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Wishlist Compilation

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Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 4:56:28 PM   


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Suggestions For Distant Worlds - Taken from Master Wishlist pages 1-13

** = Important!!!
* = 3/4 as important
- = Minor

Note: Newer entries are placed after the '---' separator.

General Gameplay & Design

1. Implementation of Worm holes/trans-warp conduits that can be discovered and used. Later research could the capability to create and turn off/on our own worm holes(trans-warp conduits) that are held open via constructed gates than can be attacked and destroyed – Wade1000

2. Enable patrolling to span and include the entire star system: When I tell my ships to patrol a star system, they seem to just park themselves over the star and I'm not sure if their region of influence actually extends across the entire system. So I would like ships to be able to patrol the entire star system and thus protect any bases/ships that happen to be in that system at the time of trouble! – Ranbir

3. Enable viewing & customization of AI-assigned patrol routines and system priorities: A screen to see and customise how the AI organises patrols would be grand. I'm thinking along the lines of seeing how many ships are assigned to which system (with system based patrolling) and possibly assigning priority levels to areas/systems. Ideally I should be able to assign ships to systems from a pool of ships assigned to patrol duty. – playedabit

4. Implement salvaging as a means of resource recovery and getting technology from other races: Destroyed ships can (or have a chance to) be turned into wreckage which can then be salvaged by ships with specialised salvaging components. A scuttle option can be added which reduces the chance for a ship to become a salvageable wreck whereupon the AI (or you) can scuttle your (preferably heavily damaged) ships in combat. - elmo3/Starfry/Nemo84

5. Show current orders in ship status window: I think a major problem in DW is not knowing what the automated ships are actually doing and with a large empire this becomes a serious problem – rhohltjr

6. *Real-time update of statistics in windows: Would be great to have a real-time progress % bar on ships being built in construction window (rather than have to close window and reopen it to see how the progress is coming along). This applies to other features too e.g. research. – Webbco/Sliverine

7. *Real-time build progress indicator tooltips for structures: A real time percentage bar or counter of sorts that appears on the map above or on the base/building/ship in question when your mouse hovers above it. - Sliverine

8. Realistic dismantling of retired bases: When retiring bases, just have them shut down and have constructors go in and dismantle them. - Starfry

9. New spaceport idea: Outpost: An "Outpost" type of space port. Be like a small space port, but without the requirements of a space yard/production so planets can have a minor space station for cargo loading and unloading.. refueling, etc. - Fideach

10. Weapons with graphical beam effect: Hmm, don't think i've seen those yet, so: BEAM weapons :) - impact

11. -Fleet Formations: Noone requested Fleet Formations yet ? I miss that, it would add at least some tactical interest! - ODiFolco

12. Improve & detail ship design factors: Possible implementations of basic control over tech direction. Ship Design still is very simplicistic, no various kind of damage, no shield piercing, no armor piercing, it seems to me that moo2 had a way way better design system more than 10 years ago with directional damage included. - fabio80mi

13. Improve & detail research: There are technologies that are all the same for the most part as they are mostly just slight improvements of earlier designs. Also you can't really choose what to research easily and from what i saw the tech tree is very small for a game like this. - fabio80mi

14. -Artefacts/Ruins should require time to reverse engineer/take control: I can see if it's space monsters they would show up right away, but if it's something else, like tech, or ships, it should take time to discover them and learn how to run them. Since this is a Real Time game, why should it be instantly "ON" as soon as you discover it.

15. **Rules Of Engagement: A simple ROE screen for automated ships would be appreciated, where you can tell automated ships and fleets to "only patrol own systems -> patrol own and trading independent systems -> enter only defense pact systems -> enter any systems ". Of course the Ai can also enter enemy systems as well. - Xenoform21

16. *Rally Points: An option for spaceports to sent ships to " **places** ". This could include fleets (fleet base), systems, or simply set it so that all military ships built at this spaceport are automated. If implemented, include a toggle on the star-base card. - Xenoform21

17. -Rogue Squadron: I think someone should make it so every once in a while some military ships go rogue and turn to pirating. - Engerya

18. **Civilian convoys: Freighters should auto group into convoys if they are going towards the same system and that would also allow for easier escort control prioritised and assigned according to convoy importance and strategic value. Escorts can also be automatically scaled depending on the number of ships in the group and the type i.e. a convoy of 3 small freighters would be auto assigned say...2-3 escorts while a group of 5 large freighters will be assigned up to 10 escorts. - Engerya/Sliverine

19. Implement different levels of civil unrest starting with no taxes, damage to State property, State ships going rouge as rebels and finally 2-3 systems breaks from the empire and starts causing havok(raids, hijacking freighters, stealing money & things like that. - Engerya

20. *Min/Max Ship sizes according to class. - Sliverine/Engerya

21. Option to auto-delete obsolete designs that are not currently being used: I wish for a "ship cleanup" function that will automatically (when toggled) DELETE any obsolete ship of which there are 0 currently in circulation. Thus, as ships die off or are retrofitted, old designs are deleted outright (Rather then remaining as merely obsolete)

22. *Ability to delete all selected in the ship design window: As it stands now, only one design can be deleted at a time and it includes a confirmation dialog box. You can keep the confirmation dialog box, but please allow for the eraser of all designs selected. - Malevolence

23. Battle Simulation: What about having a battle simulator in the design screen or somewhere else? This way you can make a desgin and then see how it stacks up against other designs. - Davor

24. Implement 'Hero' figures a.k.a "Fleet Leaders": The ability to assign advisors, commanders, admirals, captains and so on to lead and command fleets/ships. These people can be dynamically made/generated throughout the game or some fleet leader screen. They possess ratings in different character aspects that add fleet-wide bonuses (can be negative) to the fleet they are assigned to. They can also be designed to gain experience and 'level-up' thru battles or as time passes and can then gain additional aspects and/or improve existing ones. - themetalcrow


25. Enable optional resource depletion (i.e. resource deposits run out eventually): It would add an enormous amount to the depth of the game if this was able to be implemented for the human player only. Your empire, at some point, would be required to come up with a strategy to deal with the inevitable resource depletion crisis. It would also make for greater depth if you had to take into account deposit size as well as abundance. - lancer

26. Implement natural disasters: Large scale disasters/disruptive events i.e. plagues (could research cures and this could be used for strategic advantage), invasions from other galaxies etc... - SilverRocket

27. Implement privateering I think Privateering needs to be a PRIVATE occupation, so that you can design and send out Privateer craft, which will appear as "Pirates", and prey on the shipping of unfriendly nations. - Fishman

28. Enable economy/espionage-related research projects: Can we have techs that give you bonuses to make better spies and better defenisve spies? Also what about techs that increase the colonies? Maybe faster birth rates, or sky scrappers or space cities so we can have bigger populations. - Davor

29. Empire level order queues for construction (ships and structures): There are all the attendant caveats of order-queuing, such as that orders are not balanced between constructors. If the Order Queue were maintained in a constructor-independent manner, as an empire-level "to do" list, instead of a per-ship queue, this would probably not happen. - -unknown-

Planetary/Racial Matters

1. -Artificial world creation + further terraforming of settled worlds: city components for ships and bases, Ring and Sphere Orbitals bases, Ringworlds and Sphereworlds bases, ability to terraform planets into other types. – Wade1000

2. Planetary Defenses: Ability for planets to construct native planetary defenses (i.e. point defenses to counter bombardment) and structures (NOT bases) – idea by Wade1000

3. Limiting racial bonuses from assimilated alien populations: I have all the available races in my Empire now with full bonuses) based on how much of your population is composed of each race. If only 5% of my pop is super researcher I really think I should only get a fraction of the racial benefits (and drawbacks if any) – Tormodino

4. Migratory factors should include racial/diplomatic/governance factors: Migration policy is something that should be set on a racial/empire basis. For example: I don't like the Sulken when they go to war with me. I don't want them to freely settle everywhere with their nasty insect like personalities. - Tormodino

5. Allow controlled migration: I would like to close borders for migration while keeping trade intact. Currently i am forced to use trade sanctions in order to prevent my pure worlds being defiled by other races migrants. - Okim

