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RE: Master Wishlist Thread

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/16/2012 4:05:18 PM   


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Unload Troops

I tried to automate my fleets a bit (it is nice for them to manage fuel and return to base).
The idiots loaded troops on all ships.

There is no way to get rid of the stupidity without ordering about 100 ships to unload one by one. The same issue is there also when reinforcing, no "unload troops" at fleet level.

Please allow unload troops at multi selected ships and in particular fleet. Btw, I have noticed AI fleets having unload order.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/16/2012 8:20:13 PM   


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AI Diplomacy

I run my game with AI diplomacy and one thing is glaringly wrong:

Allies call for help. I am asked even if treaties and war is automated. If diplomacy is on suggest, it should also state opinions on all kind of stuff popping up.

That is, an AI adviser should advise whether to say yes or no. And if automated, he should decide, but maybe notify (clearly, loudly) on changes in war status. I have not had the AI declare war, so I am not sure if that alert exists or not today.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/16/2012 9:39:02 PM   

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From: vermont
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Wow, started reading this thread from the beginning and gave up after about page 18. Went to the end and saw page 53! Whew. Nice thing is that I noticed different wishes that were granted so kudos to Matrix & Codeforce! Thanks for having a suggestion box and acting upon it.

My wish is to extend the "Legends" concept with high level character advisors who would report to the leader, such as...

Economic Advisor
Responsible for all economic decisions such as tax rates. Advising on budgetary matters, keeping the money coming in, etc... aka Secretary of the Treasury

Economic Advisor screen would have several tabs.
Tab 1 to see all their recommendations and actions taken.
Tab 2 for viewing/setting various tax rates.
Tab 3 for expand/collapse version of balance sheet.
Tab 4 for economic automation options.

Military Advisor
Responsible for military decisions. Design & create ships & Fleets. Set attack & expansion targets. aka secretary of defense

Military Advisor screen with several tabs.
Tab 1 to see all their recommendations and actions taken.
Tab 2 to view current ship & their designs.
Tab 3 to view all fleets.
Tab 4 for designing ships & bases.
Tab 5 to view the budget for military; how much is coming in from the budget and what are we spending it on such as the military advisor, fleet admirals, bases, ships, etc...
Tab 6 for military automation options.

Intelligence Advisor
All matters of spying, such as gathering intelligence, sabotage/destruction of other races bases & planets, stealing techs, cyber warfare, stealing or assassinate other empires characters, etc...

Intelligence Advisor screen with several tabs.
Tab 1 to see all their recommendations and actions taken.
Tab 2 to view all intelligence agents and their assignments.
Tab 3 to view the budget for spying; how much is coming in from the budget and what are we spending it on such as the intelligence advisor, agents, training, etc...
Tab 4 for intelligence automation options.

Foreign or Diplomatic Advisor
Optimizing relations with other empires, pirates, etc... aka Secretary of State

Diplomatic Advisor screen with several tabs.
Tab 1 to see all their recommendations and actions taken.
Tab 2 to show the current diplomacy screen in DW-L.
Tab 3 for viewing all diplomats and ambassador & their assignments.
Tab 4 to view the budget for diplomacy; how much is coming in and what are we spending it on such as the diplomatic advisor, ambassadors, credits paid to other empires or pirates, training, etc...
Tab 5 for diplomatic automation options.

Social Advisor
Advocating for planetary development & social programs

Social Advisor screen with several tabs.
Tab 1 to see all their recommendations and actions taken.
Tab 2 for current DW-L planets screen & developments
Tab 3 to view the budget for planets; how much is coming in from the budget and what are we spending it on such as the advisor, governors, planetary developments, training, etc...
Tab 4 for automation settings

Research Advisor
Responsible for all matters related to research.

Research Advisor screen with several tabs.
Tab 1 to see all their recommendations and actions taken.
Tab 2 for Weapons research (as what's currently in DW-L)
Tab 3 for Energy research
Tab 4 for High Tech research
Tab 5 to view the budget for research; how much is coming in from the budget and what are we spending it on such as the research advisor, researchers, research stations, training, etc...
Tab 6 for research automation settings

Other high level areas?

