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What is this game?

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What is this game? - 11/6/2011 4:20:51 PM   

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Hi, happened to check out this game's forum, but can't really figure out what it is all about. Allows for some kind of fictional beer-and-pretzel WWII-type games? Is it IGO-UGO? What is the scale, how big are units? Is it fun?

Sorry for the basic questions but couldn't really get a good idea from the "features" page and didn't see any other threads on the topic...
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RE: What is this game? - 11/6/2011 4:35:43 PM   

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Hi and welcome to the Forums

I am not sure what you mean by IGO-UGO

this is a military turn based strategy game, that allows modders to build any kind of scenario that want.

it has historical WWII scenarios one of which is the entire war and many from different fronts.

its a million games in one.

you can make scenarios from any idea you have space,romans,cavemen anything you want.
and it has lots and lots of scenarios already made and free to download.

any other questions feel free to ask mate


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RE: What is this game? - 11/6/2011 4:44:43 PM   


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Actually its a very valid question. Because Advanced Tactics is very different things to different people.

The game is IGO-UGO with some small interaction during the other players rounds (aircraft interceptions for example).

There are a couple of very different features.
- There is a basic WWII strategy game that is similar to the old classic Empire or Advanced Empire. It could be called Beer n Pretzel in that it can certainly be played that way. But under the hood the combat engine is quite complicate. This game can be played on random maps, or maps you make yourself. This game usually starts with 1 unit and 1 city.
- There is the Gold version of the same basic game which has a bigger focus on resources, diplomacy and some other improvements. In this game you usually start with a ready empire with borders etc.
- Then there is the editor. The editor is in my opinion one of the most flexible one for any game. and it has been used to create scenarios from Ancient era to Modern day conflicts, from a operational to grand strategic scale, from Science fiction to Fantasy. From beer n pretzels scenarios to grodnard scenarios that certainly rival other serious wargames. In this regard the closest competitor and comparison is probably Operational Art Of War III.

So far there are something like 200 scenarios. Here is an older list of available and scenarios in process of being made.

As for scale that is abstracted. A round can either abstracted and just set to round 1,2,3 aso. Or it can be set to days, or even hours using the event engine. I am developing a scenario with 3 hour rounds and have made a scenario with 1 year rounds. Since all types of units are editable a hex can be pretty much any scale the scenario designer wants it to be.

AT does offer a couple of IMO unique things.
- Units are entirely interchangable and can be what the player wants. If you want to make an armored division build some tanks and other AFVs and fill upp the unit with it. An airborne unit, build paratroopers, an artillery regiment. Build artillery and trucks to tow them. Want a mixed division, no problems.
- The best supply and HQ system i have ever seen in a game. Supply is very easy to handle at the basic level, but a skillfull player can master the supply game. The same for HQs.
- The editor. Its the best one out there. Almost anything that can be done in another game can be done here.
- Lots of scenarios, and more are being made.

I have played AT every week since it came out. So i am obviously a fanboy. But i have never seen anyone regret buying AT.


My Advanced Tactics Mod page

30+ scenarios, maps and mods for AT and AT:G

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RE: What is this game? - 11/6/2011 7:11:10 PM   

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To answer your last question, "Is it fun?", simply - Yes.

I am mainly a random game vs AI player. I have tried dabbling in making a scenario but find that in my limited game time I would rather play than create a scenario. I am currently experimenting with the Russia '41 scenario, and while it is not as detailed nor unit accurate at GG's WitE (what could be?) it is more than a Beer and Pretzel match - for me at least.

When I want to play a standard turn based strategy game I know I will never be disappointed by ATG. :)

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RE: What is this game? - 11/6/2011 7:33:24 PM   


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Hey Tom, still living in Moscow?
AT is, like the posters above already mentioned, different from other wargames in that it is very flexible. And it can be very deep and compelling, but also can give a short and fun game.
The larger scenarios tend to be quite time consuming, because you basically can decide what you want to build and where you want to build it. Without getting too... slider heavy like the HOI series. The Great Patriotic war (hmm, did Tom create that one, /forgot) is on par with TOAW's FITE. Huge! Most scenarios and random games are smaller, and loads of fun. FUN to play, because although WitE and TOAW may be ... mmm, "better" (?) games, ATG is more fun to play. There's no nailbiting attrition, winter and mud like in WitE. Yes there is mud and snow in ATG too, but certainly not as punishing as in WitE.
Granted, in TOAW and WitE you have *every* tank, plane and gun that was around at the time, to play with, whereas ATG "only" has generic units... so Medium Tank III is the Pzkpfw III in my mind. But unlike WitE *you* can decide when you want to have that Medium Tank III. Be it on the historical date, or two years earlier.

