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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/19/2012 2:34:28 PM   


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Most bases I invade have been empty with the exception of static CD units. I am not sure if he just Sir Robined everything or they are just not defended in this mod.

I have found a few planes on CAP over Batavia and Osthaven (however you spell the base at the end of Sumatra). I have been bombing those places kinda randomly from Borneo. I will be able to reach other parts now that Balipakin is secured.

the one plane I see pretty much every day is the B-17. He bombs my bases in Borneo pretty regularly. He is bombed both airfields and oil centers. I actually managed to shoot one down the other day. I was ecstatic!

The Dutch bombers I think have retreated to Java. I managed to shoot down several over mini-KB over several days which was a plus.

I am going to try to use TBs against some PT boats at Masekara (or whatever that base is kinda south of Balipakin. They are fast and have some guns so who knows. I am going to follow with a large DD division the next day or so. I will have to run the sub gauntlet but I have plans for that base and PTs are not part of it ...


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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/20/2012 4:42:07 PM   


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February 12th, 1942

Looks like I have finally started getting success in the sub war. A day with only one attack and it did nothing. A day without a torp is a day of sunshine.

Sub attack near Wake Island at 136,98

Japanese Ships
PB Katsuragisan Maru

Allied Ships
SS Tambor, hits 9, heavy damage

Andav, I'm surprised he isn't defending in mass against you, which seems to be the case. Here's the situation in Java. I thought I did overkill by committing 3 divs, but sure enough, all remaining Dutch units have moved to the mountains. With 3 divs, I'll be able to dislodge them in a week. With only one, it might take a month.

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/20/2012 4:50:01 PM   


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Here's the situation in China.

Once again, I usually get my troops too dispursed against George. But right now, I think it's just right. I'm getting 1-1 or 1-2 against his Chinese in the rough. That's fine with me. I'm moving my divs on Changsha to disrupt his rail and industry. I'm worried he might actually have enough to hurt me, but I'm willing to take that chance right now. I replace faster than he does (I'm hoping). 350 replacements a month is quite a bit.

I've been attacking him east of Ichang and south of Changsha daily. Looks like I might get Kukong without a fight.

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/23/2012 1:10:14 AM   


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February 18th, 1942

Winning the sub war. Haven't taken a torp hit in a while now. The increased escorts are the way to go, but I think I must have hit an experience threshold because suddenly I'm hitting subs everywhere.


ASW attack near Bandjermasin at 60,102

Japanese Ships
DD Shirakumo
DD Usugumo
DD Fubuki
DD Hayashio
DD Ariake
DD Yamakaze
DD Asashio
DD Hagikaze

Allied Ships
SS Spearfish, hits 2

In China, the first army, south of Changsha, has won. Kukong fell as George retreated one hex north to rough terrian. George is maneuvering as well. Screen shots to come.

Ground combat at 81,54 (near Hengyang)

Japanese Deliberate attack

Attacking force 39847 troops, 477 guns, 44 vehicles, Assault Value = 1037

Defending force 16280 troops, 134 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 227

Japanese adjusted assault: 699

Allied adjusted defense: 335

Japanese assault odds: 2 to 1

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
747 casualties reported
Squads: 5 destroyed, 33 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 1 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 3 disabled

Allied ground losses:
4709 casualties reported
Squads: 286 destroyed, 0 disabled
Non Combat: 93 destroyed, 1 disabled
Engineers: 10 destroyed, 8 disabled
Guns lost 16 (11 destroyed, 5 disabled)
Units retreated 4

Defeated Allied Units Retreating!

In PI, George moved a couple regiments of armor and a couple of regiments of infantry from Clark north of my troops in Manilla. One regiment is all I had covering my supply lines into Manilla. He retreated the regiment and is now marching south into Manilla to cut off my forces. I sent 4 regiments of tanks north, which already made it into the hex. So tomorrow will be the largest tank battle of the war so far. All air power will be hammering his armor and infanty and with luck, I'll retreat him back into Clark. If not, it will be interesting how this works since I've sent my forces north and he's sending his south. Do we pass like ships at night? That would be pretty funny if we do. The 5th div and a gaggle of SNLFs are on their way to PI to put an end to this. Once Java fall, I'll send 3 divs to PI to end resistence there.

