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Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI

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Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/20/2009 12:46:17 PM   

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From: Neenah
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My original question thread was turning into an AAR of sorts, so I figured it belongs here...

I'll try to keep this more of a narrative. I'll probably post a combat results report if it's particularly interesting or pivotal. The WPO board needs some life, anyway. Once the 2nd patch is out, I'll probably also fire up the campaign in AE, as I'm starting to get used to the geography that's beyond the Solomans.

Just getting my third attempt going. I'll just run the US until the other powers are provoked. The first turn moves are starting to get instinctive.

One minelayer each is set for a full speed run to the two NE bases on Luzon. A force of the cruisers and about 8 DDs are also off to the north to await the invasion. I'm gathering up the nearby short range PGs to help out. The Pearl Harbor DMs are off to Wake, being at full speed for the first two days. The ML there is too slow to make the cut, so I'll set up a defensive minefield at Midway. Monadnock is off to Pearl via Guam. I will make her useful again. The Manila subs will mostly blanket north Luzon. One's going to the southern base in Mindanao. One more to Tokyo.

All combat and engineer units on Luzon are off to Clark. The base to its north is tempting, but would require more work and I don't think I'll have enough time. I remembered the two base units in southern Luzon this time. All the scattered AKs are off to the northern port on Mindanao, as well as the troops there. I've reassigned the base force, but I think I'll run out of time before I have the PPs to get the infantry out.

The great West Coast exodus is underway. Basically every engineer, base, artillery and infantry unit on the west coast marches to LA. I also send all my transports there. That way I can match up the right ships for the right troops. I'll send some DDs to LA, but everything that shoots is off to Pearl. I did this last time, and I'll think I'll repeat: I'm going to fetch all the South Pacific base forces, back to Pearl. The ones in Samoa and the like -- 3 of them. I don't see the AI moving that way without messing with the Aussies first. I want to run them and the reassigned stateside stuff to Pearl to dole out as I need them. The way the AI moves along, I should be able to get them to Clark via Manila. The two combat engineer units and the 1st Cav are what I foresee going as soon as they appear and the PPs allow.

I've got some auto supply runs set up for the Alaska bases. After a couple of runs I'll shut them down, since they don't consume much. I'd rather get them fed early rather than find I have to scramble later.

I still have some ships to move, but the Wife took over the computer to get to her iTunes.


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/20/2009 6:32:15 PM   

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Very interesting write up Mundy, keep ´em coming (when the wife lets you back on the computer, of course )

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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/20/2009 6:35:12 PM   

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From: Neenah
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I wrote this all from memory at work this morning...

If I miss a particular base name, that's why. 


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/20/2009 10:50:06 PM   

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Good luck :)


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/21/2009 3:34:24 AM   

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From: Neenah
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Alright... after Day 2:

The Japanese takeover of Batan Is is off to a rocky start. Along with the mass casualties getting on the beach, the base force actually repulsed their shock attack with minimum losses. This is a first. I always wonder about the beach casualties. I'm picturing a giant mass of lemmings toppling over the rails on the deck into the sea.

TF 3 troops unloading over beach at Batan Island, 47,47

Japanese ground losses:
437 casualties reported

The Japanese are hitting Luzon like a Tyranid hive fleet on an Ag world. The 5 DDs at Vigan maul the escorts, but fail to hit the transports. I did chase them away from Vigan, though. The cruiser force is a day or two away from Aparri. I don't know if I'll hurt the landngs much, though.

Day Time Surface Combat, near Vigan at 44,49

Japanese Ships
DD Kisaragi, Shell hits 16, on fire, heavy damage
DD Hatsushimo, Shell hits 22, and is sunk
DD Yugure, Shell hits 29, and is sunk
DD Harukaze, Shell hits 32, and is sunk
AK Ehime Maru
AP Eihuku Maru
AP Eiko Maru
AP Eli Maru
AK England Maru
AP Enju Maru
AK Erie Maru
AK Florida Maru
AK France Maru
AP Fusemi Maru
AP Genkai Maru
AK Genoa Maru
AP Ginyo Maru
AP Giyu Maru
AK Glasgow Maru
AP Gokoku Maru
AP Gosei Maru
AK Gosyu Maru
AP Gotake Maru
AK Goyo Maru
AP Gyoko Maru
AP Haaburu Maru
AK Hague Maru
AP Haguro Maru
AP Hakka Maru
AK Hakkai Maru
AK Hakodate Maru
AP Hakone Maru
AK Hikosan Maru
AK Hitati Maru
AK Naruto Maru