The basic idea is that this would put a face to & add some realizm to the automation screen. The advisor's attributes or traits (sober, drunk, intelligent, etc...) would affect how well/poor they do. Your automation settings would determine if the new advisors make all the decisions or make recommendations to you, just like the automated settings currently. But even if their area of expertise is fully automated, there could be some randomness to their performance. This would add more to the realism or feeling that the game is alive, one of the best things about the game. For example, your military advisor is 'lazy' so this could have a trickle down effect on the whole military, resulting in penalty for creation & performance of military units. Creating new military units takes a little longer, attacks have a small penalty. Another example is your economic advisor is 'wise' so they are good with money, maybe this results in lowering corruption in the empire, or if there is a money surplus they can get a higher rate of return.

In conjunction, each of these advisors would be allocated a budget. It would be up to you, the player, to decide where the money goes. What percentage, via sliders, would go to military, intelligence, diplomacy, research or social. The more money allocated to the military, the better the military would be. The less the social programs receive, the poor the planetary development would be. There should always trade-offs or difficult decisions regarding how to allocate the budget. No advisor should be satisfied with what you've allocated to them. They would always want more. They may, at times, overspend their budget and go into the red either randomly or because of one of their traits. You may have to dismiss them and appoint a different character to the newly vacated advisor position.

Each legends character, current or new, would have a maintenance cost (salary) just like ships & bases. This would be part of the budget for each area (research, military, etc...). The better the character is or becomes, the higher the cost to retain this character. You would need to decide if the salary cost justifies the benefit of this character. They may in turn feel they are not being adequately paid and may decide to 'defect' to another empire. Intelligence agents may be assigned to find other empire's valuable characters and assist them to defect to your empire for the right price. May cost a little (if they are already unhappy) or may cost a lot. Or spies may be ordered to assassinate these valuable characters to disrupt other empires' operations.

Somewhat relatedly, I'd like to see more characters in the game such as intelligence spies, ambassadors, etc... and add ship captains, especially for capital ships. There would be the candidate pool from which to assign open positions. Currently when you need somebody, or have an open slot, they just pop up and you don't get any choice. It would also allow you promote up through the ranks to your fleet admirals, or eventually up to advisor and leader. Personally I'd like to send a lot more spies out to enemy AND friendly sites nearby.

As the creators of DW-Legends, you may want to make this an option since there are probably folks that would not want this part of the game...

Thanks for a great game and a forum to express ideas to make the game even better!

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DW+ROTS+Legends+ update+GEM 2.3+Sirian mods

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/24/2012 7:26:58 AM   


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I agree 100% with the 'right-click' ability suggsted below. I would like to extend this to include being able to right click on an enemy ship/ base/ planet and call up a list of your ships to attack it with!

Oherwise it's a fantastic game!! The best 4X out there by far!!


Improve the right click context menu:
--> Have retrofit costs displayed on the menu
--> When right clicking on a moon/planet/object, have the ability to dispatch an unselected ship there to do a task, i.e. right click on a planet, choose to send an exploration ship to explore, or send a construction ship to build a mine etc.
--> Have the ability to instruct a fleet to head home for refit to the newest model of the respective ship types

Ability to force shipyards to start building a military ship, should there be a civilian ship being currently built there.
Instructing a shipyard to do this should cost more money than the ship you want building (because the State has to compensate the civilian for the loss of their ship/money thus far).

Design Ship Screen:
--> Someone else suggested this (sorry, can't remember who it was), but multiple components of the same variety should be listed as "Component x7", rather than seven entries.


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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 12/24/2012 8:43:30 AM   

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I see Shadows is going to reform how armies are used. There's also going to be a land battle resolution screen. I applaud this, because the land armies need an overhaul. Space battles are really exciting and meaningful, whereas I find land campaigns quite boring really and, actually, hard work moving all those troops and grinding the enemy down.

I want to bunch together armies just like it's possible to put together fleets. It would then be possible to have 1st Army, 2nd army and so on and possibly (with Shadows) specialized armies as well, like 1st Commando, 2nd Heavy Armour, 3rd Light Infantry and so on. Armies should have a home colony, like fleets, and new regiments raised would automatically transport over to the army headquarters, just like with starships.

With additional functions, it would make moving armies around a whole lot easier. I'd also like to see a revert in troop numbers to the original DW game's style. I mean, right now, empires in my Legends game raise such a lot of troops that invading them is only hard work. Fewer regiments, but greater meaning to those few is what I'm looking for, and I think a lot of it will be catered for in Shadows.

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RE: Goldilocks ZONE? - 12/26/2012 9:07:45 PM   


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Is there a way to build 'goldilocks' zone criteria into planet generation and postioning?? Currently I'm playing with 2 continental planets in my home system. One is very close to the sun (say same orbit as Mercury) while the other is a moon orbiting a gas giant at about the same distance as Neptune. In reality one planet would be way too hot, while the other would be an ice cube. More realistic planet placement would be great!!

