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RE: Battlefleet Gothic

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/5/2010 10:35:11 PM   


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Don't tell me this mod is dead! Is any 40k stuff going on in relation to DW?

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/6/2010 6:16:04 PM   


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I think I'll take over this mod for a little. I've merged the Imperium ships with the rest of the mod and am working on the races.txt file. I've made a few changes and am working on some race pics. Here are all the races I've included thus far. I still need two more to fill in Shandar and Ugnari. If anyone is interested in doing shipsets for Orks, Space Marines, Chaos, or Tyranids, by all means, go for it :)

The Imperium of Man
Adeptus Mechanicus
Blood Axe Ork Clan
Deathskullz Ork Clan
Goffs Ork Clan
Champions of Khorne
The Unclean
Sorcerors of Tzeentch
Dark Eldar
Hive Fleet Behemoth
Hive Fleet Kraken
Hive Fleet Leviathan
Craftworld Alaitoc
Craftworld Ulthwe
Craftworld Biel-Tan

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/6/2010 8:06:47 PM   


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Ok, so I used Excel to organize the races.txt file and then reexported the file back to a comma separated valued text file. This is what came out and it seems to be making DW unable to create a galaxy. I noticed that there are no longer spaces between the middle numbers. Does anyone see any issues with this file? I will play around with it a little more and then spam this thread more.

The Imperium of Man,0,0,1.25,110,125,100,75,90,0,0,10,25,20,30,0,0,15,0,2,0,0,0,0,1, Sol, Imperial Guard Regiment
Adeptus Mechanicus,1,0,1.15,150,110,125,65,80,0,13,20,0,0,0,0,0,10,0,0,1,12,14,12,31, Mars, Skitarii Regiment
Ultramarines,2,0,1.15,125,130,110,75,150,0,13,20,0,0,0,0,0,10,0,0,1,12,14,12,31, Ultramar, Company
Blood Axe Ork Clan,3,2,1.3,50,140,50,50,50,1,5,10,10,0,40,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,2,15,38, Balur, Waaagh
Deathskullz Ork Clan,4,2,1.3,50,140,50,50,50,1,5,10,10,0,40,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,2,15,38, Oumyau, Waaagh
Goffs Ork Clan,5,2,1.3,50,140,50,50,50,1,5,10,10,0,40,0,0,0,0,0,1,0,2,15,38, Gorkamorka, Waaagh
Champions of Khorne,6,1,1.15,85,150,75,50,110,8,7,0,10,0,20,10,0,10,0,1,0,4,8,11,31, Drakaasi, Traitor Regiment
The Unclean,7,1,1.2,110,100,150,80,80,7,6,0,0,20,0,20,20,0,0,1,0,9,10,20,3, Bubonicus, Traitor Regiment
Sorcerors of Tzeentch,8,1,1.1,135,100,125,75,75,3,3,0,0,0,20,20,10,0,10,3,2,10,2,22,15, Planet of the Sorcerors, Traitor Regiment
Dark Eldar,9,1,1.1,125,115,150,50,50,4,13,0,0,0,20,10,10,20,0,1,5,6,19,11,17, Commoragh, Pirate
Necron,10,2,1.1,100,130,100,50,50,2,2,10,0,20,20,0,10,0,0,2,2,13,14,12,31, Sanctuary 101, Combine
Hive Fleet Behemoth,11,4,1.3,80,150,75,50,50,6,12,0,0,10,40,0,0,10,0,3,4,8,11,14,12, Tyran, Tendril
Hive Fleet Kraken,12,4,1.35,90,150,75,50,50,2,5,0,40,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,4,0,17,8,15, Ichar IV, Tendril
Hive Fleet Leviathan,13,4,1.45,100,150,75,50,50,4,9,10,0,0,0,20,0,0,0,3,0,7,13,20,1, Ophelia IV, Tendril
Craftworld Alaitoc,14,3,1.05,130,80,135,75,100,3,12,0,0,40,0,0,0,0,20,0,2,0,12,9,29, Alaitoc, Rangers
Craftworld Ulthwe,15,3,1.05,135,80,140,80,90,6,11,0,0,20,0,0,0,0,25,1,3,0,7,12,20, Ulthwe, Black Guardians
Craftworld Biel-Tan,16,3,1.1,130,100,110,70,120,1,3,0,25,0,70,0,0,0,0,2,5,11,16,20,3, Biel-Tan, Dire Avengers
Shandar,17,5,1.16,96,84,116,103,109,3,9,0,0,0,0,40,0,0,0,0,5,0,9,12,14, Shandar, Shandar Protector
Ugnari,18,5,1.09,94,76,81,108,70,5,2,0,0,30,0,10,0,0,0,0,4,0,18,11,11, Ugnar, Ugnari WarBot
Human,19,0,1.25,110,110,110,110,120,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,15,15,0,1,0,0,1,20,18, Sol, Strike Trooper Battalion

