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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!!

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 11:50:40 AM   


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Juni spends a miserable night, hot, thirsty, dusty.
navy pilots all snore.

he emerges from his cave well before dawn, ready to give the ground crews hell, he wants to get of this rock pronto.
It takes a few minutes for him to realise, but something has changed.

It is quiet

The guns have fallen quiet.

With a mad rush, with something almost bursting out of his chest, he walks, stumbles, then jogs, then with a rush, races to the nearest crest that overlooks the bay, the invasion fleet.

The sun is rising.
A beautiful sunburst, the dawn.

And behind him, like a tide -the cheers are rising.

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 11:51:48 AM   


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Commander Mobile fleet

Cease hostilities.

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 11:54:46 AM   


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Extract from Shattering the sword, a cantona production

For so long, the great nations had wielded their weapons
Japan, her narrow, razor sharp blade -thin, and sharp

the allies -the great broadsword.

Again, and again, both had clashed.

But, it had been America's that had finally broken, shatterd on the shores of Iwo.

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 11:58:44 AM   


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47th's only survivor from the original gang of nine

Juni B
9 kills
172 mission seeing combat
93 exp

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 12:09:44 PM   


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I spent several days with Nakamura, long days, filled with conversation, memories, pain, joy, and mystery.
Do I really know who he is -now?
Do I really know the Nakamura of those days.
maybe a little.

There is one thing that sticks in my mind though, as I leave his little home, before I fly back to Australia.
Today is a world of technology, of machines - war is cold, remote, distant.
Or so we think.
I put that to him, and he gave me this
'I thought that once too -that men cannot do much -alone"
And this did not surprise me
"But consider this.
Iwaya -how much did he change things? -it was his decision alone to cancel all merchant shipping on Dec 8, and concentrate on Carriers above all..............
It was Yamamoto who wielded the sword that that gave him
It was single men like Miyazuki who aimed yamatos great rifles.......
And I like to think, of course, that we might have had a bit to do with it................"

And now, when I think of it, maybe that is what war is. Men like 47th, doing their best, and sometimes, just sometimes, doing more than their best.

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 12:50:59 PM   

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Is it the end ?


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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 12:56:42 PM   


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herbiesans comments before i wind up what happened to each character (I think they deserve that at least)

cantona played a great, great, fair game. I have looked at his dispositions -and he is still immensly strong -but no stronger in Carriers in my opinion than me (except in CVE's -he has gazzillions of them left)

I count the Franklin, the yorktown and a brit CV left to immediately deal with near Iwo - other than that, I was I think still in command

eastern threat non existant really, and i forgot to look at timor front -but it semed no real threat.
He was getting ready to come up the PNG coast further i think -a lot of ready loaded transports
I was right about wake -vulnerable as hell to an attack -and his tankers were where i suspected they would be .

he has so many planes its terrifying -but a lot of units could not be utilised due to lack of manouvre room on a narrow front up the PNG coast.

Score was 48722 to 29733 -plus the points for the 2 essex class still to be counted on the next turn.

all up, allied losses were 9CV, 10 cvl, 22cve, 9 BB, 1BC, 15 CA, 21 CL to him, army and air losses both sides very close, 14000 to 15000 point range

789 jap ships sunk - 1060 allied -with more to come each side

again, a great game, the result really not important, the journey was.
I hope to finish this story this week end, thank you for all those who followed it.
cantona and I now will concentrate on a AE game -i am sure it will be different as well.
I am thinking of another AAR, not sure yet though -is it worth it?

Final game thoughts.
from turn one -the grand plan
Sieze Solomons, Port moresby -and no more.
do everything, and I mean everything, to encourage an advance up the solomons..........
And hit him as he passed up past the bismark barrier

from day one -cancel all ship building to get the carriers on line -and never, ever, split them up.
Only did this after port blair strike when i terribly mis understood the wieght of the attack against IWO

i had a few moments -i always thought he was going to invade northern japan, and i always fretted terribly over timor

But where ever i really thought the crises was -thats where i sent 47th......................