One last request: could you add 'range' to the ship design screen. While it's great to know the speed it is also very imortant to know the range of the ship.

Loving the game and can't wait to buy 'shadows'. Thanks!

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RE: Goldilocks ZONE? - 12/27/2012 10:10:58 PM   

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Rebellions and Civil Wars

I imagine when people move out from their homeplanet and found new colonies out there, they develop their own culture and soon start feeling independent and distanced from the original home colony. Much like the Americans rebelled against the homeland rule of the British, I'd like to see such breakaway attempts from the empires in DW. Breakaways would fight for their independence, or the mother empire could just let them go if it was decided that it was in the best interest for all. This would create a lot of interesting political situations in this already politically/diplomatically interesting game. Imagine taking sides in an ongoing civil war in a neighbouring empire, making use of the new situation or even intervening militarilly on the behalf of either side. Of course, the same could happen to the player if the early signs of rebellion are unchecked.

Maybe introduce political factions, parties and groups within each empire that strive to attain different goals, such as independence for a certain part of the empire. I would also like to see an expansion in the areas of terrorism and resistance fighting.

Yum, the possibilities.

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RE: Goldilocks ZONE? - 12/30/2012 12:58:36 PM   


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I played the game one year ago and I liked it very much. Now I am waiting for the new addon. For that part I have a small wish, but I think it is very usefull for all gamers. It would help a lot in with the micro management:

I like to get an additional table in the Empire Navigation Tool, maybe called something like "Special Interest".
Then we need a check box next to every ship/station/planet even in the build order menu. So if we set the check box "Special Interest" e.g. for a ship with special proposes in the build order we always will find it quick in the "Special Interest" Empire Navigation Tool.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/3/2013 12:36:48 AM   

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From: Uranus
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Please improve the troop interface list:

1. Please allow multiple-selection for the "disband troop" button. (If the user selects multiple troops disable the "go to troop" button.)

2. For the love of god, please stop reseting the cursor position to the top of the list. Preserve the scroll bar position so I don't have to go search yet again for planet Boondocks with its dozens of Angry War Parties for yet another single click of the "disband troop" button.

This is low-hanging fruit guys. UI crap like this is unacceptable.

I don't know how the peeps who play epic length games in gargantuan galaxies keep their sanity with this boondogle.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/7/2013 5:02:50 PM   

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From: vermont
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Blame the master, not the dog
Add more variability to the race aggressiveness by making the leader more of the determining factor in how the race behaves. Two most familiar and extreme examples are Hitler and Gandhi. This would allow for passive Slukens or aggressive Securans.

Change the current race aggressive characteristic (extremely -> very -> quite -> slightly -> very cautious -> quite passive -> very passive -> extremely passive) to be more like inclination. They still exist but will be influenced by the leader.

So if the leader’s aggression is, the modifier would be:

Extremely		multiple with race inclination by 1.8
very  			“ “ 1.6
quite 			“ “ 1.4
slightly 		“ “ 1.2
			no modifier
very cautious 		“ “ .8
quite passive 		“ “ .6
very passive 		“ “ .4
extremely passive	“ “ .2

Note, not sure how the game logic works but the above example, you can see that the leader’s modifier would increase or decrease the race’s inclination.

Likelihood of leader’s aggression would be like a bell-curve, with most leaders weighted in the middle somewhere but the game logic would randomly determine what the aggression modifier would be.

Allow for the possibility for the leader’s aggression to change over time such as grow while they are young and then maybe taper off as they mature?

Conflicts with the government type such as extremely aggressive leader of a democracy? Or passive leader of a military dictatorship.

This would provide more incentive to use your intelligence agents to find and assassinate the enemy’s leader character. With the extremely aggressive enemy leader gone, a new leader would be promoted or generated which is likely to be more advantageous for you.


