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WOTR vs AI AAR - 2/4/2009 1:02:46 AM   

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Although the AI has not been tested for this beta version, I decided to give it a go just to see. I am playing the 3 "good" sides, Gondor, Lorien and Rohan and the AI is playing the others without any bonuses. I don't have any images yet, but any true LOTR fan knows the map by heart...hehe.

The AI plays first, and Mordor wastes no time and attacks Osgiliath: a winged beast swoops down on the fortress, but no damage to either side occurs except for the distinct smell of soiled pants and cold sweat. At lest 4 Mordor units are spotted approachingOsgiliath, so it looks like a battle is shaping up.

Denethor and his son Boromir are at Minas Terith near Osgiliath along with their army, so he moves them towards Osgiliath – only Boromir is fast enough to make it to the fortress, but the defenders of Osgiliath next to the fortress should be able to hold out until reinforcements arrive. Denethor yells ahead to Boromir not to expose himself needlessly.Osgiliath must NOT fall, and the fate of Middle Earth may well depoend on the upcoming battle.

Faramir is to the South in South Ithalian near Belarguer with his small army, and as he hears reports of winged beasts seen near Osgiliath, he quickly starts to move North up the road hoping perhaps to catch the Mordors near Osgiliath from the rear. His cavalry is much faster than the rest of his force, and could almost reach the Mordors, but he orders them to hold back, not wanting his cavalry to be wiped out before the rest of his forces can reach the battlefield. Faramir is unhappy because his HQ doesnt have enough horses and lags behind the others, and he gives orders to find horses fast –or else...

At Linhir on the Southern shore the local commander surveys his environment and see that he has a fleet and some infantry. There is what appears to be an unoccupied town on the nearby island Tolfadas to the south, so he boards some infantry on the fleet and sends it to the island. The nameless town is indeed unoccupied, so the infantry will disembark next turn and occupy it. He is worried about the pirates of Rohar showing up though...

At Dol Emroth along the shore to the NW, Imrahil is too far to participate in the battle at Osgiliath, and he decides to use his forces to scout a bit North. He has heavy cavalry, which would be better used at Osgiliath, since light cavalry is better for scouting, but on the other hand, he might be able to link up with the forces of Rohan to the North. Along the shore to the NW is Edhellend where he also has a smaller mixed force that will take the lead in the scouting. Gondor has a huge amount of land between the Southern shore and the White mountains, and since it is largely unoccupied, Imrahil would not be surprised that some neighbors would poke their noses into the land. Of course Rohan would be welcome since they are allies, as long as they don’t get greedy and try to take over towns without permission.

Far to the North, along a narrow sliver of Gondor land West of the Misty Mountains is the Wizard Gandalf with a small force of 3 units around Tharward.He decides to split his force to explore, and sends an infantry unit East to probe the Southern Entrance pass where he expects to meet the Elves of Lorien, and a group of rangers South to scout the environs of Rohan around Helms Gate since they are faster and it is farther, and he leaves a unit occupying the town as a reserve. Unfortunately none of the units have horses except Gandalf himself, but the Rangers are fast and Gandalf’s horse can’t run fast. Gandalf’s Eradwaith HQ is not subordinated to any other because of the long distance to the main HQ on the other side of the territory.

The king of Rohan Theoden controls his much smaller territory from Edoras, but he has heard that Sauron is back and that evil is stirring to the East. Visitors report seeing Orcs, terribe flying beasts, and there are claims that the Nazgul have been seen. His general Erkenbrand has a small army to the West in Helm’s Gate, that he will use to cross the river to the West at the Fords of Isen to try to link up with Gandalf’s scouts. His son Eomer is to the East keeping his eye on the dark horizon still further East. Everyone is to scout around and report on any suspicious activity. Reports of an impending attack on Osgiliath have already reached Edoras, so Theoden is hesitant, and has no wish to worsen relations with any of his neighbors. He wishes that Gandalf were here to give him advice. His daughter Eowyn thinks his father is too soft and that the best strategy would be to aggressively search for the enemy and to stomp them out before they have time to do it to them. When a smirking soldier asks her how she proposes to beat the enemy, she replies “You grab them by the nose and kick them in the ass!”, a sentence that will be repeated centuries later by a famous general who claimed to be her reincarnation, among others.