In Java, George had 30 plus units stacked in Bandoeng, southwest of Batavia. Bandoeng is a typical George type of place to defend. Mountain with a base. For unknown reasons (perhaps stacking?), he's moving the entire force (or at least part) down java to the next available base (forgot the name). I've taken all other bases in Java. The 38th is in Bandoeng and the 4th and 18th, plus SNLF are on their way. I have a paradrop planned against that base to the southwest of Bandoeng. If successfull, he won't have anywhere else to run.

In Solomons, Gilberts, Marshalls, I'm moving special base forces, air support engineers and constuction engineers to key bases to start building defenses. In the Kuriles, I'm laying mines along the entire chain.

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/24/2012 9:07:24 PM   


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February 20th, 1942


I have 14 Chinese units trapped between Kukong and Hengyang, between the 23rd, 13th and 11th Armies. George manuvuered 6 Chinese units to the southeast of Changsha in order to threaten my supply lines for the 11th Army and I responded by moving the 1st Army to the same location southeast of Changsha. The 1st should arrive in a new few days.

The 12th Army is in a standoff to the east of Ichang. I'm moving 2 more divisions into the battle in the hopes of dislodging.

In Nanyang, 4 divisions are building forts, but otherwise pinning down Chinese troops.

Once PI falls, I'll be moving 3 divisions into Hanoi from PI. These will moving on Nanning. If I'm lucky, I'll get a bit of surprise and sweep up the south before George can respond.

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/24/2012 9:10:11 PM   


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George has pulled all units into the most defendable spot in Java. He has about 900 AV there. I have 3 divisions, plus 4 regiments, 2 tank regiments and numerous SNLF. I'm hoping Java is complete within the week.

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/24/2012 9:12:51 PM   


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The Solomons campaign is about over. I'll be putting air support units on each of these locations, plus base forces in key locations and construction units to help with fort and airfields.

The Solomons are nice because if George attacks Gilberts, Marshalls or DEI, then I'll have plenty of time to retreat these units. If he does attack, then he'll be coming into my strength.

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/27/2012 11:30:06 PM   


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Feburary 24th, 1942

Not much to report because of severe logistics issues in the SRA. Part of that is my fault for not being more proactive in keeping supplies flowing. Also, I believe I've been overstacked enough to have added to the issue. Balikpan, Java, Malaysia, Palembang are all short on supplies which has brought things to a halt. Luckily, I have 70k of supplies in Samah which are being unloaded at Cam. Another 80k are in Pescadores and Formosa and being transported down. I'm stacked up to attack the Dutch. But they are waiting for supplies, which are being offloaded at Batavia. So, for the time being, I need to dedicate a considerable portion of my remaining transport fleet to resupplying Formosa, Manilla and Malaysia. From Malaysia, I'll distribute to Java and surrounding and Burma.

In Burma, George has pulled all the way out, so my troops, 2 divisions plus some Thais are moving up unopposed.

In Manilla, the attack has commenced.

Ground combat at Manila (79,77)

Japanese Deliberate attack

Attacking force 45592 troops, 567 guns, 191 vehicles, Assault Value = 1406

Defending force 34501 troops, 340 guns, 36 vehicles, Assault Value = 1135

Japanese engineers reduce fortifications to 2

Japanese adjusted assault: 1058

Allied adjusted defense: 1123

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 2 (fort level 2)

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), preparation(-), experience(-), supply(-)

Japanese ground losses:
3813 casualties reported
Squads: 7 destroyed, 200 disabled
Non Combat: 3 destroyed, 33 disabled
Engineers: 33 destroyed, 79 disabled
Guns lost 42 (2 destroyed, 40 disabled)

Allied ground losses:
529 casualties reported
Squads: 35 destroyed, 61 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 33 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 3 disabled
Guns lost 39 (8 destroyed, 31 disabled)

Assaulting units:
16th Engineer Regiment
20th Infantry Regiment
3rd Ind Engineer Regiment
65th Brigade
48th Division
21st Ind Engineer Regiment
5th Division
15th Ind.Art.Mortar Battalion
56th Const Co
55th Mountain Gun Regiment
3rd Construction Battalion
2nd Ind.Art.Mortar Battalion
9th Ind.Hvy.Art. Battalion
18th Medium Field Artillery Regiment
5th Mortar Battalion
8th Medium Field Artillery Regiment
3rd Mortar Battalion
14th Army
9th Field Construction Battalion
3rd Ind. Mountain Gun Regiment
14th Ind.Art.Mortar Bn /2

