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RE: The little ship that could.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/20/2013 8:05:05 AM   


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The B-29s com in at 10000 feet.

They come in fast
Fuchida never even gets to an attack position, the scramble from maccassar, the climbing full boost flight, the sighting to port, the astonishing approach speed, the wheeling turn to attack, the realisation that it comes too late........

24 B-29's
30 plus defenders, almost contemptously swept aside, the bombs streaming down, salarjar vanishing in smoke and flame

One mission, one base busted.

22nd gather on the field at days end.
Grimness fills them. They have heard of this beast, heard of the dragon. Now they have met it. Salarjar is barely operational, tomorrow, tomorrow................

They must protect it.
Long range CAP will be flown.
The Oscars cannot even catch them, the navy fighter units are bled white.
22nd must carry the wieght

It is a heavy one indeed.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/20/2013 8:08:00 AM   


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There is one bright note
The allies attack at waingapoe again, and are rebuffed again. The first fast transports have successfully done their runs

(av, 97 japan to 347, forts still at 3)

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/20/2013 8:17:20 AM   


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Extract from "shattering the sword" a cantona production

Now, as the next critical phase of the war approaches our narrative, we, the historians, must put to rest a myth

Right now, as the skies, the sea boiled with action to the West and North west of Timor, we must state this:

The Japanese were fully aware of the absence of the American fast carrier fleets.
They were fully aware that somewhere, some time soon, a massive attack would be launched, probably in the pacific.

Most likely target.........marcus, Siapan

The Myth, of course, is that this great attack, takes them by surprise.
It does not.

Herbiesan has decided this.
Oil above all
He cannot halt the next attack, not with what carriers they have now........therefore he will not try.
Its late August.
A month, maybe 6 weeks to invest Siapan?

To stop japans oil, the philipines will have to be taken, and Japanese high command is quite happy to see that being battled for in late 44.

The American people grow weary of war.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/21/2013 11:20:30 AM   


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Again 22nd sentai take to the air, engines snarling.
they punch through the cloud base at 5000 feet, emerge at 800 to a brilliant, but empty blue sky.
They climb to 20000 feet, waiting to pounce
They will stooge about for 2 wasted hours, while the Americans totally out wit them, racing into maccassar at 4000

It is not a pleasant return, almost shameful.

But at least they return.
8 kate have departed, 3 do not
18 helens too, and only 6 of them return.

It is hard to meet the bomber crews eyes this night under the canvas.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/22/2013 8:39:40 AM   


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Ogowa, Diogowa sleep, the rattle of the rails rocking them the miles south through malaya

Takeji assumes command of Hiyo.
There is no ceremony, no parade, no stirring speeches. He signs for the ship, accepts his departmental heads salute in the wardroom.
"We will sail within 48 hrs, as soon as Mutsu arrives. Be ready"

Be ready. There is so much work yet to do. He will learn his ship, learn her men later.

A stab of pain strikes him, the grief that still swims deep in his heart.
But this time, he will not get to know them as he did on Zuiho. He will not make that mistake again. Not until wars end............

Yamato sails from Soerabaya, destination Salarjar again. She is, however, not the only task force coming south again.
Deep in the Indian oceon, Shokaku, Zuikaku, Taiho, shoho are coming too.
And from balikapapan, other warships, fast cruisers.

Every day, japanese recon probes the allied defences, every day the intelligence men analysise the combat reports.
And now, they believe, they have identified a weak spot.

And this time, Japan will grab it.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/22/2013 8:50:57 AM   


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Naval battle

A naval battle at Salarjar.

4 allied cruisers, 6 destroyers hunting for targets, 3 japanese destroyers, a half dozen motor torpedo boats.

No battle this, a brawl, a knife fight, the epitome of confusion, of wildly manouvering ships, of surprises, of blinding gun flashes, of terror, of death

The men on Salarjar will watch, some will even come down to the beach, watch, and try to interpret the battle.
They will see it all............the stabbing white probes of the searchlights, the red, white star shells, the rippling statacco flashing of the guns, the abrupt burst of flame of some burning ship.

It will roll across to them, the noise of this battle, a distant thunder.

And then, abruptly, it will finish, and the dark will fall as heavily as ever.

Many will stand on the beaches for a few hours, discussing what they have seen.
Japanese Victory?, allied?

The answer then comes.
Suddenly, horribly, as the allied cruisers, only 1 thousand yards out, open fire.
A tornado of destruction sweeps them away.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/22/2013 8:53:46 AM   


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japan loses a DD, 2 MGBs

The allies a DD too.

