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War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and Awards

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War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and Awards - 9/14/2009 5:36:08 PM   

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With almost 42% of the vote... [Translation]

Gamer's Hall - GOLD AWARD - 9/10
[Translated from German] “For lovers of the Pacific war, Admiral’s Edition is already a compulsory purchase, but also fans of detailed strategic simulations will find the game pleasurable as well… I have no doubt that we are dealing with a contender for the strategy title of the year.”

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Sean Drummy

Marketing and Press Relations Manager
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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/14/2009 6:08:22 PM   

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Congratulations on a well deserved Gold to all involved.


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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/14/2009 6:16:27 PM   

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Indeed, a well-deserved praise :)


Tenno Heika Banzai!

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/14/2009 6:25:19 PM   

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That was a long and detailed review..Obviously not just thrown together flippantly by someone who had never played the game,(like some of our "local critics")

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/14/2009 6:37:38 PM   

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It is a good review, and well deserved.


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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/14/2009 7:03:23 PM   

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Any chance that there is an English or Spanish translation?

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/14/2009 7:31:30 PM   
Ron Belcher

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gratz to all of u !!


Artwork graciously provided by Rogueusmc

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/14/2009 11:09:31 PM   

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Just read the whole review. A monster review for a monster game I'd say. My favourite sentence of this really nice written review is the first line of the reviewers conclusion where he says "War in the Pacific Admiral's Edition is not a game, it's a passion ....". He also mentions the fantastic support from the developers. Well done AE Team.

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/15/2009 4:53:08 AM   

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Any chance that there is an English or Spanish translation?

I don't speak German but here is the Google translation of the review. Obviously it's a bit rough but nevertheless:

Gary Grigsby and 2by3 Games have his label in 2004 with "War in the Pacific presented" a PC game gigantic scale, which is quickly risen to the reference in the field of conflict of realistic simulations. After a long development period is now the classics with a new look back: In consultation with the veteran Henderson Field, the development team has overhauled the design program routines and expands the game system to several features. The result is called proud, "War in the Pacific - Admiral's Edition." <BR> Publisher Matrix Games had the Admiral's Edition "(AE) was originally announced as an extension. However, this was changed shortly before publication, so that the installation of the AE does not require the possession of the original. It is therefore a playable independent, detached and above all - as already indicated above - to an enhanced and improved version, which was the old "in the Pacific" complete. I'll return to offer what innovations over its predecessor, the AU has to.

First, I want to treat explain the main elements of the game system for all potential entrants. As the title already, "War in the Pacific theater of World War II, the Far East during the years 1941-1945. In addition to the main protagonists U.S. and Japan all have a presence in this conflict involved powers: Britain, together with the Commonwealth (India, Australia, New Zealand, etc.), the Netherlands, China, and even the Soviet Union, which historically so regarded until very late in the war against Japan Empire intervened. Accordingly, the entire Pacific region is depicted on a huge Hexfeldkarte to be named. The gameplay is turn-of AE. This consists of each train, which by default represents one days real time, in a planning phase and an execution phase. While the players in the planning stage without time pressure all issued orders to his units, or are concerned about the management of its troops and bases that are in execution phase, all the actions of their own as well as the opposing side of the program in the concurrent mode WEGO processed without this the ability to act existed.To succeed on the battlefield to be the player must earn by destroying enemy planes, ships and troops, a sufficient amount of victory points. Another crucial issue is the possession of bases that are spread by the hundreds on the map, and vary depending on the strategic importance in value. But the military units are in this respect differing opinions. Then bring me alone, the damage to a large aircraft carrier more points a victory, as the sinking of a cargo ship vile. Your attention is further certain victory conditions, shall be terminated upon the occurrence of a scenario with an automatic victory. The release version of AE offers six scenarios, each of which are playable from the Allies or Japanese perspective.

