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12.10 Turkish Options

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12.10 Turkish Options - 12/11/2007 12:26:28 PM   

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12.10 Turkish Options

Theses are the rules for to make Turkey a better rapresentative Power in Africa. Between breacks you'll find the penality (in Victory points) to be paid by Turkey if the particular option is chosen

12.10.1 Grand Vizier: The Grand Vizier is simply the Sultan's chief advisor and commander-in-chief of the army. As such, he is technically "immortal." To simulate this, if the Grand Vizier is the victim of a leader casualty, a die roll of 6 does not eliminate the counter. Instead, treat it as a six month wound (the time taken to find a replacement). The Sultan will simply appoint a new Grand Vizier at that time.

12.10.2 Sultan's Guard: (-1vp for TU): Each Janissary Corps can hold one factor of guard infantry IN PLACE OF one regular infantry factor. The corps capacity thus becomes 1g/14i. Turkey does not begin any scenario or campaign game with a guard factor. They must be built during the course of the game. Turkish guard cannot be used per rule
12.3.4 (guard commitment). The Nizami-Cedid can never hold any guard factors.

12.10.3 Increased Cavalry Capacity: (-2vp for TU): Based purely on numbers, the Turkish regular cavalry is under-represented in the game. If using this option, each Janissary Corps can hold 2c in addition to any infantry. If used along with rule 12.10.2, each Janissary corps has a capacity of 1g/14i/2c in 1805 and 1g/11i/2c in 1792. The capacity of the Nizami-Cedid is increased to 12i/4c in 1805 and 8i/3c in 1792.

12.10.4 Serbian Revolt: Russia can attempt to instigate the Serbian Revolt. The procedure varies depending on whether or not Turkey and Russia are at war (the Serbian Revolt can ONLY be instigated as long as Serbia is an unceded home province of Turkey). If Turkey and Russia are at war, Russia can pay $2 in its Guerilla Step in the Land Phase. The Russian player can then deploy 5Gr factors anywhere within Serbia. Serbian guerillas function as Spanish guerillas but they are controlled by the Russian player and they may never leave Serbia. Use the Spanish guerilla counters provided with the game. Their use outside of Spain will indicate that they are Serbian. Serbia is understood to have a guerilla value of four. Unlike Spain, however, Russia must maintain the revolt by paying $1 per every full 5Gr factors during the Money and Manpower Expenditure Step. If Russia fails to maintain the Revolt, Turkey adds +1 to any anti-guerilla operations until the next Economic Phase.
If Russia is at peace with Turkey (and not under an enforced peace with Turkey), the Russian player can instigate the Serbian Revolt by losing 2PP during the Minor Country Control Step of a Political Phase and deploying 5Gr factors. Russia must still maintain the revolt as detailed above.

Field Combat within the Serbian province will NOT produce Gr factors. However, if any Turkish corps forages for supply in Serbia (except besieged garrisons), one Gr factor is created and placed by the Russian player. This occurs only if a Serbian Revolt is in progress.

12.10.5 The Persian War: The Turkish player can attempt to instigate a war between Russia and Persia. If the two powers are at peace, Turkey must subtract one (1) PP during the DoW phase and roll two dice. A roll of nine or more causes the Persian war to break out (TU may modify this dice roll by spending more PP-- each extra PP spent lowers the target number by one by a maximum of 5. Thus, if Turkey were to lose 3 PP the target number would 7 instead of 9). The roll is modified by +1 for each Russian corps or garrison with 5 or more factors (both corps and garrison) to a maximum of
+3. If Turkey and Russia are at war, Persia is automatically activated in any DoW step if the Turkish player is willing to spend $5 and 2PP. Turkey cannot start the war if allied with Russia OR during an enforced peace. During the following Army Reinforcement Step Phase, Russia must dispatch troops to fight the Persians. 10i, 2c and a corps must be removed from anywhere in the Russian home nation (these forces must come from the map-- including the corps). These forces remain off-map until the war is ended. Russia does not collect the tax or manpower value from Georgia while at war with Persia, and it must support its Persian campaign by spending $2 in each Money and Manpower Expenditure Step (this does not include the corps maintenance which must also be paid).