6. Negative racial modifiers: Could races be assigned with negative attributes? Penalties like poor merchants or bad engineers instead of just bonuses? - Igard

7. (SOLVED) - Bases and ships that go too near blackholes will start to get sucked in. They get destroyed once they reach the center. Point to note: ships can get trapped in the pull of black holes (esp construction ships) if they continually try to move away from the black hole without using their warp, resulting in a stalemate which eventually drains them dry of energy.
-Black holes of death: Black holes should have a minimal range that you can approach before your ships are sucked into them. - Engerya

8. -King of the Hill: Your Capital planet should get an auto scenery bonus if you're the strongest empire. (LOL!) - Engerya

9. Capital Influence: Capital planets should provide a certain AOE boost effect to aspects such as research/mining. This function can be toggled on/off. - Engerya/Sliverine

10. Industry devalues scenic spots: To balance automated hotel construction, scenic locations should lose value when heavy militarization\industrialization is at that planet/location. You can't put three defensive starbases in orbit around a hotel and expect people to pay 7 star prices or buy 300 dollar bottles of ale. - thiosk

11. -Robots: A mechanized alien race. Where are the lithovores, or the pure robot species? - thiosk/Gerth


12. Implement racial eviction:When a civilzation owns a planet with more than one alien race, an option to "Expulse Aliens to their Homeland" will appear. So some aliens ships will be created and this alien population will travel to their "original" alien capital.

- Reduce war weariness on this planet if you plan to declar war to them or if you already are at war with them
- Roleplay ^^

- Lost the "bonus" associated with the Aliens in the empire population.(eg: %Research bonus)
- Reputation lost
- Lost income (population has decreased, it's mechanical)

13. Allied victories: I'd love to see an alliance/diplomatic victory, wherein you can win if you're allied with all the empires still remaining in the game. Of all the victory types common to 4x games, this strikes me as the one DW should most have. - Davor/martok

14. Differentiate research bonus resulting from structure placement: Something to make it more interesting to decide where to build research facilities. Right now, the black hole is such an obvious best choice that it makes no sense to build anywhere else. Perhaps there should be more tradeoffs for the higher-bonus spots, like black holes. Perhaps gradual disintegration of the facility or something. Or maybe different locations give different bonuses to different areas, like black holes give bonuses to hi-tech and supernovas give bonuses to energy etc. - Grotius/Sliverine


1. *Implement Fuel tankers: A ship that can be automated so that all it does is deliver fuel to ships in the field. Unlike a resupply ship in that it doesn't actually create it's own fuel, just gets it from elsewhere. Maybe this could be part of the private economy. - DarkWraith

2. Allow tradable and/or transportable components: Transportation of not just raw materials but also finished components to other spaceports or bases that are lacking the raw materials in the vicinity to make said components. Trading can be expanded to encompass this action as a result - sbach2o

3. Enable resource prioritising: The ability to instruct Mining Ships (especially Gas Mining Ships) what to mine if a race is short of a specific resource which is stalling construction. i.e. Ability to prioritise resource collection or at the very least, make the economy such that resource collectors automatically seek/collect the resource in highest demand in a given vicinity (like what a real business model would appear) - DavidR

4. Enable resource stockpiling at ports: There are times when I'd like to be able to stockpile certain resources at a particular port. For instance it would be handy if I could stockpile strategic resources at a major construction port to gear up for a war effort. Other times it's for establishing a major refuelling depot or even to better consolidate sparse luxury resources in a particular part of my empire. - lancer

5. Include pirate tribute as part of financial calculations in the empire summary: AFAIK this is not shown on the empire economy overview. - laserlasse


6. Add resort base demand for luxury goods: Make Resort Bases viable targets for luxury goods shipments. Luxury goods on a Resort Bases should be slowly consumed, increasing their effectiveness. - sbach2o

7. Detail exploration options: I recommend two type of exploration missions -

(1) Recon - the exploration ship enters the system and quickly gathers the basic planet types and any forces present. This allows exploration ships to quickly map areas of space without going to every planet for detailed scans. It also allows for a more military focused surveillance mission.

(2) Explore - the exploration ship does what it does now -- makes a detailed survey of each planet. This takes obviously takes much longer than a recon mission, but has the benefits of providing resource information and ruins, etc.

Please also allow BOTH these missions to be assigned to a sector and not just specific systems. - Malevolence


1. Implementation of carrier-class & fighter-class ships: Fighter class can be fully automated. Fighter classes can also be utilised in other designs such as planetary defense or defense bases. – Sliverine

2. -Detailed espionage reports including consequential results: When I get the message that theft of technology in some area was successful, I cannot discern any benefit to me. I'd like some pointers about what was actually affected, maybe including an indication of how much. That also relates to sabotage missions, IIRC (I think there was no hint as to what had been smashed or whatever). – sbach2o

3. Implement new organisational design for patrolling: I believe patrolling should be moved to a system level, meaning a group (numbers preferably dynamically scaled to local threat level) of patrol ships should be assigned to a system and respond as a group to threats. There's really no need to have ships at individual stations, rather have a group per system. Maybe the patrol option can be made to assign groups of ships to the system that the player has designated and assigned ships have a certain threshold (adjustable wld be a nice touch) that they will not travel beyond, whether it be in pursuit of an enemy or while escorting - playedabit

4. Implement "Motherships": I just designed a capital ship with a docking bay, cargo bay, ship yard and one of each production facility. Yet it seems that it cannot build ships. It would be really interesting from a strategic point of view if this were possible. - impact

5. *Redesign behaviour of ports/bases on invaded worlds: Change the way starbases instantly roll over and defect to anyone who happens to conquer a world's surface by
-prohibiting invasions until orbital defenses are destroyed or
-leave the orbital defenses in the control of the player that built them if the planet's surface is invaded successfully or
-if a planet is captured have all orbital structures immediately self-destruct or
-introduce the option the eliminate the invasion/ground war completely. - solops

6. -Ability to decide the fate of conquered races: Maybe I'm conquering them to force them to work the spice mines on Misery IV, or maybe I let them integrate, or I simply purge them from the planet...Options could be 'Form forced labour unit', 'exterminate', exile, welcome, 'farm for soylent green' - Shark7


7. Enable intelligence gathering & research sabotage: How about our spies doing an intel run on an empire? By that you know what techs they have and what they are researching so we can screw them up. How about we sabotage their research so the loose so much researched or even make them loose that tech completely and they have to research it all over again. - Davor

8. Ability to steal racial tech: The ability to have a "steal tech" mission specifically (or a chance in a normal steal tech mission) to steal racial tech. - taltamir

9. Allow option to demand planetary surrender while sieging: I suggest that while my fleet controls the skies of an enemy planet, I should be permitted to offer them the chance to unconditionally surrender or suffer the pain of my nuclear bombardment. - Malevolence

10.Add variety to ground troops: More troop types, maybe some kind of troop to put down a revolt, effect corruption etc. - Pad152


1. Hyperlinks to tech on the diplomacy screen would be convenient, especially on the trade proposal screen. It's difficult to determine whether a trade is fair or not without having to navigate a bunch of screens. - Nth Power

2. Display standing/relations of all involved parties in diplomatic screen: When an empire requests that you declare war or trade sanctions to another empire, please display your standing and current relationship with both empires so you can make an educated decision. - impact

3. Weird disappearing options?: When you open up trade with another empire. The option for mutual defence pack is gone. This shouldn’t be the case. - malkuth74

4. Implement option to request for demands: Please add the option to ask what the other empire wants in return for something - Gertjan

5. *Reduce diplomatic penalties between allies/friendlies due to system sharing: Reduce diplomacy hit/penalty when two empires have a joint system and enjoy good relations. I dont understand why there has so be such a big penalty if two empires with good relations share a joint system. Please make the penalty dependent on the status of the relationship determined by the other factors. - Gertjan

6. -Implement option to reject colonial allegiance: I`d like an option to refuse enemy colonies joining my empire. I hate being forced to accept them into my xenophobic empires! - Okim