To access the complex game mechanics should be the first choice of a limited section of the overall conflict. Here recreate the possibility of the Battle of the Coral Sea, the struggle for Guadalcanal, and the lesser known battles for the North Pacific Aleutian Islands there.The heart of the AE, however, is undoubtedly the major campaign, which includes the entire Pacific war and cover with appropriate during the game until the spring of 1946 can. The campaign game is offered for sale in three versions, leaving the player to decide whether he wants to take the historically correct balance of power preferences, compete with or against a stronger-armed Japan or the war until 8 Commence in December 1941 has already taken place after the attack on Pearl Harbor will. As usual with a tangible Grigsby title, the AE shall also great emphasis on the multiplayer part. The existing PBEM mode, about whom one can compete with a human opponent, is easy to handle and equipped with a comfortable replay function. At this point, the following should be emphasized: Anyone who enters via PBEM or against the AI on one of the campaign game will be tied up for at least months, maybe even for years at the screen!

This is due both to the strategic perspective of the game that makes almost half the planet to the war zone, on the other hand, relatively high temporal resolution of up to three days of real time per round. But that's not all. There is added the specific characteristic of the program, namely, his enormous obsession to detail. The latter has the consequence that the AU in terms of accuracy, is presented with the military events, even gaming systems with an operational scale far exceeds them. In other words: Where abstract thematically similar tracks several aspects into account, the AE virtually every plane, every ship, every infantry battalion that was involved in the fighting in the Far East.

As part of a test report, it is virtually impossible, the wealth offered by the AE description of features and options in detail. To indicate the previously never before seen accuracy and realism of the program, but at least I will introduce the fundamental concepts of the game at a glance. Let us look first at the display of military forces! Units are not simply an abstract AE strength value.Take, for example, a squadron of fighter planes of the type A6M2 Zero. All relevant technical data of the machine used by the association, such as climb rate, speed, armament, or weight, can be found at work and play a role. Also, the number of serviceable, damaged or needs work machines, the number and type of loss - all meticulously recorded. Not only to the command capabilities of the squadron leader, even to each individual pilot along with an individual properties was expected. No less detail the Navy is treated. The amount of available ship classes is hardly manageable, so I had to pull even after a long involvement with the game again and again to the instruction manual.

The AE is not satisfied with aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers. Rather, to small motorboat, which is good only for coastal patrol, any vehicle used in the Pacific water available as an individual unit. This applies not least also for troop transports and freighters, which are in turn subdivided into a number of highly specialized and in some subclasses. Just at this point, the AE compared to its predecessor has increased again in detail:In the voluminous manual that comes with the boxed version of the game the way as a beautiful, full color, include a list of account types of ships, around seven pages! As already indicated above, the unit control only indirectly, ie the player during the execution phase no influence on what is happening. However, in the command phase, a number of options available through the leaves, the behavior of a unit during their mission, a major influence. For example, the player may designate a Hexfeldradius to respond within the planes or ships on the presence of the enemy, or to decide whether a Marine Federation will compete in contact with the enemy where the retreat. One innovation of the AU in this regard is the introduction of waypoints. These allow the movement of units than has been checked. Moreover, it is now possible to define map areas that are patrolled by ships independently, which facilitates in particular the coordination of the U-boat arm. The behavior of units but are complex and still depend on other factors.Of importance here are, inter alia, the management officers who just appreciate the threat in naval warfare even to speak and move her occasionally brash statements.

To be able to carry a mission to have naval units - even if it involves only a ridiculous launch - in a " be organized Task Force. The tasks that can undertake such a task force, are manifold: Battle for the large surface vessels classic, dogfight for carrier battle groups, anti-submarine warfare, amphibious landing transport, or, to name a few. Equally complex are the capabilities of the Air Force: Bombing of land forces, ports and bases, hunting patrol (Combat Air Patrol), reconnaissance, escort ship combat by land or carrier-Navy bombers, etc. Again, there are some liberties in terms of fine tuning. This allows to distribute the machines in a season in percentage calculated on different missions carried out simultaneously. I can eghalf of a fighter squadron to escort bombers my leave, while the other half completed training flights to increase the experience value of the Association. The scene referred to, is the focus of the AU on the representation of air and naval forces. In comparison, the land war is treated almost neglected - but that does not mean that the game does not even waited at this point with tons of detail! Of course, the whole range of historical genres troops and weapons on offer. Most of the land units are indeed displayed in the battalion or regimental size, but can the organization and equipment see through to the number of individual squads, mortars or artillery. Basically, the ground troops, sensing or assaults, and can perform indirect fire from artillery or mortars. For offensive maneuvers simply defines a specific hex as a mission goal. In a defensive attitude trying to dig in the units, while in the strategic mode, but are not ready to fight, but can be via sea, air or rail to move over greater distances.

