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RE: ouch

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 12:36:44 AM   


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+1. Alot of fun to read. Many thanks.


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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:00:53 AM   


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Torpedoe Bomber D1.308, designation Kate, off the light carrier Zuiho, races at maximum throttle a mere 20 feet above the mottled waters of the pacific.
In years, she is but a young plane, a mere 18 months since she arrived on Zuiho shining bright, smalling new.
Now, now she is old, for those 18 months have been hard, harder than anything her makers could ever have imagined.

Yet right now, her great 14 cylinder, 2 row radial Sakae engine bellows with out missing a beat. 5000 hours old is this engine now, 7 complete rebuilds, 42 head changes, countless, countless spark plugs, and cylinder number 11 that has never, ever, despite all effort, stopped leaking oil.
5000 hours old, so many battles, so many full throttle attacks................
It roars now, still defiant, still strong.

The pilot banks D1.308 ever so slightly, and the great 50 foot span reaches for the water, skimming it, but never touching it, leveling out again, going lower, and lower.
No paint remains on the leading edge now, gone , worn away by 100's of spray whipped launches, of dozens of pounding rains, of scouring hail, and even at times dust.
Nor are the wings ever so straight and true now, the port one has patches (from the sydney raid) and the starboard, every pilot will swear it true), must be twisted, must be - heavens , the way the bitch always crabs through the air...........

She does not crab now though, the enemy ship growing ever larger, larger.
Her cockpit has seen better days too, always narrow, paint is missing on its edges. The seats are worn, the grip of the stick is worn, and shining metal shows where feet and hands have rested for many hours. Its a cockpit that shouts its history of heavy use, of abuse, and battle.
Rust, corrosion, even, dares to show in spots.....
The sight, on the other hand, is new, and shining, gleaming, and set to its 36 degree off set, and the sighting lines are narrowing, narrowing as the target grows, and grows.

Under her scarred belly (Sydney, Tarawa, the DEI's can even any one remember those battles?) the great fish is nestled, waiting , waiting.

Torpedo bomber D1.308 races in, and the levers are pulled, and the fish departs.
Free of that crushing wieght, she leaps, winging away across the bow of the fat merchant man, engine roaring, wings singing glinting in the morning sun, a picture of power, of grace, of lethality.
The merchant man leaps, spasms, collapses into fire and flame and death.

D1.308 is hated and loved by those who fly her, maintain her. She rewards them with stubborness, crankiness, pools of oil on Hidaka's hanger deck........and the uncanny ability to come home.

War is brutal
But some of the machines, and I think right now, D1.308 is one, are simply beautiful.

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:12:46 AM   


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Nagumo sees Zuihos flashing light.

" have attacked three Merchant men 320 miles south west, claim all three sunk. Many troops seen in water"

very good.

the morning strike on Naru has gone well. A dozen enemy fighters shot down, many hits on the field..........and no enemy dive or torpedo bombers sighted.
Now to make sure.

"Inform battle ship divisions 4 and 5, detach. Bombard Naru'

he takes Genda's eye. " Any more word on the enemy carriers?'
'Still lurking south of guadacanal sir."
'Not coming North?"
Genda grins "Would you?"
Nagumo scowls. with that bloody cantona in charge, who knows?. But lets see if we can get him to do something.

"New course. We will refuel, then make for Ponape, the battleships can meet us there"

Bloody enemy carriers. How can we get to them.? They hide behind his LBA, waiting for me to break myself upon it..
Well, I wont. Nor would Yamamoto.

But, then again, maybe I won't have to. I know where you are Nimitz. Lets see how long we can keep you in the picture, see if we can get a fix on you...............

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:21:38 AM   


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Extract from "shattering the Sword" a cantona production

.........along with the raid on Naru, it had been a bad day for the allies. 49 allied aircraft lost to 15 war wide, the british in Burma bounced, the Americans bloodied over Naru.
But, it is only one day, one day of what would surely be many more. All on the allied side can feel it. Essex has joined the fight, as well as the first of the new CVL's.
Lunga, its surrounds, grows daily stronger. Tulgia will be tackled soon. Troops march now over the Kokoda trail. Japan is receding.