So, in the end, while TOAW and WitE are awesome games, I play ATG at least 10 times as much. 

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RE: What is this game? - 11/6/2011 7:43:54 PM   

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From: Tacoma
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I"m a random game player vs the AI, and i love to play it. From reading your posts in the WITE forums you like pbem and i haven't tried it, but alot people seem to have a blast playing pbem with 3 ,4 6, plus players backstabbing each other:-] in some of the larger scenarios. One thing you should know, and one of the things that bother me at times is there is an awful lot of clicking in this game. Not enough to put me off, but your mileage may vary.


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RE: What is this game? - 11/7/2011 7:02:08 PM   

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From: Washington, DC
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Thanks everyone for their responses (and yes, I'm still in Moscow). I've generally got very little time to play and so try to be pretty selective in what I play. This sounds pretty fun, maybe I'll pick it up and try some of the random vs AI games, although the multi-player PBEM games sound kinda fun.

I loved Empire back in the day, but can't say that I've played anything similar in many years, so not sure how much I'll like the genre at this point.

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RE: What is this game? - 11/7/2011 7:33:07 PM   
Jeffrey H.

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This game is a decent Empire-ish game, falls short on a couple of counts, namely the AI and in some ways the map generation. Still, if you loved Empire, you should get a kick out of this.


History began July 4th, 1776. Anything before that was a mistake.

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RE: What is this game? - 11/9/2011 1:33:26 AM   

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The game has something not present in other games of this scale which I think it the main selling point for me... The game lets you fiddle with the TOE of your units. :)

I have AT but haven't bought ATG yet. I just can't get into the game for some reason. Difficult to balance production and ensuring constant flow of units and supply. But I'll problably get it during the Holidays. Maybe practice more on AT in the mean time.

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RE: What is this game? - 11/9/2011 11:03:02 AM   


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The game has something not present in other games of this scale which I think it the main selling point for me... The game lets you fiddle with the TOE of your units. :)

I have AT but haven't bought ATG yet. I just can't get into the game for some reason. Difficult to balance production and ensuring constant flow of units and supply. But I'll problably get it during the Holidays. Maybe practice more on AT in the mean time.

Pretty much my position too; and may likely be a purchase if a holiday sale item.

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RE: What is this game? - 11/9/2011 8:20:44 PM   

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PBEM is the best way to play this. it is a far more rewarding experience than playing against the ai.
i recently got into some team games that are even better than one against all. plus there are some really great scenario's that are tough to master.
at the moment i try to get the hang of the World at War scenario. playing against some senior waw players you get to realize how much there is to learn.

on the old at i loved the ww1 scenario. it had the right ww1 feel to it. i play this game for several months now and it is the only game at the moment. the previous months were spent with Vic's DC Warsaw to Paris...

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RE: What is this game? - 11/12/2011 12:21:32 AM   


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I'll second the PBEM aspect of this game. Loads of fun.

It's takes a while to learn the user interface, but the rest of the game feels intuitive. Units, terrain, supply, HQs all feel right. The interface gives you every thing you need and I think is done very well. It just takes some time to figure it out.

Tanks attacking infranty in open terrain (e.g. plains and deserts) will do very well, but far less well against infantry in woods, mountains and cities.

These terrain types give large entrenchment benefits, especially to infantry, who entrench quickly. Woods, etc. also give attack penalties to tanks.

Artillery, planes and other unit types (e.g. flak, anti-tank guns, etc.) are also handled well.

Supply and resources are one of the best aspects. If your units can't trace a line, devoid of enemy units or hexes, to a city providing supply, they will run out of supplies and will not be able to move (eventually) and will be easy targets.

If you don't control enough ore mines, you can't build tanks, planes and artillery.

If you don't control enough oil wells, you can't move or attack with your tanks, planes and trucks.

I just had one guy invade behind my lines, cut my supply rail line and almost cut off my invading army. I've heard others have tried the same trick with paratroopers.

A truly fun game. Also, the community and players are very cool.

Ask lots of questions. It took me a while to figure out the basic concepts. After you figure out the interface and how to produce unis, move, attack and keep everyone in supply, I think you'rll really like it.

Oh, and there is research as well. Should I go for Medium Tanks (e.g. shermans or panthers) or should go for the next generation riflemen, artillery or fighters (and many others)?

As you can probably tell, I really like this game :)

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RE: What is this game? - 11/22/2011 2:01:35 AM   

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Hmmm. I read a couple of AAR's and almost bought it. Now I'm not so sure.
Old AT to try it out or take the Gold plunge?
Love Vic's WtP game. On the fence about this one.

Shouldn't the island bound AI players be programed to build fleets if they have X amount of land hexes?

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