Allied Ships
DD Barker, Shell hits 1, on fire
DD Peary, Shell hits 2
DD Zane, Shell hits 1
DD Pruitt
DD William B. Preston

I pulled the four US DDs at Shanghai and sent them at speed to Batan. Unfortunately, it wasn't the transports they found... Their loss will hurt. As soon as I am able, an AD will be on the way from Pearl. Then I can keep the torpedoes loaded.

Day Time Surface Combat, near Batan Island at 47,47

Japanese Ships
CA Kasuga, Shell hits 2
CA Nisshin, Shell hits 1
CA Adzuma, Shell hits 2
CA Aso
CA Idzumo
DD Momo
DD Kashi, Shell hits 1, on fire
DD Hinoki
DD Yanagi

Allied Ships
DD Chandler, Shell hits 18, and is sunk
DD Tracy, Shell hits 21, and is sunk
DD Borie, Shell hits 14, and is sunk
DD John D. Edwards, Shell hits 6, and is sunk

More Japanese troops diving into the ocean. The DMs did their work right before the IJN arrived. Laoag was also mined, but no hits yet.

TF 6 encounters mine field at Aparri (46,49)

TF 6 troops unloading over beach at Aparri, 46,49

Japanese Ships
AK Yamazuki Maru, Mine hits 1, on fire

Japanese ground losses:
35 casualties reported

Japanese ground losses:
1666 casualties reported

And the invasion of Batan Is...
Ground combat at Batan Island

Japanese Shock attack

Attacking force 1686 troops, 9 guns, 0 vehicles

Defending force 1210 troops, 1 guns, 0 vehicles

Japanese assault odds: 0 to 1 (fort level 0)

Japanese ground losses:
510 casualties reported
Guns lost 4

Allied ground losses:
11 casualties reported

I'm surprised the IJN is more concerned with covering Batan than Luzon.

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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/21/2009 6:32:38 AM   

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About casualties, I think I read somewhere in the manual that you shouldn´t believe everything you read, just like in real life when casualty figures are exaggerated.

A pity that DDs found the cruisers, not a good match up and their loss you will definitely feel at this point.

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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/21/2009 12:37:00 PM   

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From: Neenah
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Not too much happened on 6/3.  The Vigan invasion fleet tried again and encountered the six or so PGs I had sent there at the start.  One hit to a transport, but they finished off the remaining beat up DD.  The mighty 3" gun did the job.

The Subs are in position, and as expected, aren't hitting anything.  The anti-transport war is one for the long haul.  At this point, the numbers are just overwhelming.  I forgot to swap their captains for the aggressive variety, but it probably won't matter at this stage.

I have a bunch of Manila AKs on the way to get the base force on Cebu.  I've already transferred it's command from USAFFE as well as the base force on Mindanao.  I won't have enough PP to get the infantry on Mindanao out soon.  I may break it up and save what I can.  There's no way I can stop the tide there when it hits.  I've gathered the regional PGs at the northern base to try and speed bump the convoy, when it comes.

I have a big auto-convoy of AKs started up from the west coast to Pearl Harbor.  A two TK convoy is also fueling up.  A small auto-convoy from Pearl to Midway is already started.  That will be my launch point for Wake, when it falls.  Guam is my long term base.  I want to make it an American Truk and clean out the islands surrounding it.  As troops get ready in the states, they'll make the long run to Manila to get more bodies there.


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/22/2009 9:21:32 PM   

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From: Neenah
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As of 06/06/1922:

I sent the three long range PGs I had at Minila to Legaspi, as the IJN invasion has arrived -- as expected. This time around, IJN pre-Dreadnaughts are escorting the transports. This hasn't happened to me before. Asahi herself torpedoes the Asheville. The third PG must have been hidden in a rain squall...