Factor in game difficulty level so that on the easier settings then decrease the likelihood of leader aggression (-5%/level) and on the harder settings increase the likelihood (+5%/level). This would make the game more challenging on harder settings with more aggressive empires to play against.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/9/2013 12:51:03 AM   

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A few months ago I played Stardock's Fallen Enchantress fantasy 4X game, and although it's not a bad game, as 4X games go DW blows it away. One thing FE does really well though, in fact better than any 4X game I've ever seen, is that is has a really good customized faction creator where you can customize not only the race attributes, but also the physical appearance. What's more, you can even play against factions you've created. Although I've already tweaked some of the factions in DW with mods, it would be very cool if DW had a strong custom faction creator like FE.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/11/2013 8:03:49 AM   

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My suggestion is simple - to make resources more important, because now it's not difficult to never have shortage of iridium, steel, argon (for now, gases are just infinite and player never bothers about them) etc. The entire part of the game is just wasted. I think it can be fixed by the following:
1. Decrease output of Mining engines and Gas\Luxury Extractors.
2. Make planets with resources less common - I mean more of totally BARREN planets or planets with lower resource percent.
3. Increase resource requirements for construction (especially gases).

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 1/15/2013 10:34:38 AM   


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I have little, tiny sugestion. Actually it is smaller than tiny...

I would like to see a possibility to increase amount of energy that my ships may store withouth adding another reactor (which is big and heavy). So I simply suggest to make Energy Cells component which would just increase the amount of energy that a ship may have.

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make Master Wishlist Thread be a forum - 1/15/2013 7:36:33 PM   

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From: vermont
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Can the wishlist be promoted from a thread to a forum?

At the same level as:

+ Tech Support
+ After Action Reports
+ The War Room
+ Design and Modding
+ Master Wishlist

From my perspective, it's a lot to go through 50+ pages to find if someone has already submitted an idea or wishitem to Matrix/Codeforce. I also don't want to "steal" someone else's idea. It would be nice to browse, add or clarify an existing idea.

From Matrix/Codeforce perspective, how can you effectively read and process all the ideas lumped into this structure? I'm sure there are numerous ideas from your customers/supporters who all want you to succeed and make DW even better.

If you have each idea as a different thread in a wishlist forum, it would make the process easier for all.



DW+ROTS+Legends+ update+GEM 2.3+Sirian mods

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RE: make Master Wishlist Thread be a forum - 2/10/2013 7:51:49 AM   


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Scalable GUI

Pretty please? As it is I'm forced to choose between low-res illegible fuzzies & hi-res illegible minieverything.

Configurable On-Notification Auto-Pause

IMO the single greatest improvement possible. I'd happily pay expansion pack price monies for this feature alone.
Basically just add "pause the game" ticboxes alongside the existing "popup notification" ticboxes.

A further "centre on event location & select the relevant playing pieces" ticbox would be extrawesomesauce, but auto-pausing functionality is what matters.

EDIT: Since I'm wishing for stuffs...

Game Manual v2.0

I'd like a game manual that's an actual manual. Like, one that describes precisely what's in the game, where in the game it is located, and the exact mathematics integrating it into the system.

More importantly, I'd like Ebook Reader friendly versions of all existing and future game documentation. Reading the ~80p. Quick Start guide on a panel was so much more painful than it had to be, and having bought the whole DW pile at full price I couldn't afford to blow an entire ink cartridge on printing the silly thing :p

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RE: make Master Wishlist Thread be a forum - 2/10/2013 4:20:20 PM   


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I agree with the UI issues and stuff like that. Lots of good suggestions. But how about some sort of victory score, high-score list and recap (AKA the Civilization series)? The "YOU WIN" screen with the juvenile sayings from the other leaders just doesn't cut it.

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RE: make Master Wishlist Thread be a forum - 2/12/2013 3:18:02 AM   

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My biggest pet peeves are as follows;

1. I sometimes use auto-update to ease updating large fleets, and the way the game chooses systems is very poor. It chooses the top-most and furthest to the right systems over any level of rational function. Weaker, less fuel efficient reactors over a better but one ranked lower hyper-fusion. Weaker shields, Slower hyperdrives, just because they are one line higher on the tech chart? Not because they are worth having. Having to go back and re-edit each design obviates the value of the auto feature.

2. Independent colonies that are in Foreign space disappear from Expansion planner, enemy target or any other tracking. You have to visually search the map for the circled systems to launch an invasion.

3. The left hand side shortcuts, can there be some sorting functions added? Ship/Planet names, resource specials etc, can force the automated indicator arrow off the window. It would be nice to see ships with no missions clustered, rather than scattered throughout the lists.

4. Is there someway to implement a map search feature for systems I have explored? For things on the lists, the flashing circles are great! But there isn't a list for everything. If say I want to go to the XYZZY system, just typing the name in a box and having the map center would be great.

