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RE: Legends: leave your impressions here, pls!

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RE: Legends: leave your impressions here, pls! - 12/30/2011 10:50:08 PM   

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interesting points about tax rate adecoy, I concur with your idea about getting colonies more developed...wonder if this ties in with Ashbery's opinion about spheres of influence not growing quick enough at new colonies?

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RE: Legends: leave your impressions here, pls! - 12/30/2011 11:24:51 PM   

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do you have a link to his opinion? i cant find it in the thread, thanks!

so i just discovered that you can increase tax rates beyond 50% in legends, i don't even know what to say, and before you ask, all my worlds are still happy 

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RE: Legends: leave your impressions here, pls! - 12/31/2011 3:13:08 PM   

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First of all I would like to tell that this is really not my genres, both for sci-fi and real time.
However I decided to buy DW with both addons.

I've go trough the tutorial which was fine and present me all the basics how to handle the game.

So I started a new game as humans, with pretty low tech etc.
The game looks and plays nice, but after couple of hours I realized it's playing almost by itself. Maybe it's just me but I've got the feeling that I'm not deciding about anything and that most of the units are not listening me. Been able to fund couple new colonies and as soon as the Sol system has been founded I decided to colonize it too. Unfortunately it was already occupied. So the war started.
I have sent everything I have got and easily took all planets except one. And what was most irritating I wasn't able to conquer it until the game ends (some different civilization wons the game).
I've been trying to send all my ships against enemy and sometimes they didn't listen my orders and sometimes they been just wiped out. I have built couple hundreds of them but still nothing and I didn't know why. Thats the point. I'm not sure is a fleet of 500 vessels is large or not, but it caused me a lot of problems.

I think I'll start the game again in some small galaxy with as little enemies as possible.

For sure I think the game is worth all the money and is a must for anybody who likes 4X games. Go for it. The Galaxy awaits you.


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RE: Legends: leave your impressions here, pls! - 3/10/2012 12:49:07 PM   

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Me Like!

Best wishes,


I love the smell of TOAW in the morning...

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RE: Legends: leave your impressions here, pls! - 4/13/2012 11:35:06 AM   


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Bottomline - Good game, pretty fun, could be great and worth it once more of the kinks are worked out.

2 more cents - In the short term focus more on cleaning up what is baked in already (crashes, weird ai anomalies\bugs, edge cases,regressions), bit less on new complex features (though the ship design stuff did need addressing - props for that once it's cleaned up more).

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RE: Legends: leave your impressions here, pls! - 8/23/2012 2:54:06 AM   


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I bought and played RotS for a bit and gave up after I couldn't trigger the storyline; I've come back again just a few days ago after getting Legends.
Some of these are valid even to my experience with RotS.


The leaders give a nice personal touch to things although I find they don't seem to affect things too much except for the diplomats. Perhaps I haven't been paying enough attention though.

The AI still doesn't cope well with Teekans, my favourite race. =) Secure steel and polymer, then chuck out colony ships and grab everything. Watch your income and strategic value reach impossible heights.
Super-epic-empire-from-nothing starting conditions: 1400 stars, ring, 5 AIs, abundant colonies, highest tech cost, highest pirates, highest space creatures, lowest independents, independents cannot form new empires, no victory conditions (storylines still there)

Started pretty ok, did the standard micromanagement to secure a steel and polymer supply then did an initial colony expansion. Ran into Humans and Securans, relations cool but ok. Ran into Ancient Guardians, meh. Did not try to steal tech from them to avoid breaking game.

Cut forward...

year 2790, Galaxy fully colonized, basically by me. Natural trade keeps the Boskarans and Dhayuts happy despite -30 covetousness; they refuse FTAs though. =( I send one agent to blow up their mining stations. I have ALL the wonders and maxed out the mining, trade and colony infrastructure (brown) techs. Trade sanctions with the dinos lifted and relations repaired with hefty bribes, eventually get FTA. Both world destroyers, both super weapons, all mine. Most of the debris fields are also mine. Never bothered to disassemble (too cheesy). Have 2 Korrabian spice, 1 zentabia fluid, 1 loros fruit, only uncontrolled-by-me superluxury source is the Ancient Guardians.

