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SolCom Fleet Mod

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SolCom Fleet Mod - 2/8/2008 7:36:10 PM   

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From: Ohio U.S.A
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I present my latest fleet of ship for discerning commanders.

The SolCom fleet includes craft from fighter to dreadnaught and more. The battleship and dreadnaught should be considered Super ships.

The entire SolCom fleet and static campaign missions may be downloaded from

Come on commanders... SolCom needs you.

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 3/9/2008 2:49:50 AM   

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From: Ohio U.S.A
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A few more ships have been added. A total of fifteen(15).

A Sounds folder is included to allow hearing of the mission voice overs. Their use is optional but they truly add life to your command experiance. Trust me.

A Music folder is incuded to allow hearing of my personaly selected Flight and Battle music. Their use is optional, of course. But I think you will like them.

Take note. All SolCom craft have either a cockpit or bridge display accessable. Press F4 or Shift+F1 during play. Fight from within your craft.

Thirteen Custom Missions are currently included. More are in developement.

Several of the missions are playable from different type craft and even different sides.

Don't like SolCom much? Well, you will have the opportunity to blow them to atoms.

If you can, that is.

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 3/11/2008 1:11:09 AM   

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From: Jyväskylä, Finland
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Sounds great. Im sure to try it once ill buy this game!


"99.9% of all internet arguments are due to people not understanding someone else's point. The other 0.1% is arguing over made up statistics."- unknown poster
"Those who dont read history are destined to repeat it."– Edmund Burke

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 5/28/2008 10:45:51 PM   

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From: Ohio U.S.A
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Here’s a few cheers on your release of the SOLCOM 0.9.8 mod. It is destined to become a classic example of the power of the SS engine. It will easily rank up there with the historic B-5 mod of Damocles and the works of old timers Pheagey, Crazy Eddie and Dragonlead.

Overall I enjoy it very much and will continue to play out the missions seeking the victory over the Brotherhood. In those that I reign victorious I will seek to win in a better way, either with less losses or with greater kills of my own. I specifically enjoyed the destroyer Gambit mission.

Minus a few small issues I really love the mod. Its cool designed craft and serious fire power lead to some massive battles of epic proportion.

I captured a few shots from the mission “Reprisal – Gambit DD”… and posted them on the Photo Galleries page at

In this particualar mission, a very small SOLCOM task force is assaulted by a large Brotherhood of Iron fleet. Although greatly outnumbered by the enemy, SOLCOM weapons shredded even the famed Imperial cruisers with ease.

The mission definately isn't a push over, but after a couple times through I managed to flank the entire enemy group with DD Bolder. We swept through them like wildfire.

My two frigates approached the enmey force head on and were used more as a distraction. I ordered them to jump once we were in range of the enemy capital ships, as a result, they sustained minimal damage. Several of my fighters were lost, but the loss numbers were overwhelmingly in favor of the SOLCOM forces. No SOLCOM capital ships were lost, while no enemy capitals survived.

The mods Voice Overs are pretty cool and the new music fits the original SS theme while the missions make you think about your strategy.

IMHO it’s the best, most complete mod being offered today. Don’t get me wrong, many others are making fine advances in ship design, others with mission editing. But this mod comes complete with everything, new ships, new missions, new sounds and music.

Anybody that has done any modding of any sort knows that this man has spent many MONTHS of work, perhaps numbering even in years. All this time has been donated for your benefit, so you can play Starshatter.

Outstanding job WD, I am impressed!

Take this mod out for a test spin commanders. You won't regret it.

Admiral Zanthras.

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 6/13/2008 2:09:37 AM   

Posts: 628
Joined: 6/15/2005
From: Ohio U.S.A
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SOLCOM Mod Update!

Oh joy... the rapture of it all.

Version 0.9.9 of my SolCom Mod is available for download.

This update includes two improved Dantari craft, new voiceovers and two new missions for a total of seventeen. Several missions updated to include the new Dantari craft. These craft should pose a problem for SolCom commanders. The two improved craft are the Empire Class Cruiser and the DireWolf Class Destroyer.

Mission Synopsis

Name: Pullback Disruption

You, as Commander Johnathan Bismark, have jumped into the Jalah Sector in support of the Argon CV Task Force. The destroyer Nemesis and the frigate Bosporus compose your cruiser squadron compliment.

Dantari Separatist forces have withdrawn from the inner planets to the Jalah Sector for regrouping after suffering several defeats. Afterwards, they are expected to resume their offensive operations in the Solus and Omane Sectors.

The Alliance has officially asked for SolCom forces to undertake an assault upon this gathering force.

SolCom has agreed!

High Command's plan is to strike Dantari forces before they can fully regroup and, in the process, inflict as much damage as possible to keep them weakened and in a defensive posture.

The Argon CV will deploy its craft along our left flank to eliminate the Sepratists carrier and provide area fighter support.

Politically, the Hegemony government has adamantly decried SolCom's increasing involvement in what they consider a independent sectors matter. They have threatened to expel our ambassador.