Night Time Surface Combat, near Legaspi at 44,55

Japanese Ships
BB Asahi, Shell hits 4
BB Fuji
BB Okinoshima, Shell hits 3
DD Tanikaze
DD Akikaze
DD Shiokaze
DD Yukaze
DD Hokaze
DD Tachikaze
AP Jinshu Maru
AP Josho Maru
AP Tamaki Maru
AP Tamashima Maru
AK Tamon Maru
AP Tanba Maru
AP Tango Maru
AP Tarushima Maru
AP Tasmania Maru
AP Tateyama Maru
AP Tatibana Maru
AP Tatsuho Maru
AP Tatsujin Maru
AP Tatsuta Maru
AP Tatsuwa Maru
AP Turusima Maru
AP Tutukami Maru
AP Tatuha Maru
AP Tatuharu Maru
AP Tatuho Maru
AP Tatumiya Maru
AK Tatuno Maru
AP Teia Maru
AP Teikei Maru
AP Teiryu Maru
AP Teiun Maru
AP Teiyo Maru
AP Teizui Maru
AP Tempei Maru
AK Zuiko Maru
AP Zukai Maru
AP Zyuyo Maru
AK Shigure Maru
AP Fukusei Maru
AK Eizan Maru
AK Shinyo Maru #5
AK Fumishima Maru
AK Taki Maru
AK Fukushu Maru
AK Shunsei Maru
AK Taijun Maru
AK Ryujin Maru
AK Uzan Maru
AK Toyohara Maru
AK Tatsufuku Maru
AK Tairyu Maru
AK Hiyama Maru
AP Palao Maru
AK Showa Maru
AK Kaimei Maru
AK Teibo Maru

Allied Ships
PG Asheville, Shell hits 39, Torpedo hits 2, and is sunk
PG Tulsa, Shell hits 3, and is sunk

Ditto for the invasion at Tuguegarao. Two BBs...

Japanese Ships
BB Mishishima, Shell hits 2
BB Suwo, Shell hits 9
DD Amatsukaze, Shell hits 29, and is sunk
DD Isokaze
DD Tokitsukaze
DD Hamakaze, Shell hits 1, on fire
DD Kawakaze, Shell hits 10, Torpedo hits 2, and is sunk
AP Jinsai Maru
AP Jinsan Maru
AK Toei Maru, Shell hits 1
AP Tofuku Maru, Shell hits 1
AP Tohuku Maru
AK Tokai Maru, Shell hits 1
AK Tokiwa Maru, Shell hits 1, on fire
AP Toko Maru #2
AK Tokusima Maru, on fire
AK Tokyo Maru
AP Tonan Maru
AK Tone Maru
AK Tosan Maru
AK Tosei Maru
AK Tottori Maru
AK Toyama Maru
AP Toyo Maru #2
AK Toyohasi Maru
AK Toyooka Maru
AP Tsuiba Maru
AP Tsunushima Maru
AP Tsuyama Maru
AP Zenoa Maru
AP Zinzan Maru
AP Zuiho Maru
AK Renzan Maru
AP Chifuku Maru
AK Sensan Maru
AK Myoho Maru
AK Tetsuzan Maru
AK Ushio Maru
AK Gisho Maru
AK Tien Lee
AK Kokoku Maru
AK Suruga Maru
AK Hyuga Maru
AK Akagane Maru
AK Kashii Maru
AP Michiyu Maru
AK Hisashima Maru
AK Momoha Maru
AP Kowa Maru
AK Zogen Maru
AK Nittsu Maru
AK Satsuki Maru

Allied Ships
CA Huron
CA Rochester
CL New Orleans, Shell hits 5, on fire
CL Albany, Shell hits 26, and is sunk
DD Rathburne, Shell hits 3, on fire
DD Dorsey
DD Southard
DD Hovey

Meanwhile, on Wake, the DMs clear the scene just as the IJN clears the horizon. No hits yet, but we'll see...