Defending units:
3rd/45th PS Inf Battalion
31st Infantry Regiment
102nd PA Infantry Division
91st PA Infantry Division
41st PA Infantry Division
1st PA Constabulary Regiment
71st PA Infantry Division
57th PS Infantry Regimental Combat Team
1st PA Infantry Division
2nd PA Constabulary Regiment
Nichols Field AAF Base Force
II Philippine Corps
1st USMC AA Battalion
PAF Aviation
Cavite USN Base Force

Not unhappy with this first assault as I destroyed more of his combat units than he of mine.

I have 14 Chinese units trapped south of Hengyang. My air power is starting to make a difference. Soon, I will start bombing his factories.

Morning Air attack on 70th Chinese Corps, at 79,55 , near Hengyang

Weather in hex: Clear sky

Raid spotted at 20 NM, estimated altitude 5,000 feet.
Estimated time to target is 6 minutes

Japanese aircraft
Ki-21-Ic Sally x 43
Ki-21-IIa Sally x 36
Ki-43-Ia Oscar x 30
Ki-43-Ic Oscar x 12
Ki-48-Ib Lily x 44

Japanese aircraft losses
Ki-21-Ic Sally: 2 damaged
Ki-21-IIa Sally: 2 damaged

Allied ground losses:
846 casualties reported
Squads: 3 destroyed, 21 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 86 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled

Subsequent attack. Quite happy with the results.

Ground combat at 79,55 (near Hengyang)

Japanese Deliberate attack

Attacking force 73008 troops, 868 guns, 293 vehicles, Assault Value = 2034

Defending force 57805 troops, 252 guns, 0 vehicles, Assault Value = 1478

Japanese adjusted assault: 1591

Allied adjusted defense: 1895

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 2

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
2874 casualties reported
Squads: 12 destroyed, 179 disabled
Non Combat: 23 destroyed, 31 disabled
Engineers: 15 destroyed, 39 disabled
Vehicles lost 23 (5 destroyed, 18 disabled)
Units destroyed 1

Allied ground losses:
3140 casualties reported
Squads: 37 destroyed, 145 disabled
Non Combat: 2 destroyed, 125 disabled
Engineers: 5 destroyed, 12 disabled
Guns lost 17 (6 destroyed, 11 disabled)

Assaulting units:
2nd Ind Engineer Regiment
6th Division
3rd Division
39th Division
19th Ind Engineer Regiment
104th Division
17th Division
8th Armored Car Co
20th Ind Engineer Regiment
52nd Ind.Mtn.Gun Battalion
2nd Ind. Mountain Gun Regiment
10th Ind. Mountain Gun Regiment
5th RF Gun Battalion
2nd Ind.Hvy.Art. Battalion
14th Medium Field Artillery Regiment
15th Ind.Medium Field Artillery Regiment
13th Army
21st Mortar Battalion
3rd Ind.Hvy.Art. Battalion
2nd RF Gun Battalion
2nd Mortar Battalion
1st Hvy.Artillery Regiment
1st Mortar Battalion
51st Ind.Mtn.Gun Battalion
23rd Army
20th Ind. Mtn Gun Battalion

Defending units:
88th Chinese Corps
70th Chinese Corps
65th Chinese Corps
9th Prov Chinese Corps
86th Chinese Corps
49th Chinese Corps
63rd Chinese Corps
100th Chinese Corps
3rd War Area
7th War Area
12th Group Army
10th Group Army
25th Group Army
32nd Group Army

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 1/30/2012 2:59:38 PM   


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Hey Vic,

I have not found his convoy routes but I admit I have not looked very hard either. I caught one AV damaged on Dec 7th heading to the West Coast right around New Years. He aggressively tried to hunt my subs around Pearl after Dec 7th. Since then, I have been using my subs to camp various bases in Cen and So Pac. We catch the occasional AK but so far George does not seem to be sending much to these bases.

I am starting to see the flood of subs around Java and Southern Borneo. We have also been playing cat an mouse with the Allied cruisers in that region. I have been trying to play whack-a-TF but have missed and ended up losing some very valuable APs trying to position BFs and such in Balipakan and Ambon.