Commander, on a cautionary note, Fort Talas is being used as a rally point for the Dantari in order to apparently access its air cover and defensive firepower. Fort Talas belongs to the Solusan government. The station will be vital to their defensive plans after this conflict is over, so we must avoid causing any more damage to it than absolutely necessary.

Also, there will probably be Marakan craft in the vicinity. They are NOT our primary concern. The Dantari forces are.

Oh, and defend the CV Argon. It's loss would be most embarrassing.

Player, please report any technical problems encountered during this mission. I can't correct them if I don't know about them.

I may have missed something during playtesting.

I know.... hard to believe isn't it?

Especiallly report if you find this or any mission too easy. Also, if you find a tactical approach that makes it too easy to win... let me know.

I'll put a fix in for it, real quick.

Hint: This is rather long drawn out scenario. Don't waste too many powerful missiles early in the engagement.

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 8/1/2008 11:26:07 PM   

Posts: 628
Joined: 6/15/2005
From: Ohio U.S.A
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Galactic News Network

Hailing frequencies on:


The next mission in the SolCom mods Bismark saga is in the planning stages.


Commander Bismark has been re-deployed to the Haiche sector, along with the bulk of his Cruiser Squadron commanders for some well deserved rest and relaxation while their ships are under repair and refit elsewhere. The recent operation in the Jalah sector was sucessful but brutal.

It seems the liberation of Haiche isn't possibly as complete as previously believed.

Haiche informants indicate that opposing forces have been consolidating their remaining forces and intend to regain control of the contentous planet. The reinstated Haiche government is very nervous.

Current enemy activity has been reported sporatic and ineffective by SolCom's Haiche Task Force Commander.

"We are confident in our ability to successfully contain and eliminate any remaining force on Haiche."
said Admiral Jenkins.

Still... this reporter has heard comments from SolCom field commanders that things have simply been too quite. Too easy. Additionally, SolCom has recently withdrawn a substantial portion of its space borne elements from Haiche. High Command obviously considers the situation on Haiche well in hand.

On a side note... political tensions have increased greatly between SolCom and the Marakan after SolCom's leading role during the recent conflict versus Dantari forces. Marakan officials have universally decried Commander Bismark as a rogue pirate and demanded that he be publically censored and court martialed or the consequences could be severe.

SolCom's Marakan ambassador, Commander Bismark's grandfather, Johan Von Bismark, of Mars rift fame, ridiculed the Marakan ruling body in open session.

"My grandson is a most competent and honorable SolCom commander. I stronly suggest that this body and the Marakan ruling personages redirect their criticizm to their own continued interference and meddeling in the affairs of the independent sectors. From my reports, you should be grateful that Jonathan isn't leading one of our Task Forces into your territory. One shouldn't poke a stick at a roaring lion." cautioned Ambassador Bismark.

The Marakan have been reportedly universally outraged over the ambassadors public comments. It appears audacity and courage is a common character trait in the Bismark lineage.

SolCom has remained silent about Commander Bismark and his future status. Back at home Commander Johnathan Bismark is becoming a Sol system hero.

This could get interesting folks. Stay tuned... same galactic time same galactic channel.

GNN signing off.

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 5/14/2009 8:43:06 PM   

Posts: 628
Joined: 6/15/2005
From: Ohio U.S.A
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AAR originally posted on Jul 26, 2008 02:29 PM by Zanthras on forum.

Mod: SolCom 0.9.9

Pullback Disruption - Mission 17

Task Force

Princep Class Cruiser - Bismark (Player)
Hector Class Destroyer – Nemesis
Velite Class Frigates – Bosporus and Shield

As a new addition to the SolCom mod the Pullback Disruption mission is a great way to really test your metal against a much larger force.

I have played this mission over 20 times, trying different tactics and methods to overcome the large Dantari wrecking force.

Here are my thoughts on the mission… Scale criteria of 1-10 (10 being best)

Playability (being able to complete the mission successfully) = 8

I was personally able to complete this mission 90% of the time. Often my ships hull was nearly breached, but I was still able to hold it together long enough to complete this mission.

Most often my support ships suffered severe damage or were destroyed by missions end. Keep in mind that your TF is only 4 ships against at least sixteen(16) enemy capital ships, possibly more.

My best score was just over 9k points. During that mission I personally destroyed over 8 fighters and 12 capital ships. Three(3) of the enemy capital ships were cruiser class. Keep in mind I had my support ships laying down fire as well, or sometimes working as decoys.

IMHO, a true vet of SS should be able to complete this mission, (and survive) in 3 tries or less. It took me 5 tries to complete it with all my support ships still intact, although they were heavily damaged.

In short, this mission is no cakewalk. You will have to think fast and outside the commander's box to survive. I used several strategies that worked to complete it successfully. Although, I am not willing to divulge any of my tactical secrets in this forum.

