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Allied Monkey v's the Japanese Ai

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Allied Monkey v's the Japanese Ai - 8/5/2009 11:32:43 PM   


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9am ish
Well I'm the proud new owner of AE via DD and shipment to follow. Just over 1/2 an hour to download and install with no problems at all.

So its time to fire it up and get going I guess. Nice pics on the load screens etc, I've decided to go for a standard setup, historical settings etc and now time to pick a scenario!!!

Well I'll give the Allied Coral Sea Scenario a quick dabble.

10.30 ish Hmm well that went well, my CVs totally trashed the Japanese invasion force whilst the Ai sent the japanese CV force to the Aussie coast near Rockhampton and I've won by a slew of points

So now its time to fire up the BIG ONE

And OMG What have I done!! I'm a bit gobsmacked

OK a quick note on the days events............

Pearl Harbour (I'm British and will be using English spelling)

Nice to see the Target was Pearl on the animation, nice one
Err oh yes BB's Maryland Arizona and California sunk, also DD Tucker DM Preble and 7 smaller craft. Many ships damaged as well BB's Pennslyvania, West Virginia, both very heavily damaged, also damaged are notably BB's Oklahoma, Tennessee and Nevada and CL Raleigh DD Jarvis CL St Louis also there are a dozen other minor vessels receiving lesser damage.

Meanwhile at Sea the Japanese Airforce shows up and give the RN a pasting but fails to sink them. Can they make it back to Singers and get pumped out in time to run away?, slowly!! I hope so but............
Prince of Wales 45 /72 /25 /0
Repulse 55 /87 /6 /0

Meanwhile in the Air...............
Allied A/c destroyed 171, mostly on the ground at Pearl of course
Japanese A/c destroyed 41, including 1 zero
Top Pilot F.O Lake 488sqn 4 kills

Well that took a couple of hours. I think its time to read the Manual
And then maybe I'll begin ordering a few folks about.

Almost 3 in the afternoon.
hmm I'll be rereading this manual lots and lots.

I now seem to remember someone on the forum mentioning a quote something like "amateurs talk about fighting and experts talk about logistics" I get the feeling that I'm destined to become an expert

Giving Orders, I think I'll have a good nights sleep and give some orders tomorrow evening after I get back from work. I'm thinking about starting with Canada
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1st turn orders - 8/8/2009 8:14:00 PM   


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Well i'm about to hit the orders button and see what plays out hmmm

Its taken 3 days to get to this stage!! mostly interrupted with work, marathon training and err interacting with the OH :-) No not 'that' more like "would you mow the lawn darling" "Emma needs picking up from the station darling" etc etc. I ignore requests that don't include the word darling as a matter of course, however when the D word appears I'm right there

Ok I digress, orders given in no particular order and certainly not all of them either.

All subs are now under human control and I'm getting to grips with the patrol system, I like it.

USS Indianapolis is ordered to track to 300mn south of Pearl just in case the KB stays around.

All subs at Manila are ordered to Patrol the North Coast of Luzon
I've divided the POW Repulse group into 2 in the hope that it may divide the Japanese strike and one of them might survive.

CV's Enterprise and Lexington are ordered to Wake Island.

The Suva Bound convoy is redirected to Noumea.

The 3 Singapore convoys might well be redirected too, maybe to Rangoon.

I've decided to pick up the BF and troops at Nome and send them to Dutch Harbour.

Also I've started sorting out TK convoys to resupply India from Aden and Abadan and a long range pick up from SA to Perth.

Canada, as promised I did Canada first and put the airforce on Naval Search working out the search orders as well, I transferred a Kittyhawk sqdn from Eastern Canada only to see it disappear!!! I'm hoping it will show up in a few days at Vancouver.

The Penguin is ordered back to Pearl via Safest Route and that means sailing west to begin with, hope she makes it

Clark Field, All US fighters are ordered to defend CF at 12 to 18k altitude.

Singapore, All the RAF fighters are ordered to fly LRCAP over POW and Repulse again at 12 to 18k alt.

Any suggestions guys

Ok time to see what happens....................

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3 days of Action - 8/10/2009 10:36:06 PM   


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OK on with the war

Quite an action packed time, eventually tailing off after 2 days.