The bombardment destroys 10 a/c, damages 40 more.
It does not close the field.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/23/2013 10:06:30 AM   


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Another allied attack, Waigapoe

It advances a little, kills many japanese.

But only just.
If it is to hold, something needs to be done, and quickly.
It will be. The orders are given.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/23/2013 10:19:19 AM   


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Revenge from Salarjar comes swiftly, the kates carefully picking their paths clear of the craters that pocket the field.
These are carrier men, homeless now, but short narrow fields are their speciality.

Killing ships as well

They sink a DD, bombers from soerabaya another
Vals kill a AP at koepang.

Vals kill a AP at koepang. But Isn't koepang the allied nest, where over 80 plus fighters are reported to be operating from?
These fighters are everywhere, apparently, over waingapoe, sweeping salarjar, other bases.
But very few, it appears, over their own field.

Abe notices.
Abe gives his orders.
What remains of combined fleet begins to move.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/23/2013 10:34:57 AM   


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Fuchida snarls, fingers white under the pressure of the trigger, the hammering of the cannons shaking his fighter around him.
The great bomber flashes above him, the guns swivelling, chasing him.
Tracer flashes past, close, gods, close, stick back into the belly, the g's forcing, forcing him into the seat, breathe, breathe, the sky, the clouds, the loop , rudder, rudder, twisting, turning, now diving down to the bomber again.............but the buka is gone, gone ahead.............gods, so fast, so god damn fast..............

Head swivelling over shoulder, and the next wave, behind, stacked, neat threes, defiant, beautiful, glimmering.

Home below.
Bomb bay doors opening, the bombs already falling
Stick hard over, hard rudder, wings verical, closing, closing, flashing down the next barsteds flank........twisting, firing, goddam it!, guns empty, twisting, spinning down.


But 22nd kill today

Big, beautiful, and missing 6 companions today.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/24/2013 9:09:43 AM   


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There is a quiet knock at Takeji's door.
"two visitors sir" replies the quiet voice of his steward. Takeji sighs, wearily puts down the pen. His cabin here on Hiyo is larger, more comfortable than Zuiho's litle box, but in one respect it reamained the same, in fact it was probably worse here. Once inside, the Captain is pinned, those who need him, will find him.
Only specific people can clain visiting rights to Takeji , to the captain. his heads of departments, his flyers, and of course, those senior to him.
The list, most days, always feels like it needs shortening even further.
"Send them in Sachi, and send for dinner please"

The door opens, and two very weary looking men, flyers, crowd his door.
They salute, and smiles split faces, as one does for takeji too.
"Ogowa!, Diogowa! in the hell did you get here?"
"We got Genda drunk"..........."and escaped"

Warmly he approaches them, takes their hands, holds them hard.
'How can I assist, my friends?"

Ogowa answers for them "Word is, you need a few pilots"
Takeji laughs........ rumour has it that lots of carrier pilots are seeking a carrier deck.........." he can barely hide the humour , the irony in his voice.' I hear you have to be bloody good to get a job on one these days"

he turns, pours three scotches........'Although, I think , I remember you pair seemed adequate"

For a moment, Diogowa does not get the joke, or pretends not too.
'No room then?"

Takeji smiles.'Oh, there is room, I think.........I have yet to meet the group commander, he's in hospital, malaria.........and there is Genda, of course, he's hardly going to let you go"
'I have an answer sir, to that".
"Oh yes.....".
"sail with us onboard, then tell him"

For a moment Takeji considers the idea
"yes, that will work"

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/24/2013 9:33:16 AM   


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Yamato is doing 28 knots, her massive funnel spewing carbon in great rolling waves.
She moves surrounded by a grey, bluish haze, the smoke of a hundred guns barrells spweing, her shape shimmering, hazy one moment, clearer the next as her great hull cleaves the waters first this way, then that.

She is under attack, mitchell bombers are streaking in, low hard fast.

The waters about the bombers are erupting, curtains of water, rising, falling in streams as the light cannons seek their deaths.
There are other planes streaking in, fighters, weaving hard too, firing at the bombers

22nd sentai

22nd sentai verses the rest.

Okano and Hirate sweat, hauling and heaving the shells up to the guns, Suzuki, as ever screaming "faster, faster!', as if those words are needed, fear is driving them, the tornado of sound and flame about them more than enough to conquer any pain, any fatigue..

The bombers die.

