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The Earth Alliance

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The Earth Alliance - 10/11/2011 3:18:12 PM   


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Over the next few posts I'll be telling the story of my Earth Alliance. I get to see my friend tomorrow so I'll grab as many Screen shots as possible for those who like images :) Its going to be told like a story I guess similar to "Captain O'Hara of the Colony Ship, "New Hope"." :)
(Thank you Ingame Editor you will make getting images 100% easier :D)

So Let our story begin.

*Sound of News Channel music*
"Your watching TNN a subsidiary of the Terra Nova Corporation, Remember if its hot and your not try Terra Nova's latest Drink! The HyrdaBlast! Now with a new formula!!" Screams out the TNN Announcer across possibly every TV Screen in Times Square in New New York and Piccadilly Circus in New London immediately drawing the attention of every person nearby.. Thankfully they invented those automated cars otherwise it would of been a huge mess.. What whys are they called New London and New, New York.. Wheres the Old New York?.. maybe their named after people.. oh well.

"Good Day Terra! This is Kent Andrews here and Today is 2758.07.19 its a beautiful day in the Green Zones! Good thing if you live there bad if you dont! in the latest news, Are We Alone!? NO! Evidently not! at Two AM this morning Terran Standard Time a Terran Alliance Research team discovered Ancient Ruins in the Polar Regions of Terra Rasa! Who built it? and why? and where are they! Find out after these short messages"

"Women like me have tried all the products by every company. We want to look.. Youthful and healthy. Young again. None of them worked.. That was.. until I found Gaia. The new Anti-Aging Cream from Terra Nova Corporation. Gaia's unique DNA Formula actually regenerates your skin restoring elasticity and collagen production capabilities. So don't wait. Buy now for only 200 Credits, But wait theres more! if you pre-order this one of a kind Gaia Kit you get Gaia absolutely free only for 199 Credits!" ...Do people really take this bull for real? Its just the same as TN's Re-Genesis crap last year..

"And we are back! People of Terra if you missed our earlier broadcast PRESS THE LINK IN THIS BROADCAST AND VIEW OUR MESSAGES! LIFE! WE ARE NOT ALONE! But wait? Who built the ruins? and where the Hell are they! Will they return? Who knows! I'm joined here by Doctor Fa Xiao of the United Terran Science and Archaeology Foundation. Doctor Xiao has anyone been able to translate anything inside of it? and How big are the ruins?"

"Well Mr Andrews advanc.."
"Please call me Kent, Beautiful" .. He says it with a wink.. What a womanizer
"oh..well oh my yes..Kent, Advanced orbital scans actually discovered that its a Crashed Starship. Our best Translators and and Archaeologists who are now our pioneering Xeno-Archaeologists have managed to access the Starship and we we're very shocked to discover everythings in English. Many of the Doors are magnetically locked and We dont quite understand the Power technology on the ship however its so advanced its been active since it crashed sometime in the 22nd Century at our estimate 2195. We have accessed the Bridge and the occupants must of been Humanoid roughly our height. We found what looks like Stasis Pods in the main body indicating its a Colony Ship."
"I'm sure many believers of the Origin Theory will be wanting to look at the ship for themselves. And that the Church of Terra will want it destroyed."
"Indeed Kent. The Terran Alliance has us studying the ship and so far everything indicates it was built by Humanoid beings who breath Oxygen/Nitrogen Atmospheres. We have the TAS Rising Star in Orbit using modified Laser Blasters to emit a Beam to Cut the ship out of the ice where we can then use the Rising Star and Plato's Grappler systems to lift it out of the ice. Our teams have had no set backs or difficulties understanding the ships database given that its all in English leading us to believe it has a Automated Translation system. We should then be able to power it up and take it into orbit."
"Fascinating. Well I'm afraid that is all we have time for right now. Until next time TERRA NOVA! IM KENT ANDREWS! and your watching TNN!"

Origin Theory? I remember that.. Its the belief that all Humans came from a place called Earth until some great war caused refugees from Earth to come here... If that ship.. Oh my gods..

Accessing Orbital Monitoring Station Beta-12..
Access Granted_

Their it is.. Wait its marked.. USS Destiny SRC-51992... Its in English in our Numbers our Symbols.. Origin is right!...We're so screwed.. This is going to cause Civil War!.. What keep a straight head..

*Door Chime is heard*
Huh? Oh right my cabin door. Better turn this off
"Captain. The Transport is about to dock with Citadel Station. Once there we are to transfer to the Destiny."
"And you are?"
"I will be your first office for this..Re-Colonization Effort"
"I see. Well you got a name Commander?"
"Johnson. Max Johnson, Sir"
"Nice to meet you. I'm Evangeline Williams. Call me Eva. Your going to be my XO you might as well have a nickname for me."
"Heh. So this Destiny ship. Whats her systems like?"
"Impressive Sir. Shes far beyond anything we have. The onboard AI recognises us as Humans and has unlocked everything. Here is a schematic I took from the ship"
Wow its impressive.. And my XO is kinda cute..anyway..