Nimitz may be annoyed at today.

But the war, apparently, continues to plan.

Above all, he should have known, war never does.

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:30:52 AM   


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16 may 43

( we are jumping forward 3 days, 3 days of tracking back and forth of panope island, while a convoy unloads)

(Zuiho has 2 system, 2 engine damage)


Tan sits in Damage control central, filling in the Engineering master log.
It is quite a long entry today, there have been a few problems, different ones from the usual crop.
One of the ammunition hoists, the one for the fish, has failed today, a fearsome failure.
A blown hose, hydraulic oil spraying everywhere. A difficult, dirty job, but done under enourmous pressure.

A at sea refuelling, from Tankers that ride too bloody high in the water.
Tan does not need to be told, there will be no more fuel coming from them.
How long, he wonders, will they linger wherever they are?

They are near the war, that is for certain, the victorious kate pilots had celebrated well into the night. Let them, at least that means something has been achieved.

But, how long could they stay?
Submarines are hunting them, that he knows.
Nothing scares him more than be below should one strike.
Gods, to be trapped , here below.................

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:35:22 AM   


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17 May

Nagumo again questions Genda

"are you sure?"
'24th Flottilla is adamant sir. 3 carriers, 120 miles south east of rennel island. They tracked them for 6 hours"
'and that catalina tracked us for how many before we got him?"
'at least an hour sir"

Silence fills the bridge.
At last Nagumo makes his decision. " Ensure Yamamoto is given the enemy carrier position. Those fools at 24th flottilla might have forgotten that little detail. We have done enough. Make course for Truk"

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:37:19 AM   


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18th of may

'we have done enough"

And this time, simply being there, at sea, keeping HIS carriers at sea, IS enough.
Zuiho heads home.

A great many other vessels, however now silently slip south.............

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:43:14 AM   


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19th may

tulgia, 51st naval guard unit
Combined fleet

'Enemy landing ships approaching. Will make supreme attack at midnight"
Long live the empire.

Combined fleet
Commander 51st naval guard unit

Supreme suicide attacks will not, repeat not take place.
You are to fight as long as possible, preserving your force for as long as possible.
Every minute you buy Combined fleet is another heroic minute towards a bigger victory.
You will fight to last man, last bullet.
You will live for as long as possible.

repeat, you will live for as long as possible.

Yamamoto needs three days.
51st guard will give them to him.

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:49:23 AM   


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20 may

As his Father sleeps , exhausted, at Truk, combined fleet having dropped anchor there, his son fights for his life over Rabual.

A certain Caprtain Bovington, who (according to the enemy propaganda has 15 kills or more) leads a crack, crack team of p38's to rabual, the first tentative taste of what lies in wait there.

9 p38's, a perfect storm of Tojos, tonies.
Bovington and his boys are good, but so are 47th's, especially pilot officer Uto, who too has 6 kills.
Bovington's plane is hit, the news on his fate however remains unknown.

4 of his companions are killed.

Fuchida damages a p 38, dodges another.
how long can his luck hold?

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 8:56:25 AM   


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21st may

Charge knocks on tans door.
'Fuel status sir, we are now at 46 percent, those Akizuki DDs are thirsty barsteds."

Tan nods. "yes, and we may have to give more away yet. Theres not a drop to be had for at least 15 days I hear, a right royal cockup."
'15 days?" incredible. How in the hell can Truk have no fuel left?

'yes. you can get some proper work done chief wih out busting a gut. Who knows, would you like to try some fishing?"

Sometimes Tan, I think you think you are still a civilian.
Fishing?..........with all this bloody work to do!

Fighting continues
The american carriers remain on station, providing heavy support, avengers, dauntless, corsairs, all working at winkling out the stubborn, elusive defenders of Tulgia.

And there, of course, is the clue. For 5 days now (or is it 6), the carriers have remained on station.

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 9:12:27 AM   


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Luck has nothing to do with it

You make your own

dusk, 21 st may, and 16 japanese submarines enter the same 40 sqaure mile hex of water the allies have crissed and crossed for so many days now.