7. -Implement option to request passage: Option to ask for passing through system that belongs to other empire. - Forevener

8. User entry field or match offer button for diplomatic cash transactions: Yes, i could press the 10k button three hundred times for that novacor NX-700, but I'm trying to avoid getting carpel tunnel anytime soon. - Xenoform21/Warspite3

9. Detailed resource trading: For the little button to let you trade resources with others, break it into multiple buttons for multiple resources. That way i can spare some of the lorros fruit for the Ackdarians and the zantabia fluid for those Shandars, and still have enough to go around for the rest of my empire. - Xenoform21

10. -A breakdown screen should be available for your reputation: I know I'm an evil empire, but i want to know why so I can a) do more of those evil things, or b) do less of them. On it, it could show the last twenty events to affect your reputation. - Xenoform21

11. Sharing of technologies between empires needs to be reduced significantly, adding an option to turn it off would be nice. - Igard


12. Multilateral treaties and alliances: The ability to create free trade areas or defensive alliances, with the option to either have a faction leader (i.e. the strongest faction in a defensive alliance against an outside aggresor) or to have an equal voting system (i.e. to decide when to admit new members or seek peace terms etc) - SilverRocket


1. **Allow orders to be given without turning off automation: Despite giving a manual order to an automated vessel, automation remains globally on for everything else. – Banquet

2. **Allow manual orders to supersede(not override) any current automated orders: Manual orders supersede any previously assigned automation order but remaining automation orders will not be cancelled. - Sliverine

3. -AI adapts player designs: To improve game AI, any design that is adapted by players and is very beneficial should be used by opponent AI's also. AI's should adapt to some degree. – Wade10000

4. Implement AI difficulty settings: With "Normal" setting the AI should design, act, and plan intelligently; as close to casual players as possible. Lower and higher settings should adjust based on normal setting, without giving the AI any cheat bonuses. – Wade1000

5. *Stop automation from disbanding player-formed fleets without turning automation off: Allow fleet automation to continue to be on, but stop the AI from disbanding fleets I make. - incbob

6. *Relax AI definition of armed intrusion: AI empires should not be offended by armed private/civillian ships. Military ships of certain small numbers should not offend/threaten them either if the destination is a refueling station that is protected. – Wade1000/Forsaken1111

7. *Automated resupply of construction ships: if a construction ship runs out of resources before finishing whatever it's building, it should run off to find the resources needed automatically. – DarkWraith

8. *Automated refuelling of construction ships during pickup runs: Whenever construction ships pickup resources for base construction, they fill up on fuel. – impact

9. **Automated retaliation always-on: Ships need to ALWAYS fight back if attacked (even if not on auto), I have them had just sitting there, taking the shots without doing anything. Non-automated ships should also auto-engage nearby enemies – Litjan/playedabit

10. *Redesign automation hotkey to toggle-mode: Hitting "a" will not just cause a ship to be set to "Auto", but instead it switches the status, setting a ships from "Auto" to "Manual" / "Manual" to "Auto" – impact

11. Enable automation presets for ship production: An option to select whether state-owned ships should start automated or not. (similar to above point) Ideally this could be specified individually when purchasing a ship for production, e.g. through a checkbox beside the "purchase" button. - playedabit

12. Automation preset on ships defined by similar preset on producing port: Hitting "a" should also work on spaceports, resulting in spaceports that are set to "Manual" producing ships that are preset to "Manual" from the beginning, instead of setting them to "Auto" by default – impact

13. -Implement automation memory: Let automated ships remember threats at specific planets, gas clouds and asteroid fields. They flee, only to try again later. – KonkeyDong

14. *Include construction and repair as seperate automation options: AI management in options should include "Build Bases and Mines" (Manually, Suggest, Auto). I like the idea of automated repair but i want total control of mine and base construction. – impact/bloodystump

15. *Ships manually ordered to explore do not do so fully: Explorer ships should approach distant planets to discover available resources within the system they're assigned to explore. Automated explorers do that while manually commanded explorers only travel to the star. – playedabit/KonkeyDong

15. 'Flee on enemy sighted' doctrine is not optimised: Ships that should flee when an enemy is sighted should really do that, not just when the slow space slug has already munched off some if its components. Explorer ships should be able to outrun scorpions easily but they fall prey to them too often. (this might be a "bug" instead of a feature request?) - playedabit

16. *Automated upgrading of privately owned ships: I'd like to get the possibility to somehow automatically upgrade ships owned by the private sector. Bye marking an old design as obsolete the AI should try to retrofit the older ones over time to a pre-selected/linked newer one. - Anglachel

17. *System flagging: I'd like to have an ability to flag systems as "hostile" and have the AI avoid it. - fabio80mi

18. **Ability to define 'allowable' zones of individual (military, civilian, constructor etc) automation: I'd like the ability to set up "sphere of influence" , like "painting the galaxy" so in the area i painted the corresponding AI can build/move but outside it its only on my manual control. I'd like to have the ability to automate construction ships to build things only in certain sectors of space and certain star systems. This will help with controlling empire expansion and defense. - fabio80mi/nammafia

19. *Improve exploration AI: I play with exploration turned on, they seem to work pretty well though i noticed many time exploration ships stay very close together (very often 2 in the same system) and when found some special, like a ruin that suggest to investigate an area- they don't go there or at least dont prioritize it enough so i have to manually control it. - fabio80mi

20. *Option to set colonization range for AI: What i'd like to see is a prioritization of colonizing planets near to my core... not halfway across the galaxy! if i really want to colonize there let me do it manually. Alternatively you can set a preference for colonisation range (near or far) and the AI will adhere to that preference. - fabio80mi

21. Improve construction AI: Constructors don't repair damaged ships or damaged special ships after encounters (found by exploration ships) and they build mining stations on the other side of the galaxy when the same resources were present right in the home system. Furthermore, obsolete ships/bases sometimes get autobuilt. - fabio80mi

22. Improve Ship Design AI: Allow players to specify a particular trend/purpose (i.e. offensive/defensive/balanced/troop transporter/flanker etc) and allow the AI to construct a ship utilising the trend as a guideline. AIs can also be given base templates containing mission essential components (like reactors sets or energy collecters) after which they will work on that template, adding components as it deems fit based on the ship's purpose. - Gertjan

23. System sharing diplomatic issues resulting from AI building in player-owned systems: The guess is enemy empires don't care about system ownership which leads to systems being shared and after THEY trespass my territory they bitch about it. Once you colonize a planet in a non-claimed system, it should by default then be considered your territory and off limits to other colony ships. - fabio80mi/Jim


24 Implement selective and detailed planetary automation: How about automation for different colonies? It's either they are all automated or none of them. Once thing I like in the Civ games and Call 2 Power games I can let the AI control the cities I wanted so I only focused on a few that I wanted. So in the late game, I can automate say 85% of my colonies and only worry about the few I want focus on. Also give us options where the AI should automate. Eg no military ships being made, focus on research ships or what not. - Davor


1. *Visual elements on the map showing your empires battles/planet invasions etc: Some of the onscreen signals like planet invasions need to be more visual. Right now you have no idea if a planet is under attack unless you click on the planet. You need to have a symbol over the planet in outside view for we have a visual ID if the invasion is on or not. – malkuth74/ ASHBERY76

2. More seamless zooming. – x2yzh9

3. *Display travel ETA timer during movement order: For when assigning a ship/fleet to travel to another star system/area. – x2yzh9

4. (SOLVED) - When u select a ship or fleet, there will be a white circular dotted outline dictating its max range. The reason why people might miss it is because that radius is at most times, pretty huge and requires the player to zoom out relatively far before it becomes visible.
*On-map distance measurement and/or ETA timer tooltip: Provide some means of distance measurement on the main sector map. I have no means of estimating how long it will take for ships to jump from one star to another. - lancer

5. More readable fonts and higher res images when using bigger resolutions like 1680x1050 and 1920x1200. – cougar_dk

6. *Condense component lists/listing in design/component window: Someone else suggested this (sorry, can't remember who it was), but multiple components of the same variety should be listed as "Component x7", rather than seven entries in the design ship screen. – Tycow