Particularly interesting is the way to individual federations of combat troops to keep in reserve, without being subject to the direct combat action. If necessary, this reserve will be unlocked, either to exploit a loophole in the attack in the enemy lines for a breakthrough, or vice versa stuff in the defense of a sudden gaping hole in their own ranks. Blitzkrieg successes in the Pacific theater but not to expect. The terrain is often difficult and therefore not passable for heavy equipment. The climate is hell, and the wear losses are high. Units need very long to get from one hex to the next, taking into account the existence of roads and railway lines. Beyond such infrastructure has you most likely still on the mainland of Asia (China and India) or in Australia. Not at present they are on the multitude of islands and atolls of the Pacific Ocean. It should be noted, therefore, particularly the disruption and fatigue level of the troops.Headquarters not only provide combat support, but also significantly improve the supply, provided a supply line is at a rear base. It is almost unnecessary to say that the real battle will be presented with the utmost accuracy. The game registers each torpedo or a submarine as a naval bomber, shot down or damaged every plane, every shell impact, which must accept a ship. Also in this issue compared to the original developers have gained a degree of accuracy. Sun is now noted in aerial combat, even if a machine has to turn off because of fuel shortages and technical problems. The damage model is very differentiated, and in particular Überwassergefecht be meticulously distinguished several types of matches. Unprecedented degree of realism to the game are also known as operating losses that are not caused by enemy action, but through wear and tear, defects or crash landings. The forms for the calculation of the fight, however, is generally not readily transparent. The complexity of the game accordingly, are a myriad of factors to consider:Experience of unity, leadership value of the commander, the nature of the mission, speed, distance to destination and more. Who, for example, wonder why his fighters are shot down like flies, should seek the one provided in the game database and compare the values of its technical equipment with which the opponent. In particular, a wrongly set altitude can have a devastating effect, as this adversely affects the maneuverability. Origin, destination and center of almost all operations are widely distributed on the map bases. These are eminently important in several respects: they are used, depending on the configuration level the same as port, airport, warehouse for replenishment, production center for raw materials, and finally as a base for troops, headquarters, and various infrastructure. But in order to enjoy a working base to the player must maintain a certain amount of management, because maintenance is a constant influx of supplies and fuel as well as the presence of appropriate personnel such as engineers or construction workers is required.

Aircraft require a certain number of ground staff to be able to take off and land, but also for the purpose of maintenance and repair. The airfield for the present groups is too small, there will be greater operational losses. The size of an airfield or port defines thus how many machines can operate from here easily, or how many ships docked. Locally stationed troops are able to create or expand the capacity of the fixtures base. Each base has given its geographical location is a potential standard size up to which he may be expanded without any restrictions. I want to exceed this yet, I need more engineers, more supplies, and especially a lot of time. In addition, have especially large ports on repairing docks or ships and repair of appropriately trained maintenance crews. Even in terms of ship repair damaged area, the AE provides a range of options, where in principle between system damage, flooding and damage to machinery is different.At this point the player has, inter alia, to decide whether the crew should carry out the repairs more or less makeshift itself, so that the ship remains operational, or whether he prefers the ship temporarily closing down completely, which is a lengthy, but it allows full recovery. As might have been related to the operational mode is not sophisticated enough to provide the AU also a production system for ships and aircraft, fuel and supply goods. While the Japanese player can manually control all elements of its economy, this applies to the Allied player but very limited. Concretely, this means that the vast majority of Allied production by means of the monthly gain / replacement rate of troops and equipment and supplies is handled automatically arrive in the rear bases. First of all, between heavy and light industries, refineries, factories (for defense to distinguish aircraft, engines, etc.) and yards for warships and merchant ships. In addition, there are three commodities that are available at various locations on the map:Labor ( "People Power"), general resources and oil. The latter two must be transported to the factories and refineries, so that they could be processed to supply goods and fuel. The resources and converts heavy fuel / oil industry or shipbuilding points, which one may use them for the production of war materiel. Labor is of course essential to production, but also flowing into the spare pool to be compensated for by reorganization of the association constant loss of ground troops. The Japanese player has the option of aircraft and engine factories to switch to the production of other models. In addition, existing types can not explore what makes their availability date nearer. Also you can change the type of products, which produces a factory as a whole and enhance the overall industrial capacity. Moreover, it allowed both parties to implement upgrades to their ships and aircraft to more technically on the state of things to be. In the general game options can be set, if you delegate the appreciation of its units to the program or even prefer to take the matter in hand.Finally, I take a look at the logistics. In my opinion, the player spends a good third of the season so that the transport and distribution of supplies to the bases, and (as a Japanese player) to organize the shoveling of resources for the industry. In other words, transport ships and tankers are not less important than battleships and aircraft carriers. Sounds boring, but it is not!