December 8th

Strong Japanese ground forces land at Kota Baru after a heavy Air raid and sharp bombardment, not sure if my units will be able to hold for even a day.

Other forces come ashore at Makin Island.

Another strong raid at Kuantan AF which does loads of damage over 150 runway hits for no reply.
However at Clark Field my decision to put the strongest cap possible over the base paid off nicely with 2 strong raids losing almost a dozen zeroes and 6 or 7 Betties for a small loss and ineffective bombing.

Near Pearl The Indianapolis has a full spread of torpedoes fired at her from SSI-8, luckily they miss, sadly the escorts botch the ASW, miss and give up easily, more training and experience needed here.

The KB is spotted sailing away over 300 miles north west of Pearl, I'm pretty happy about that.

2 subs hit mines at Bataan whilst deploying to cover northern Luzon, hmm that didn't happen in WITP TOG

The ground war gets properly going with Chinese forces getting chucked out of the hex next to Pengu, not to be confused with Pingu one of my sons favorites when he was a boy.

Makin Island falls of course, and my suspicions about the Koat Baru garrison are confirmed when the japanese shock attack comes off at 58-1 causing over 2,500 casualties and overrunning the town easily, somehow the units managed to retreat rather than surrender.

Repulse and POW get lucky and benefit from clouds to escape the attentions of the Japanese air forces, they are just a hex away from Singapore

I form more convoys ans slowly slowly begin the process of bringing the Allied behemoth to life.

I was spooked for a sec when looking at the off map movement ie 82 days UK to Eastern USA 82 days oops 82 hexes thats better

December 9th

Due to poor weather over most of the map its a quieter day unless you are a Japanese ampihibious commander. There are landings at
Aparri Wake Vigan and Tarawa.

The landing at Wake is attacked at sunup by the crews of the Lexington's air wings and less than 400 japanese troops are ashore before their transports are quickly sunk.

Japanese forces shock attack and capture Vigan, their first foothold in the Philippines.

Sqdn transfer is working fine 11 sqdn RCAF arrives at Vancouver.

I've decided that Noumea and Suva will be my bastions to protect the supply lines to Australia, I'm still undecided as to strategic policy in ABDA and SE Asia.

December 10th

The weather breaks and nearly the whole map is covered in poor conditions.

The only major raid is one by 26 Lillys to Clark Field the Cap deals with it very harshly shooting down 15 without loss, then they return in the afternoon with only 5 and they are all shot down.

POW and Repulse make it to port and are shipyarded right away for emergency repairs before they are sent to safety.

Aparri and Tarawa are both taken without a shot being fired.

The Japanese troops on Wake dissolve whilst the invasion forces retreat westwards at speed

I'll have to learn how to do screenshots etc to liven this up a bit!!

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RE: 3 days of Action - 8/10/2009 10:49:45 PM   
Andy Mac


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From: Alexandria, Scotland
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Good going

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RE: 3 days of Action - 8/11/2009 4:17:34 PM   

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Screenshots are good but as a fellow Brit I love the writing style (irony comes easily to us I think)...........I also react most quickly to "darling" requests as any married man knows the use of "darling" in these circumstances means something very different than that laid down in the dictionary!!

That was a brave move with the carriers to Wake but seems to have paid off and it seems you are going to get a bonus result with the Royal Navy if you can crawl into Singers.

Have you replaced that buffoon Percival in Malaya....leadership seems to have quite an effect in AE from what I see.

Anyway, crack on.....I will be following closely...

Best wishes



"I do not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it"

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Hong Kong Phooey - 8/12/2009 1:26:34 PM   


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Hi Guys, thanks for your posts, its nice to hear from you, hope you're enjoying this game as much as I am.

An ankle twist whilst out running and no jobs for me from the OH left me time to get a couple of turns done, but they weren't the best.

11th December

A check of the major allied ports led me to discover Warspite and Colorado bobbing about at anchor at Seattle instead of being repaired in the shipyard. As my daughter says, this game is 'MAHOOOSIVE'

SS36 finally leads the way in the submariner stakes by putting 3 torpedoes into the Kinryu Maru, whilst the rest of the allied silent service notably fails to hit anything, they will get better in time.

