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RE: European Theatre of Operations

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 5/18/2011 11:09:34 PM   


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I uploaded an AT-Gold specific version to the scenerio bank. It's pretty much the same scenerio, converted to ATG format with a few additions to improve game balance (Soviets were too weak, Allies too strong after US Entry).  I'll try to update with new versions as I have time to devote to the scenerio. All of the versions from this point forward will be for ATG. Here are the changes made for this version:

- Converted to ATG format.

- Added Pacific War Event which drops US Neutrality and removes some production from the Allies (diverted to the Pacific Theatre) and adds production and a sigificant reserve (20+ divisions) to the Soviets. Event will trigger randomly at some point after Sept '41.

- Added new Soviet SFT.... Kommisars. They are like staff but more expensive. However they allow the Soviets to play special action cards in a hex if they are present.

- Added "To the Barricades" Action Card for Soviets. If played in a hex where Kommisars are present it will add a formation of 20 Raw Recruits drawn directly from Manpower. Raw Recruits are a new SFT availble only through this action card. They have somewhat better attack and defense values then militia but very low hit points, representing the fact that they are not expected to survive long. The PP cost makes them about half as expensive as militia.

- Added "Not One Step Backward" Action Card for the Soviets. If played in a hex where Kommisars are present all units in that hex will gain significant entrenchment and morale boost. However there is a random chance the unit also suffers a sigificant readiness hit, as the Kommisars get a little over-exuberant in purging the units command structure of "traitors to the Revolution".

That's it for now. Will try to have more updates soon. Enjoy

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 5/23/2011 1:06:13 AM   


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I didn't find the readme file w/ the DL?

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CEAW-BJR Mod 2009:

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 5/23/2011 6:02:59 PM   


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Sorry, I must have left it out on the latest upload. I'll try to fix that when I get a chance.

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 6/15/2011 2:21:41 AM   


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Uploaded new version to the scenerio bank. Changes made to this version:

- Changed Air Combat to use variable chance on intercepts. Just like regular AT-Gold does. This should help make the air war a little more dynamic.

- Increased rewards for Lend Lease through Murmansk by including millitary equipment among the the things Lend Lease is converted into. Soviets will now get tanks, planes and halftracks (in addition to trucks, trains and supply) each turn the Allies deliver at least 10 Lend Lease points to Murmansk. The vehicles will be either Tech1 (P36 Hawks & M2A4 Tanks) or Tech2 (P39 Air Cobra's & M3 Lee-Grant tanks) depending upon the Tech the Allies have (stuff higher then Tech 2 won't be given no matter how high Tech the allies have). This should help the Soviets be more effective in fighting the Germans if the Western Allies can commit to regular deliveries of Lend Lease.

- Created a "Lend Lease through Persia" action card that the Allies can play each turn as long as they control Aden. The action card functions similar to the Lend Lease rewards from Murmansk convoys but is more expensive in terms of production. The Soviets can recieve BOTH forms of Lend Lease in a turn, if the Allies are willing to provide. This helps simulate the historical significance of Lend Lease through Persia as well as helps balance the game for the Soviets. It also makes controling the Middle-East somewhat more important.

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 6/18/2011 2:03:02 AM   


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I didn´t find your new file, last update has the date of 05/18/11

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 6/20/2011 10:11:33 PM   


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For some reason the update date didn't update when I uploaded the latest version to the AT site. However it looks like it got the correct (updated) version. The scenerio file has a version number of 1D.

Note that that the ATG packer doesn't seem to offer a way to include readme.txt files along with the scenerio...but it looks pretty compatible with regular .zip next update I'll see if I can slip the readme.txt file into the ATzip using regular winzip.

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 8/18/2011 4:49:28 PM   

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for the new people

this is one of my favorite scenarios and has amazing detail, you can create different combinations of units to do different things.

for example, are the Germans Bombing your cities with medium bombers ?  Put some high altitude fighters designed to kill bombers into your intercept squadrons.

I think it is one of the best example's of a Grognard type scenario in ATG.


HHC 302nd Engineer Battalion
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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 12/12/2011 7:11:14 PM   


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Just uploaded an updated version of ETO into the scenerio bank.

Changes for version E2:

- Fixed bug that prevents dealing of Persian Lend Lease Card.

- Fixed bug that allows US M3 & M16 GMC's to carry troops

- Added give the Soviets 10 PP's each turn they are still asleep.

- Give Soviets 50 PP's when Siberian Reserves come into play.

- Beefed up Maginot Garrisons slightly.

- Added Reinforcement Cards for Italy & Axis Minors.

End result is that Soviet Union should be a little more survivable against the Germans, as the PP's should really help them out if they don't activate too early. Note that the Soviets can still only upgrade thier War Footing once per turn no matter how many PP's they have. So the Axis should still be able to put on a very strong initial attack if they don't wait too long after the Soviets become active. However, the PP's will give the Soviets better opportunity to rebound from that attack.

