunk and another host of support vessels stricken from the registry. I did manage to get some P-40s up as CAP, so this raid was about 2% less damaging than the last. I think some cruisers might have been killed too, but at this point my n00b brain can't process the total damage being done across what feels like 800 different bases. My brain says Japan 1421 Me 0. I did manage the throw some ships in the shipyard for repairs, and I even figured out the difference between Pier Side and Shipyard while I was at it, so they can blow me up, but I can fix stuff now too. For the ships damaged, but well enough to sail, in my finest maneuver of the first week of the war, I create a TF to send lesser damaged ships back to the West Coast for repair. One of those ships was the cruiser Honolulu, which promptly sank on the 10th after its pumps failed. Never trust a ship named after a city that's not even in a state is what I always say. It looks like the worst is over for Pearl Harbor as the the Fleet of DOOOOOOOOOM moves Northwest and takes a crap on Lihue as it passes by. People die, supplies are lost, but I think that stuff gets replenished automatically. At least I hope it does.

Meanwhile, in my first offensive action of the war, 3 planes from Wake Island find and attack the IJN invasion force nearby. Damage is minimal, but I know where they are now, and my CV is in the area. I'm able to get in a strike on the invasion convoy and do some good damage. The Japs land on Wake Island, but ultimately retreat under aerial bombardment. I've got about 8 planes left on Wake. And some very unsupplied troops, but for now...Victory for the drunk guys! My CV starts heading back towards Pearl swinging WAAAAY to the south to avoid the Fleet of DOOOOOOOM.

As for the awesome raid I had planned on the Marshall islands, apparently once the carriers had run out of human instructions they decided to turn around and head back towards Pearl Harbor. I turn them back around on the 10th to try and get some action around Majuro. Intel reports a heavy Jap presence as they land troops on some of the atolls, but not a lot of air power. I might be able to do some damage. Or embarrass myself. One or the other. As long as Captain Dowhatiwant, doesn't just turn around again.

Meanwhile in the Philipines the Japanese continue chipping away and oozing southward like honey off a spoon. An airstrike here, a landing there. I continue sitting around trying to figure out if/what/when/where/how to fight back. I can only imagine the bemused look on my face as I realize that I have bombers that have been sitting in the Philipines training with the invasion goes on. I imagine those B-17 pilots having too much fun with the Philipino ladyboys on the beach. Much chagrined I set everything in the Philipines to naval attack on Dec 10th. I don't think I can destroy anything, but I'm hoping I can take a chunk out of something flying the rising sun. Judging by the planes blowing my ass up, there's at least one small carrier somewhere in the area. Would that I could at least scratch its paint. Meanwhile, on the ground, the 11th PA completely surrenders north of Manilla, leaving my defenses seemingly ruined. Never trust a Commonwealth, that's what I always say. In their defense, I did't even know they were there, and I certainly didn't provide them with any support. At this point it looks like the Philipines will be overrun in a week. I clearly don't have what it takes to stop that from happening. Kiss my ass MacArthur.

Kota Bhanu falls to IJ forces on the 10th after several more perfectly coordinated attacks from Saigon and surrounding airfields. Singapore is in real trouble now and I begin to pull back all moveable assets from there as well. Amazingly, despite stupidly not pulling them out on the 7th, the Repulse and Prince of Wales, able to make 20 knots despite its damage, have survived long enough for me to evacuate them. A heroic CAP defense on some shockingly unsupported bombers allowed them to move southward toward Madieon and out of bomber range by the 10th. As a matter of fact, in general my CAP is starting to bleed the Japanese a little bit here and there. We're still losing badly, but they're disrupting some attacks and buying time to pull assets out and hopefully killing a few irreplaceable pilots. Our best weapon appears to be weather as bad storms have disrupted attacks on shipping in the south China Sea.

As all this activity is going on, Japanese aircraft continue to pound any base, airfield and port within reach like a cheap piece of meat. Georgetown is given a particularly heavy beating reminiscent of the time my brother caught me playing with his little green army men. Cargo ships and support craft are starting to take damage. Once Hong Kong was completely cut off from mainland China, I realized I needed to do something. Following my strategy I begin pulling back and consolidating Chinese troops at strong points and choke points. Some Chinese units are left behind as sacrificial lambs to try and slow down any attacks. In some small skirmishes that break out, the Chinese troops seem to hold their own for the most part. With Hong Kong cut off I form every ship I can into one of several task forces and just start sending them away to random places like Rangoon, Singapore, anywhere really. It's rats from a sinking ship time. Run away, save yourselves, maybe I'll figure out what to do with you in the future. On the 9th, while trying to sneak out the back door, one of these task forces, a small force of 4 DDs, bumps into an unescorted Jap convoy of 6 ships. So comes my second great victory of the war as the DDs ravage the helpless convoy and proceed to follow up that victory with a brave attack on more cargo ships the next day. This fleet is christened the scourge of the South China Sea and I celebrate their victory by forgetting to pay any attention to Rangoon and the defenses there. The Scourge's days are probably numbered though as the South China see is starting to get very dangerous. On the 10th the Japanese land at Miro and Brunei in Borneo, but not entirely unnoticed. While the landings are successful, the Nagato and DDs are spotted and bombed by Swordfish on the way to Miro. The Nagato gets two dents in its armor. The Japs may have the sea surrounded, but I know where a poorly escorted BB is...and I've got a BC and BB in the area just itching for a fight.