On Batan Island, the 81st Naval Guards, I think are screwed. After 4 or 5 days of attacks, taking more than they gave, they're down to ineffectual bombardments. There's no IJN presence there, and one fast transport force of one DD and two MSWs delivered 86 points of supplies. Not much, but enough to prolong things.

Once my main PI Battlefleet (such that it is) gets back to Manila, I'll probably get a bigger fast transport group out. Maybe an AK or two once their recovering troops from Mindanao. I sent the two TKs at Manila out to the empty bases at the other islands to recover fuel. If I can get the PPs, I'm considering an evacuation. They've earned it in my book.


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/24/2009 7:15:54 PM   

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From: Neenah
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6/11/1922. The worm turns...
I've had some unforseen events happen.

First, about 3 days ago, The Monadncok was the subject of an open sea encounter with some IJN CLs and DDs about 6 hexes NW of Guam. She got away suffering one hit for 2 SYS, so I was lucky. She's critically low on fuel, but the AD enroute from Pearl will rendezvous and hopefully top off her bunkers.

Next was this little event:

TF 11 encounters mine field at Singapore (23,50)

Japanese Ships
DD Minazuki, Mine hits 1, on fire, heavy damage

Naval bombardment of Singapore, at 23,50 - Coastal Guns Fire Back!

141 Coastal gun shots fired in defense.
Japanese Ships
DD Ayanami, Shell hits 16, on fire, heavy damage
DD Isonami
DD Urunami, Shell hits 1
DD Kikuzuki, Shell hits 19, on fire, heavy damage
DD Hayate, Shell hits 16, on fire, heavy damage
DD Uzuki, Shell hits 19, on fire, heavy damage
BB Settsu, Shell hits 13
BB Yamashiro, Shell hits 2
BB Fuso
BB Hyuga
BB Ise, Shell hits 1

Allied Ships
AP Kanimba, Shell hits 1

Allied ground losses:
456 casualties reported
Guns lost 11

Runway hits 2

After a few runs in WPO, this is a first for me. I sorta feel like Chruchill did when Pearl Harbor got hit in 1941. I have lots of organizing and transporting to do. I regret sending my old Monitor off to Pearl now. I might have her tag along with the AD group and then send her off to Hong Kong. All the damaged ships in Manila are now building steam for their transfer there. Four of the IJN DDs have sunk from their damage.

The base force on Batan Is. is holding as strongly as ever. The temptation was great to shuttle the Philippine Reserves from Mindanao there, but after some thought, I couldn't see any real use for that island right now. The Mindanao forces that were on Davao had been moved north to Cagayan for pickup. The base force just landed at Manila. I am going to use that group of AKs to retrive the valiant defenders of Batan. They can help with toughening up Clark.

Now that the Brits and the Commonwealth forces are in, I probably need some advice...

Should I behave myself in China? I could grind the IJA garrison in Shanghai under my boot and set up for grabbing Tsingtao. I don't know if this would violate any protocols. ANy recommendations?


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/24/2009 8:52:09 PM   

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Depends on how easy do you want this game to be. AI is incapable of effective defense in China. You can easily overrun it in Korea, and once that triggers Russians, use their troops to land in Hokkaido and North Honshu.



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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/27/2009 6:03:31 PM   

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Also remember that China is a sovereign nation, and Japan has not attacked it yet. So foreign troops passing through it would be a violation of its neutrality.

I experienced the Singapore attack in my game, too. I explained it away by using a rogue Japanese admiral as an excuse. The UK withdraws from the Anglo-Japanese Alliance and demands reparations. Japan is kicked out of the League of Nations. Japan decides to humble itself to keep the war from widening. UK accepts it, but begins convoying both it and American ships out of Karachi (kind of like the USA did in the Atlantic in WWII before Pearl Harbor), and vows that the next attack on UK or Commonwealth territory or ships will result in all out war. Its been a year of game time now, and that still has not happened.

All depends on how big or small you want your war to be.

By the way, check on those remaining IJN DDs from the Singapore attack - more may sink on the way home.

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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 10/29/2009 4:20:06 AM   

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From: Neenah
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Yeah, that was out of the blue.  At least it insures I'll have CVs in months instead of years.

