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Swedish Rules I

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Swedish Rules I - 12/11/2007 12:33:37 PM   

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From: Stockholm, Sweden
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Sweden starts with Sweden, Finland and Pomerania as home provinces. These territories are worth double value as long as held by Sweden. Pomerania and Finland revert to their printed values whenever controlled by anyone else. Subsequent reacquisition by Sweden does not double their values again.

However, no Swedish militia is allowed to enter any province that could not be included in Greater Scandinavia (see below). This rule is meant to simulate the cheaper costs of raising an army by Sweden during its times of national crisis.

Similarly, Norway's money and manpower values are doubled to [4/4] when Sweden first gets control of it. It reverts back to [2/2] if Sweden loses possession, and does not change again, even if Sweden gets control a second time. Unless as part of a Danish free state, or upon the creation of Greater Scandinavia, in which case it is doubled in the usual manner.


Use the following Economic Manipulation Display:




Sweden begins the 1805 campaign game with a treasury of $30. Sweden pays only $7 and one MP to build each ship due to the presence of an abundant, inexpensive source of timber in Sweden.

Prussia starts the game with an additional $10 in 1805 and receives $10 in January 1806 and $6 each January thereafter (to compensate for the loss of Pomerania). The additional money ends if Prussia controls Pomerania at any time. If Prussia controls Pomerania, it becomes a Prussian home province.


Sweden's morale levels are like 'other major powers': Five for Guards, four for Cavalry, three for Infantry, two for militia. Swedish naval factors have morale of 3.0.

Corps I may hold 2G, 12I/M, 3C. Corps II and III may hold 12I/M, 2C. Corps IV and V may hold 8I/M, 1C. Corps VI (allowed upon the creation of Greater Scandinavia) may hold 12I/M, 1C. In the 1805 campaign, Corps V and the fifth depot may not be used before 1810.

All Swedish Corps have an intrinsic strategic rating of one and an intrinsic tactical rating of two.

Starting forces: 18I, 1Gd, 5M, 4C, 12S, 4depots


Sweden starts 1805 with CHARLES [322B] and GUSTAVUS [222A]. If Greater Scandinavia is formed, add the Danish leader CHRISTIAN [212C]. In 1810, BERNADOTTE becomes Swedish.


Sweden makes its land moves between Prussia and Great Britain and its naval moves between Prussia and France.


Sweden's national modifiers versus Denmark, Mecklenburg and Hanover are '+1' and versus all countries in Africa and the Mid-East it is '-2'.


Sweden starts all games on the Political Status Display at the same spot as Sp (I) in each campaign game. If Stockholm is occupied by another power, Sweden loses one political point.


Sweden 320 (290)
Great Britain 350 (310)
Russia 315 (285)
Prussia 300 (270)


To achieve Dominant Nation Status, Sweden must control all Home Nation Provinces plus Norway, Denmark, Karelia and two of the following three territories: Mecklenburg, Hanover and Livonia. Sweden, and Sweden only, can demand that Karelia is ceded from Russia in a formal peace. This has no further negative effects on Russia than the actual loss of the province. There is no -1PP loss per turn for Sweden holding St.Petersburg when Karelia is ceded.


Greater Scandinavia cannot be formed until 1807. It is not formed automatically, but rather is formed at the option of the Swedish player.

Greater Scandinavia can be created if Sweden controls Denmark and Norway, while maintaining control of Finland and Pomerania. Greater Scandinavia can be formed only once per game. The Swedish player can elect to incorporate all Danish troops and ships into the Swedish Army. The Danish Corp and Fleet are exchanged for the Swedish Corp VI and Fleet II and the leader CHRISTIAN is placed with Corps VI.

Should any other player capture Copenhagen later, CHRISTIAN, Corp VI and Fleet II are removed and replaced with the original Danish counters under control of the liberator. These units are recreated with the same number of units that were present when Greater Scandinavia was created. Sweden removes immediately that number of troops and ships from any Swedish units, including the departing Corps VI and Fleet II.
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Swedish Rules II - 12/11/2007 12:34:50 PM   

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From: Stockholm, Sweden
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The Indelningsverk

Sweden had a unique system for raising its army that was called the indelningsverk. This was a mixture of a feudal system and a standing army. It made it possible for Sweden to have a standing army at a very low cost. This can be simulated in two different ways depending on what other rules the player’s use.