December 10th also has one more lesson for computer controlled submarines have finally entered the fray. Firing a total of 12 torpedoes, my subs pounce on Jap cargo ships like clawless kittens. Of 12 torpedoes, 1 actually explodes against the hull of a cargo ship off the coast of Vigan. Dud torpedoes, get in line behind MacArthur and kiss my ass.

As night fell on December 10, the Japanese assault began to slow a bit.

Drunk Nimitz thinks his tactics are working. Drunk Nimitz is wrong.

Next up Dec 11 to Dec 14

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/15/2012 9:47:52 PM   

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Slightly tipsy Nimtz, I presume you're playing against Japanese AI. Midway, yes. Rabaul, against AI yes. Forget about Rangoon, you'll just be mud sticking to their boots. Hold it as long as necessary to evacuate what airgroups you can from Singapore and Malaya, then run! It's almost impossible to lose against AI, no matter how many mistakes you make, just remember what the mistakes are before you try a PBEM. Good Luck!
Also, in my opinion Nimitz, that Midway thing (historical) you pulled off was a mistake. You got away with bloody murder there! Also the USN (only) torpedoes aren't worth crap til late '43. There are better things you can use your subs for, and set the Avengers and Vindicators to use bombs.

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/16/2012 8:19:28 AM   
Commander Cody

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If you think this is prison rape, try the Ironman scenario (Scen 10). Not only do you face off against an "enhanced" IJN ("new and improved, now with 80% more flattops"), but also half the Kriegsmarine. The Empire also starts flying the Ki-201 around Aug 44. I had a rude introduction to it as it shredded some P-47Ds I had on CAP and I had to look it up in the database (I stopped looking at combat relays years ago). When I saw the distinct profile of an Me-262 I knew I was in trouble. Still, even in Ironman the AI can be defeated--it just takes longer.

Looking forward to the further misadventures of Drunk Nimitz.


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Beer, because barley makes lousy bread.

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/16/2012 1:19:45 PM   
Drunk Nimitz


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Oh that sounds wonderful. I'll have to try that next. I'm a sucker for getting in way over my head.

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/16/2012 6:00:22 PM   
Drunk Nimitz


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Dec 11 to Dec 15

December 11 was a relatively quiet day all over the Pacific. A bombing raid here, dud torpedoes there and even 1 successful submarine attack on a convoy near Formosa. And by successful, I mean 1 out of 4 torpedoes actually exploded. The Fleet of DOOOOOOOOM finally disappeared and all seemed pretty well. I took this time to continue Operation Coward and retreat on all fronts in China and Burma. I also finally figured out that ASW patrols might be a good idea, so I set some up off San Franscisco and San Diego since I finally figured out where the patrol option was under Task Force navigation. Oddly enough, those are the only 2 places I set up patrols. And I set them up to loiter for only 1 day at each point. Is that good? Bad? I don't know. It feels good though. Feels right. I've only got about 6 ships available for ASW patrol since I put pretty much every other ship on the west coast into convoy duty. At least now if anyone gets blown up within sight of their home on Vista del Mar, it's that damn Patrol Crafts fault, not mine. CYA baby.

December 11thwas also the day that the Repulse and the Prince of Wales parted ways. Since the Honolulu fell over and sank with only a little more float damage than the Prince of Wales currently has, I realize that it might be a bad idea to try and harass the Japanese fleet closing on Borneo with a pierced Prince. The Prince heads to Java looking for shipyard to perform repairs. Surely the Dutch can repair a ship. They're experts at things being half underwater anyway, right? Meanwhile, Repulse rendezvous with 3 Dutch CLs and 4 DDs in the Java Sea where I promptly forget to sail them back to Kuching where the Nagato has again been spotted with some kind of a cruiser and DDs as escorts.

Dec 12th
and my quiet confidence is shattered. Guam is invaded and Hong Kong is under "deliberate" attack, which makes me laugh every time I see it. It also makes me jealous. I haven't been able to deliberately attack anything. The attack is barely defeated but Hong Kong will surely fall in the next day or two. Speaking of failures to deliberately attack anything, Captain Idowhatiwant down by the Marshall islands apparently doesn't find anything worth blowing up. At least he isn't being sunk, like most of my ships fleeing in the South China Sea. A few of my DDs manage to escape incessant air raids, and even shoot down a few bombers, but with the bombers from Saigon no longer worrying about Kota Bhutan, the cargo ships take a pounding. Operation Coward might be working ok in China, but out at sea it's turning in to a failure.