Peace between Russia and Persia can occur in several ways. If Turkey fails to maintain the war by paying $1 each Money and Manpower Expenditure Step, peace breaks out in the following Peace Step. If Turkey and Russia are at war and make a formal peace, the Persian war immediately ends. Otherwise, the Russian player must roll two dice each during each Peace Step in order to end the war. During the first Peace Step, Russia needs to roll two sixes (6,6 OR 12) to end the war. Each Peace Step thereafter, the target number falls by one to a minimum of 7 (i.e., on the second Peace Step, Russia

needs an 11 or 12, on the third a 10, 11, or 12). When the war ends, Russia can again collect taxes and manpower from Georgia (provided the capital is not occupied by Turkey or some other major power) and the corps, 5i and 1c are available in the next Reinforcement Phase (the balance of 5i and 1c are lost in the war). The historical war lasted from 1807 until 1813. There can be only one Persian War in the course of the game. Optional rules 12.10.4 and 12.10.5 can only be used in an 1805 campaign game.

12.10.6 Nizami-Cedid: Applies only to scenarios and later campaign games.

12.10.7 Leader Option: Create a leader counter to represent the "Napoleon of Cairo," Muhammed Ali. Ali is available to Turkey during the 1805 scenario if the Turkish player controls Egypt as a minor Free State. He is available in any Army Reinforcement Step following the creation of Egypt as a Free State. he is used in the same manner as the Bernadotte counter. The Muhammed Ali leader counter is rated 3-2-2C.

12.10.8 Sieges: Turkish and Medio-Oriental soldiers were very good at sieges because, historically, they faced lots of sieges and they were constantly facing sieges. To simulate this the morale of feudals, when besieged or besieging is "3.0"

12.10.9 March on the desert: Minor African Corps or National corps that move with Minor African Corps receives a "+1" on the roll for forage if they are in the desert.

12.10.10 The Muslim revolution: To take in consideration the fact that Muslims are usually united against other enemies, when other Powers DOW on Turkey a roll is made for each neutral African Minor. If the result is 1 that particular minor became a free minor, controlled by Turkey and their armies start with as much factors as written on the 1805 Minor Country Chart. If the DOWing Nation has conquered African Minors, a roll of 1,2 or 3 means a revolt (the Minor became a free Minor controlled by Turkey, that can place its army. Its army starts with as much factors as written on the 1805 Minor Country Chart.), while if the DOWing Nation has free African Minors, a roll of 1 or 2 means that the African Minor corp and garrison loses half as much of their factors (fraction rounded down). If Turkey controls Ottoman Empire a "+1" is added on the roll. If the DOWing Nation controls Ottoman Empire a "-1" is added to the roll. The African revolt army can't leave the Minor borders and doesn't need supply or forage while there is no Turkish corp inside the Minor nation. The Minor revolt army remains active until a peace is made. After the peace is made the Minor army is removed from the map.(-2 VP)

May we see some as options for Turkey in a future patch of Empire in Arms the Napoleonic Wars of 1805 - 1815 Marshall?
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The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/11/2007 12:29:41 PM   

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12.11 The Nizami Cedid Revolution

12.11.1 Turkey may declare the Nizam-i-Cedid revolution if it fulfills all the requirements in any December New political Combinations Step of the Grand 1805 Campaign Game.


Turkey must be dominant
Turkey must control all home nation provinces, Military Border, Transylvania, Podolia, Crimea, and Georgia as unceded provinces and Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Egypt, Palestine, and Syria as part of the Ottoman Empire.
All Turkish regular corps must be at full strength
Turkey must not be at war with any major power.
Immediate Effects:

All feudal corps are stood down and levy to full strength, even if beseiged.
All Ottoman army factors and corps are eliminated.
All Turkish army factors and corps other than the Nizam-i-Cedid corps are eliminated.
Effects during the following year:

Turkish money and manpower collection form home nation provimces participating in the revolution (the marked home nations plus the Military Border, Transylvania, Podolia, Crimea, and Georgia) is halved. This includes trade from ports located in those provinces.
Ottoman Empire money and manpower collection is not doubled.
Ottoman Empire corps are not used during the year.
All feudal corps must remain off map throughout the year.
The Janissary and Imperial Cavalry corps are not used during the year.
12.11.2 If the revolution is successful, then that is announced in the December New Political Combinations Step, 12 months after the revolution began. The following effects apply:

All Ottoman corps are available for construction with maximum values of 12I, 2C.
All Turkish Janissary and Feudal infantry corps are available for construction with maximum values of 12I/M, 2C.
All infantry factors in the Nizam-i-Cedid corps convert into guard factors.
The Nizam-i-Cedid is the Turkish guard corps with maximum values of 12G, 2C.
All Turkish imperial and feudal cavalry corps are available for construction with maximum values of 6C.
Turkish cavalry morale is increased to 4.0, like other major powers.
Ottoman morale is '3.0' for infantry and '4.0' for cavalry.
Feudal corps are now ordinary infantry or cavalry corps. If their province is ceded, the corps counter continues to be available.
Ottoman corps are treated from now on as having a bracketed movement factor of '3'.
Turkish Infantry corps have a movement factor of '4.0'.
Turkey may build militia.
All Turkish home nation provinces affected by the Nizam-i-Cedid revolution have their money values increased by $1.
All provinces that formerly provided a feudal infantry corps to Turkey have their calues increased by $4 and 2MP.
The provinces that formerly provided a feudal cavalry corps to Turkey have their values increased by $5 and 2MP.
The Turkish "printed values" should be treated as being $117 and 44MP.
All minor countries in the Ottoman Empire increase their money value by an amount equal to their manpower.
Turkey add two additional fleet counters for a total of four.
Egypt adds a fleet counter, which has a '-1' for combat (or morale '2.0') like Austrian/Prussian fleets.
Tribute may now be paid every economic phase.
Trade from every port in Turkey and the Ottoman Empire is increased by +1/+1.
Note that Turkish regular infantry morale will continue to be '4.0' for as long as Turkey continues to be dominant. Equally, the $10 bonus for dominance continues.
Modified money and manpower for Turkish provinces and Ottoman Minors:

TURKEY $ MP Ottoman Empire $ MP
Albania 6 2 Algeria 7 3
Anatolia 19 10 Cyrenaica 3 2
Armenia 2 1 Egypt 12 6
Bessarabia 2 1 Morocco 5 2
Bosnia 6 3 Palestine 4 2
Bulgaria 7 3 Syria 7 4
Crete 2 0 Tripolitania 3 2
Crimea 11 3 Tunisia 6 3
Cyprus 2 0 TOTAL 94 48
Georgia 3 0 Note: doubled as free states
Greece 6 2
Macedonia 6 3
Military Border 4 1
Moldavia 3 0
Podolia 11 4
Rumelia 8 3
Serbia 7 3
Transylvania 9 4
Wallachia 3 1
TOTAL 117 44
12.11.3 Failure

Once the revolution has been completed, it cannot be reversed. If one of the following situations arise during the revolution, it fails. It may be attempted later if requirements are once again fulfilled.
Turkey ceases to be dominant
Any provincial capital is occupied, denying Turkey that province's money and/or manpower during an economic phase.
Turkey sues any major power for peace.
Turkey loses control of any constituent member of the Ottoman Empire.
Turkey chooses to end the revolution at any time, dropping 3PP.
If the revolution is ended at any time, then all feudal corps are immediately available for placement at full strength in their provinces; the Ottoman, Janissary, and Imperial Cavalry are available for placement with their normal maximum capacities.

(in reply to peskpesk)
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RE: The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/11/2007 4:15:54 PM   

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I like those rules but the Nizami Cedid looks impossible and a heart breaker. Imagining going through 11 months just to get a city taken in the last month and having all that work undone. The siege stuff looks good. Did Turkey use regulars for garrisons historically or provincial troops?

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RE: The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/11/2007 7:00:50 PM   

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I can only guess that you are bringing this up for those that have the table top version. This, and many other rules, like alternate dominant powers, are not in EiANW and I would imagine would require an extremely long time to program.

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RE: The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/11/2007 8:21:10 PM   


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i say, come with the suggestions and leave it to the developers to see if its possible :)

(in reply to Murat)
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RE: The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/11/2007 11:46:36 PM   

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No alternate dominant powers!?!? Even for PBEM? Hope that gets added later.

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RE: The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/12/2007 1:36:15 AM   


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I rather see, the game bug-free and AI-very heavily improved.

Before any "addons".


(in reply to Mynok)
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RE: The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/12/2007 7:39:56 AM   

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I cant think of many games with AI that leaves me satisfied.

May be a miracle will occur for his one.

The addition of uncontrolled major power rules (improved) would be high on my list of value adding additions.

(in reply to bresh)
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RE: The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/12/2007 4:47:03 PM   

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Agree. AI should be the last priority in a game who's primary enjoyment is the multi-player diplomacy aspect. Just one man's opinion however.

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RE: The Nizami Cedid Revolution - 12/12/2007 5:19:27 PM   


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Matrix games has made a couple not that bad AI's. For some of the games.

But ai-improvement should come before addons.  Else they posted wrong arguments in forum. Dont remember where. But some developer said after bug correction, next step would be improving AI.


(in reply to Mynok)
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