Yamato reduces speed, begins her patrol.
Salarjar rests faintly on the horizon, our fighter nest, our bomber nest.
The giants guard it, and dare what ever to come.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/24/2013 9:39:40 AM   


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Tanaka, tenacious Tanaka, paces the bridge of battleship Kongo.

This is a command he can appreciate.
Kongo is fast, very fast, she goes like a destroyer.

In Tanaka's hands, she is handled like one too.

He reads the signal from Abe. And agrees......this is a good plan.
"weather forcast navigator?"

The navigator grins........'heavy low moving in. Rain, low ceiling, more rain. Good weather for ducks, I would think"

Or shore bombardment runs............

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/24/2013 9:45:29 AM   


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120 plus japanese bombes hit the allied troops at waingapoe

Something needed to be done.

it has been.
The allied attack barely gets started today

And japanese reinforcements, this very night, arrive, and refill the gaps in the lines.

Abe orders his carriers to point X
Tanaka moves

And two japanese cruisers, 8 destroyers, bombard Koepang, and literally flatten the airfield, damaging 50 plus fighters, 30 odd bombers.
They will retire, and Koepang sends nothing after them come the dawn.

The fruit, is ready to pluck.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 12:16:07 AM   


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17 aug 1944

80 miles due west of Koepang

0100 hours

Tanaka rests easily enough in his chair, dozing. He dozes comfortable that the dozen or so men already on Kongo's bridge, her radar, her multiple lookouts don't need his extra pair of eyes peering into the night.

He rests calmly. Action tonight, yes, action will come tonight , again.
How many times now?
Too many

Sometimes, he thinks, this war is endless.
As, it seems, as well, are the enemy replacements

When the call comes, as it inevitably must, he rises calmly, moves to the binnacle.
"Our float recon reports a single battleship, dead ahead, course due east, 4 destroyer escorts, range 30 miles"

A battleship?. And just one?. Trouble indeed if its one of those missouri's...........the South dakato perhaps?
His mind churns, and in the silence he can feel all eyes awaiting his decisions.
Inwardly, a smile. They are all expecting Tanaka to do the impossible again ney?. To pull of some sort of brilliant trick?
Maybe?, maybe not?

"Seek confirmation, type, numbers, especially numbers of destroyers!"

I have 9 destroyers, 6 of the Akizukis..........match enough for fletchers.

And now, deep in him, a little excitement.......

Kongo powers on at 20 knots, her crew already at action stations, 4 destroyers leading, line ahead, Kirishima astern, the others behind. The night is silent, the sea smooth, the moon half.
Timor a low shadow on the horizon.

He comes to a decision. Koepang must wait.
"Bring column left, 20 degrees. Inform destroyers to form 2000 yards on my stbd flank, in column, prepare for long lance attack. . Give the micrphone"

South dakato, mighty mo, whatever. I will clash steel upon steel with you my hidden friend.

"Do you hear there, Admiral speaking. We are going to engage an enemy battleship sometime about 0200 hours. Shoot straight, shoot true. That is all."

He places the microphone down, eager now, eyes hard, sparkling with life, energy.
'We enter History men. Let us be the ones to write it"

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 12:43:36 AM   


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Totally off topic, turns are slow...........been on my other hobby other than AE

1/72 scale, scratch

Attachment (1)

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 3:12:39 AM   

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1/72!?!!! wow.

Just saw a 1/36 of the USS Phoenix ... huge. USN commissioned piece ...



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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 4:18:49 AM   

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Beautiful work! How long have you been working on it?


No matter how bad a situation is, you can always make it worse. - Chris Hadfield : An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 4:23:00 PM   


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Appear at places to which he must hasten; move swiftly where he does not expect you.
Sun Tzu

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 7:08:08 PM   


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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 7:21:36 PM   

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Holy Cow!


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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 7:36:24 PM   

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Exceedingly nice

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 9:56:17 PM   

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The patience that must require... well beyond my skill set. Congratulations!


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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 11:15:34 PM   

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Holy moly! Maybe the US Navy will commission her?


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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 11:23:51 PM   

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Can we get something in the picture for scale for us model admirers, perhaps a beer can?

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 11:43:17 PM   
Smoky Stoker

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The pages of Battleship Yamato: Anatomy of the Ship are familiar friends.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/26/2013 11:47:45 PM   


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Thanks for the comments guys, shes just on 14 feet long, thats a roll of packaging tape up near the bow. taken I think 4 years on and off to get to this stage, another three or so to go, I can only work on her about 4 hours a week. 4 individually controlled engines, rudder, and the three main turrets will turn for broadside fire together.
uses two car batteries, though I have room, and an inclination to fit 4.