16 of them

Fittingly, it is the first wolf pack, I-23, I-26, I-15, I-13, that has arrived, that they sail straight past.
The seas, on this greay day, are rough, a good 1 metre swell, but topped with a endless carpet of white caps, whipped by a strong breeze.
They hide the searching scopes well.
The sun is still rising, hard in the backs of the scopes, hard into the eyes of the ships look outs when they meet.
The scopes all but invisible, the ships flanks huge, glistening, gleaming in the sun

I-23 fires first, her sonar man startled to report that he he can hear another firing from some where to his port, even as their six fish reach out towards destiny

CV Victorious takes two, deep, deep in her guts
I-26's fish have to run further, but not much, a single hit hammering into Wasps bows.
She is last seen burning furiously.

Both ss dive deep, but the attack never comes for them, for I-15s scope HAS been sighted, the hounds go for her.........too late, 2 more fish shatter Victorious's bowels, ammunition explodes, and every submariner in the area hears her death rattles as she plunges, breaking apart, to her grave.

herbiesan hears the news at midday.
Shokaku rejoins the fleet in 7 days

5 fleet carriers then, against one.
what now?
What now?

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RE: ouch - 4/2/2012 3:59:00 PM   
John 3rd

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Member: Treaty, Reluctant Admiral and Between the Storms Mod Team.

Reluctant Admiral Mod:

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RE: ouch - 4/3/2012 2:59:53 AM   


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Second that!


Appear at places to which he must hasten; move swiftly where he does not expect you.
Sun Tzu

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RE: ouch - 4/4/2012 8:01:54 AM   


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Japans cabinet meets.

It is, of course, very much a puppet cabinet, but dictators are men too, they cannot do everything .
They are are also good for publicity purposes, and at times, herbiesan finds that even these fools can give some good advice.

Debate today has been mundane, mainly about the construction of air raid shelters in japan (rejected-for morale purposes). But now all minds are turning to yesterdays events. One advantage of fighting a true democracy, is the democracies tendancy to let its press loose.
Today, the news speak of washington "seeking a new strategy"# .

What, in the world, did this mean?
A military change?, or something else?

Herbiesan dismisses the hopeful thoughts that maybe a peace feeler is on the table,(but, just how is the enemies moral now!. can one more great blow do it?), the war will continue.
But maybe the solomons strategy is no longer valid.
But then..................

No, stick to the plan.

Japans fleet will gather in strength, and strike a last crushing blow.

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RE: ouch - 4/4/2012 8:06:29 AM   


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24th May

Fuchida watches the action over rabual harbour.
The enemy bombers rumble overhead in the dark, their sown chaos rippling on the waters.
2 small ships burn, caught at the piers, the AA guns bark with futility.

Fuchida curses, another sleep deprived night.
Night bombing, a BUKA's way to fight a war.

51st naval guard is exterminated on Tulgia.
They fought, and gain No honour.
They fought, and gained no glory.
They fought, and fullfilled their duty.

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RE: ouch - 4/4/2012 8:29:35 AM   


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Charge is sitting on a companion way, one of the many hanging of the starboard flank of Zuiho.
He is enjoying a cool breeze, re gaining his strength. Beside him is one of the ships boats, he has just finished inspecting a youngsters work on it, in a few minutes another will arrive, to sit a small exam, (boat operations and pre starts), another stone to step on the promotion trail.

But it is not the youngster who pokes his head out to the companion way, but the XO, CMDR Arisue.

We have not mentioned this tall, quiet man. There has been no need, for he is a very, very good XO indeed.
Zuiho runs well, she performs her seamanship evolutions well. She is clean, she is happy.
We hear few dramas of these sorts on Zuiho, testimony of his good work.

I Like CMDR Arisue, he does his job, and lets the men get on with theirs.
He has, despite his quiet ways, a wicked sense of humour.

"Is the boat operational Charge?"
'Sir!, yes it is"
'Good, do you think it needs a test run?"
"One is scheduled for tonight sir"
The XO grins. "Buggar that. I need to check the anchor bouy, and Skipper wants a lamp attached to it. How about a sea trip ney?"

But the Xo's head has disapeared. Moments later the broadcast makes an announcement 'Away Starboard sea boat, away, starboard sea boat"

It seems like only a moment later, Charge finds himself in the bow of the sea boat, as it motors away in a clean sweep from Zuihos side. To his surprise, Arisue skippers the boat, and he is the only crew.