If normal rules are in use the following apply:

Swedish infantry cost only $2 and Swedish cavalry $10.
If your rules include maintenance costs for troops use the following instead:

Sweden may stand down Corps if at peace, even if they include SP’s. This is done in the reinforcement step.
Reinforcements may be placed in stood down Corps.
The Corps must always be paid for but not the troops in them.
In both cases the following also apply:

Sweden may save Manpower as do Prussia.
Sweden may not buy Militia before 1812
Swedish Corps must always be placed according to placement rules below.
Swedish Area based Corps
All Swedish corps are area based. This means that the Swedish player can only use them if Sweden owns the territory of their origin. For example the Finland Corps may only be used if Sweden controls Finland. Also, if Sweden gets control of certain other provinces she gets further corps, e.g. the Livonia corps.

Placement of Swedish Corps
When placed on the map a Swedish Corps must be placed in area in the province of their origin or together with a corps of the same provincial origin. They cannot be placed if all cities in that province are enemy occupied. This rule applies at all times. A stood down Corps cannot be placed again until it has been paid for anew.

Finnish Guerrillas
The peasants of Finland fought the Russian invaders most furiously. Swedish officers were sent to organise this fighting behind the lines. Because of this Finland should have a Guerrilla value of 4. This only applies to Finland, not to any other Swedish province. Finnish guerrillas may not operate outside of Finland.

In a peace Russia may cede Karelia to Sweden, St.Petersburg thereby losing its capital status.

Non Major Power Status
Since Sweden doesn’t start the game as a major power, some special rules apply:

Sweden may not declare war on any other state if already involved in one war.
In an Unconditional peace only conditions of type B can be selected. This rule works both ways, i.e. a major power accepting an unconditional surrender of Sweden may only select type B conditions and Sweden may only select such conditions when other powers surrender unconditionally to her.
Achieving Major Power Status
To become a Major Power Sweden must control at least 4 of the following 5 provinces:

Norway, Mecklenburg, Pomerania, Livonia and Karelia.

If Sweden becomes a Major Power the following happens:

The number of Depots is increased from four to five. Sweden gets an additional Fleet counter. The infantry morale goes up from 3 to 3.5. The special war and peace rules above no longer apply. The Swedish Guard may make a +1 commitment.

The status is again lost if Sweden no longer controls at least 2 of these provinces.

Achieving Dominant Status
To become a dominant major power Sweden must first be a major power, see above. Four of the Five must be controlled and one must be Karelia. Sweden also needs to control the following:

Hanover and Hesse (either as free states or conquered), Poland (as a free state) and one of East Prussia or Novgorod.

If Sweden becomes Dominant the infantry morale is increased to 4.5, the tax money is increased by 10 as usual and one leader has his ratings increased.

Swedish Corps Strengths
Corps Maximum Strength (Dominant Major Power)
Sweden I 3G-8I-3C 5G-12I-4C
Sweden II 8I-2C 12I-3C
Artillery (Swe) 4A 4A
Finland I 8I-1C 12I-2C
Finland Light Inf 3I-2C 3I-2C
Scania 4I-2C 6I-2C
Livonia 4I-1C 4I-1C
Pomerania 7I-2C 7I-2C

(All Swedish corps have a strategy rating of 1 and a tactical rating of 2. The Finland Light Inf has a movement value of 5. The Artillery should not be available until the start of the 1805 campaign, or Jan 1806 if playing the 1796 campaign. The Guard may not be committed until Sweden becomes a Major Power.)

