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A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available

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A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available - 5/30/2007 9:10:47 AM   
Alex Fiedler

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The longstanding naval warfare simulator is now vastly improved with new features and even more stability

Matrix Games and Advanced Gaming Systems ( are excited to announce the release of the latest update for their venerable naval warfare sim, Harpoon 3: Advanced Naval Warfare. Having gone through multiple iterations and improvements over the years, this latest incremental update brings dozens of changes and improvements in addition to multiple new features. These new features will please gamers with an even more streamlined game interface and further tweaked and improved gameplay, reinforcing Harpoon 3’s already impressive level of realism.

Specifically, this latest update release will add spectator support to players who have been eliminated in multiplayer in addition to substantially improved targeting calculations to be even more realistic. Also, the latest update includes a number of new hotkeys to speed up navigating Harpoon 3’s interface and issuing commands. Full details on the large variety of improvements that come with this incremental update are available from the file’s readme.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Harpoon 3 provides the most accurate naval simulation available to the public while still presenting accessible and engaging gameplay. This latest update is yet another improvement towards striking the delicate balance between the realism our gamers want and the fun gameplay they deserve.”

Harpoon 3 is the culmination of decades of development and fan support, resulting in the most comprehensive, realistic, and accurate simulation of modern combined air and naval operations available to the gaming public. Harpoon 3 gives the player an opportunity to manage some of the most advanced air and naval assets available in the world, putting them in the middle of many historical and ‘what if’ scenarios. Players will have the chance to battle it out against a variet of enemies using technology from all of the premier naval powers of the day: Iranian Revolutionary Guard in the Persian Gulf, re-live Operation El Dorado Canyon, strike at the heart of Libya, guard the Greenland-Iceland-UK gap to stop a Soviet naval invasion of the Atlantic, or stalk unwary U.S. shipping in a Soviet Akula-class submarine.

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RE: A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available - 5/31/2007 3:33:49 AM   


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Were any performance (game speed) changes made? I haven't tried out ANW since an earlier beta build from January. I tried out 3.8 today and it seems to run a lot faster and provide much better performance when using time compression.

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RE: A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available - 5/31/2007 9:10:05 AM   


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ORIGINAL: kholdstayr

Were any performance (game speed) changes made? I haven't tried out ANW since an earlier beta build from January. I tried out 3.8 today and it seems to run a lot faster and provide much better performance when using time compression.

The Launcher will now default to the fastest speed setting. That means that at higher time compression the game engine will not calculate each and every game second and the calculation cycle will also go to a higher time compression. As far as I know this is the only deliberate change that was made to improve performance in this release (more to come in the next one).

However, I am sure that the programmers are always looking for ways to improve the performance every time they touch the actual code and that might lead to a number of small under-the-hood tweaks that also help on that front.


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RE: A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available - 5/31/2007 4:31:17 PM   


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I know about the game performance selection slider that is in the Launcher. I've moved it to the fastest speed setting when I was playing with the betas before. However, I swear I remember that the time compression for minutes, like 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc really didn't work well with a beta from earlier. Of course, the game speed would also depend on how many ships and planes and stuff are in the scenario as well. Oh well, I am just convinced that the time compression was improved besides the usage of the selection slider in the launcher. So good job guys either way!

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RE: A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available - 5/31/2007 4:47:43 PM   


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ORIGINAL: kholdstayr

I know about the game performance selection slider that is in the Launcher. I've moved it to the fastest speed setting when I was playing with the betas before. However, I swear I remember that the time compression for minutes, like 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc really didn't work well with a beta from earlier. Of course, the game speed would also depend on how many ships and planes and stuff are in the scenario as well. Oh well, I am just convinced that the time compression was improved besides the usage of the selection slider in the launcher. So good job guys either way!

If you put the slider on the most accurate setting the game engine itself will never use time compression. Basically it measn that the game will still do all calculations for every game-second although the player sees 5-second steps. For small scenarios this means that the computer is fast enough to calculate 5 in-game-seconds in 1 real-time second and the game speed increases. If you have a scenario where the computer can barely calculate 1 in-game-second in 1 real-time second what will happen is that you put up the TC to 1:5, but the computer needs 5 seconds to calculate the 5 in-game- seconds, so it really still is 1:1 with the display updating every 5 seconds. With a more powerful computer that would change again. So as long as the computer can calculate the TC you have set within 1 real world second the display will update each second. If the computer can't keep the pace the display updates will be slower.

Now if you move the speed/accuracy slider to the fastest/least accurate position that means that if the user uses time compression the game engine will also use time compression for its calculations. So instead of evaluating 1 second intervals the game engine will also go to higher time intervals it calculates. This can lead to less accurate game calculation because all data is only evaluated every 5 seconds and not every second.

Hope this clears it up.


PS.: In 3.8.1 you will get a significant performance boost because it will be compiled with a new compiler.