An AVG sqdn is relocated to Rangoon.

34th inf regt is tasked to load at SF and secure a more prominent foothold at Canton Island.

It feels like I'm not doing that much in the face of more landings at Guam, Legaspi and Babeldoab?? huh is that right

Pearl Harbour.
Sadly the Zane succumbed to the fires raging through the craft and she sank, it was a brave 4 days fight to keep her afloat but not to be.

Hong Kong
I ordered all shipping to evacuate HK, Aks etc to make for Batavia or Darwin if possible, DD's Scout Thacian and Thanet to rebase at Manila via a stop off at Vigan to interfere with the landings there if possible. The MTB squadron to prceed directly to Manila and refuel before assisting with the defence of the Phillipines.

The vessels cleared HK with out problems in the evening before the Japanese assault. HK was captured after a 7-1 shock attack, allied casualties are calculated at over 16,000.

Aces of the Pacific Nice game too, great manual.
Well Ace of the Pacific to be accurate

2 raids over Manila are again unescorted and both get seriously chopped up with enemy bombers now turning away before being annihilated.

2nd LT McWherter of the 24th who already had a couple of kills to his name adds 4 more to his tally. 6 kills in total and the place of honour at the head of the pilots list.

12th December

I wonder when the weather will change for the better on map, although its lovely in California

The Allied day belongs to DD's Scout Thracian and Thanet just off the coast of Vigan they encounter SS-I57 and score 3 D/C hits before running into 3 task forces at Vigan, sinking with gun and torpedo 6 AKL's 2 E craft and 2 AP's they were pretty much unloaded but that's got to hurt

Lexington and Enterprise are ordered back to Pearl, they have done enough at Wake and need refueling and rearming.

Clark Field is clear and again there are 2 large and 1 smaller unescorted raids which are shoot up, almost 30 bombers don't make it home.

Meanwhile on the elsewhere its a different story. A large landing at Rabaul and assaults at Guam and Legaspi leads to their capture

In China, Chenschow is also captured with heavy losses however Ichang falls unopposed. There seems to be a lot more going on in China I will have to watch this theatre more closely than I used to in TOG.

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Counterpunching - 8/15/2009 10:12:01 AM   


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I think there is only time for an update today, I have a 10 mile run to do and then after that I'm to be sent into the attic. The OH who shall be known as the lovely S from now, said "Darling will you go up into the attic this afternoon" I don't as yet know why, I could be in trouble and I'm to be left up there for a few hours to think about the consequences of my crime, (I did finish off a chocolate bar last night) or which is what I'm hoping is that she wishes me to clear out the junk up there, we will see soon enough.

The initiative lies with the Japanese and there is not much to be done but suck it up at the moment,it is nice to get a few counters back even if they are small ones at the moment.

Dec 13th

Rabaul is heavily bombarded whilst enemy forces land over the beaches, the 6" CD battery does score a hit or two in reply.

DD's Ford Peary Pope and Pillsbury engage convoys at Vigan and score well sinking 2 E craft and damaging 6 other AK and AP's

SS KI gets heavily D/Ced whilst attempting to break through the DD screen protecting BB Haruna the damage turns out to be less than expected and the sub will remain on patrol.

PT's 31 32 33 34 35 get in on the action at Vigan and sink an AK and AP, whilst SS K IX sinks an AK at Kota Baru.

An SS is spotted near Vancouver Island, a couple of ASW groups are formed to sort this out.

Rangoon, AVG goes into action shooting down 5 nells in short order. Unescorted raids will get hurt. Escorted raids fare so much better as at Manila where 3 raids get through with far fewer losses and a number of P40's etc are shot down by the Zero's the bombing runs are not that effective but they are getting through the CAP.

LAOAG, captured by japanese forces without a fight.
I'm hoping will settle into a seesaw type of theatre where I hope that I don't lose millions of troops but where I do tie up masses of Japanese forces which could be better used elsewhere.

McWherter shows that he is a cut above his fellows by adding to his tally, 7 kills now. Carlson and Wagner also of 24thPG/17th PS become Aces along with Anderson of 35thPG/21stPS.

14th December A week of war already.