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RE: make Master Wishlist Thread be a forum - 2/19/2013 7:03:26 PM   


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If not mentioned anywhere or already possible (im learning resistant btw),

1. A option to add a race family into mods, like parasite.
2. Creating own modules for specific race only, with a guide not to screw over the balance.

Someone mentioned before, coloniseable gas giants or barren rocks planets, should be interessing if
someone wants to create a gasous race or having an outpost on a planet instead a station in space.

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RE: make Master Wishlist Thread be a forum - 2/20/2013 1:44:50 PM   

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1. mute function. "Mute" means no sound. No beeps, blips or anything. Stop making noise. Period. DW does not currently do this.
2. Take a close look at blockade mechanics. It's absurd how easy it is to abuse them.
3. Population control. More control of racial migration is needed.


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RE: make Master Wishlist Thread be a forum - 2/21/2013 4:02:19 PM   

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Colonies screen needs some indication of population max - preferably as a percentage.

Currently there's no indication as to how full the planet is until it reaches maximum population level.


“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” ― Christopher Hitchens

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 2/24/2013 7:28:19 PM   

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Probably the most important thing first: I just have the "RotS" expasion right now. I apologize if something mentioned below is already in "Legends".

1) Update AI of private freighters: they can tend to kind of "blockade" freshly invaded planets which not have directly a space port ready. Once the space port is build they should recognize it and move onwards to it instead of still waiting to dock at the planet itself (see attached picture - my troop carriers are waiting WAY too long to load the troops for further conquering with all that passenger ships and freighters transferring passengers and cargo ahead of them).

2) When shields are down and a ship is hit the fired weapons should not be stopped
2a) Repair bots should work in parallel, so that pure armor ships (no shields) are possible.
2b) A "repair priority order" should be settable. I'd like to control which things should be repaired first.

3) Add a technology that - build in as an additional ship component - increases the shield recharge rate ability.

4) Balance the weapons: concussion missiles should use less energy or almost none as they are self-propelled. This would make them a more interesting choice in early games when reactor energy isn't in abundance. For late game they currently lack of dmg-potential.
4a) Technology upgrade that increases the firing rate of missiles - when build in as a component on a ship.

5) Upgrade the tactic / behaviour settings in the ship design screen
5a) "Flee when" should have the possibility to set a manual number. E.g. I'd like my ships to flee when shields are at 68% or 31% or 78% or ...
5b) Targeting priority: first hunt down escort/frigate/.../capital ships
5c) After escaping only get back into battle if shields are back at x%

6) Technology upgrade "miniaturization feature" or something similar: If I stack multiple types of the same component they should use less space as they could share synergy effects (same energy supply cables, electric control, large scale reactors, whatever seems logical).

7) If the energy is available to support both, full speed and hyper jump, ships should flee at maximum speed.

8) Add technology that makes Caslon worthy to consider even in late game. Though it is an inefficient way of energy supply reactors with such type of fuel could throw out way more energy than hydrogen supplied ones. So you are thinking about saving space and put in a caslon driven reactor, noting that you would need more fuel cells and/or more often refueling. Or invest additional space for hydrogen reactors, but with much better energy efficiency.
Since Hydrogen is a ressource which could "flow around" in the deep space there could be an add-on for hydrogen driven reactors which collect the hydron "on the fly" to even make such ships more independent of refueling - which wouldn't be available for Caslon so that such ships MUST refuel at some time.

9) Targeting systems with manually controlled priorization on what components should be targeted first once the shields (and armor) are down.

10) Special reinforcment possibilities to protect specific vital components from beeing disabled or damaged, respectively to make it less likely or harder that they will such.

11) Chance that ships will explode when the reactor is damaged. Damage of the explosion blast could even be dependand on the amount of fuel left in the fuel cells.

12) I don't see a point for adding Trace Scanners or Jammers right now against AI which is a pitty. I just don't care wheather they know my ship design or not (unless they would be able to use it and try to rebuild my design if recognized as superior. It would be both fun and scary to suddenly face my own ships or almost similar ones in future battles).
If I would play against humans I would consider adding them.

Here is what I suggest to change to make them more interesting:
When facing an opponent there should be NO information at all. No shield strength, no weapon strength. Just the size as the only indicator. If you want to have proper information and hence want to take full advantage of your tactic settings (see point no 5) you then need to add such components.
12a) Cloaking devices should be able to "cover" the real size of a ship somehow and make even this information unreliable.