I am trying to scratchbuild everything in styrene.

Turns from cantona have stopped until 6 August, he has a house full of family visiting new baby.

Nice to know people still following this.

Again, thanks for comments

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/27/2013 12:23:55 AM   


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Hiyo steams south, clear of Singapore roads, and now negotiating the fishing fleets and their cursed nets through a calm clear night.
Takeji remains on his bridge, relaxed now, the nerve wracking task of taking a new ship out of harbour successfully completed.
her performance, so far, pleases him.
The Executive officer is more than competent, her navigator too.
His Engineer now stands with him.
Minobe he is not.
LCDR Kato, tall, thin, immaculate.
"They tell me engines, that I can expect 25 knots from the girl, is that correct?"
It is pleasing to see the look of disdain pass over the thin face
"I have squeezed nearly 27 sir, she's a deceptive lass"

Good, very good. He considers the man, the stark white overalls, the row of pencils and pens lined neatly in the top pocket, the goves neatly in the back.
A man, apparently of order.

"Then, all is good below, I was pleased with the response to my orders Engines"
"Thankyou sir, yes, we are in good order, the repairs were good. I am missing two men though"

Two more.
As far as Takeji is aware, Hiyo has sailed nearly 10 men short. Iether Singapore is even more dangerous than he thought, or something even more deeper, more dangerous, threatens the imperial navy........

"Important men?"

"regrettfully yes, skilled."

Takeji nods. "Thankyou Engines, I will try to help". He turns, looks him in the eye "I ask only one thing, hide nothing from me, nothing"
LCDR Kato bows discretely.'Sir"

below, two pilots sleep in hammocks, comfortable, clean, oblivious to the snores about them.
They sleep wrapped in Hiyos vibrations, and the sweet background noise of boiler room fans .

At sea

Home again.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/27/2013 1:45:36 AM   


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Tension fills Kongos bridge, tension that stiffens mens movements, cuts conversation to short sharp clips

"range?" snaps Tanaka

"10000 yards sir, still closing!"

10000 yards, and still she does not fire...........maybe perhaps she thinks we cannot see her.?
Maybe not, visually..but we have radar too my friends.
But 1000 yards, too close, now too close.

Secondary guns bark, the 5 inch secondaries..........and abruptly, the horizon becomes day.
A dozen gasps upon the bridge, a dozens expressions of surprise.........all see her, recongnise her immediately, they know this ship, know her well.
Battleship Arizona, she of a similar vintage, someone we can fight.
There on the horizon, bow wave creaming, her guns pointing their way.
And only three destroyers!

"Open fire!"
"order first destroyer squadron to attack!"

Crashing, the guns thundering
pencils roll, clatter from the navigating table, a dozen binoculars glitter
Light, abrupt, bright, high on Arizona's bridge.........remaining, glows of fires!

The two japanes battle ships fire, fire again, Arizona steams on, her presence marked by her guns replying, flash, flash, thunder rolls across the seas

4 japanese destroyers, the Akizukis, peel away, race towards her, and the enemy is turning away, forced to react to the threat

There are bright flashes, again, again, again on the ponderous American, and the flicker of flames.
Kirishima is hit, a glancing blow.

Arizona makes smoke, and vanishes behind it

The guns fall silent

"Navigator!, can we make Koepang in time?"
'Not if you wish to be clear after dawn sir, no chance"

damnation. damnation.
'Make course for Soerabaya........full ahead all!"

We must clear from the Buka's. It is up to the carriers now.

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RE: The little ship that could. - 7/27/2013 1:55:13 AM   


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'extract from falling cherry blossoms, a japanes carrier fighter pilots war"

Even as we slept, our companions were going to work again, showing the allies, showing the world, that we still had teeth

50 plus land based fighters arrived over Koepang at dawn, engaging the Combat air patrol, exhausting ammunition, fuel.
They suffered heavily, losing nearly 30 planes.
But they cleared the way

The japanese carrier strike is but a shadow of once was, but what is lacking in numbers is made up in quality.
The squadrons have been rebuilt, and refilled with only the very best pilots our navy has.

60 zeros, 80 judy, 47 jills
Little opposition.

The strike sinks outright the main targets, 4 CVE, the hits piling one upon another, upon another.
6 LST are sunk, several destroyers, a submarine

The port is left a mess.

Combined fleet may have been reduced, but here, in the waters about Timor, it once again dominates the seas.

Tokyo rose will coin it well this night

Welcome allies, to the tar pit called Timor.

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