( of course 47th always got the best pilots in the pool!)

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 12:57:41 PM   


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Sorry! -yes -allies have sued for peace!

ORIGINAL: gladiatt

Is it the end ?

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 1:03:44 PM   


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I was boarding the big a380, when my eye caught her.

matt grey, sleek, and deadly

The F-22J is new to Japans inventory - but a suitable symbol of a superpower that controls a quarter of the globe today.
Built in co operation with her greatest allie, they patrol ceaslessly the borders of manchurio and the russian bear -ever vigilant, and deadly as ever.

I came to Japan find out out the true story of the 47th sentai, fitting, that as i depart, I should see that tiger still, snarling as ever, defending japan and her people, and her empire.
The men of 47th are faded now, but their sentai flies on..............

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/25/2010 9:12:11 PM   

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gratz to both, sounds like you both had a good time

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/26/2010 1:25:46 AM   


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Yes, congratulations on your excellent play and thank you for your brilliant AAR. I'll miss it.

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/26/2010 5:15:48 AM   

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Great game & AAR. I'll missed the updates in my mailbox each morning.


Upper portion used with permission of and, copyright John Meeks

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/26/2010 8:05:04 AM   


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Little Ryujo spends the next two years busily shuffling repatriation troops between the outer reaches of the empire, before being laid up into fleet reserve.
The little carrier has by now developed severe structural problems.

Our two stokers, Agarshi and Shimto remain with her during these days, and both return to civilian life there after –both returning to farming.
Regretfully, both die in 1960, victims to the immense amounts of asbestos the ship has utilised through out her frame

Umeya remains in the Navy until 1959 – seeing some action of the Manchurian war against the soviet bear during 1946, 1947.
His beloved carrier Junyo finally finds her fate there –torpedoed by a Soviet SS just south of Toyahara on Christmas eve 1947, just three days before this wars dramatic and horrific end
Umeya leaves Japan, and establishes a casino in Japans new pleasure centre Hong Kong. His gambling instincts never leave him, he dies 1972, very rich, and still full of adventure

Hara becomes Commander of Mobile fleet 1 in January 1945, taking 6 fleet carriers with him to the Med via the Suez canal in early 45. In a brilliant campaign, this fleet does much to help stem the soviet invasion of Greece until hostilities complete.

Returning to Japan in 1948, he retires, writes his memoirs, and retires happily.
His death in 74, is noted by many as a passing of an era. Its fun to note that he is buried, at his request, with his steel helmet that he dodged so many bombs wearing –“my lucky hat”

Yamamoto falls dead on the bridge of the Yamato of heart attack three days after the Soviet invasion of France –it is hard to tell what shocks Japan more –his death, or the realisation that Japan is at war again………

The Mighty ship herself fights hard off the coast of Manchuria –her guns worn down with use.
Following the war, she conducts a world tour with her sister ship, before paying off to Kure –where she is now the worlds most popular museum –over 3 million souls tramp her decks every year.
She remains the symbol of Japan.

Iwaya remains in London, and after the war –and during the Soviet war, establishes a factory constructing simple gas ovens –he retires a rich man too –retaining until his death a fondness for his rolls Royce, Port, and Cuban cigars.
He never returns to Japan

Seaman Miyazuki serves on Yamato until its decommissioning. He remains on her still –as a guide, perfectly happy. He will still –to this day, tell you about her guns.

His Brother, the aviator, remains with 47th sentai after the pacific war, and is with the unit flying over Korea during the soviet /allied war, when he is shot down by a new fighter –a jet one. Despite all his missions, he will never fullfill his dream of making Ace

Nagumo leads his Government through “a period almost as difficult as the pacific war’
It is not easy to convince the Japanese people to join former, and very fresh enemies , to push Soviet troops out of Paris. Perhaps the fact that Japan has been relatively undamaged by the war helps his case.
He resigns 2 days after the nuclear strikes on Moscow, Leningrad at the end of 47, and becomes a Buddhist monk.