13) It would be nice if advanced cloaking devices could fully cover ships until they decloak and start to attack. On the other hand they should use exponentially more energy when the ship size goes up, so that it is only reasonable to build in on smaller ships (or maybe a caps to ship size: tech level 1 cloaks ship up to size 150, tech level 2 up to size 200, tech level 3 up to size 300).

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 3/6/2013 11:04:19 PM   

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From: vermont
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More Feedback please...

Instead of the game just indicating in a pop-up message what should be done, also include the reason WHY the suggested action should be done. For example, before:

        We should trade of Zentabia Fluid with so-and-so.

Well, why should we trade with them? After:

        We should trade of Zentabia Fluid with so-and-so.
        This would promote better relations and maybe lead to more trade or possible a free trade agreement.

Other messages such as:

        We should [end] trade or X with Y...
        We should build ships...
        We should send spy to do...
        We should research...
        We should whatever else...

This would add more personality and atmosphere to the game, even more so if incorporated into another request I had about adding advisors to the legend characters, like economic advisor, military advisor, etc... So the military advisor would be the one who would make recommendations to build ships, attack this target, and so on.

Another facet of feedback would be when you give orders and the orders cannot be carried out such as unable to attack or move due to no fuel. Or a ship cannot refuel at a location due to no fuel of that type (caslon or hydrogen). In this case, some message in red to appear in the item’s selection panel. Maybe a pop-up message (configurable via options menu) could appear, for those who want more upfront feedback.


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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 4/15/2013 4:24:35 AM   


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Ok, my wishlist :
- Improved private sector feature. Like the emerging of giant corporations. The reason is that the private sector have their own money, but it just there without any purpose in the game (well, maybe for buying some ships, I don't know. But if it is, we can still expand it to make the cash more useful). Giant Corporation is an independent semi active faction that emerge within an empire, just like pirates. They have their headquarter, and their own fleet (Freighter fleet, not Military ship Fleet). But they pay tax to the government. A giant Corporation will emerge when the private sector money has reach some point (for example 10.000k or more) and they can interact with the government just like pirates. Sometime, they will give some business deal, like buying or selling military ship with the government. The government can't do anything to the giant corporation just like private sectors, but they can make some regulation to them.

- More character face pictures for each races. I bored seeing the same face for every characters in the game.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 4/15/2013 4:30:01 PM   


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multiplayer, multi-cpu-core support so the game dosent slow down even though you have the newest beast of a computer available.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 4/26/2013 7:28:50 PM   


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Scaling Economy!

Planets should consume more luxury goods as they get higher population and development levels. More population and richer populations want more stuff! One game near the end, I had my entire civilian fleet mostly idling as all the planets weren't ordering anything anymore.

Mod options to increase luxury goods cap on development levels would be nice too.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 5/3/2013 10:48:22 PM   


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I saw on the main page that a suggestion was 12. Multilateral treaties and alliances but I was hoping to expand upon the idea a bit or at least give some clarity of detail.

At current it reads:

12. Multilateral treaties and alliances: The ability to create free trade areas or defensive alliances, with the option to either have a faction leader (i.e. the strongest faction in a defensive alliance against an outside aggresor) or to have an equal voting system (i.e. to decide when to admit new members or seek peace terms etc) - SilverRocket

I would like to see this labeled or possibly labeled as a "Federation". Such a Federation would have to be heavily discussed amongst the potential founding members before it is established, such as:

(These selections can be optional whether or not to include in the proposal on your Empire's behalf when establishing/proposing the Federation)

Leadership Establishment- Will the Federation be lead by an individual Empire or run as a collective or Council-style setup?
Political Policies- Similar to Empire Policies, but all member 'Empires' will need to abide by them
Defenses- Which member group(s) will be placed in charge of warship production
Federation Fleet Command- Who will command the fleets now labeled as being part of the Federation?
Separate Fleets- Allow member groups to maintain their own personal Fleets and divert XX% of warship production to the Federation
Voting Policies- What Percentage of votes must be cast to pass a new policy? (Must be > 50%)
Colonization Proposals- Will a member Empire need to request a vote to build a new colony?
War Proposals- Will a member Empire need to request a vote to declare war on a non-Federation Empire?
Federation Member Expulsion- What percentage of votes must be cast to forcibly remove a Federation Empire from your ranks? (Must be > 50%)

This could be expanded further, but I wanted to provide the ideas that were on the tip of my tongue...well, fingertips.