Your ships. SolCom ships have some powerful weapons, but they are not invincible. Commander, if you stretch your commands neck out too far you will die a cruel death in the void of space for your misguided efforts.

Problems. There is a little thing that could be fixed, but the game and ships work fine without it.

Mission elements(Ships/Stations etc) should be listed as per their order of battle. In other words, it should follow chain of command. Ideally elements listed in a mission text start with the player and his command force. Then any ships friendly to them are listed after, followed by the enemy craft as per the COC. Missions will play even if this format isn’t followed, but it allows the F3 camera view of friendly craft to follow a sequence. For example, when you hit f3 once it goes to your external view, a second hit should take you to the next ship in your command and so on.


SPOILER: This next point could be a spoiler if you haven’t tried the mission yet.

There are some random elements that can come into play. I recommend more of this mission building tactic for all custom mission builders. Doing so offers some mission re-playability for Commanders.

Speaking as a mission creator, the more random events or ships jumping into the fray, the more one can replay the mission and not experiance the exact same outcome.

What I found that works best is to have several mission elements that are broken down into groups of random “surprises”. Break these down even further into different probabilities separated by at least a 20% chance.

For example; 4 frigates with a 80% chance of joining the fray, 3 destroyers with 60%, 2 cruisers with 40% and so on. Mix and match. WDBOYD has offered such variety. Expect the unexpected at least once in the mission.

As far as SolCom ship control goes, I did find that I could not access the manual control of the M9 missiles or PDBs aboard my Princep cruiser. Likewise in the engineering screen I could not repair the ships Mk6 or Mk8 launchers.

But, as I understand, there is a certain limit of “controllable” weapons that can be deffed into a ship. The Princep Cruiser has more than 4 weapons.

Wdboyd often thinks outside of the Starshatter games limitations and often seeks to overcome “that which cannot be done in the SS world”…at least according to many experts.

Personally I don’t find this "lack of control problem” to be a actual problem. The ships AI weapons officer fortunately seems to be fully capable of doing his job.

None of these issues change the fact that this is a great mission to fly.

Tactical Hints:

1. Watch out for enemy fighters and use your Frigates to cut them off.

2. Don’t be distracted by what seems to be, watch for what is.

3. If you jump out of the combat sector, don’t jump back in unless you are ready to deal with a handful of enemy capital ships breathing down your neck.

Overall, I think Wdboyd has come up with another great addition to an already great mod. If you haven’t downloaded SolCom 0.9.9, I suggest you check it out as soon as possible. You may be wise to battle through some of the earlier missions though. This one can be a real test of your command ability.

If you have the mod, then here’s my CHALLENGE!

I challenge anyone to break my high score of 9340 mission points. 12 enemy capital ships and 8 of their fighters went down that day at the hands of the Bismark’s gunnery team.

Anybody up to it?

Report back with your successes with scores and see if Wdboyd doesn’t throw something harder our way.

This could mean war…

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 7/2/2009 2:52:47 PM   

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From: Ohio U.S.A
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This is the SolCom mod Version 1.0.0 Commanders.

Version 1.0.0 adds three Hover Tank craft, to bring the mods ship total to twenty (20)!

Two new custom missions have been added, for a total of nineteen. Many days were spent tinkering, playtesting and perfecting these new challenging missions. Yes, space cadets... we can now have ground battles.

Additionally, original or improved weapon systems.

The mods nineteen (19) custom missions form the Johnathan Bismark static campaign.

The SolCom mod also offers Eight (8) special combat music tracks along with Nine (9) flight music tracks which were especially chosen and provided for your enjoyment by me.

There are also unique voiceovers added to the provided Sounds folder. These definately add immersion during your destructive adventures. These sound files bring the custom missions to life.

Shuttle over to our site and check the SolCom mod out. Rememer to share your resultant battle experiances on our forums for other to enjoy and learn from.

SolCom 1.0.0 is available for download at

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"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils!"

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 7/16/2009 5:25:11 PM   

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From: Ohio U.S.A
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Version 1.1.0 of SolCom is now available for download!

Version 1.1.0 offers two new hover tanks and a unique SAM for the SolCom arsenal.

Minor tweaking to mission eighteen(18), Tantalus Tank Trouble, is included. The mission will be a bit tougher.

"DIE SOLCOM SCUM!" Brotherhood Commander.

SolCom 1.1.0 is available for download at

Wusses, need not apply. You don't want to be challenged? Stick with checkers.

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RE: SolCom Fleet Mod - 7/23/2009 1:34:53 PM   

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From: Ohio U.S.A
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Version 1.1.5 of SolCom is now available for download!

Version 1.1.5 corrects a reported CTD when clicking on the Wep button at the Mission Briefing page.

Details: The hardpoints on the SolCom Pulsar was reduced from fifteen (15), which was causing the problem, to eight (8). Fear not pilots, the actual missile loadout was increased through some weapon modifications. Pilots will have even more offensive power.

"DIE SOLCOM SCUM!" Brotherhood Commander.

SolCom 1.1.5 is available for download at

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