USS Destiny SRC-51992
Destiny Class Colony Ship
Launched, December 24th 2195. Mars Orbital Shipyards, Earth Alliance.
Mission: Preserve the Human Race and Colonize System J-661-Delta of the Galactic Rim.
Captain: Brian Williams
Executive Officer: Julia Johnson
Crew Capacity: 200
Colonist Capacity(Stasis Pods): 5000 (Enough for a viable Genetic Pool)
HyperFusion powered Torrent Hyperdirve.

Impressive indeed..but wait the Captain and XO share..What the hell!?

"Are you aware its commanding officers share our last names?"
"Yes Sir. The ship has genetic data on its crew and passengers. Command was quick to uncover we are the descendants of the original crew and as such thought it would be suitable for the Descendants to take their ancestors places."
"Indeed.. It does seem appropriate. Do we know what happened to make them abandon Earth?"
"No Sir. We think some epidemic was affecting the Galaxy it spoke of other races doing what Earth was doing to protect its people."

"Commander Johnson, Captain Williams. Please Report to Docking Bay 11 and board the USS Destiny"

"There's our call. Lets Go"

I always wondered what they did to the Destiny over the past 5 Years. Sitting up here in Orbit. Ever since its discovery under the Polar Ice they discovered a large Ruin underneath it. Computer Logs there show its a landing station built when the planet was much warmer and was evacuated when the planet suffered a rapid cooling event after a rouge planet passed Terra Nova's orbit changing our Orbit of the local Star.
Over the years there we're...riots and attack attempts on Terra Novan Officers and Officials as well as several attempts to destroy the Destiny. All started by the Church of Terra Nova. In 2760 they we're classed as Terrorist faction. Our world is cold and dieing if we dont go home to Earth we will all die or at least if we dont find any advanced technology Terra Nova will die anyway.

"So here we are... 2763... The day the Destiny flew.." I said to my bridge crew everyone else asleep in Stasis.. They we're all scared there was no doubting that.
"Captain?" My dear dear commander.. he and I have grown close these past 5 years..
"Yes Max?"
"We're ready to launch. We will be in stasis for five years the on-board AI will wake the command crew up every 3 months to launch a communications satellite for Terra Nova and to carry out maintenance"
"Understood. Helm set a course for Earth."
"Aye captain. Computer Systems have accounted for Galactic Drift.. Main Engines coming online. Docking Station has cleared us for Launch.
"Engage" I've always wanted to say that. Ever since I saw Captain Prankard say it on that old TV show Space Trek and Zabalon 6.
"Aye Sir. Hyperdrive Charging now."

"Commander. Explain to me why its going to take us five years but it took the Humans a week to get here?"
"Well Captain the Human FTL Engine and Power Core require a fuel we dont have the ability to create. The ships AI told us we could still use the systems with a different fuel but with less speed and efficiency. Hence why we will need to do maintenance every three months.
"So In reality this mission is not only overdue its going to be 10 years delayed further?"
"Yes Sir. The computer logs show the colony was supposed to send regular probes to Earth to check on habitability and then recolonize Earth in 2370."
"...well.. Helm status of Charge?"
"Charge is at 80%"
"Full Speed forward to beyond Terra Nova Orbit"
"Aye Sir Full Speed Ahead"

TBC Again.

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RE: The Earth Alliance - 10/11/2011 3:21:28 PM   

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Woohooo, new blood in the AAR section.....peace, love and understanding


...Igniting stellar cores....Recharging reactors...Recalibrating hyperdrives....

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RE: The Earth Alliance - 10/11/2011 6:03:46 PM   


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This will sound so very new bloodish but what's AAR? All that comes to mind is Amino Acid Responce the biochemical response when the cells of a mammal is starved of amino acids... Nerderism much.. :D

Edit: never mind just noticed it's an abbreviation of After Action Report...

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RE: The Earth Alliance - 10/12/2011 6:35:24 AM   

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Yap, no Amino Acid Responce about it


...Igniting stellar cores....Recharging reactors...Recalibrating hyperdrives....

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RE: The Earth Alliance - 10/12/2011 9:23:53 AM   

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booked. always good to see AARs of this great game.

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RE: The Earth Alliance - 10/13/2011 11:01:40 AM   


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I tried to post a update yesterday and it failed a little :S Good news I have some images... well I have 2..
When I get some time today I'll finish part 1 of this AAR

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RE: The Earth Alliance - 10/13/2011 11:26:44 AM   

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No hurry, we'll be here


...Igniting stellar cores....Recharging reactors...Recalibrating hyperdrives....

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