As I stated in another post, This could provide additional political depth to the game in the long-run, allowing for one large Federation, composed of numerous Empires to seek out mutual co-existence. Every XX number of years new elections could potentially be held (If the Federation is run via a council style setup) and new characters could be brought into the Federation, potentially changing that member Empire's stances on various issues, OR there could be no elections and you'll have to lobby various Federation members to vote your way in the upcoming voting on XYZ policy.

The potential for a system like this is great, I'm just curious to see if anyone else agrees with me.

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 5/4/2013 4:47:48 AM   


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More Government type, like Communist

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 5/4/2013 11:15:15 PM   


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This is my first post here so hello @ all.

I´ve been here, sniffing around the DW contents for about 2 months now (no connection before). Playing DW since ... 2 or 3 years and started with modding of some game parts two weeks ago. Long story short, here my wishes for the next updates (nice to have: all contents and scripts modable =) looking forward to the announced patch after shadows):

-A- Engine:

1. Multicore, multicore, multicore! Please let the program use multiple CPU cores of the system. It´s absolutely horrible, even on a high-end gaming PC, to have such a fps hit in mid/late game

(btw. seems like invasions cause a massive fps hit on the system, ver. 1.7.20b)

2. At the moment there are two values to add some specials to the images. yellow for running lights and blue for engine exhaust. Would be great if it would be possible to add a third one for weapons. Currently all weapons animations come from the center of the image. Looks bad if you use a ship shape, like an U with transparent zone in the middle.

3. Is it possible to add hdr or even gloom into the engine? Maybe at least bump mapping for nicer look?

4. Menue options for FSAA and other stuff. Currently the only possible way to adjust the game visual quality is directly by the system graphics hardware driver.

5. "Scaling issue of ships" - I think this was discussed enough since the last years, so you know what I mean!

6. ship/base/planets Animations? - (gif instead of png)

-B- Diplomacy upgrade:

1. Please make it possible to show trading items (bases/planets) on a small infomap if they are content of a trade!
- Optional (nice to have): make it possible to choose them via this infomap (like the galaxy overview map with button: jump to object)

2. Adjustments of the info view of the diplomatic relations. Currently we have to move down every faction to see the relations to the others. Maybe as a "cycle web" with the player faction in the middle and the foreign at the corners, so it´s possible to see the relations of the foreign empires to each other in one single overview.

3. More treaty options like:
- allow allies to station troops on own planets (they will still pay them, but fight against invasors)
- time bounded non attack pacts
- time bounded alliances
- time bounded subjugation
- different sub types of alliances. (supply only, supply and attack, ability to see scanning results and/or exploration, sharing of industrial and or scientific bandwich to make it possible for the alliance partners to build ships at your yards (for cash of course!) or boost up the research by using a given percentage of available laboratories, etc.)
- Optional: cooseable stations/facilities you "never" want to share informations about. (like hidden yards or stations in deep space you don´t want to inform the others, even the alliance partners, about)
- chooseable rate of tribute ( 5% / 10% / 20% / 30% of GDP -> relations and reputation hit)
- Possibility to force an empire, to change relations/treaties with an other. (like: I give you a planet and you stop trading restricted resources with empire xyz, etc.)

4. more trade options like:
- free colony trade (not only if two empires own a colony in the same system - this way the AI and the player can manage it directly via diplo, without invasion, to shape the borders more... naturally: more compact empire spaces, instead of spreading around like cancer.
- free station trade (not only if they are in foreign territory)
- more clearly trade options of star-maps. (like above, maybe I don´t want them to know about some systems or stations.) Also possibility to "choose" the contents of the map like: 10/20/30 systems nearby, or only sector B4, etc.
- Optional: ships and troop trade (maybe someone has a lack of ships/troops and I build/recruit hundreds per day - why not selling some of them) Troops will sit at the colony as long as the empire collects them. (maybe after war declaration it changes promptly to invasion status =) )

5. single trade relations for goods:
- Allow trade with loros fruis "AND/OR" korrabia spice.
- Ability to mark/unmark strategic and luxury goods to allow or disallow trade with them. (maybe you don´t want to supply steel to someone, because you want to squeeze the production rate of ships, or you just want to bleed someone out, etc.)

6. Make it possible to adjust tourism and migration politicy via diplomacy screen with ability to choose the settings for each "RACE", not only for the race family! (no-one likes the damn bugs, and maybe I only like one sort of them)

6.1 Ability to enslave/resettle, etc. only single races instead of "all others" in your colonies.

7. small info-box for each diplomatic act with information about the changes (reputation, relation, migration, down/upgrade of tourism or private and tax income because of sales of mining stations or colonies, etc.)