And as it turns out a quiet day pretty much.

Rabaul is bombarded again through the day and the 6"CD gets a few licks in return, hurting a PB and a something else

PT's 31 32 33 34 35 returning from Vigan, catch a small convoy at San Fernando and sink an AP and a AK.

The SS spotted at Vancouver Island goes and sinks AP US Grant, my mistake for forgetting I'd ordered her North to assist in troop redeployments. My 2 ASW flotillas I formed yesterday better get out there now.

AVG goes into overdrive 6 unescorted raids over Rangoon are shot to bits, at least 15 A/C are shot down and lots are damaged,
3 AVG pilots become aces too.

SAN FERNANDO is captured by shock attack, 11thPA div loses almost 2,000 men.
NAGA and MADANG also fall.

And that's about it for today

Ah could anyone guide me to a good little screenshot thing to download.

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Screenshot test - 8/16/2009 4:54:44 PM   


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OK trying out snagit

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Action in Malaya - 8/16/2009 6:44:30 PM   


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OK a new screenie, showing the Japanese advances in Malaya and the present positions of Allied defences with the Base at Alor Star under attack

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RE: Action in Malaya - 8/16/2009 8:47:22 PM   


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I've used snagit for years, and I think it's about as good as it gets.

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RE: Action in Malaya - 8/18/2009 12:05:20 PM   


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Well I've been allowed out of the attic by the lovely S but only after clearing out all the junk up there. Future plans for an extra bedroom with ensuite are under consideration by the lovely S, my idea for a study/gaming room is to be ignored going by the silence that followed
On with the War..........

December 15th

DD's Scout Thanet and Thracian intercept an unescorted 19AK convoy at Vigan, I'm hoping for an odd combat result sinking all 19 but don't get one and 2AKL's and 2AK's are sunk with 4 more set afire before the convoy escapes.

DD's Pillsbury Peary and Ford intercept at LAOAG but its a different story as CA MAYA is present with DD's and APD's etc
A PB is sunk but the Pillsbury is very heavily hit and fires rage out of control

PT and MTB flotillas are unsucessful this time.

Rangoon, Manila Wake and Georgetown are heavily raided but due to poor weather the raids are ineffective and a few bombers are shot down.

Rabaul is shock attacked and holds well Japanese forces land at Kuching.

Japanese shipping is present at DAVO and JOLO but its not doing anything, I wonder whats going on.

WS12 arrives at CAPETOWN there's around 200k supplies and fuel there ready to ship out.

December 16th

ASW news my first allied ASW attack of the war at Victoria Island nr Vancouver. PC's Crawford Morris and Charleston take on SSI-22 and are rather tenacious and score 6 hits eventually, I'm hoping that's enough to kill the sub

My MTB flotilla takes a swing at a small group at San Fernando A TB/CM/AP group however fights back and sinks MTB9 whilst forcing the rest away. However DD's Scout Thanet and Thracian returning form Vigan intecept them and cause heavy damage causing over 600 casualties.

SS Stringray off the coast of Appari finds a working torpedo in the racks and hits and AP for heavy damage.

Japanese Bombers put together 3 big raids at Wake, the Airfield is closed down and hits are scored on the supply dumps leaving the Island in real trouble without supply and heavily damaged.

Rangoon is raided but without any real damage caused or losses due to the poor weather.

Shock attack at ALOR STAR comes off at 1-1 and the forts are reduced to zero with over 1000 casualties, I'm expecting it to fall next turn.

Another attack at RABAUL comes off at 1-4 and is easily contained.

SIG INT Report
3/Guards Mixed Brigade is loaded and apparently about to go to Wake, so I've decided to send all 3 CV groups there.

China and what I'm hoping to hold and my first planned attack in the North

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Wake Island Blues - 8/19/2009 12:42:59 PM   


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December 17th
On the strength of the previous days Sig Int I decided to send CV groups Saratoga and Lexington to Wake, they will be followed a day later by Lexington's group after refuelling.