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/7/2010 1:25:57 PM   


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Hey karstenchu,

I believe that Nic was waiting for the promised modding tools which I hope the expansion will have.
DW is the perfect format for a 40K universe !!
A question, why are you having the Ultramarines as a separate race ?
Fingers crossed for the expansion !!!

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/7/2010 5:57:36 PM   


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Oh, ok! Well, I wanted to play around with it a little and wasn't sure whether it was just left or not. My reasoning behind the Ultramarines being a separate race is that the Ultramarines hold a small fiefdom of planets and I kinda wanted to have groups of three friendly races so that the poor Imperium wouldn't be in an entirely unfriendly galaxy!

If I can just figure out what it is that is making my galaxy fail to create, I can make some more progress. I actually did race pictures for all the races listed here, so at least I've made some contribution to the gentlemen's work.

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/7/2010 11:52:24 PM   


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Thats all good, sadly I cant help with your map issues.
Rumour has it the expansion is next week.
When its out and what tools they have made avaiable to us become clear I would love to help as the other posts are quite a long time ago.

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/8/2010 7:02:07 AM   


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Darn. Well, wouldn't hurt to get some ships done in the meantime.

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/12/2010 1:35:03 AM   


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A question, what software are you using to make ship sets ? I would love to help.

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/12/2010 5:30:45 AM   


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Um, well, I didn't make any of the shipsets posted in here. They were done by the people who posted them. I do think that Photoshop or GIMP (free photoshop) can be used as they are just 2d pictures. The only thing really special about them is that you need to have a blue line to show where they engines are! Well, from what little I understand :)

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 12/12/2010 7:19:33 AM   

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I'm using Photoshop for my Homeworld shipset editing, and you do need a blue (0,0,255) line for engine placement yes.

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 1/16/2012 12:02:02 AM   


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Hi, i'm hoping this mod is making progress, i have recently got this game and have found brilliant images for the ships:

there are others for all races like this on the net... wasn't able to find a good sized image but i can find them if required.

I think this mod needs to remain basic, splitting up into space wolves, blood angels etc etc is a bad idea.

The races should be:

Human(Imperium of man) Bonus: Space Marines (better-more expensive troops) space marine vessels (have indestructible armor
and heavy assault bombers standard) require ablative metals and medium torpedo bombers to build.

Tau Bonus: +30% Tech learning, -5% ship maintenance, -5% troop maintenance, know rail gun standard, and
can't learn lasers or blasters (phasers and ions only).

Eldar Bonus: all second tier knowledge known when the game begins (head start),+10% technology -10%
birthrate, have mortalen vector engines tree learnable.

Ork Bonus: +45% birth rate, -70% war weariness, -30% troop maintenance, -25% ship maintenance, however
15% slower technology

Necron Bonus: -80% war weariness, +15% technology, -20% birthrate
have advanced rebotic repairs and (zenox)ultra fast shield recharge knowledge known at start of game

Chaos Bonus: +60% spying, -100% war weariness, chaos marine (better-more expensive troops) take over(see later)

Tyranid Bonus: +15 spying, -100% war weariness, +100% birthrate, -10% troop maintenance con not learn beam
weapons or rail guns, only ion, wave(wekkarus), area, or plasma(shakturi). know hive colonies
standard as well as learn all colonization techs at triple speed.

Dark Eldar Bonus: all second tier weapon knowledge known at the start of the game, as well as all first tier
knowledge in construction and industrials, +10% technology, -20% war weariness, +10% spying can't
learn past ablative metals. have mortalen vector engines tree learnable.