Sweden should have the following leaders:



1.1.3.B (start)

2.2.2.C (start)

2.1.3.B (start)

2.1.3.B (start)

2.1.3.B (start-mar10)


2.2.2.C (start)

2.2.2.C (start)

2.2.2.C (start-)


3.4.1.D (Jan1808)

3.4.1.D (Jan08-Jan13)


2.2.2.A (Aug 1810)

2.2.2.A (Aug10-)

(By the way, remove the Russian Leader Fersen. That Fersen did a lot of intriguing but not much fighting, at least not in Europe. For those interested, the Fersen listed above is the other Fersen’s father and Lewenhaupt is not the same Lewenhaupt that capitulated at Perevolotjna but a relative of his).

Starting Forces
Use standard starting forces for the time being (as indicated in the various scenarios). Until I have found better data somewhere.

When setting up Sweden a third (rounded down) of all non-naval forces must be placed in Finnish corps and/or garrisons. The remaining two thirds must be placed in other parts of the country. (Note also that the Swedish corps have to be placed in their respective provinces if they are to start on the map).

Minor country modifiers
When rolling for control of minor countries Sweden uses the following modifiers:

Holland, Mecklenburg, Hanover and Hesse: +1

Denmark, Bavaria, Portugal and Italian minors: -1

North African and Near East minors: -2

Others: 0

Increase above values by one if Sweden gets Major Power status.

Play balance

To make it a bit more difficult for Sweden, Denmark should be given a second Corps (Norwegian) which may only be set up in Norway and 4 additional infantry that may also only be set up in Norway. The Norwegian Corps may only operate in Norway, Sweden, Scania and Norrland. To Russia the leader Buxhövden should be added (2.2.2.C) in all campaigns starting between 1796 and 1810.

Victory Level
The following is taken from the General vol 30, no 6, and I suggest it is used until playtesting dictates otherwise:

Country end 1807
end 1815

Sweden 95
320 (290)

Great Britain 95
350 (310)

Prussia 75
300 (270)

Russia 105
315 (285)

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Swedish Rules - 12/11/2007 12:37:49 PM   

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From: Stockholm, Sweden
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May we se the above as options of future patch of Empire in Arms the Napoleonic Wars of 1805 - 1815 Marshall?

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RE: Swedish Rules - 12/11/2007 5:41:03 PM   


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Im guessing these are from some optional rules set ?
Personally i dont like to add another majorpower to a game based on a boardgame where it wasnt in. If you want to play sweden, play CoG ?

I dont see why cav should cost less.

Else i dont see a reason for the cheaper inf, cav. They still would need buy the horses.
Remember 1 factor is in eiatnw is aprox 2000 size regiment, thats alot of horses.

Next horse rich nations only pay 6$ for cavs ?


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RE: Swedish Rules - 12/11/2007 5:47:01 PM   

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We played with the optional rules for making Sweden a playable major power in a F2F game once, and we hated that game.  Worst game we ever played.  I believe the optional rules for Sweden was in a copy of the General Magazine published by Avalon Hill.

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RE: Swedish Rules - 12/11/2007 5:56:36 PM   


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I think trying to jam Sweden into the game is like trying to jam a new power in North Africa into the game.  It really can only stand and watch while everyone else wins the game.  If you need to put another power into the game, put them in Italy where they actually have some room to maneuver.  That'd be pretty ahistorical but Sweden is already the strongest minor power I don't think there's any need to make them major.

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RE: Swedish Rules - 12/11/2007 7:53:45 PM   

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Sweden (and Holland - there are rules for a Holland MP) quickly gets reduced to only it's capital and the rest of the game is horrible for the Swedish player. We will have enough unhappiness when Prussia only holds Berlin and that takes longer.

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RE: Swedish Rules - 12/12/2007 1:35:44 AM   


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I rather see, the game bug-free and AI-very heavily improved.

Before any "addons".


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RE: Swedish Rules - 12/12/2007 7:45:39 AM   

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ORIGINAL: Suvorov928

We played with the optional rules for making Sweden a playable major power in a F2F game once, and we hated that game. Worst game we ever played. I believe the optional rules for Sweden was in a copy of the General Magazine published by Avalon Hill.

Oh but Im sure the swedes would like it.

What's to stop it being gobbled up anyway as a minor power?

If development tools could be made available then perhaps a Swedish team (modding community) could work out an add-on at their own time and expense.

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