7. Display ship and station cargo info on the ship/station panel: Maybe a tab for 2nd screen with all this info (currently only available in F7 ships and bases) - Banquet

8. -Enlarge & redesign ship design screen: Window is too small, finding information is difficult, ship comparison not possible, ship components not sorted. – PdiFolco

9. Provide indication of stalled constructions: For instance, "Construction ship ABC has not made progress on Resort Hotel in the past 3/6/9/12 months because it is lacking resource(s) X, Y, and Z." It doesn't have to be (and probably shouldn't be) an immediate thing since the usual transport of resources may cause minor delays of a couple days or weeks. But a notification that construction hasn't progressed any in several months would be extremely helpful. – KW

10. Provide armor values in ship status window: If you could also squeeze in how much armour a ship has (same bottom left panel) somehow that would be a bonus. – lancer/Sammual

11. Highlight resource shortage for all stalled constructions: Whenever you have a ship in a construction yard that is sitting there partially built and going nowhere (stalled) it would be useful if you could find out why. Simpler if the 'Resources Used' panel highlighted the missing resources by placing a flashing red. Can be further expanded to include stalled structures. – lancer

12. More detailed economic info: Break down Star Port Income into Trade and Ship purchases – 4xfan

13. More detailed ship cost info: Display the price breakdown due to resources. When my maint fees go up, I'd like to know which resources are causing the trouble. – 4xfan

14. -More detailed planetary resource info: I'd like to be able to see what resources a planet demands and which it is not meeting. – 4xfan

15. Provide intelligence report detailing encountered enemy ships and their observed components: Have some statistics for enemy ships encountered so far, kind of like an intelligence report. Could be on the diplo-screen, so I know how my ships measure up component-wise. Maybe even make it part of the spy-missions to gather info on that. – Litjan

16. **Too much clutter on the overall map at late game owing to all the icons shown by all the merchant ships and stuff. Option to show icons of certain classes only. ‘All I wanted to see was my fleets, enemy fleets and stars with a decent mouseover to tell me what was there would really help command and control’ – Andy Mac

17. Provide indication if queued colonisation order is no longer valid: Colony ships in Q do not stop mission or generate a warning if the system they were Q'd for are colonized by another empire before they are constructed. A warning would be nice. – Emmet333

18. **Clearly mark neutral/friendly/hostile ships: It's *way* too easy to mis-click and attack *any* foreign ship and start an intergalactic war. I'd like the attack crosshair (when ordering a ship/fleet to engage a specific ship in combat) to be colored according to how your relation is with the target. - Emmet333/sbach2o

19. *Warn before attacking neutral/friendly ships: A warning message of "you are about to attack a neutral/friendly ship" would be useful. – Emmet333

20. -Indications in map/ship screen for upgradeable ships: Maybe an icon to show which ships are upgradeable on the main map or the ship screens. - Nth Power

21. -Indications in design screen to differentiate upgraded components: Some information on what components are being upgraded would be nice too – Nth Power

22. Tooltip over ship icon in construction yard screen should show ship class and name. – KonkeyDong

23. Ships being built should be colored when their progress is halted: Can be shown in construction or ship screens. Yellow: Resources not available at construction site, Red: No stockpile and no sources in the entire empire. – KonkeyDong

24. -Provide detailed financial graphs: Please add graphs with historical data for the abovementioned detailed metrics: how did my maintenance expenses change in the last month, year, 10 years, from the start? – neofit

25. Color-coding resources based on abundance: When making something in the construction screen, say I want to make a ship and it lists the resources. How about highlighting the resources it takes? I have plenty of that resource, yellow I have enough but will run out, red not enough resource to complete. – Davor

26. Provide indication of resource sufficiency in construction window: Before one commits to the purchase of a ship of other construction item there should be some sort of visual indication that one has ( or has not ) all the resources needed to produce the item in question. At present the only way seems to be is to write down the list of resources needed and then compare the list to the cargo / resources to hand. – DavidR

27. Highlight frequently used space routes on the map: Maybe for the galaxy map, as private citizens do get into a routine, to mark out a well travelled space lane and then be able to give a command for ships to patrol the end points. – Ranbir

28. *Option to show the path of ship travel: A thin line showing where they're heading. Ideally an option to show all paths or just for selected ships – playedabit

29. Opening menus should still allow player interaction with the normal map view: The ship list screen, colony screen and galaxy map (maybe others) should be more interactive with the normal game view, as in if I select a ship in the ships screen then that selection should be applied to the normal view and maintained if I close the ship list, or I could just interact in the normal view while the list is open. This would require either the list screens windows to be moveable and non-modal – playedabit

30. Provide hierarchical solar system information: Either when I click on the star, or in a separate screen, I'd like to see hierarchical (tree) list of planets and moons, bases on them, ships present in the system, indicated in a visual way whether these are assigned for patrol or just passing through. For the latter the ships could be listed along the planets/bases they patrol, whereas fleets and other ships should have their individual branches. A windows explorer like tree would be nice solution. – playedabit

31. *Quick indication of the presence of ports/bases on planets in colony screen: A way to tell whether a planet has bases (preferably a list of bases) from the colony view screen. I'd like to see where to build where not. – playedabit

32. Enable update of ship's mission display while paused: Currently, a ship waits for the game to be unpaused until it shows the new mission. That makes it hard to find out which orders you've already given. - pndrev

33. Add column for system name of potential colonies in expansion planner: It would be a good idea, and quite easy too, to add in the expansion planner screen a column to indicate in which system a potential colony is situated. If a potential colony is a planet, its name is sufficient to find its location, but when the potential colony is a moon... - Volcano

34. -Provide pricing info of components in ship design screen: Price of components isn't shown anywhere, you have to check the total price change when you add/remove/change them – PdiFolco

35. Provide a list showing stranded assets. - bloodystump

36. *Indication of queued construction on the map: Some outline or ghost image that shows bases/structures that have been ordered or queued for construction (can be an overlay of sorts). i.e. if i order (queued or not)a constructor to build a mining base somewhere, it would be handy to have some sort of ghost image or some outline to indicate that the base is on an order list somewhere. That way i can avoid queuing another similar order on that same moon again (which happens when u look somewhere else and forget the exact location of that moon). Of course when i cancel that order from the list on the constructor, the outline or image also disappears. - Sliverine

37. *Optional and distinct territory/influence border on the map: Like in GC2. I would like to have thick lines, which can be toggle on/off, drawn on the map showing the political boundary of my empire, covering only colonized stars/planets. It will help with the visual further. - ypsylon/nammafia

38. Order/Mission history for all ships: When a ship completes it's mission, and the message pops up saying it has completed it, can you guys put in saying what the last mission is? Lots of times I forget what the previous missions were so I can't remember what I wanted it to do. - Davor/BigWolf

39. Tooltip for resources showing their dependencies: When I look at my resources and I see what I need, I should be able to click on that resource and then there should be a button so I can click on to tell me what units need this to be built. I should know by a click what units need these. Is it to make people happy or a ship to be made. I don't find it fun looking and searching through everything to find this answer. - Davor

40. *Tooltips to show ongoing constructions at a selected planet in the planet window: When I go into the planet overview button, couldn't we have display that showed all the construction being worked on? I am getting a bit tired of hitting each colony separately. - Davor

41. *Repositionable on-screen dialog boxes/menus. - Agent S

42. **Color coded dialog messages/notifications: Red for attacks, green for ship or construction built, yellow for ship damaged, blue for diplomatic, white for mission complete, gray for boring stuff etc. - deanco2

43. Detailed filters for colonisable planets (according to territory, distance etc...): Ability to filter (hide) colonization targets that are in systems belonging to other empires and differentiate between planets in systems found in another empire, those unlikely to colonize due to racial hatred, and those in the same system as pirates (currently all are red, but if you hover over the population area it will tell you which of those it is... there should be an icon with the flag of the empire, pirate flag, or just some symbol for racial hate). - taltamir