They motow in a great circle about the ship, XO seemingly in no hurry to get to the bouy. '"relax Chief!, I needed to sea her side, and, well, TRUK me, who doesn't need a breath of air ney?"
Charge can only agree.

Thirty pleasant minutes pass by, highlighted by a lap around Yamato, a sight he will never forget.
An awful lot of stress dissipates.

"There is nothing" quotes XO, Happily " nothing quite like messing about in boats"

Eventually he noses the boat to the bouy.
Charge, totally out of his depth, struggles to attach the special light to it. The boat rises up and down on a slight swell, the bouy one moment below the surface, the next lying loosley on the surface.

Finally, after much failed effort, the XO offers some advise. "Bring it into the boat charge"
He does, and firmly sits it on his lap.

XO grins.
The swell picks up the boat, the rope to the bouy pulls taught, and it and the charge go like a shot back over the side.
Only bubbles mark the spot.

Charge finds himself 6 feet down, hanging on like grim death to the bouy.
terror grips him
he cannot swim you see.............

Moments later , the bouy is on the surface, and grimly he climbs back into the boat.
The XO is roaring with laughter.......
After a moment, the charge joins him.

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RE: ouch - 4/4/2012 1:37:52 PM   
Smoky Stoker

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Please say whether "Tulgia" is the same place as "Tulagi".

My naval service was at the tail-end of the steam era, late 1960s/early 1970s. I will not name the ships, because so many of the stories I tell about them are discreditable. For example, my very first tour as a boot seaman I went into a warship that had just failed a major propulsion inspection nine days before. I was aboard for eleven months and a few weeks, and in that period we spent approximately 36 hours not tied up at the pier, of which twelve hours were spent crawling back to port after a major boiler casualty.


"Leveling large cities has a tendency to alienate the affections of the inhabitants and does not create an atmosphere of international good will after the war." -Rear Admiral Daniel V. Gallery

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RE: ouch - 4/5/2012 11:29:21 PM   


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Hi Smokey Stoker

You are correct, but as its now firmly in allied hands.....................


The japanese submarine herd retires via the waters off Lunga, and sink 2 APs, an AK, an LST enroute.
The allies wail and nash teeth.

The fleet remains at anchor at truk
A small tanker convoy arrives, enough fuel to sustain a few small ships operations, no where near enough for the big boys.
It is more than galling, to think of the oportunities being lost, for the lack of fuel...............

25th may

Destroyers Akizuki, Teruzuki, Susuki and Niizuki.
The very best Japan has in light small warships.
Ahh, too have a dozen more of these beauties...................

Long legged, fast, ideal for the task in hand.
mavis search craft have spotted the enemy ships yesterday, 120 miles south west of Rossel island.
SS Ro-34 has unsuccessfully attacked them at dusk, still headed North east.

In War, risks must be taken.

The task force intercepts them just as the unloading begins.
Helpless, AM Shetlands, LSL(L) Australia Star, and AP Diomad are brutally savaged, their sinking taking 2200 men with them.

Like sharks, the Japanese destroyers cruise the burning waters, and the guns glow red.
Any pretence of the rules of war are long gone. Now the growing pressure on her military is beginning to tell. The japanese ships will escape, leaving no survivors behind.

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RE: ouch - 4/11/2012 8:06:49 AM   


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26th of May

For all intents and purposes, a forgotten day of the war.
Allied troops push north out of Lunga, seeking the Japanese at Tassofronga? point.
Tonight, they will meet them...........

Zuiho remains at anchor, Trul lagoon, as does most of the fleet.
The sun shines, the waters sparkle, men work haphazardly in the heat.

Japans fuel reserves drop another 10000 tons.