As in real war, the disruption or elimination of supplies, but bad management can have disastrous consequences for the affected side. You have to give very close attention that the main bases are supplied with sufficient supplies and fuel. For ground troops, the program calculates a connection line to the next base and a coverage value for each hex, which crosses the unit. Given the logistical costs can quickly lead to excessive demands, in particular in the campaign game, the developers have devised a set of offers of assistance. This allows automated convoys between bases.The player can even build an entire transport network, which ensures that a steady flow of supplies is on its way back from depots to the front line. For the Japanese side, this system can also be used to accomplish the transfer of resources to the production centers. Nevertheless, it is because of the current situation at local hot spots always be needed, together manually to one or another convoy. All well and good to think now of some readers, but is such a monster in the game also be controlled in a reasonable manner? - Answer: For a simulation of such obsession with detail, the interface is surprisingly easy to handle. On a strip of small icons at the top of the screen I have access to all major program functions. Here are used, inter alia, a number of menus that the information of the player. How can I get quickly through a list of all bases and units, an overview. Furthermore, I have access to a strategic map, on location and combat reports, a statement of the losses, the more likely and some reinforcements.

Units are either invoked directly from the appropriate list, left click on the icons in the map area or on the base menu. Then the window that appears, at first glance may seem rather distant, as they confront the player with a lot of statistical information and details on the status of the selected association. This text-based controls but to a graphically or symbolically oriented menu guide the advantage that tap into many of the options offered logical, if I engage in the reading of information. Ultimately, it remains to note that the game is well designed and visually appealing. The map has been revamped for the AE again, and acts very differentiated. I myself am a lover of the battle animations that appear during the execution phase on the right hand side. Since here but each incident is documented by large-scale aerial bombardment up to the U-boat attack on a freighter, it may well take some time until the train has passed. If desired, you can make do with the statistics of the battle report. One must then give up some details of the combat course.Some changes to the AU to "War in the Pacific," I have already mentioned, but it is impossible to describe all in detail. Before I finally come to the conclusion, therefore, I will bring a brief summary of the key new features:

- New card with more terrain types, new artwork, and
- more importantly - with a new scale of 40 nautical miles per hex (instead of 60). Accordingly, now considered more bases. For the Allies are so-called off-map areas accessible via sea and land routes are connected to the main map.
- Waypoints and patrol zones.
- Huge number of new ship classes.
- Advanced upgrade and repair system with more choices.
- Revised attributes and values for the fight aircraft. Maneuverability as a function of altitude and speed is now playing a larger role.
- Land warfare: Advanced modes such as strategic transport, and reserve.
- Advanced Production System, including the introduction of lighter industries.
- New campaign, new game small scenarios.- Reviewers editor with more options.
- "Witpen-Staff": This is an interesting tool that is reminiscent in its brittleness and tabular form to Excel, but facilitates the management of bases, supplies, resources, etc.. Especially recommended for the campaign game!
- Improved AI.
- The boxed version includes a complete over 300 pages, color printed manual. To bring the character of the AE to a common denominator: accuracy and degree of realism has been compared to its predecessor in almost every area increased again.