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RE: A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available - 6/1/2007 6:50:41 PM   

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A comprehensive third-party list of approximately 80 * Known Harpoon [ANW] Issues has been exhaustively collected on GameSquad since the release of Harpoon ANW 3.7.0 Now that the 3.8.0 patch as been released, we checked to see what has changed. While it is by no means definitive, we believe that:

These 34 behaviours appear to have been resolved by the 3.8.0 patch:

  • Aircraft ignore Nav Zones

    Some aircraft on missions are able to fly through Nav Zones.

    Work-around solution: Draw a double-thick Nav zone or draw an additional Nav Zone just inside another Nav Zone.

  • Circling torpedoes

    Torpedoes destroy their launching platform. Sometimes this causes a problem for the Victory Condition manager.

  • LongMathError

    GE crashes when doing complex calculations involving units moving at high speed. This is due to the integer math system. Problem appears to be most often encountered when SLBMs launched. ICBMs seem to be okay.

  • Time Zones

    Night and day are reversed so that daytime is actually 1801 to 0559. The H3 world revolves in the opposite direction to real life when calculating Time Zones. Game time is listed in terms of Zulu (GMT). If the scenario is one time zone East of GMT, you would normally ADD one hour to Zulu time to find the local time. However, H3 SUBTRACTS one hour instead.

  • Fixed ranges for bombs

    Maximum range for bombs is fixed at 2nm regardless of the range a database editor may assign.

  • Plane revert to cruise speed

    Individual planes always return to cruise speed after they are given new paths. This does not occur for groups.

  • Orders disappear

    Orders for remaining side disappear when other sides are deleted

  • Protect Station ViCond reverts to On Station ViCond

    "Protect Station" ViCond switches to "On Station" ViCond

  • SSK do not snort

    When a diesel submarine runs out of battery charge, it does not automatically rise to periscope depth to begin re-charging its batteries. Instead, it just sits at the last known depth. Also, even if a player manually orders it to periscope depth, the re-charge process does not work unless the submarine is moving.

  • BOL Type 65-76 ASW torpedoes come back to kill sub

    Type 65-76 ASW torpedoes come back to kill sub when launched on BOL [Bearing-Only-Launch]

  • Edit Aircraft function does not respect Time / Country restrictions

    When Time / Country restrictions are activated by the Launcher, Edit Aircraft function does not respect them when used to add aircraft to facilities. Aircraft directly inserted into a scenario function properly.

  • Akula at Flank gets passive contact

    Akula at Flank is able to get passive contact

  • E-3 lands and goes to 1092min ready

    E-3 lands and goes to 1092min ready time.

  • CTD when torpedo fired

    CTD experienced when BOL torpedo fired from SSN Spartan in Power Sweep scenario run from a server.

  • Ferry mission fails to execute

    Ferry mission fails to execute. If user runs in ScenEdit and orders planes to launch, they mission executes properly.

  • CTD when Air Station destroyed

    CTD when Air Station is destroyed by ALCM.

  • Sensors won't turn off Intermittent

    After sensors have been turned on Intermittent setting, it is not possible to change their setting in the future. Even if a player turns them either on or off, the Intermittent setting returns. Apparently, this is only problematic for multi-player games and does not present itself in solitaire games.

  • Jamming detected underwater

    Submerged units can detect ships emitting ECM.

  • ViCond polygons don't appear

    Only the polygon for the first ViCond appears even when other ViConds are selected.

  • Missiles ignore cruise altitude

    Missiles fired at ground targets ignore the cruise altitude specified in the Database. These same missiles will fly at the proper cruise altitude when fired at ships.

  • Accuracy / Speed slider affects game execution

    Different settings for the game speed / accuracy slider will cause scenarios to execute in a wholly different manner. Missions may execute on one setting but will fail on another speed setting.

  • Accuracy / Speed slider crashes game

    Different settings for the game speed / accuracy slider will cause some scenarios to crash.

  • Planes disappear from base

    After launching and landing, planes disappear from the base.

  • Recon mission does not work for AI

    Recon Mission works for player, but does not work under AI control.

  • Postures incorrectly re-built

    Postures are incorrectly re-estabilished once a unit has been destroyed.

  • Weapon ranges less than one ignored

    Any weapon that has a range less than 1.0 nm, cannot be fired by the AI. However, the player is able to utilize these weapons manually and they appear to operate at the correct range. I do not know if missions created by the player will suffer this restriction, but I suspect that they will since Missions are under AI control.

  • Strike mission fails to execute

    Enemy Unit appears not to be able to plot an intercept path.

  • ESM at 1800nm

    Radar can be detected by ESM at a range of 1800nm. Radar in Europe (Spain) can nearly be detected in N. America.

  • AC Stuck on Plotted mission

    Aircraft on Plotted mission cannot be removed from this mission in Mission Editor

  • Multi-Player Chat Window appears in solitaire game

    After victory has been awarded to a player in solitaire mode, if the player elects to continue, a Multi-Player Chat Window opens when he selects "Yes".