8. Create sattelite states. Maybe you have a couple of Systems in the last corner, far far away from your homelands which you don´t want to manage.

-C- Agents:

More skills to build up than only 4. (Maybe up to 6)
More skills and treats overall. Diplos for example with positive or negative effects on some races. (Diplo XY hates Kiadians; -20 % with Kiadian empire(s))

More ways to interact via agents like:

1. Intelligence Agents:

- force a colony to join your empire. (currently it´s a gamble if a psy-opped colony rebels and gets independant or joins an empire and if so, you have no chance to influence their decision)
- (like in the galaxy history in the shakturi report written ...) blaming empires for something to force war declarations of others against this empire. "seed counter information"
- destroy ships (not only bases)
- sabotage ships/fleets (entire fleets have to refuel because of sabotage of the fuel cells or fleet electronics sabotage so they loose the boni f.e.)
- Steal profiles of foreign agents like admirals or generals. Also the possibility to watch them in a "foreign agents"-window. Currently you get into your empire agents overfiew when you click on a foreign agent.
- optional: treat/force foreign agents to get bad characteristics like "drunk" or "disorganized"
- create faction report. Gives the ability to get a small overview of the current status of research and blueprints/designs of currently used ships.
- Sabotage of communication. The enemy looses the long range scanner ability for a couple of days and doesn´t get attack signals. (could be done by "ignoring" scripts for such cases for several days if possible)

2. Diplomats:

- force empires to go to war or sign peace agreements with others (via Agent influence, not via trade in diplo menue)
- send special gifts like needed resources or even ships

3. Admirals/Generals:

(maybe "shadows" will solve the most issues here - so i leave it blank)

4. Scientists:

- Specialisations. Not only skills on the 3 science corners. Maybe "ground defense specialist" or "Hyperdrive Specialist" which adds additional research boost on some different research parts.

-D- Ship/base types and roles:

1. Please make it possible to create "subroles" or even the ability to add more different types than the current 6.

2. Maximum ship sizes for some roles (escort max 200/ frigate max 400/ destroyer max 600/ cruiser min 700/ capital min 1000 etc.) <- this would also fix some scaling issues in my opinion.

3. Ability to add some "special skins" to each role. The regular one with camo or slightly color changes for use in design screen. Would be great to be able to choose a different paint of the ship to indicate fleet support electronics or even for leading ships/ special ops ships etc.
Folder creation could be: familyX/escort_A, escort_B, escort_C

... to be continued

(have some more but this was enough for tonight)

Looking forward to shadows and the new ground combat abilities - yay!


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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 5/8/2013 2:10:51 AM   


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One thing that would make the game a lot better for me would be the ability to auto reinforce fleets. This would be very useful for fleets used to defend and area of the map. Fleets and stances are there to reduce micromanagement, but as it stands now after every battle the player has to check his fleets to see if any ship was destroyed.

What I would like is that when a fleet has a ship destroyed it automatically puts a replacement ship into a build queue with the fleet automatically set to itself. When the ship is built it then should join its fleet, wherever it is. This would remove a lot of the ship management busywork that isn't fun. I don't want to automate all shipbuilding, just the reinforcements

Perhaps this could be an option you turn on at the fleet level so only specific fleets could be set to auto reinforce, but I think it would be sufficient to have as a global automation setting. T


Because I play too much,
One Guy, Too Many Games

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RE: Master Wishlist Thread - 5/13/2013 3:23:40 PM   

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1. Starting Options and event after Shakturi defeat:

My first open sandbox game was endet by the Shakturi defeat event. I want open sandbox till sole survivor and the Shakturi events for flavor.

Please change the options to include the Skaturi event chain without it being a Victory and without the unbalancing enheritance of the gaurdian positian (all the ships, planets, research).

A small gain in reputation and some compensation for the Aliance e.g. 70% of the loses in fighting the Shuktari would give a real posibility to play on.

The Guardians leaving the universe with their posessions and only ruins left behind would be nice.

2. Democracy (and similar forms of government) elements like elections and influencing the choice of Leader. Events maybe with choices could be added to all kind of government forms.

3. Dismissing leaders in a democracy needs fixing (maybe a revolution like hit). After a very good leader died or wasn´t reelected
with no player influence the player can dismiss the new leader every month until he has a useful leader.

Please find a balanced fix for this cheat.

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