I've been slow with this campaign.  I've broken my motherboard trying to replace a chipset fan.  The good news is that I've replaced my 3.4 GHz P4 with a nice quad core AMD chip.  As easy and cheap as that turned out, I'll never buy a computer again.  It's not too hard to rebuild it.

As soon as I get all my installlations straightened out, I can resume.


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 11/23/2009 2:19:26 PM   

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From: Neenah
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Well, after a delay of rebuilding my computer, followed by replacing my roof, I can continue this again.

I've rescued the base force from Batan Island.  They appear to have crushed the invaders, as the Japanese are gone.  I've also rescued all of the Philippine Reserves from Mindanao.  I must have hit something important at the start, because the entire Japanese offensive in the PI has pretty much been dead.  Once the PI Reserves are refreshed, I'll probably send the army north to poke a stick at the Japanese held bases.  I've seen no resupply runs, either.

Regarding the SW Pacific area, I'm congregating all the Oz troops in Brisbane.  I'll shift them to SW Pac as I get the PPs to do it.  I have a US AS almost to Rabaul, and the Oz subs are rebasing there.  Once I get enough troops set, I plan to hit Truk.  It will be months before I can pull this off, though.  I'll probably move the US pre-dreads to Rabaul to support this.

As far as the UK forces go, everything I can spare is heading to Hong Kong.  once the RN BBs show, I'm planning on hitting Formosa.  Not a lot of choices for landing sites.  Once the Argus appears, I'll start scouting.

The stateside US forces will gear up for taking Wake back.  I just need to get Midway built up to support it.

<Edit> Meant to add...

I did lose two DMs at Wake. I wanted to slip some more mines in there, but the the cream of the IJN battlefleet has set up shop there. Nagato and Mutsu were involved. I've sent the good US BBs to Midway to set up for a run. I'm debating whether to wait for more DDs from stateside to arrive first.

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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 11/30/2009 12:22:19 PM   

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From: Neenah
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Well, I got in almost a month over Thanksgiving.  I'm at 08/18/22 now.

I sent most of the forces in Luzon north to Laoag to give the IJA a poke.  As it turns out, just as they were arriving there, the IJA 19th Division suddenly shows up in Manila.  I must not have been watching closely.  It looks like they have arrived from the southeast.  There was a good stalemate going in Manila for a while.  British Brisfits and US Martin bombers had arrived and from Clark were hitting them.  The CA/CL and DDs from Manila have also been bombarding.  I had diverted 4 BBs from the mob at Midway and had them cut loose on the way to Manila.  Fortunately, they were enroute before this happened.

Meanwhile, turning around the northern force, the IJA has pursued them all the way to Clark.  I'm at fort level 7, so it's a tough nut to crack.  The two air groups have been re-tasked to hit them.  Their experience is up to around 60-ish now, and morale has skyrocketed.

IJN shipping at the north of Luzon was sparse for quite a while, but is picking up again.  I sent the BBs north to intercept some ships near Vigan.  They ran into about a half dozen IJN DDs.  They took a beating, but landed some torpedos into two BBs, putting damage into the 30 range.  They're enroute to Singapore, which I'm dedicating to capital ship repair in the region.  Hong Kong with one AR docked there will deal with the little ships.  Monadnock has been in Singapore and is down to about 15 sys.

The rest of the US has been bombarding Wake.  The IJN BBs appear to have left, with the only resistance being the occasional AK/TK fleet.  It looks like only 3 units are there.  I'm slowly bringing up troops from stateside to Midway, which is at port level 3 now.

The US Pre-Dreads and the Oz/NZ battlefleet are at Rabaul, which is getting its supplies and fuel stocked.  When I can spare the PPs, I'll be staging Australian troops there.  They're prepping for Truk, so that should be maxed by the time I can kick that off.


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 12/1/2009 2:27:54 PM   

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From: Neenah
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Well, I'm up to Sep 5 of 1922 now.  Time flies...