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RE: ouch - 4/11/2012 9:14:32 AM   


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Two men walk slowly the length of Zuihos flight deck, seemingly oblivious to all about them.
They will not be disturbed, for being Captain has many privileges. Being the Dictators Son, possibly more.
“I have wondered Uto, how in the world you found your self here?” Kato looks the young man in the eye, brows raised “surely it would be far safer,, if not more comfortable in Tokyo than here?’
Uto Smiles. “Neither in fact. The sad thing is Sir, father and I do not see eye to eye, and , well, father has many enemies, and it seems, that I wear some of the mud thrown his way”
Kato pauses, then speaks . He speaks with that steady confidence of one un afraid of retribution.
“Yes, your father does have so many enemies. I supported him once you know. Supported the revolution. He promised and end to the war in china, modernisation, and a big Navy. All good things”
‘And then he made his mistake, yes?”
“he should never have removed the emperor, should never have stepped a foot into the imperial palace”
‘I was still a boy then.” Uto smiles at the Memory. “I was there you know, the day they sent him “to safety,’ to that miserable house on the hill.
You will become a Monk, my father said. The idiot. “
Uto stops, and they begin walking aft, still oblivious to it all about them . he continues “ You know Yamamoto was there, that he drew his sword?.
Kato stares at him sharply. ‘No, I did not know that”
‘Father drew a gun……………..and did not really aim it at any one……..”
‘Yamamoto, I think, wishes to see the Emperor restored, if only to rally the people to the war”
Kato whistles. “it is a wonder he has kept his head on his shoulders so long”
“No. he has too many friends, I think. But then again, he has a great many enemies…………..

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RE: ouch - 4/14/2012 8:52:57 AM   


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Where suicidal courage meets cold hard American firepower and machinery.
Its not a battle.

Its a reaping of men, the mowing down of bodies.

An hour later, as the last pathetic cries of banzia die away, the shocked americans atop their tanks, view a field of death.
None will forget this day.
They will all their days, wondering why.

But there can be no answers to madness.

( I highly recommend Cantona's blogg for this battle)

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RE: ouch - 4/14/2012 9:08:01 AM   


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27th May

History will show Zuiho remains at Truk, along with most of Japans fleet.

History will not record her day, its too mundane for THAT.

But in war, every day, whether in action, or not, is just as vital.
Machinery must be maintained. Stores ordered, and delivered. training will continue.
And discipline, in face of the greatest enemy -boredom- must tighten.

keep the men busy.
Japan is very, very good at that.
Reville, 0500 hrs
Pt, 0530 - hundreds of men utilising zuihos decks, staining them with sweat.
0630, breakfast
0730, turn to, clean up messdecks
0800, colours, and fall in by divisions

then, to work.
And work they will.

The day will be a long one.
But work will make it pass.Better than battle, where the day may never end, for it may pitch you into eternity......

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RE: ouch - 4/16/2012 8:35:36 AM   


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It is the 31st of may.

Externally, the great ships still swing at their bouys, unchanged, unmoving.
How long have they been there now? A day?, a week?, a month?, a year?
Steel, of course, does not care.
Like stone, it waits , eternal.

The men in these great steel beasts, grow restless with each dawn.

Lurch, does his rounds. Quiet, dependable.
Bored.. Bitter. Overlooked for promotion this time around..........again.
promotion, it seems to him, is not a measure of skill, or dedication, or knowledge.
Its a popularity contest, one like him, seemingly will never win.
He waits for Zuiho to sail, to go to battle.
He may be simple in THIER eyes, but he knows the Nelson toast -'here to bloody battles, and rapid promotion"

Okano walks the decks, frustrated. He spends his spare hours (what there are of them) staring North, staring towards japan.
There has been mail.
Okano has six children, and a wife skilled in the art of writing mail that appears innocent, yet can pass the censors gaze.
It is never easy to feed a family of six. Apparently it is getting harder.
Japan is suffering shortages.

But shortages of what?
She just says shortages. That could mean anything.
But surely not food?.......

Hirate works. His frustrations are more direct. Charge has given him a new job, double bottom I/C's.
In charge of boiler chemistry and fuel.
And fuel now frustrates him. they are down to 30% now, using tanks usually never used. Tomorrow they will have to ballast, and that, my friends , is a whole new barsted basket case of work.....

But if they refuelled.
But there seems to be little prospect of that.