Pacific SS's look to be doing ok SS Seal scores a torpedo hit and several shell hits on the AK Lisbon Maru which evades right into the path of SS 37 which puts her under with another torpedo.
On the other hand SS Seadragon has fired 16 torpedoes in 3 salvoes at an AK that just steamed right by totally oblivious to the Sub Captain doing a 'Capn Haddock' "BLISTERING BARNACLES"

Of course its him or the sub, the torpedoes are fine, naturally

DD and PT raids to Vigan continue and score big
AVD Childs and DD Peary catch CS's Chitose and Chiyoda escorted by DD Fumizuki.
Peary manages to get some telling hits on all 3 whilst the Childs is sunk in return. The Japanese ships evade right into the arms of DD's Scout Thanet and Thracian.
DD Fumizuki sacrifices herself in vain as CS Chitose takes 2 torpedoes. They evade again into the path of PT's 31 32 33 34 35 who race in and finish off Chitose with 2 more torpedoes.

In the morning SS-41 arrives on the scene and puts a torpedo into the Chiyoda as a parting shot.

In return a raid to Kuching is roughly handled with CA ASHIGIRA handing it out to CL DANAE big time, I don't think she will make it.

The air war is a washout pretty much all over the map there's nothing of note to report.

ON Land the Japanese forces keep on the move in Burma.
AlOR STAR falls to a shock attack causing over 3000 casualties who then retreat eastwards into the jungle so thats it for them i guess.
Kuching falls too.
More troops land at Rabaul there's not much hope there either.

December 18th.

With the fall of Kuching I've decided its time to evacuate POW and Repulse to Batavia and then India before the Japanese begin basing bombers at the airfield.

The Prelude to The Fall of Wake.
xAK Florence D is the first casualty of the day being quickly sunk by a powerful bombardment force
BB's FUSO ISE CA's CHOKAI YURA and attendant DD's trash Wake from end to end wrecking mostly everything.

2 big air raids appear through the day to rearrange the sand that was blown around by the IJN

the expected landing begins and by the end of the day the count is around 8000 enemy troops are ashore
I expect Wake to fall tomorrow after the Japanese forces have dried out their socks.

Japanese forces also land at JOLO and MIRI

4 large raids arrive over Manila, again they are not very effective and Zero and Nate escorts score a few hits in return. However none of this worries 2nd LT McWherter who scores twice, taking his tally to 9

MIRI is captured at 112-1 109th RN BF retreats to Brunei
JOLO is captured too at 55-1 as well.

Screenshot of the results Danae v Ashigira

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The Fall of Wake - 8/22/2009 12:16:00 PM   


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19th December
Blammo the attack on Wake comes in, the screenie tells it all.

20th December

Well its turned out the the SIG INT was correct but too late to act on to save Wake island, The CV force should have been dispatched 2 days earlier at least.

101st USN BF and 2nd Marine Def Bn begin loading for sending to Canton Island

DD Pillsbury limps into Manila in a terrible state and is shipyarded

I'm hopefully quietly removing air units from Singapore and sending them north to Port Blair and Rangooon, 21sqdn RAAF 1 27 60 and 4AACU sneak away to fight another day.

SS Tambor scores a couple of hits on an AK
SS-41 hits AP Brazil Maru a pretty big target.

Again the Air War seems quiet but I'm sure that the Japanese seem to be concentrating on getting air superiority in the Phillipines first, raids keep coming in and are getting through too.

Landings take place at FINSCALAFEN

I thought Rabaul was under dire threat but the expected assault comes in at 1-63 again I'm sure its only a matter of time before reinforcements arrive.

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Allied Setbacks - 8/28/2009 8:45:45 AM   


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Well its been over a week since updating and a few things have gone on in the Monkey household.

The Chimp passes his A levels and get a place at university studying law. This acknowledged by all as a very good thing esp by the Lovely S and myself as its proof we have succeeded in 'mission parenthood' and he can spread his wings and leave the nest, at last

He spent almost a whole 10 minutes celebrating with us before heading off to pub/friends/etc for 3 days

Chimpette however rocked the boat by telling Chimp how to behave at Uni which caused an instant row between them, Ahh some things never change. I'm glad I don't have an elder sister. She has just finished her first year which of course makes her expert on all things university related.