Year 2828 (now), Shakturi not turning up. Shields tech done, sensors done, lasers done, missiles done... what do I have to do to get them to turn up? Galaxy fully explored and colonized, I have literally *everything* despite having fought exactly zero wars. Reputation at Heroic, especially after I stopped bribing pirates (I didn't ask nor want them to attack, I just want them to leave me alone for a bit so I can colonize in their system).
My colonies are still growing happily, although everything in the initial colonization rush is at max pop. Net income at +9 million and still growing (albeit slowly), military and civilian spending has long ceased. Total military strength is something like ~100 cap. ships and 300-400 carriers. I set carriers to 20% and the AI is using size 550 carriers as patrol boats... it likes to put carriers patrolling gas stations for some reason.

I have 'adopted' a fleet, gave it the best admiral and watched it play whack-a-mole with the pirates. Heh, the giant superlaser beam is totally worth it... when it hits.
To spice things up, I used the game editor to spawn a silver mist on a Securan colony and watched it chew on a triple defense base / med. space port combo. It ate the planet shortly afterwards and grows to 1500hp!! I sent my adopted fleet (which was hanging around outside the system) to try whacking it; you know, looking for a fight.

Turns out, Silver Mist AI needs improvement. It likes to go after fighters for some reason and can't catch them. Turns out, when each fighter has about 20-50% chance to deal 1 damage, 350 fighters nukes the silver mist into nothingness in a bare few passes. Turns out, a fleet of 8 custom-built carriers (basically fighter bays and engines, +essentials) are pretty damned scary when microed. I didn't even get to test my superbeam vs silvermist.
In a hypothetical universe (save branch), I declare war on the dinos and the fleet of 8 carriers wipes their entire homeworld defense. Large spaceport gone in three passes! Microed to keep out of range and with the superbeam capital ship for escort (to blow up their reinforcement fleets)

Also, the AI mining / gas mining station distribution is very sub-optimal. Likes to build worthless things at start (seriously, the only thing you need at the start is steel and polymer, everything else is secondary), and focuses too much on your homeworld area in the exponential phase. If it would focus on getting steel and polymer to Sol after I colonized it, the 30-strong constructor fleet I built could have turned Sol into a forward colony-producing base. It's not like my homeworld needs the help when there are 20 sources of steel and polymer each within 1.5 sectors range. As it was, I was colonzing about 2 colonies per week so I was ok with it, but I did notice that high population colonies aren't prioritized for resources like they should be.
Perhaps that was why the AI lost all the colonization rushes. I micromanaged the mineral sources early on to have lots of steel and polymer to stamp out colony ships non-stop. The AI doesn't seem to do that. Even without the "all roads lead to Nabuu" effect, you can tell solely from the (lack of) size of the AI empires where my homeworld is.

I also miss the discipline of the previous versions. Ships like to do their own thing even when they have player orders. I can't figure out how to turn down the engagement range to zero; if I'm micromanaging a fleet, I do not want it gallivanting off to chase some pirate coming through. Waiting at the gas station is for a reason, even if beyond the comprehension of the AI...

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RE: Legends: leave your impressions here, pls! - 12/16/2012 3:52:49 AM   

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Of course I can't imagine playing the game without Legends. Like any great RPG game, I love having 'pet' heroes that you watch over and groom for great things, and I definitely get annoyed if they get killed. It would be nice if the heroes had different graphical representations (like Age of Wonders 2), but this is a minor quibble.

I would also add that ambassadors can be a godsend. I recall one game where I wanted to attack a faction on my eastern flank. The trouble was, I had a hostile and potentially troublesome faction on my border to the north that was likely to object to my expansion plans. What I did though was send my most experienced ambassador to the northern empire, and as a result they never uttered a word of complaint while I carried out my war further south. This was very cool and actually quite realistic, and sort of like Obama sending Hillary Clinton to a trouble spot.

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