Charge is too busy to think of tomorrow. There are safety valves to test this week, emergency stops as well.
he has faith in Hirate, as inexperienced as he is, but leaving boilers at idle for so long, is never good. Once the forcing really begins, Chemistry always gets nasty.
he wishes they would sail, even if its just to get a cool breeze across the deck.
But until they fuel, they must sit, and bake under this cursed tropical sun.

Our pilots feel real frustration.
They, of course, cannot fly. There is never going to be wind enough across the deck in this Lagoon.
Light CVE's have arrived this week, dispatching their fighters to Truks fields. They fly every day , training, and they watch them.
Frustrated to hell.

When they get some fuel, and get this barge to sea again.

But they wait, baking in the sun.

Hidaka reads todays reports.
Why, why are they still here?.
There are new planes down south, apparently.
A thing the Americans call the Thunderbolt, joining that ugly plane the corsair.

And they have shredded a sentai today.
45 fighters, 27 bombers dispatched.
31 fighters lost, 15 betties too.
How in the hell can that happen? Are they that incompetent?
here they sit, the best pilots in Japan, growing fat arses, and they send children!

It never enters his mind, of course, that those 'children, are (or were) Japans very best............

Kato paces the decks too. Shokaku is coming south. And maybe, enough fuel to sail next week.
But the allies are crawling up the chain, Munda is being bombed daily.
Transports are gathering
And still they sit here.
And sit.
and sit.

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RE: ouch - 4/16/2012 8:38:04 AM   


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31st of may

The 1st Aussie division enters Buna, immediately attacks.
And wins, almost to their surprise.

There is no response from japan.
No sign of its fleet.

What eveil plan are they coming up with?

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RE: ouch - 4/16/2012 8:43:52 AM   


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Yamamoto considers the board.

His queen is threatened by the black knight, a difficult situation.
But there remains hope, his castle.............

His staff officer waits beside him, sheafs of paper in his hand
'Are they confirmed then?"
The officer reads the report. ' One transport sunk at Russel island, one AM at Port moresby."
"Grievious sir".

Yes, grevious. But what can they do.?. They must fight, yet not fight
But his queen, the fleet, is shackled to here, to Truk.
He needs fuel.

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RE: ouch - 4/16/2012 5:27:11 PM   

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I poked around but couldn't find Cantona's blog linked. My Search Fu is weak. :-(


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RE: ouch - 4/16/2012 6:25:06 PM   

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Cantonas blogg-a good one, and the allied propaganda view of this war

Here you are.


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RE: ouch - 4/16/2012 6:38:50 PM   

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Thank you.

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RE: ouch - 4/17/2012 9:37:37 AM   


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June 1

Yet another day in the sun

Zuihos hanger is hell, a sauna that stinks of fuel, oil, dope, and sweat.
Hidaka is working his men, hard
Six of her Kates are line astern in the hanger, their crews drilling on torpedo changes.
They have done this so many times before, it comes as second nature, this great struggle to lift 20 odd feet , and a ton or so of death into the bellies grasp above them.
But nobody remains the best at their art with out constant practice.
And Hidaka will make them practice, again, and again.
Nearly a year has passed since he was last caught with out birds armed.
many have forgotten that moment
he never will.

The ding ding of the bells fills the hanger, the fwd elevator lowers, bringing extra light into this great cave, but no cool air.
With a shout, the men heave on the first bomber, pushing it with straining muscles towards the lift.

Hidaka has his face facing aft, guaging the progress of the next bomber, when the scream, short, sharp, horrible fills the air.
It is short, ending with a sickening bang mere feet behind him.
something splatters his legs.

Blood, brawn........gods........brains.
The body barely twitches.

Some fool on the flightdeck, has stepped into the lifts gaping maw...........

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RE: ouch - 4/18/2012 10:25:18 AM   


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June 2nd

The fleet is immobilised through lack of fuel.

But in China, there are no shortages.
An Army grown fat through inaction, is finally released.
6th army, 1st Army, 11th army, 12th Army begin the march Westward towards Changsa, heart of the Chinese nation.
13th Army advances north.
13 divisions, 6 regiments, and every armoured vehcile and artillery piece in the country are unleashed.

herbiesan is gambling again.
Take out china, and maybe, just maybe, the war elsewhere can be swung back his way.
There can be no maybe with out trying.
And this is going to be a very be try................

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