Peace does not go well for Juni.
On his very return flight from Iwo –his undercart collapses upon landing – severely injuring him –again.
It took a great deal of research tracking him after his discharge.
Sadly, it appears, like a lot of veterans, the world had little use for skilled killers –and his life became one of near destitution and drunkedness.
He disappears –ironically- off the same ferry between Kagoshima and its volcano in the winter of 49
It’s a cold, foggy night apparently. Fell, or jumped, we will never know.
His past remains a single yellowing photo, and a legacy I have enjoyed discovering very much.

Finally –Nakamura .
Nakamura transfers to a training command in September of 44, and remains there for three years. Some body, some where does not want him in combat ever again…….

He retires, and , well here things are a bit vague.
I do know this. At some stage in 1946 –he braved the soviet bombing of Toyahara, and he must –this I presume –he must have visited ‘a certain little bank” mentioned by Iwaya.

He, and his wife, appear to not have worked since then, but are doing very well.
Question him –and those damn eyes twinkle ‘investments” he will laugh ‘just investments”
He is, of course, still alive –very, very old. And still full of mischief.several times over or talks, he would suddenly stop, smile, and say –“Come on then –we are going”
And we would – maybe to another room, or out. But go we would.
I never did find out how many planes he shot down –but I suspect juni was not even close.

Japan herself?
The southern Co prosperity sphere is a fact. And now, under it, peace and stability are the norm – with the phillipines in particular a power house of production and trade..
Guarded by a navy that even today still contains a dozen super carriers, the Empire simply –well it simply exists.

It is not the place of this story to tell of the post pacific war period, but one often wonders what if Iwo had gone the other way…………………


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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/26/2010 9:26:48 AM   

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There is a very simple answer to one of your questions above:

Yes you deffo need to do an AAR when we start our AE game!

A great opponent and dare i say friend through the long months of gaming.

From the Allied perspective, the battle of Majuro (how luucky was he!) set the tone for the Solomons which i think were handled well. Allied side can handle a mass of transport losses as the amount of ships it gets is astronomical! Yet it was in carrier vs carrier combat that i failed. These last months I have also played WitP with an AE mindset and it made me make a load of unforced errors. I told Herb I felt i was leaving him in the lurch but he has been 100% supportive of my decision. Soon we will cross swords in AE land and I am greatly looking forward to it.

Post War Allied Bit (artistic lisence)

By December 1944 Soviet troops were at the border with Belgium having swept across central Europe. Nazi Germany had surrendered on Christmas Day but Stalin still pressed on westwards. Austria, Germany Luxembourg and Northern Italy were now occupied by the Red Army. 3rd January 1945 was a pivotal day for the history of the world. An insignificant skirmish on the former Italian frontline set off a series of events that had reprecussions all over the globe. Three T-34s crossed over into Allied territory and despite loud hailer calls to withdraw were summarily destroyed by a British anti-tank unit. Though Stalin accepted the apology from Churchill relations instantly cooled. Whatsmore, the Red Army had still not made any moveto go back home and much further to the East a chill wind was blowing near Manchuria were the IJA flush from victory in the Pacific, faced a Red Army of European victors in an uneasy stand off. Her carriers and her ships would not serve Japan well in the Mongolian steppes but as the worlds political climate polarised Japan saw its once former mortal enemy as a source of valuable and battle hardened infantry. Having promised to deliver the perpetrators of the Majuro massacre to American justice, a move unpopular with the military extreme right but very popular with the vast majority of Japanese people who felt the massacre was a smirch on Japan's honour, and promising democratic elections in some of its occupied territories Hirohito was able to seal a pact of friendship with America. Expertise and hardware were exchanged, though all Atom Bomb research was kept secret, and though the American public lashed out strongly against the move the increasing hostility from the Russian Bear meant that three super powers soon stared uneasily across the Pacific...


1966 was a great year for English Football...Eric was born

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RE: herbiesan vs Cantona!!! - 8/27/2010 8:23:14 AM   
CV Zuikaku


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You coul'd not choose worse time to end up the play! It was getting more and more interesting. Maybe if you played far a few more turns....
But thanks for this excellent AAR

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