The MIL arrived later in the week via a Spanish holiday resort sending the Lovely S into frenzy of cleaning washing srubbing etc, we pass inspection and Chimp gets a large cheque 'towards books' she is fairly convinced that he will blow it on having fun and I'm rather hoping he will

MIL and the lovely S head off to Wales for a few days to see relatives which leaves me here finally able to 'do a few jobs' which I heard as 'play a few turns'

So on with the game................

21st December
Bad news here the save was lost but it was a quiet turn with not too much going on as far as I recall

22nd December

After reading a few threads and AAR's I got on with organising all TK's and AO's with fuel hauling missions, with escorts where possible considering the Japanese sub threat. Which takes me to...

SSI-155 is given a proper pasting off Bataan and hits hit 3 times
SS Tautog sights AKTAIFUKU Maru and to my gets 2 torpedo hits, proof that the torpedoes are fine and not defective at all.

AO's PECOS and TRINITY are caught escaping Manila and quickly sunk by Bettys. I'll try moves like this when the weather worsens I think.

GEORGETOWN is crushed at 196-1 with almost 3000 casualties

CV action at Wake, well the CV's turn up 2 days late but are able to take a modicum of revenge by quickly sinking an AMC 3xAK's 2E's an xAP and a xAKL

Air battles rage over Rangoon but are evenly matched with lowish casualties to both sides.

2nd LT McWherter my top scoring ace with 9 kills gets promoted to 1st LT

FINSCHAFFEN also fall unopposed at 42-1.

23rd December.

Maybe I was too quick at sending off all my TK's and AO's as the WILLIAM SUNOCO eats a torpedo from SSI-8

DD's SCOUT THANET and PEARY catch a convoy off LAOAG and heavily damage a DD, PB, xAP and 2 xAK's

Japanese forces land at WENCHOW

Heavy Raids again at Rangoon and Manila and again the results are fairly even, the Japanese can't get air supremacy nor can the Allies inflict a telling victory.

Rabaul is heavily bombed by over 50 Kates and 40 Vals wrecking the airfield, looks like a portion of the KB is there then

On the ground things heat up

WENCHOW shock attack at 1-8 forts are reduced by 1 to 1 but the Japanese suffer over 500 casualties

CABANATUAN 1-2 attack is repulsed but over 250 casualties suffered

TAIPING taken at 9-1 another reverse in China for the Allies

OROQUIETA taken unopposed at 61-1

Its not all bad news though....

RABAUL holds the assault comes in at 1-2 with around 150 casualties each.

LINGAYEN A Victory 25-1 The Japanese 7th Tank Regiment is forced to retreat with the loss of over 30 vehicles.

Finally a real surprise, Japanese forces arrive and land at CANTON ISLAND, over 2000 ashore already and only a USN Engineer unit to oppose them.
VP12 based there failed to spot the convoy or escorts carrying this force, the Co will have be replaced!!!

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RE: Allied Setbacks - 8/28/2009 9:41:43 AM   
Roger Neilson II

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From: Newcastle upon Tyne. England
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Ouch, Canton is a pain.

Welcome to the madhouse btw. Persist with Snagit its a really great way of illustrating the game. Have used it on all my WITP AARS, not yet ready to do one on WIPTAE.



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the Fall of Canton Island - 9/5/2009 9:33:32 PM   


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Life as usual at the moment seems to get in way at the Monkey household. Work has been occupying me with a week of talk about room ventilation and air quality requirements for for assisted reproduction with regard to air changes, filtration, flow patterns, temperature, humidity etc. Only 49 days to go until my next marathon and a 6 mile run done today with a 12 miler tomorrow. Another trip to Wales as well this weekend for us to attend a family birthday. Chimpette has drained my coffers with her need for new clothes as she has 'nothing to wear' for her return to university. Chimp is having a party at home tonight 'after the pub' with a 'few friends' so its going to be interesting to see what condition the house will be in, when the Lovely S and myself return tomorrow from Wales.

Anyway on with the turn............

December 24th

The most significant event of course is the Fall of Canton Island however we will come to that shortly.

The seaward defence of the Phillipines continues with mixed fortunes, PT 32 gets vapourised by a shell form a nasty AK

However DD's Peary Scout and Thanet sink the AK Tokyo Maru without ado.

Air battles again diminish in the face of poor weather and are mostly ineffective.