Conclusion: "War in the Pacific" - and now even more so in the AE - is not a game but a passion, in a sense, a science in itself. There is no denying that one on the control of all the subtleties of the engine already has to invest in some training time. But the more the myriad aspects revealed themselves to me, the more fascinated I immersed myself during the test in what is happening on the screen. A few points of criticism but I will not hide.Thus, the AI behavior is not always optimal to call, even if the increased efficiency of the computer opponents is particularly felt in the defensive area. In other words, the AE develops their full potential only in multiplayer mode. Additionally, for players who need to devote their life still other things, the number of scenarios small and medium scale is very limited. Have here is especially worthwhile to look at the Guadalcanal campaign, with approximately 200 rounds of guaranteeing an intense gaming experience and yet remains manageable. For lovers of the Pacific War, the AE is already a mandatory purchase, but also all the friends of detailed simulations of their joy will be strategic because . Incidentally, the support on the part of the publisher and the developer is exemplary, because now there is already the first major update, waiting with numerous bug fixes, gameplay improvements and new versions of the big campaign. I have no doubt that we are dealing here with a contender for the strategy title of the year. In short, the tester is impressed and gives the AU the first gold award in his career!


Sean Drummy

Marketing and Press Relations Manager

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/15/2009 5:48:50 AM   
V22 Osprey

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Congrats on well deserved Gold Award!

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Art by rogueusmc.

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/15/2009 10:16:57 AM   

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Man, that extract is as hard to read as one of Shakespeare's plays....

Well done guys!!!

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Uh oh, Firefox has a spell checker!! What excuse can I use now!!!

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/15/2009 10:21:57 AM   

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Congrats on the Gold Award

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/15/2009 10:39:48 AM   


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Man, that extract is as hard to read as one of Shakespeare's plays....

Well done guys!!!

Harder. It's easier trying to remember what German I learned in high school 30 years ago.

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/15/2009 1:02:04 PM   

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I think the original article is pretty easy to read and understand.



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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/15/2009 2:52:11 PM   

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Sure;) Once you know German;)

Its a good occassion to bring the lg back from depths of my memory;)

congratulations on the Award, AE Team;)



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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/17/2009 3:20:12 PM   

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Das Spiel hat den Award verdient


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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/17/2009 3:55:40 PM   

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ORIGINAL: Vorsteher

Das Spiel hat den Award verdient

Da Man himself I suspect, good review Vorsheher, and you did your homework.


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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/17/2009 4:24:05 PM   

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The best award and reward for the Dev Team is longevity of the game, the concept and the most vibrant and alive community on the matrix boards.
Many thanks and congratulations because you deserve all the accolades!


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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 9/17/2009 4:50:35 PM   

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Congratulations for the Gold!



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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 12/12/2009 1:26:25 PM   

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Hello all,

I have just received this morning my French Magazine "PC4WAR" #41 and would like to let you know that WITP-AE has been reviewed and got a 9/10.

Congratulations to the Devs for making this great game



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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 12/12/2009 11:57:48 PM   

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Hello all,

I have just received this morning my French Magazine "PC4WAR" #41 and would like to let you know that WITP-AE has been reviewed and got a 9/10.

Congratulations to the Devs for making this great game


Thanks Gilbert.


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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 12/18/2009 8:13:03 AM   
Admiral Scott

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Here is a new review, titled Masochism in the Pacific.

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 12/18/2009 3:50:08 PM   

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ORIGINAL: Admiral Scott

Here is a new review, titled Masochism in the Pacific.

That seems like a pretty good and fair high level review. AE is demanding and very satisfying.



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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 2/9/2011 6:01:33 PM   


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Could you make a Mediterranean war game with the same engine? North Africa, Italy, Middle East, Gibraltar etc. It would be interesting challenge to win with Italy. You could choose German success: historical or random.

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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 12/18/2013 6:48:40 PM   


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thanks a bundle to all of you! enjoy the season and have fun!!



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RE: War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Reviews and A... - 10/1/2017 10:33:45 AM   

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Finally if you have played WITP and you became a expert in Admirals is a really really good game.

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