44. Scrollable Dialogs/Menus: Sometimes an opposing empire will want to trade a whole long laundry list of colonies, techs , and credits with me and it cuts off what they want from me in return . i can never accept or deny because i don't know if they want to trade for my important colonies like the ones containing empire-wide bonuses or extremely rare resources like korabbian spice, zentabian fluid, or loros fruit. - Sliverine/DigitalPheonix

45. Add location information to "Under Attack!" messages: Included in both popup and scrolling messages. - Malevolence


46. Mini scale ruler to show actual distance in-game: Can we have a legend tab? It should be able to toggle on or off for people who don't want it on. Maybe in a corner or somewhere, when it is on, it can tell us what the distance is. - Davor

47. Popup warnings for mission interruptions: I want some popup messages to tell me when:
1) A project has stopped because there aren't enough of x material to complete y.
2) This colony/constructor ship can't complete its mission because of this pirate/monster/whatever (maybe whenever a ship is escaping). - Nephrinn

46. Show detailed info in ship selection panel: Show current location, distance (how many systems away), and ETA of ship in the selection panel. Maybe up in the left or right corner of the main view next to the time-speed adjustment buttons or the credits display, they could add :

Current View: Sector A8
Selected Item: Sector H6

Maybe even add X-Y coordinates and system names or (deep space) if selected item is not in any system. - DigitalPheoenix

47. Detailed event reporting: I do get combat messages when they start, but it doesn't include the location of the attack. The messages do not differentiate between when I am attacked versus when I initiate the attack. In fact, I get no message that my ships are initiating an attack (with basic information on location).

I get no messages when a ship is lost or presumed lost due to lack of contact.

All messages should contain these basic elements: who, what, when, where, why. I realize the why is difficult for the AI sometimes, but others I think are pretty easy to include. The when can be the timestamp of the message.

As ships start warping off on their own to refuel, this is also going to become an issue.

Visual queues in the ship and fleet summary window (in the bottom left corner of the map) are not consistent. Red for damaged is there in the fleet summary. Yellow for under construction is not there. Refueling is going to be needed (orange?). How about a color for in combat? Let us see those states at a glance. - Malevolence

48. Enable interactive summary of fleet composition in system view: When you zoom into star system it would be nice to see a list of enemy/neutral fleets and and individual ships on the top right of screen. Same for my own/friendly ships in the left if I have radar coverage in that system. If possible you could even give orders to the fleets and ships through it. Its somtimes too much work in battle to zoom back and forth in the system just to find fleets and give orders to them. This would make it easy and simple. - Zakhal

49. Diffentiate ships screen from bases screen: Could the ship and bases (f7) screen be split into two screen. So a f7 for ships and maybe f8 (or something) for bases. Reason for this is cause on bigger mission the load delay when clicking on f7 start getting very long and messy. - Matman

Naming Conventions

1. *Customisable and semi-permanent ship naming convention: An option to stop this silly naming for ships - I prefer a <class name><id> naming scheme, such as frigate mk.2 001, explorer ship 001. It's difficult to remember ship class names (Windsor and alike), and it gets especially confusing in the case of completely unique names for explorer and constructor ships. – playedabit

2. *The ability to rename a whole system: Maybe renaming can only be possible if you have full control over said system. – neofit

3. *Change naming convention for moons: A moon named "YK905" tells nothing, but "<Systemname> <planetname> <planetpos> <moonname>" would be better imho. There are too many moons to rename by hand in this game. - neofit

4. *Player edited design names should not be reset every design upgrade: The design upgrade tool should keep the name I gave to the class and just append/increase a tailing number. Currently if I have, say 'research base', upgrading it will reset the name to the meaningless 'star base', whereas I'd prefer 'research base 2' or 'mk 2'. It works for already numbered class names (LSP-1 becomes LSP-2) but not for custom names and not for military class ships. – playedabit

5. *Upgrading structures/ships should result in its name changing to the upgraded model: When I upgrade some stations, either the name changes to something generic like star base from monitoring station or defense station. This requires me to go in and manually change the name back. It would be much simpler if the game would just add a MK2 or II to the end of the original name. Also make it such that if I retrofit my Titan III 015 to Titan IV design, the name will automatically change to Titan IV 001 (assuming this is the first ship of any designs retrofitted to Titan IV). This will make differentiating older and newer designs from just looking at the ships' names possible. – PaladinOO/Sliverine/Aelfric

In-game Interface

1. **Implement more flexible instructional interface (Master Order): Two-sided commands - you can select a ship and send it somewhere, but you must be able to select this "somewhere" and send a ship to it. So, player can click unoccupied planet and choose an option from drop-down menu - Send colony ship here (or build and send), Build base at <planet>, etc - and then select from menu which ship must be sent (table that can be sorted by distance, task, etc) with or without a ship selection. - Forevener/Tycow/Drusek

2. Enable construction orders for state ships to supersede (not override) civilian ships: Ability to force shipyards to start building a military ship, should there be a civilian ship being currently built there. - Tycow

3. *Enable minimisation (different from closing) of suggestions/proposal screen: You can return to that screen later to accept or dismiss the proposal. – Gertjan

4. **Enable private ships to be filtered out on the ship window: On the ships and bases management window, a way to filter out privately owned ships. – Ranbir

5. *Ability to give orders to ships directly through the ship window: If the screens could be made into windows that could be moved around it would be GREAT, but this might be to much. – incbob

6. *Provide hotkey to close any open menu window(s): Whenever you open up a screen, eg. any Function button screen, it would be great to have the ability to tap the space bar/esc key/any chosen key which automatically closes the screen and unpauses the game. – lancer

7. *Enable generic orders (move, attack, patrol) to be given to freely-grouped ships: Being able to select a few ships, without making them a fleet and giving them an order to escort or patrol. Right now, if you select more than one ship. You cannot give them a patrol or escort command. Only if they are in a fleet. - magickoji

8. *More detailed filters (class, design etc) in ship window: Late game issue: When you have masses of warships being able to filter by class of warship and being able to order them to fuel, retrofit, go to base etc etc from the F7 screen would have really reduced the clicks i.e. more practical ship managment from that screen would have really helped - I had about 300 Frigates and Escorts running about and going through each one to retrofit them to latest tech was a real chore. Ability to filter them by role (escort, frigate, destroyer etc) or even by design. - Mark Weston/AndyMac

9. Place all the "Next" and "Previous" buttons together: such as "Next Fleet" or "Next Colony". They are there to quickly scroll through items and placing them on each side of the "currently selected item" screen makes no sense. – Emmet333

10. -Menu settings memorisation: I'd love it if the ships screen dialog remembered some of its settings like the last value selected in the filter. Better even, the last selected ship. – sbach2o

11. Left-click away from a context menu should not de-select the ship. – KonkeyDong

12. Enable resource tooltips shown on system info window to be used to select and zoom to planet/moon containing said resource: When i select a system to see the available resources and if i click a resource, please dont give me the *pedia again, but zoom me to the planet or moon with the resource. – Pulas

13. *Jump to / search option for names: If I've got an ship heading to, say, KV445, currently I've got no easy way for finding it's destination if I don't remember where I sent it or if it's automated. – playedabit

14. Clicking destination field in a ship's info panel should take me to the indicated location: This could be an alternative/additional solution to the above point – playedabit

15. *Quick links to ongoing battles: Not the same as 'Visual elements on the map showing your empires battles' – playedabit

16. Implement a 'group attack' order: "Go to location and engage enemies" command for ships to attack a group of enemies instead of having to click on each enemy individually for non-automated ships. – playedabit

17. Allow addtional engagement doctrines (combat stances) to be set in ship window & on right-click: In addition to the "when to flee" option there should be an aggressiveness option too: actively engage, defend if attacked, etc. – playedabit

18. *Fix auto reset of pick-lists in design window (scroll lock): There are a couple of pick-lists that reset or reload every time you pick an item. One example is the components list in ship design. It's frustrating that if you want to add, say, six of the same weapon you have to click then scroll back to the item before you can click again, instead of simply clicking six times. – Mark Weston