Space Pirate become a mix of eldar pirates and human rogue traders.

If people want to play the same race and call one faction blood axe orks and the other half moon, then what ever, but the race it's self should be a norm for it's kind.

All races 8 races when not part of an empire should become an independent that will prevent an easy take over, in other words they will never join another of the 8 races (except chaos can take over any race except necrons and tyranids easy).

Tyranids, necrons, orks, and chaos, do not trade with anyone.

Tyranids convert population to resources.
Necrons convert populations into technology.
Orks convert populations into technology and money.
Chaos convert populations into their own populations expanding their forces.

these 4 races do not give anything when captured by the other 4 races.

however humans, eldar, tau and dark eldar give bonuses when captured to each other:
humans give resources
eldar give technology
dark eldar give money
tau give population

that should be enough rules to guide a player and make the race fit but not impede game play to much.
if you want anymore help let me know ;)

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 1/16/2012 12:18:49 AM   


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^ a link to another great source of ships from BFG

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 1/16/2012 7:42:32 AM   


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Great news, i tracked down the original files......
In the link i've provided you can download a file designed for an online board-game called vessale, the file is a .vmod file, however if you download and change the .vmod to .zip and then open it, you can access all the images.
it has every ship from BFG in a birds-eye-view just like the imperial/marines/necrons i showed above, however it gets better, they are already cut out.... they have no image other then the ship it's self, so no star background or white background, it's all already done for us.

I hope someone uses this find and makes a mod, however if i get bored waiting i might try dong it myself.....
ah the constant battle in my head of laziness vs impatience

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 1/16/2012 11:35:08 PM   


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I just registered with this forum to show my support for this mod, ships and all. This game would be awesome sauce with a 40k mod.

I'd offer my help, unfortunately I don't think I'll have nearly enough time. :-/ Sorry..

I hope this becomes reality!

PS: Imagine and intelligence character for the Imperium called Gregor Eisenhorn!

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 1/17/2012 3:29:10 PM   


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yeah.... it's definitely a great idea....good news though, using that file i found i decided to make a more comprehensive version...
so far i have worked out the basic differences in play styles for the races, have all the ship images, army images, race images collected.
tomorrow i'll name them all correctly in the right file format,
then ill get around to doing an in depth race by race in depth file,
with matching dialogues
and ai code.
oh i also secured music, i have the dawn of war 2 music (about 30 songs) which will play when you play the game in the background.
so assuming i can work on it every day i should have it completed by weeks end.... but give 2 weeks to be safe.
I'll play test it then upload it.

If anyone has some ideas for what should be included let me know.... my version 1.0 will have 8 races Imperial, chaos, ork, tau, eldar, dark eldar, necrons, tyranids.

What i do need to figure out is can you make new units.....
because i'm not sure yet how to make a n elite military unit.

doesn't matter if i can't limit it to a faction, i don't care if everyone gets access to it, as every army has an elite unit.
the elite ground unit would be named differently for each race:
Space Marine, Chaos Marine, Ork Nob, Battle Suits, Aspect Warriors, Incubi, Lychguard, Genestealer Brood

So If anyone knows how to add a unit please let me know.

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 1/18/2012 4:08:25 AM   


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Wow, that's great! Fast work, man.

Not sure about limiting it to a faction, but can you modify a technology? Perhaps changing the robot army tech to elite soldier?

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 3/15/2013 6:23:54 PM   

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Hi Everyone,
Still enjoying DW when I get time. Seem to be working all the time atm, which is a good thing, I suppose. Anyway, I saw the above picture of the Spacefleet Ships and decided to make a DW shipset out of them. Haven't finished it yet but here is a picture of the ones I have completed. Has anyone else done anything with these?

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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 3/15/2013 6:56:59 PM   


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Your timing is really strange... My 40k, BFG post will answer your question (in modding)

(in reply to drillerman)
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RE: Battlefleet Gothic - 3/15/2013 10:59:25 PM   

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Nice to see you again Drillerman!

Great screenshot! DauntlessK has indeed expressed an interest in bringing this mod back to life. I'd love to play some WH40K in Distant Worlds.


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