Japanese ground forces capture Wenchow with shock attack at 14-1 rendering the Chinese forces landlocked and suffering over 3000 casualties.

The assault at Rabaul is repulsed at 1-1 but allied losses at 150 are twice that of the Japanese and so this leads me to believe that its only a matter of time before this base falls as well.

The Fall of Canton Island, well the picture says it all..........

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Enterprise Sunk - 9/16/2009 10:19:58 PM   


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All was chaos in the Monkey household especially with both Sky and Internet connections going down. Both chimp and chimpette have been reduced to blubbering wrecks without access to the web   "its social death" chimpette wailed, poor girl, she will get over it of course. The house was in good condition after the party which cheered chimp up now that he has been dumped by his gf, it turned out the she 'only' went out with him to make someone else jealous. Marathon training goes well with both 12 and 14 mile runs done and 16 mile run to do this weekend.

Anyway on with the fight, maybe I should point out that I'm not reading up on more advanced (in time) AAR's, so AI events should keep me on my toes as it were.

December 25th
In the light of the Japanese attack on Canton Island I decided to send my CV's southwards.

Air raids again over Manila were generally unopposed and the Japanese seem to have decided to take the day off over Burma, leaving Rangoon alone

A japanese sub is spotted near Pearl and an ASW task force will be formed to hunt it down.

The Japanese take a breather at Rabaul on the ground as well as in the air, I'm certain that it will fall tomorrow.

I'm wondering if this will be the flavour of AE, days of intensive action followed by rest, refitting and resupply before the tempo of operations picks up again.

26th December.

The day is dominated by the destruction of the Enterprise
Perhaps it was inadequete cap or just plain bad luck or more likely forgetting to waypoint properly, but my CV's were sailing pretty much due south towards Canton Island, the groups were attacked by a 15 strong Betty group, I think flying out of Roi Namur nr Kwajelein, its got a size 4 AF
Well anyway they darted out of the clouds dodged around the cap that damaged a couple and then made their runs, and they planted 3 torpedoes into the side of the Enterprise, which sank at the end of the day. The rest of the CV forces wil be ordered to Pearl straight away. This has been a painful lesson learned.

Bad news comes along elsewhere as well.
Rabaul falls to a shock attack at 4-1 as well as Cotabato at 400-1 with 600 casualties suffered by the allies. Only Lingayen holds at 1-1 but with over 500 casualties suffered.

The only thing to cheer me up a tiny bit was 1st Lt McWherter got his 10th kill :-)


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Tomorrow I will be travelling up north to drop chimp and chimpette at their universities, blessed freedom for the Lovely S and myself Its a day that will be both happy and sad for us, happy that we have succeded in our parenting, sad that our offspring have now flown the nest. Though I suspect they will be back
Somehow I have to fit in an 18 mile run this weekend too.
On with the war........

December 27th
Canton Island.
Its capture could be a severe problem if I'm going to keep the more direct sealanes open to Australia, so I've decided its recapture is of high priority.
8th Marine Regiment is tasked to plan the operation, as yet unnamed.
Shipping will be assembled in San Diego to begin the transport of 8th MR to Pearl.
A start will be made to execute bombardment of Canton.
A TF consisting of CA Indianapolis CL Honolulu and 6 DD's will begin this task.

The rest of the war..................

7th Australian Brigade will embark for Port Moresby

63rd Indian Brigade will move to Imphal

Raid on Kuching
CL's Dragon Durban and 5 DD's run into Kuching and sink 6 AK's and a PB with over 500 casualties caused too.

SS Nautilus hits and sinks AK Kamikazi Maru at Jaluit

2 large raids appear over Singapore during the day, Sallys escorted by Oscars, 30 Buffalos rise in defence and turn each raid back, losses were light for both sides.

Another pair of heavy raids hit Tavoy unopposed severly damaging the Airfield.

The Phillipines
Japanese forces shock attack at Lingayen, easily capturing it at 168-1, the Phillipine units dissolved under the assault and they surrendered hence the high casualty total of just over 6000

The defenders of Manado also failed to hold at 3-1 and suffered 1000 casualties too.

Lae fell at 4-1 and
Morotai at 14-1 too

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