19. -Change double-click selections to single-click in design window: Also make it such that a single click would suffice. Having to double click 20 times to add 20 cargoholds is just irritating. - Sliverine

20. *Option for game to either pause or continue running when a menu is opened. - Davor

21. Add a "under construction" filter or button link in the ships screen and put all those pre-built ship under there. - Emmet333/DarkWraith

22. Enable choice of refuelling destination: 'Refuel at destination' command for ships that appears in the right click menu. Now I can only choose the nearest refuelling locations, not a distant base. - playedabit

23. -A keyboard shortcut that highlights the destination of a selected craft. - bloodystump

24. *Ability to build ships in multiples: That is when I want to manually build ships, I get a simple screen that asks me 'How many would you like? with the empty box for me to enter a number. Having to build one at a time is click intensive. - Shark7

25. Add an option to toggle between switching to close-up view when and staying on the current zoom level clicking on a notification. - SireChaos

26. *Right clicking on the info window of a selected object should also display its right-click menu: It's very annoying to zoom in to click on a ship from a fleet to give the order to refuel all. - crazy_guy

27. *Waypoints via shift key: To make queueing missions easier, holding the shift key while selecting a mission would queue it. That shortens the time required to queue multiple missions. - Xenoform21

28. *Revert to last stationary view: An option to go back to the last map view prior to the "interruption" after I give units new orders etc. The game can be made to save the view position whenever your screen stops scrolling/is stationary for more than 1 sec etc. - freeboy/Sliverine


29. Allow selective recommendations: Allow the user to select only some of the Recommendations provided by the AI to reduce costs. - pad152

30. Allow parallel builds at multiple selections of construction yards: When in the Spaceship/spaceport list (f7)adding the option to be able to multiple select space ports and clicking the construction tab and being able to create ships for all selected spaceports. Extremely usefull once you have a high planet count. - Matman


1. *Ability to obsolete a ship class straight from design window: Right now, you have to edit each individual design in order to obsolete a ship which is kind of a pain. – PaladinOO

2. (SOLVED) - player can shift/crtl or drag select as many designs as he wants to and click on the upgrade all button. All selected designs will auto update and obsolete themselves.
Include an "Upgrade All" button on the Designs Screen: Clicking this button would upgrade all current designs with all of the newest technology, making old designs obsolete. Alternately you could include a checkbox next to each old design and check any design you either wanted to include or exclude from this upgrade. – nim8or

3. *Refit button on the ship status screen: So individual ships can be sent for refit and you do not have to send all ship of single class at the same time – Karrick/magickoji

4. -Have retrofit costs displayed on the right-click menu. – Tycow

5. **Ability to order ships of the same "class" to all refit to a selected particular new class. – incbob

6. *Provide option to automatically update only selected design categories (like civilian ships): So that we can still update our combat ships manually if we wish. Perhaps the AI design help could be by ship category? – PaladinOO/deanco2

7. *Option in ship window to refit selected ships: In the ship list window F7, having the option of either right or left clicking on a ship and tell it to go Refit at nearest starbase. Or doing a group select from the list and telling them to go retrofit. – magickoji

8. Separate acquired designs from created and base designs: Acquired ship designs (from abandoned ships and bases) should probably kept completely separate from those created by you or the auto-designer and not show up in the planet and star port build menus by default. It would still be nice to have the ability to adopt such designs as buildable, but only per explicit command. – sbach2o

9. Need a button to either refit/scrap a whole group of ships. – malkuth74

10. *Write-protect function for player designs: We need a button to protect our ship designs. Or the AI needs to leave them alone one or the other. Also an option to lock designs so that I can't delete or overwrite them by accident. – malkuth74/Norljus

11. **Upgradable off-planet bases (star bases): Just drop the upgraded components, rename the class and let the base be repaired by a constructor. Ideally constructors should be able to be assigned to retrofitting duty, performing retrofitting repair on bases that need them. – playedabit

12. *List design components according to type and with quantity control embedded instead of a full list: Why not compress multiple components? So, instead of showing 10 cargo components as 10 separate items it is changed too Cargo Bay (x10) Not the same as "Condensing component lists/listing in design/component window" – lordxorn/BigWolf

13. *Energy usage per second & Maximum operating range info in design window: Why can't we have some "range" information anywhere ? I can't guess where my X amount of fuel will allow my ship to go... To be sure I add tons of fuel storage "to be sure", it isn't very efficient - PDiFolco

14. *Add UNDO command to the design editor. - Norljus

15. **Enable design linking to facilitate automatic retrofitting: Add a way to assign a 'new' design to an existing ship or base in the Editor such that on the click of a button, all ships that have 'newer' designs will automatically head to refit. This process can be automated. - Norljus/Sliverine

16. -Design interface aesthetics changes for ease of viewing: The design screen could use a bit of color coding, perhaps a light background color to separate the components by type. If I know that weapons have a red background, I can scan the list for red, easier then trying to make sense of those tiny icons or reading it all. Plus that would brighten it up a bit, make it more inviting. Finally, that screen would be better with drag and drop, the buttons are kind of a drag. - deanco2


1. **Ability to define sizes for fleets and allow the AI to automatically build & replace any losses sustained by said fleet: An ability to resupply a fleet with ships, for instance by "locking" a fleet, then the game will keep track of how many and what ships are there in the fleet at the time, then when you build new ships they should router with the fleet until it's "full" again. Or on the build menu set new military ships to automatically join and route to the fleet leader of a fleet of your choosing. But preferably both of those, as they'd be part of the same system. It's quite a chore constantly managing your already established fleets during larger engagements. – Epsilon

2. *Fleet-wide Fill Troops button: A command you can give at the fleet level that will have them go off and fill their troop holds at the nearest possible place. Bonus points if they coordinate so as not to step on each others toes. - DarkWraith

3. Optimisation of Fleet AI: Make them not disband after a manual mission. Make them share fuel. Make them jump to target, so that they arrive more or less at the same time, not peacemeal for the enemy defense to kill them one by one. They will also engage targets at the maximum range fuel-wise, so after jumping to target they are pretty much out of fuel. - Litjan

4. *Option to return to previous fleet selection after selecting an individual ship from the fleet selection: When selecting 1 ship on the fleets menu, would be good to have the option to go back to view the whole fleet again. - Webbco

5. More options for fleet orders (maybe a new fleet planner screen can be implemented): Like patrolling a series of systems in a certain order etc. Could also be along the lines of " Patrol own systems - Engage Nearby pirate bases - Engage nearby targets of opportunity - Assault " - rhohltjr/Hyfrydle/Xenoform21

6. **Fleet-wide automation toggle: Pressing the automation hotkey with a fleet selected should automate the fleet instead of having to individually select and automate ships within the fleet. I like to have a fleet or two that automatically responds to threats and refuels and patrols and have a couple of manual fleets that that perform attack functions. - codearchitect

7. **Add fleet vector lines on the map that detail mission type and destination: (different from "Option to show the path of ship travel") There have been many suggestions for adding vectors to fleets, and i feel like this can't be said enough. There are so many brightly coloured dots on my galaxy map mid - end game that I hardly remember what fleet was doing what, or where it was going to do it. The system I would recommend would be to show vectors for fleets only . Depending on the mission, a different colour vector is shown. Green - move , Blue - refuel , Red - attack, Yellow - blockade, Etc. And due to the immense size that this game can carry in larger games, ( taking a page out of supreme commander ) show queued vectors as well, with the terminus of one leading into the other. - Xenoform21

8. Synchronised Fleet Jumps: Whenever I order a fleet to attack, say, enemy's colony, the ships in the fleet do not jump at the same time. Instead, they jump one by one and get slaughtered by the defenders as they reach the destination. In Sins of Solar Empire, whenever you select a fleet, you have the options to set the ships in the fleet to jump individually (like in DW) or make a coordinated jump, resulting in all of them arriving at the same time at the destination. It would be great if such option gets included in DW as well. - Aelfric


9. Muster fleet (different from gather at home base location): I would like to see a Muster Fleet Option that would send all ships to where the lead ship is even if it moves after the order is given. - Kid