Three of my four Philippines Theater BBs have eaten a torpedo and are in or enroute to Singapore.  The good news is that they’re getting fixed up reasonably quickly.  All were in the 30-ish range for sys damage.  As the first BB enters drydock, Monadnock is released back to Manila.  A pity the IJN DDs are always able to land a torp.  They've taken a good beating, though.  I wish I knew where the main IJN battlefleet was.  Of course on the return trip, it sustains 2 sys points which takes a chunk off its top speed.  Down to 11 kts from what I believe was 14.  Anyway, I have something in the right range for the old USS Chicago to escort now.  She's already gave a warm hello to the IJA in Vigan.

Speaking of -- I've driven the IJA from Clark and have pursued them with the entire PI OOB with the 1st British Armoured Rgt and lots of British artillery up to Vigan.  The Japanese are in rough shape, but my troops are tiring.  Lots of Indian troops originally bound for Hong Kong were diverted to Manila to hold off the pests to the southeast.  There's quite a bit of disabled troops within these units, so I won't be sending them to attack.

My Truk invasion is on hold right now.  I need the PPs to get the US forces freed up first.  So instead of wasting the ships swinging at anchor at Rabaul, the US pre-dreads, DDs and the Commonwealth BCs are steaming to Manila.  I can use the battlecruisers for commerce raiding.  (well, supply raiding anyway)

Midway's building up.  It's at port level three, meaning I can finally disband ships there.  The 1st Cav has landed along with a USMC brigade and a number of smaller units.  So far, it appears that Wake has 3 units, but who knows how big they are.  I'm guessing 1 full division and a couple of base forces.  Wake has been building up.  I have a cloud of subs (based from Midway) around wake, and transports have been infrequent.

HMS Argus is less than 3 weeks away and she'll play an important role.  I'm tempted to send here near Wake with recon missions.

Lots of aircraft from the states are nearing Manila.  The flight from Guam has been picked up and combined with it's detachment at Hawaii.  They're also at Clark.


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 12/2/2009 2:22:48 PM   

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From: Neenah
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Not much new after another week...

All the South Pacific base forces are relocated to Midway.  Midway's up to airfield level 4 now.  Coral's being converted to concrete at a rate of one level per week.  I'm stopping at 4 and going back to getting the port level up.

At Vigan, its a stalemate.  The IJA isn't even bombarding much right now, and my attacks are going nowhere.  I'll have to rest up a while.  Manila's quiet, but the IJN has been running supplies to the peninsula to the SE.  I've spotted 3 units total there.  The BCs and pre-dreads have arrived, so they'll take up the slack from the dreads being repaired in Singapore.  One is down to sys 20, so I should have them back in a month or so.  I'm not sure how I'm going to use the BCs.  I may send them on sweeps north of Luzon to get some intercepts on transport TFs.  I'll have to devote some DDs to keep the subs at bay.  They've been prowling around the NW coast.

My two ASW TFs from HK have been playing cat and mouse daily with a few subs 2-3 hexes SW of HK.  I land the occasional hit.  I'm hoping to get a good core of experienced ASW ships set up.  The subs seem to like hanging around that area.  My last AS at Mare Is finally got the mothballs cleaned out, so it's enrout to HK.  I have a bunch of subs there, but can't re-arm without paying a visit to Manila.


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 12/16/2009 2:13:12 AM   

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From: Neenah
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The counterassault has begun. On Luzon, I have the IJA on the run. In the north, the remnants are holed up in Tuguegarao. Basically the entire Philippine OOB from the start, including the Philippine Reserves who escaped Mindanao, bolstered by lots of UK and US arty are mopping up.

In the south, the rest of the remnants are in Legaspi. The weak Indian divisions I brought in will polish them off.


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RE: Grand Campaign Noob vs Japanese AI - 12/16/2009 2:21:53 AM   

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From: Neenah
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Meanwhile an invasion force from Midway is winging its way to Wake. This is made up of the 2nd Marine Bgd, the 1st Corps HQ, the 1st Cav Div, the 21st US NG Tank Co, and the Big Red One. I've consistantly seen three units on Wake, and I'm assuming one is a full division. Hopefully they've been starving a bit. Beside the sub cloud, a TF of 7 USN Dreadnaughts with a CL are covering the affair.