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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 2/29/2012 2:55:26 AM   


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March 23rd, 1942.

Haven't posted in a while because there hasn't been much to post. Solomons, Gilberts, Marshalls, Kuriles are all building up airfields and forts.

Manilla, Clark have fallen. Moving on Corregidor. Doubt he has much in the way of supplies, so I'm not expecting much defense at this point. Air assets have been pounding out his supply. This game does slow things down. PI will fall almost historically.

LOL. I posted in Feburary 20th of the game that Java would fall within a week. Because of the stacking limits, his remaining troops in the mountains continue to hold. I'm going to have to bomb out his light industry there as it is seeming keeping forces alive. I can only muster 30k of troops in that hex. I tried overstacking, but it chewed up the supplies. All but that one spot in Java has been taken.

In China, his forces south of Hengyang were able to escape, barely. I've pursued and crossed the river to the west of the City. The main goal was to cut the rail line to southwestern China. I've started a strategic bombing campaign to take out his light industry and then heavy. Resources will be next. There's no resistance from the AVG as I can smash it with overwhelming Oscars whenever it decides to show up.

In Burma. troops continue to march without any resistance. The Burma road will be cut within the next few days.

Sumatra is all but taken. Constructions crews are marching to build up the western airfields. Port Blair fell as well.

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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 3/6/2012 5:13:56 PM   


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Thanks for the update.

The stacking limits are a HUGE PITA. It is so hard to take anything which he stacks near the limit because you have to bring so much to have enough AV to move him. I am having issues in China because of this. Hopefully he will face the same issues on the offensive. With the reduced cargo loads and the need to over stack, it should be hard to supply places ... In theory ...

I am in trouble in Burma. He is offering a very active defense which includes the British 18 Div. I have countered with 33rd (I think) heading over land with two other regiments. Imperial Guards and 21st Div plus air HQ and some more support units should land in Akyab in about 2 days. Recon by real recon units shows the base empty!!! I just hope I brought enough supplies to keep everyone happy for a while.

I have been bombing light industry all over the map. Defending in places with light industry has very obvious advantages. I hope to have Java wrapped up soon as well as Sumatra. We are nearing the end of February.


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RE: Onto the Breach (for the 4th time) dear friends - 3/13/2012 10:54:31 PM   


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In some ways, I think stacking limits are somewhat wrong. In virtually any other game I've every played, you can have more attackers than defenders against a hex. You can't stay in the hex once it's taken, but it simulates attacks into a spot from multiple locations. Because of this combat model, that simply doesn't work. You can only have as many attackers as defenders unless you have enormous supplies. In PI, I overstacked a hex 40k of troops and it chewed through 25k of supplies each turn. There isn't a supply chain in the world that can deliver 25k per turn of supplies. Same issue in Java. He still has forces on a mountain hex and if I overstack by even 1k of troops, I chew through supplies at too fast a rate to resupply. I can always have the massive TF delivering 150k of supplies, but that still wouldn't last long. So I'm bombing out his light industry there and it will probably be another month. The airfield is supressed and it's not a port hex, so I'm not worried about it, but it is a itch in the side I can't scratch right now.

Same with China for me. I'm in Changsha and Hengyang. Lots of troops. But I'm effectively blocked. I have equal AV in Changsha (2300) and I'm about to go 100 on preperation, but I doubt an attack will do much. Bombing out his light industry is the only way to go.

My situation in Burma is very different. He's completely retreated. I haven't gone after Akyab, yet. My goal was to cut the burma road and that's been successful. The imperial and 33rd are in burma. I'm moving the 28th and 55th into Burma as well.

Now that PI has fallen, 2 divisions will move into Canton and start southern operations there. The rail line from Changsha is cut, so I should be able to make decent progress.

I'm done on offensive operations in Sopac, SRE. My external perimeter all has construction crews, air support units and naval guards and building forts and airfields. I'm starting to work on the interior defenses now and once done, will form quick reaction TFs at Truk, Sinapore, Soerabaja. Then I wait and build up the defenses as more troops arrive or I can pull out of Manchuko.

Good news is that turns are moving pretty fast. At least 2-3 per day.

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