Options unrelated to gameplay

1. **Optimization of the loading/saving/startup times for the game. – x2yzh9/martok/Fulgaris

2. In-game color blindness assistance: Red font color on maybe a white background for us color blinds? – cougar_dk

3. *Enable the use of the mouse scroll wheel in the different dialogs. – cougar_dk

4. Dual monitor support: Click and drag middle mouse button to scroll screen (a dual monitor display won't scroll in the direction of 2nd monitor) – Banquet

5. Optional real time display: The option to toggle a real time clock (eg. actual earth time) underneath or in place of the date display would be handy. – lancer

6. *Pause on game load: Upon loading a saved game, please have the game set to "Pause". It's always very convenient to load up a game and walk-away while it's doing so. – Emmet333

7. Enable game editor to be locked at game setup: I recommend an OPTION to limit saves and editor use at a game start setup like in Civilization 4 to keep a player from being TEMPTED to cheat. – Wade1000

8. TCP/IP support so I could play with my brother. - putzinator

9. *"None" option for space creatures in game setup. - Mark Weston

10. Customizable ratio of habitable planets during game setup: An option on game creation to vary the ratio of systems with planets, the ratio of systems with habitable planets, and the average number of habitable planets in systems that have habitable planets. That way, a player who wants a galaxy full of habitable planets can have it, and a player who wants a galaxy with fewer habitable planets can have that also. - vengen

11. -Optional terraforming and any similar features: If terraforming or a more tactical combat system is adopted, please give the player the ability to turn those options off. - vengen

12. *Enable zooming while in game Editor mode: Yeah. This would be handy... - Sliverine

13. *Option to stop asking for password every time you exit the editor: This would be handy too! - Sliverine

14. List update changelog in the galactopedia: Can be anywhere else as long as its detailed and easily accessed. - RViener


15. Add option to disable racial duplication before game start: I second the no double races tab button in the number of AI in the create new game menu. Out of 11 players, 3 not including me, are human? I don't even know if there are more. - Davor


1. **Improve extent of customizable aspects: Ok customizable races and ship names, but what about tech tree, components? What about AI ? what about AI prioritizations? What about game mechanics? - fabio80mi

I want more moddability... Seriously, modding only sounds and graphics doesn't cut it. - Impact1986

- Ability to add additional races.
- Ability to have 1 ship set per race, rather than the limit of 8 sets.
- Ability to define new government types.
- Ability to define new planet types/habitability.
- Ability to define new species (IE Feline, Kanine, Gas-Bags, Avian, Mechanical, etc)..think MOO for inspiration.
- Ability to define new resources, ruins, events, etc.
- Ability to add resources to planets/moons with the in game editor.
- Ability to save an edited game map as a scenario for easy loading and replay.
- Ability to define ship designs for use at game start for each race for the generation of starting ships....adds variety. - Shark7

2. *Make the initial designs modable: This would be the best solution as I don't like the design of my initial ships and bases. Then I wouldn't have to edit anything at game start. - Norljus

3. **Out-of-game ship-editor: This would ideally enable you to add your own ship classes along with the ability to change in-game ship pictures/naming conventions/lights/engine trails and base component setups. This feature could also be designed to be accessed via the main menu in-game as a detailed in-game ship editor. - Sliverine


4. Enable scenario creation & importing: What I ULTIMATELY hope for is the chance to share scenarios with other players. if we can not have multiplayer (I ultimately desire not) then allow us to trade galaxy scenarios with scripted events and different storylines. - Kamonrius

5. Mod detailing request by Conflictx: In addition to my current mod Planet GFX Overhaul, I'd like a folder in the current planet & landscape directory "Custom" or "Rare". Where we can assign planets unique traits, like amount, added shadow/lighting/shading/... png's. If it orbits a system or not, planet name, etc...

Something like this.

'Planet file

'Each planet line below is comprised of comma-separated data as follows:
' - Name: name of the planet
' - Rarity: Amount of planets in galaxy
' - Orbit: 0=no, 1=yes, 2=yes,but stationary {This decides if the planet will orbit a system or will be found randomly in the galaxy out of system}
' - Picture index: index of landscape picture used for this planet from planet pictures contained in \images\environment\landscapes\Custom folder or Customization\YourTheme\landscapeImages\ folder
' - Planet Family: 0=Barren, 1=Continental, 2=Forest, 3=frozengasgiant, 4=gasgiant, 5=iceglacial, 6=marshyswamp, 7=ocean, 8=sandydesert, 9=volcanic or "Yourplanetfamily"
' - Planet Image: index of picture used for this planet from planet pictures contained in images\environment\planets\Custom folder or Customization\YourTheme\planetImages\ folder
' - Shadow index: index of picture used for this planet from planet pictures contained in images\environment\planets\Custom\Shadow folder or Customization\YourTheme\planetImages\Shadow folder;
' - Shadow: 0= no shadow, 1= primary effect, 2= secondary effect, 3= tertiary effect, etc..
' - Lighting: index of picture used for this planet from planet pictures contained in images\environment\planets\Custom\Lighting folder or Customization\YourTheme\planetImages\Lighting folder;
' - Lighting: 0= no lighting, 1= primary effect, 2= secondary effect, 3= tertiary effect, etc..

Ringworld, 1, 2, ringworldscape_0.png, "Ring World", ringworld.png, ringshadow.png, 2, ringlighting.png, 1

You get the idea. This type of thing could also be done for ships. - Conflictx

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Since the master wishlist thread was kinda clogged with repeated requests and its a pain reading thru all 15 (and growing) pages to see if someone has your idea down already, i decided to compile them all for the ease of players and more specifically, developers. After all, they cannot address what they cant find :).

This compile is not completed yet. As of this post's edit time, I'm currently at page 13 of 15 and will add more as i go on. Similar ideas with minor differences in aspects have been merged into a big idea with all contributing names displayed. Some ideas that have already been implemented in the game or which i think is too advanced for the game at this stage have been omitted. I apologize if your idea was one of those but my purpose here was to create a summary of what should be done ASAP.

Ideas have been summarized in bold. Additional (mostly player contributed) descriptives and exmaples that help to highlight/detail the problem/suggestion in general are reflected in normal wording following the emboldened words.

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Suggest you look at this thread for an excellent expansion of diplomacy.

Bob Viener

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You just saved me a LOT of time. I've been reading through and getting ready to compile, this is extremely helpful, thank you!!


- Erik


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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 5:33:42 PM   


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Its not fully done yet tho. i'm still working on summarising the key points out of all the descriptives, examples and case scenarios that some people have included in order to reinforce their point or to clarify it. I'll try my best to cut down on what i can and of course, work on continuing the other 7 pages worth of key points.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 5:46:50 PM   

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Thanks. Nice work. That compilation takes time and effort.

It'd be nice if many people in the Master Wish List would edit their post to add new wishes instead of making yet another post in their name.


Wish list:population centers beyond planetary(,Ring Orbitals,Sphere Orbitals,Ringworlds,Sphereworlds;ability to create & destroy planets,population centers,stars;AI competently using all advances & features.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 8:54:48 PM   


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ORIGINAL: Sliverine

Since the master wishlist thread was kinda clogged with repeated requests and its a pain reading thru all 13 (and growing) pages to see if someone has your idea down already, i decided to compile them all for the ease of players and more specifically, developers. After all, they cannot address what they cant find :).

This compile is not completed yet. Right now at page 6 of 13. Will add more as i go on. What i inserted are mostly just ideas copied/pasted from the various threads with credited names. Some similar ideas with minor differences in aspects have been merged into a big idea with all contributing names displayed. Some ideas that have already been implemented in the game or which i think is too advanced for the game at this stage have been omitted. I apologize if your idea was one of those but my purpose here was to create a summary of what should be done ASAP.

Working on further summarizing the ideas (some of them are kinda wordy...). I know its still a pain reading thru all that words but i suppose its not as painful as reading thru 6 full pages, post by post.