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Luzon Secured, Wake.... - 12/16/2009 3:18:53 AM   

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From: Neenah
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THe IJA has been cleared off of Luzon as of 10/13.  Everyone's back to Manila or Clark to escape the effects of Malaria.  Time to rest these boys.

The Marines at Wake, however, were simply fed into a woodchipper.  At the end of 2 consecutive turns, there was no US presence on the island after IJA shock attacks.  I should have learned my lesson from my last aborted game.  I don't know how long it will take to weaken these guys.  I'm guessing I'm going to have to relay two smaller BB Groups.  (I was wrong with the 7 Dreadnaught statement, one was Connecticut).  The BBs don't seem to take long to suffer wear and tear.  On the invasion turn, I did take a DD, TK and 2 AKs out with the battlefleet, with subs finishing the job.


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RE: Luzon Secured, Wake.... - 12/16/2009 7:02:02 AM   

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Wake I think will be a tough nut to crack. It just sucks that its in the perfect location to cross the Pacific. I find the BB's seem to start getting system damage pretty easily the older ones anyway. Most of my BB's are laid up in Pearl Harbor getting repairs.


But when Territories are acquired in regions where there are differences in language, customs, and laws then great good fortune and much hard work are required to hold them.

-Machiavelli, Il Principe, Book III-

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RE: Luzon Secured, Wake.... - 12/16/2009 12:32:48 PM   

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Wake had three units, with one being a full-blown division.  This seems to be more than enough with the invaders trickling ashore.

I've got a load of DDs in Los Angeles, many of which I'm going to rebase to Midway.  I've kept fuel and supplies there in the 50-70k range, so it's a good established base to work from.  An AS and AD there also helps.  One thing I'm painfully short on is cruisers.  Many of them are in the PI right now.  What I think I'll probably do is create packs of 6 or so DDs and park them on and one hex NW of wake to intercept any transports.  Keeping escorted AOs nearby them will probably help, too.  I'm also leaning towards two or three BB Bombardment missions, too.

I'm going off memory, but I'm ahead pointwise now.  Something like 9,100 to 8,900 or thereabouts.  I'm content to let Mindanao be an IJA POW camp.  They never did take the north-central US bases.

The Indian troops I plan on packing up back to Hong Kong, along with most of the UK Artillery.  I still want to take Formosa, but this will be a long term project, as the Wake attempt will attest.  Argus is theatre, and I have her cruising the lanes between Formosa and Japan.  I can't keep here near the former, because she attracts the local subs.  One's already missed.  RN BCs are now in HK or enroute.  Repair of all the one-torp battleships is going a bit slow in Singapore and HK.  Most have sys in the high teens to low twenties.


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RE: Luzon Secured, Wake.... - 12/17/2009 12:47:31 PM   

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Another week or so in.

Things are mostly quiet -- except for the constant "revenge raids" by IJN forces on ports in the Philippines.  Tuguegarao, Legaspi and Manila are the targets of such.  For the most part, they're CAs, CLs and DDs, with the exception of Tuguegarao.  There, a couple of quality Battleships are involved.  The coast defenses in Manila dealt out quite a bit of damage, but are pretty disrupted now.  A bunch of minelayers had arrived from Pearl and I had set them up on a mission to re-stock the Manila minefield, but they got caught by a cruiser force.  Fortunately, they got away with little damage.

A group of 6 PGs got mauled pretty bad though.  The two Commonwealth BC each took a torp, so they're going for a visit in Singapore.  The Martins and DeHavilands at Manila and Clark are gaining experience.  Total loss was one Martin, but one IJN CA ate half a dozen 1,000 lb bombs.

The Japanese were kind enough to get Aparri up to a level 4 airfield, so once I have everyone rested up, I'm going to get send base forces and some bombers there for coast defense.  Same for Tuguegarao, as the IJN likes visiting there.  Clark's at fort 9, so I can start spreading engineers and base forces around.

The Argus has been cruising the Formosa area.  The Cuckoos put a torp into an AK, but I lost one plane doing it.  The pilot seems to have survived as I still have 8 pilots with 7 aircraft.  If transport groups get hard to come by, I'll start hitting ports.  A bit of real combat will get the experience levels moving up.


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