The 12th also finds the Japanese invading Mindanao, opening a 2 front battle in the Philipines. B-17s attempt to attack the invasion fleet but that **** doesn't even work in the movies, let alone in real life. Oddly though, the Japanese Army takes the day off and doesn't attack Manilla.

While the Repulse sits around fishing in the Java Sea, the Nagato joins up with an invasion fleet and takes Brunei. I curse myself until I see what the Nagato joined up least 1 other BB, possibly 2, and several CAs. Way too much for the Repulse to handle, so I leave her in the Java Sea and look for something to pounce on later.

The other "shocking" development of the day is when the Fleet of DOOOOOOM continues it's FU USA tour and pop ups near Midway to donate some spare bombs. HA HA, jokes on them, I don't even know how to reinforce Midway so there's nothing there to blow up but some seaplanes and seagulls. The base is bombed and the Fleet of DOOOOOOM sales west. I can only assume the admiral is mooning me as it goes.

Dec 13th
BANZAI BANZAI BANZAI Guam goes down like Frazier and the Japanese capture several bases in China. Thanks to my consolidation efforts though, some Chinese forces are able to hold the Japanese at bay. Hong Kong is once again deliberately attacked, but the defenders somehow manager to hold on. In the Philipines, something of a stalemate has developed. And by stalemate I mean the Japanese have stopped attacking and pushing me back. I think they're pissed about Wake Island because something large and ominous is spotted to the Northeast of that tiny atol....yes, it can only be one thing...the Fleet of DOOOOOOOM has added an extra date to their tour and has moved southwest into striking position.

On the failure front, Captain Idowhatiwant again fails to find anything suitable to attack at Mili island, despite several cargo ships apparently unloading. He once again turns for Pearl Harbor without instruction from his admittedly buzzed CINC. Again, at least he isn't getting sunk. This time I let him retreat.

My final act of the day is born of desperation. Despite the danger, the Repulse is moved near Kuching. Scouts have spotted 2 Jap CAs and 2 DDs, and I think I can take them. Or at least hurt them. I won't commit though, until I can confirm that the BBs at Brunei have moved further east.

Dec 14th
Tokyo Rose, move to the front of the Kiss My Ass line, please. Hong Kong finally falls. I say finally like it was a grand siege, but at less than 5 days it was a pretty pathetic defense. Just goes to show my desperate need for something to hold on to. In an attempt to he-man bitch slap Rose, I decide to commit the Repulse to attack. The Jap BBs seem to have moved off to the east and I'm hoping for a quick hit and run on the 2 CAs that remain near Miri. I know those CAs are bound to be strong, but surely 15in guns and an 8 to 4 numerical advantage has to count for something, even if most of the 8 are Dutch.

As for Wake Island, it not only becomes an unwilling audience to the Fleet of DOOOOOM Pacific Tour, but night time bombers from someplace to the south also start making visits. No CAP rises to meet either threats, so I just assume that all the planes are busted or everyone is cowering in a foxhole. Not that I blame them with almost 175 bombers overhead. I plan on ferrying fighters to Midway and redploying carriers to the South Pacific going forward, so it looks like Wake is on it's own from here on out.

ASW patrols off San Diego begin spotting Jap subs, but no kills are tallied. I know it's not really possible in the game for the Japanese AI to really make it all the way to California, but I half expect Tojo himself to wade out of the ocean and take a **** on the Golden Gate bridge at this point.

Despite that, I've been fighting this war for a week, and it feels like 6 months have gone by. 6 long, hard months of defeat after defeat and failure after failure compressed into 1 week. Things aren't completely hopeless though. I still have more than half the Philipines, China is showing signs of resistance, and I think I finally found a Troop Transport and some troops to put on it. Rabaul might actually get some reinforcements. My submarines have been much more useful than I originally hoped, even with the duds. Do I think I can stop the Japanese from taking most of the Pacific? No way. As said above, I'll mostly be mud on their boots. But no longer am I overwhelmed by all the red on the screen and the dwindling green dots. I can actually see some options for delaying them long enough for the massive reinforcements industrial America will provide to arrive. Hopefully by then I'll have figured out how to deliberately attack something.

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/16/2012 7:28:11 PM   

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If you are playing against the AI, you should have the difficulty setting at "Hard" with 2 - 3 days/month at "VERY HARD" as a minimum. At less than "Hard" on the stock scenarios, the AI is penalized.  Long story as to why, you can search the forums, or simply trust the Dev who built the AI and use his recommended settings.  I do.  works well.



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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/17/2012 3:47:32 AM   
Commander Cody

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You'll have to send the Prince of Wales to Colombo or Cape Town, since the Surabaya yard is too small.



Beer, because barley makes lousy bread.

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RE: The Rookie's Report - 2/17/2012 5:37:58 PM   
Drunk Nimitz


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Yes. A fact that I have learned after the last week of randomly sailing around Northern Australia on what I like to call the "Failure Tour '41". The good news is, Princey Poo won't be alone. The Repulse was foricibly repulsed in the South China Sea and needs a little work now too.

Dec 14th - Dec21st have been a shameful period for the Allied Forces. Especially the navies.

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