The elves of Lorien are known for their stealthiness and for their ability with bows and their ferocious flying eagles, so although they are weaker than most, they are usually avoided by evildoers – at least until now. But today a ranger and bowmen unit has reported a unit coming out of the Mirkwood forest on the Eastern border that is still unidentified but that sounds like Orcs. This is a bad omen, along with rumors about evil stirrings to the East and south. The Elves would be particularly vulnerable in a war, because they could have enemies on three sides. Their leader Galadriel at Lothlorien orders scouting parties to find out what the potential threats are.[image][/image]

It is indeed a powerful Orc unit, and two more are seen coming up behind it. There will be war! A large eagle is sent out to scout and finds that there are three more Orc units in Dol Guldur right behind the other three previously spotted. Two enemy large eagles attack the Elven eagle, who manages to get away. Galadrien sends out orders for the units near the Orcs to retreat, but one of the units fails to receive the order in time.The Elven forces are dispersed all over their territory and their units are no match for the Orcs in open field combat. Galadriel sends out a call for help to Rohan.


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RE: WOTR vs AI AAR - 2/6/2009 3:45:38 AM   


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RE: WOTR vs AI AAR - 2/7/2009 12:16:00 AM   

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Eight squads of Orcs push on the Gondor defenders arrayed in three lines in Osgolith and its adjoining fortress. Boromir orders heavy machinery to come up behind his line and to pummel the strongest of the orc groups on his right consisting of four squads containing Orcs, Urok Hais and Trolls,. Some damage is produced to the Mordor right flank, but only enough to enrage the attackers even more. The weakest Orc group is in the center – a single squad of Orcs. Boromir orders all squads to attack this center point, and the Orc squad is quickly wiped out as it is hit from three sides. Denethor yells “We have them – we now have eight squads to their six, and Faramir is coming up on their rear!”. Boromir grimaces “Not so fast, we haven’t seen their full force yet, do you expect Mordor to try to conquer Middle Earth with seven squads?” Although the rest of Faramir’s force lags far behind, Faramir’s cavalry disregards Faramir’s orders to be cautious and moves forward to the road intersection dangerously close behiind the Mordor force to disrupt the Mordor supply line. “We are carrying out a reconnaissance in force!”, laughs the cavalry commander, “Patton will never win any battles by being cautious!”, he says with amazing forsight.

Meanwhile, the the Southwestern force of Gondor moves forward in dispersed formation with Imrahil bringing up the rear, while nearby the boat reaches the island and disembarks the infantry to take possession of the unoccupied town. Imrahil’s orders are to re-embark the infantry immediately and bring them back to the mainland. There is a lot of water in this area, not to mention a navigable river, and Imrahil worries about enemies moving by boat to attack undefended towns in his rear. The troops dawdle a bit, stop at the local tavern and some discover the local brothel. Finally their captain manages to get them back on board and casts off. Before returning to his point of departure, he decides to explore a bit of the wide river Anduin leading to Osgolith.

In the meantime, in Rohan, Eomir keeps heading East, while a small Rohan force is attacked without damage by a winged beast as they head towards the Fords of Isen. The cavalry moves to the bridge at the fords and stops as they spot an unknown unit across the river in the distance. The infantry unit is sent along the river on their side, but fails to identify the unit across the river. Erkenbrand sends a message to Theoden and begins to move with his other infantry and heavy machinery towards the Fords. Theoden and Eowyn, who were exploring to the East South of Eomir immediately reverse direction and head West for the road leading to the fords of Isen. “This smells like Saruman is brewing something, and it doesn’t smell good”, says Eowyn with narrowed eyes. Theoden mumbles “Why can’t we all just get along?”...

Theoden has received the request for help from the Elves, but he hesitates. “We have to wait until we know what lurks at the Fords of Isen”, says Eowyn decisively, “then we can decide if we can spare forces for the Elves.” Theoden nods in approval, and accepts to break off Eowyn in a squad of her own, since he will likely be slowed down by the management of the Rohan headquarters.

Up North in Lorien, the forward Elven unit takes the brunt of the first Orc attack and loses about 20 elves and horses as they retreat before the horde, without causing any casualties to the enemy. Galadriel bites her lips and decides to attack the forward Orc unit from three sides. Her forces are dispersed and her strongest units are in Fangorn forest and will take time to arrive, so she must gain time and give the Orcs something to think about (and she uses the work “think” loosely...

Her two large eagles attack the horde unit, but barely draw their attention. Their captain is licking his lips at Galadriel, thinking of rape followed by feasting on the victim with his cohort.

The pitiful Eleven squads strike from three sides and takes heavy casualties, inflicting significant damage on the Orcs. Galadriel realizes that she has made a mistake, as the relative forces are even more unbalanced in favor of the Orcs than they were initially, and she has lost half of her staff. She pines for Aragorn, who no doubt would have organized a river line of defence instead of a foolhardy assault in open terrain.

Her two squads in the North headed East from Lothlorien have stopped at the bridge where they spotted an enemy unit some distance across the river led by a Nazgul and consisting mostly of light infantry. Galadriel’s heart sinks and she hopes that she can survive the Orc counterattack to retreat and reorganize. The news that Rohan cannot come right away or perhaps not at all is disappointing, and it looks like the elves are on their own.


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