Maginot was a little under-garrisoned....allowing for too easy opportunity for Axis to roll over it on the initial turn. The extra garrisons should help slow that a little...although the Axis should still be able to conduct an early offensive if they divert enough troops to do it.

The Axis reinforcement cards were put in play to give the Axis player some incentive to build Italian & Axis minor troops. Basicaly the Axis player was disincentivized from doing that due to the limited manpower the Axis has (manpower tend to be a bigger bottleneck then production for the Axis) and the desire not to waste it on troops that have lower war footing. The Axis reinforcement cards will add Italian & Axis minor troops of the appropriate character for each nationality without using up manpower. The PP cost for the cards is the equivalent (or possibly even slightly higher then) what it would take to produce outright and may only be played once per turn for Italy & each Axis Minor. Overall, this shouldn't effect balance much...especialy in the early game..when the Axis has plenty of manpower in it's pool. However, if the Axis player consistant invests in these cards it should allow him to offset some of his manpower constraints, albiet at the cost of production and with lower quality troops.

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 1/8/2012 2:48:05 AM   


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Yet another update uploaded to the Scenario Bank.

Version F3 features 2 major tweaks.

- In an attempt to give Russia some possibility to rebound from the initial German onslaught, I added a MAJOR event. The Russian Reorginization Event occurs in January of 1942. It represents the historical mobilization of Russia's central reserves that historicaly occured over the Winter of 41-42 along with the shift of certain key industries eastward in order to prevent capture by the advancing Axis. This event gives Russia the equivalent of some 90 divisions in 3 Armies along the eastern edge of the board and 45 aircraft. Along with this they get a lump sum of 200 PP's and 2 new production centers in the Urals & Caspian Sea Area. This should give the Russians some combat capacity to continue the fight in '42 and possibly turn things around if they do well... and get sufficient help from the West.

- I made some tweaks to airpower to somewhat reduce the dominance it was having in the scenario. Air is still very powerfull/usefull as it was historicaly but should be a bit less dominanting in terms of the ground war. Firstly all regiemes have had their starting stockpile of pilots reduced as well as a small reduction in the number of pilots they recieve per turn. This will place a hard limit on how massive of an airforce the players can crank out. Secondly I reduced the combat capacity of aircraft in winter terrain even simulate the fact that there were simply times when aircraft were ineffective due to weather (in the absence of a full blown weather system, I'm using Winter to generalize the effect of weather on airpower). Air SFT's have thier combat effectiveness reduced to 5% of it's regular value when attacking/defending in Winter terrain. This means that about 1/4 of the year, air won't have much influence on the ground war.

Hopefully these tweaks will help improve the scenario. I hope you enjoy it and please provide me with any feedback you might have!

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 7/15/2012 8:01:40 PM   


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Uploaded a new update to the scenerio bank. The following changes have been made.

- Fixed PP Cost of Bulgarion Reinforcements
- Fixed Production Cost of Carrier II & III
- Drasticaly reduced the hitpoints of Coastal Defences
- Increased Number of starting Coastal Defences
- Added New SFT Type - Maginot Defences - to the Maginot Line.
- Decreased Allied Pilot Replacement Rate to 8 until US Entry, then it increases to 12
- Added 100 extra Pilots when US Enters.
- Added a Belgrade Falls even which decreases Italian Neutrality by 20.

The main effects are that the Maginot should be a bit harder for the Germans to overrun early on, though still possible with a determined effort. Coastal Defences have been changed so they won't make a hex difficult to take by land attack, although will still provide some risk for sea bombardments. The Allies won't have an automatic edge in the air war before the US joins and the Axis player can be a bit more proactive about getting Italy into the war if they are being stuborn. Hope folks enjoy the changes.

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RE: European Theatre of Operations - 9/7/2012 12:21:33 AM   


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Uploaded a new version (GvH2) to the scenario bank. Fixed a couple of bugs but the biggest change was a modification to the Soviet Reorg Event to help address the fact that Soviets were still a little too weak against a compentent Axis player. The following changes were made...

- Moved up the Reorg Event from Jan '42 to Nov '41 to allow the Reorg armies to get to the front in a more timely fashion.
- Gave each Reorg Army a stockpile of 75K supplies...which should help keep them going for awhile even if the Soviets have lost most of thier onboard production.
- Beefed up each Reorg Army by adding an additional: 60 Alpine Infantry, 6 Alpine Hvy Weapons, 8 Hvy Flak, 8 Light Flak, 8 T-28 tanks, 60 Assault Infantry, 6 Artillery.
- Soviets now get bonus units for holding Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad to represent the importance of these cities to the Soviet morale. Each bonus unit is composed of Siberians with  Tech 2 Equipment (even if the Soviet player hasn't researched it yet, think of them as proto-types) and includes: 30 Elite Infantry II, 30 Alpine Infantry II, 5 Yak-1 Fighters, 2 IL-2 Sturmovik Attack Planes, 2 KV-1 Heavy Tanks, 6 T34-76 Medium Tanks and 2 Katayusha Rocket Artillery.

This should help provide a little more staying power to the reorg Armies.

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