You forgot that there are many people who would like to have the moddability of the game expanded. That way, a lot of work can be taken of the developers shoulders.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 9:01:11 PM   


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ah yea...i will come to that. The list is not completed yet. Btw some of these changes are to the game engine itself (such as menu options, AI behaviour etc...). Unless the devs open up their game for full customisation, such issues will have to be addressed by them alone

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 9:05:11 PM   


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ORIGINAL: Wade1000

Thanks. Nice work. That compilation takes time and effort.

It'd be nice if many people in the Master Wish List would edit their post to add new wishes instead of making yet another post in their name.

I agree with Wade that this is very good work. It does take time and effort to do this. Congrats, job well done.

What I disagree with Wade though even if someone has mentioned something, it should be mentioned agian and agian by different people. This way Matrix and CodeForce can see many people want a request or change. To do something for one person may not make it feasable for them, but if they see many people who want it, then they might make the change.

For example if only one person asked for a quick save, they might not have done anything about it, but since it was mentioned by numerous people, they implimented it very quickly.

Another example, is I would love to see a robot race that someone has mentioned. That would remind me of the Meklars or the Droids in Star Wars. I would love that options since they should be able to colonize almost any planet with a few restrictions of course.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 9:18:50 PM   


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Great work! Must be a lot of time devoted to it.

I miss, however, my suggestion to improve AI automated ship design. I think that the automation could be improved now that many expert players have given some excellent suggestions to improve it. I think (or hope at least) that there are more players like me, who dont like to design their own ships.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 9:24:12 PM   

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Well done!

For me it's all about perfecting partols and adding them for fleets so I can stop micromanaging them. I can deal with the minor interface issues noted... and I'm starting to get the refueling thing under better control.

This really is a deep and very engaging game.


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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 9:33:05 PM   


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i didn't see anything about fleet leaders.  i thought i read that somewhere. 

basically it's a mix of ai and manual fleets.

you have the ability to assign advisors, commanders, admirals, captains and so on to lead and command fleets/ships.  these people can be dynamically made/generated throughout the game or some fleet leader screen.  they have ratings in different command areas and once assigned can get better or worse in certain areas or in general based on their fleets throughout the game.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 10:03:28 PM   


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some of the things in the List are already solved, as the explorers not exploring the entire system when send to explore it manually(They still don't automatically explore ruins in a system if their sensors already scanned that planet), obsoleting from the design-list, Upgrading all(Ctrl+a -> upgrade) ...

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 10:05:45 PM   

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ORIGINAL: Wade1000

Thanks. Nice work. That compilation takes time and effort.

It'd be nice if many people in the Master Wish List would edit their post to add new wishes instead of making yet another post in their name.

I agree with Wade that this is very good work. It does take time and effort to do this. Congrats, job well done.

What I disagree with Wade though even if someone has mentioned something, it should be mentioned agian and agian by different people. This way Matrix and CodeForce can see many people want a request or change. To do something for one person may not make it feasable for them, but if they see many people who want it, then they might make the change.

For example if only one person asked for a quick save, they might not have done anything about it, but since it was mentioned by numerous people, they implimented it very quickly.

Another example, is I would love to see a robot race that someone has mentioned. That would remind me of the Meklars or the Droids in Star Wars. I would love that options since they should be able to colonize almost any planet with a few restrictions of course.

You misunderstand my comment. I agree that someone should post a wish even if someone else posted the same wish. That is beneficial.

My point that you misunderstand is that it would be much more organized if each person had ONE post of wishes that they edited to add new wishes as they thought of them, instead of each person continuing to make many new posts with a single wish in each post.
Many people are editing their post this way to add to their list.

If you reread my original comment then it might make sense now. I suppose that it might seem vague.

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Wish list:population centers beyond planetary(,Ring Orbitals,Sphere Orbitals,Ringworlds,Sphereworlds;ability to create & destroy planets,population centers,stars;AI competently using all advances & features.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/16/2010 10:51:18 PM   


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@ Wade, Ah, I see what you mean now. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/17/2010 12:05:12 AM   


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Ok just updated the list to reflect stuff from pages 1-10 in the master wishlist. I will add more with regards of course to all feedback posted here. If u spot anymore inconsistencies or anything that needs to be added feel free to post it in the wishlist or u can just update me here.

@Cheet4h: in a game yesterday, my exploration ships still had that same problem with not exploring fully when manually instructed. They got ruins just fine tho...albeit too slow.

A-Select upgrading works. Removing that from list.

@Gertjan: Ship design AI suggestion inserted

@themetalcrow: 'Hero' figure idea inserted

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/17/2010 7:03:34 PM   


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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/17/2010 7:31:07 PM   


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ORIGINAL: Sliverine
8. Separate acquired designs from created and base designs: Acquired ship designs (from abandoned ships and bases) should probably kept completely separate from those created by you or the auto-designer and not show up in the planet and star port build menus by default. It would still be nice to have the ability to adopt such designs as buildable, but only per explicit command. – sbach2o
Easiest way to implement this is just to have all found-designs start as Obsolete. If the player wishes to actually build that design, he can unobsolete it.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 2:57:28 AM   


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yea thats one way. but im not sure if its intentional but if u get a design which is beyond your tech level, you can still retrofit ships to it. that should not be the case...

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 3:14:46 AM   


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I posted this on the master thread just now and I am posting here. I already see a match offer button has been suggested but also please add a selection in diplomacy trade to increase by more the just 10,000 max. I have over $1,000,000 deals going back and forth and having to click 10,000 numerous times is tedious. Also, a max value selection would be good so you can enter the max value for the tech you are trying to buy. For example if a tech is listed as (552,485) you can click once to enter this value.



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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 3:20:08 AM   


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Sliverine, With the 4th update upon us I really think that all the changes and additions need to be memorialized in the Galactopedia. A simple README file covering the update is not enough because of the changes that supercede previous changes. As a work around  a README that essentially brings the manual up to date us necessary.
Bob Viener

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 3:24:40 AM   


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Sliverine, Forgot to mention listing all the shortcuts.
Bob Viener

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 4:44:52 AM   


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I love the fact that the developers are even looking at the wishlist and considering putting some of that stuff in the game.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 7:12:59 AM   


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Thanks (again)

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 8:45:36 AM   


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@Warspite3: list updated to include the change. merged them as they seemed similar (8. User entry field or match offer button for diplomatic cash transactions:)

@Rviener: just to confirm, are you requesting that a shortcuts list and an 'updates' list be added to the the galactopedia?

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 12:11:50 PM   


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Sliverine, In a word, yes.
Bob Viener

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/18/2010 8:56:33 PM   


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there is already a shortcuts list in the galactopedia tho. i'll insert the suggestion to add an updates list to the game or at the very least, an official updates list in this forum or smth similar

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/21/2010 4:46:42 AM   


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I think that this game needs an option to play in a "window".
I read on the forums that the game is just maximized to the size of my screen. Great, but why can't I get it to scale down in size?

I have a 30 inch monitor and would like to be able to use my monitor for this game and also a movie or Firefox.

Love the game by the way! It totally rocks. I would just like to be able to "monitor" other things while playing.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/21/2010 10:12:04 AM   


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43. Detailed filters for colonisable planets (according to territory, distance etc...): Ability to filter (hide) colonization targets that are in systems belonging to other empires and differentiate between planets in systems found in another empire, those unlikely to colonize due to racial hatred, and those in the same system as pirates (currently all are red, but if you hover over the population area it will tell you which of those it is... there should be an icon with the flag of the empire, pirate flag, or just some symbol for racial hate). - taltamir

As of 1.04beta, planets in systems belonging to other empires are automatically hidden from the list of potential targets. Red color means pirate or hate only.
Still, I would prefer it hiding planets in other empire's systems was togglable. (sometimes there is something so good it is worth colonizing in another's system and going to war over).
And I would also prefer there to be an icon differentiating pirates and bigotry. (And alien empires if those are brought back via toggleable filter)


I do not have a superman complex; for I am God, not Superman.

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RE: Wishlist Compilation - 4/21/2010 11:36:21 AM   

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Nice work I did this for WitP so I know how much effort it took. Thanks!


Former War in the Pacific Test Team Manager and Beta Tester for War in the East.

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