  • EmCon at Waypoints

    Aircraft will obey waypoint EmCon commands if the plane is currently either ACTIVE or PASSIVE (not intermittent). Once the aircraft receives a command to radiate Intermittently, either at the start or at a waypoint, no other EmCon commands will be accepted at future waypoints.

  • Naval Ground Strike Mission

    Ships that are grouped together and on a ground strike mission will fire missiles, but [B][U]will not[/U][/B] close on the target to engage with naval gunfire.

    Work-around solution: This only applies to ASuW Area Patrol missions. Missiles will launch on strike missions.

  • Non-radiating units show as being jammed.

    Units that turn off their radar can still show up as being jammed with the "X" next to their icon.

  • NAV zone ignored II

    Aircraft on strike mission flies right through an Aircraft NAV restriction zone. This is not the same as the NAV zone bug reported here.

We can see that a few helpful additional features have been added including:

  • Immediate change of launcher settings - Previously, multi-player users had to always close the launcher in order to have any changes in their settings take effect.

  • Alphabetization of windows - Scenario editors will find this useful. Many windows in ScenEdit are now alphabetized to more easily find entries.

  • Classification by Date / Country - Scenario editors using the PlayersDB will find this useful when adding aircraft. Only those aircraft available for the time period will appear in the selection windows.

  • Additional Database info - More information is available when the Database button is depressed for aircraft. Ranges, speeds, and operating altitudes are now shown.

  • Minimum Ranges < 1 nm allowed - Database editors will like this one since it allows for better portrayal of suicide bombers.

These 46 behaviours remain unresolved by the 3.8.0 patch:

  • AAA fire

    AAA guns are not limited by the altitude of the target and can even shoot down satellites.

  • Automatic contact classification

    The true type classification of a contact is automatically revealed when it is designated hostile by the hotkey.

  • Edit Aircraft function

    Use of the Edit Aircraft function on a group or base that has pre-set air patrols will cause air formation patrols to be cancelled.

  • Ferry Mission Crash

    If you set up a delayed Ferry mission and the receiving/landing facility (revetment/airfield) is destroyed (or deleted by the designer) before the mission is activated, the game will crash when the AI tries to launch the Ferry mission.

  • Group Nav Zone Settings

    The Nav Zone settings for a Group are not adopted by the individual units forming that Group. i.e. If you order a TF to avoid Ship Threat Zone [A], the Group icon will avoid the Threat Zone but the individual ships of the Group will sail into the Threat Zone.

    Work-around solution: Set the Nav Zone parameters for each unit individually.

  • Identification failure

    Sometimes, when you hit the Database button for a unit, only one possible identity is shown but the unit display will still describe it as Unknown.

  • Replenishment at-sea


  • Subs in groups

    Subs joined with groups are automatically assigned a formation patrol zone on the ASW axis that cannot be changed or modified.

  • Hangar overload

    It is possible to land many more aircraft than the hangar capacity allows.

  • AI inside Minimum Launch Range

    If an AI unit finds itself inside the Minimum Launch Range of its weapons, it is unable to move away in order to fire its weapons.

  • MAD contact for ground facilities

    The MAD detector is able to detect ground facilities.

  • Sonobuoy battery endurance

    Battery endurance for sonobuoys is irrelevant.

  • ARMs cause planes to hang

    Aircraft armed with Anti-Radiation Missiles and bombs will continue to hang over a target once the bombs are released if they have not fired their ARMs. This will occur even if ARMs cannot be fired at the target in question.

  • Ferry mission crash

    Ferry mission crashes if it tries to ferry to a base / ship that has been destroyed.

  • Opening 3.6.3 scen causes crash

    Opening this scenario in ANW causes Crash. Scenario opens and runs fine in H3.6.3

  • Guns do not fire all ammo when ordered to do so

    Guns do not fire all ammo when ordered to do so

  • Ready times go wild when AI Formation Air Patrols activated

    Ready times go wild when AI Formation Air Patrols activated. This does not appear when the AI option is not enabled.

  • All ammo not available

    300 rounds of ammo are shown, but only 44 are offered for fire allocation.

  • Formation air patrols cancelled by Edit A/C function

    Formation air patrols cancelled by use Edit A/C function on the launching platform or hangar.

  • Plane ignores Nav Zone

    Plane totally ignores Nav Zone

  • Planes disappear from base

    Planes were added to a base and assigned to a mission. However, they disappear and access through the Mission editor is not possible.

  • Mission ignores target list

    Targets not restricted to target list for mission.

  • Fly off the world CTD

    It is possible to 'fly off of the world' and cause CTD.

  • Weapon ignores range limitation

    Weapon sometimes ignores range limitation and fires on targets outside of the range set by the Database. This can sometimes result in guns hitting targets 100s of miles away. Often, it occurs when the target is vaguely detected.

  • Hidden units can be destroyed without detection

    When hidden units are part of a group, attacks on the Group Icon can destroy the hidden units without the need to ever detect them.

  • Units out of range can be destroyed

    Units out of range can be destroyed if they are part of a group.

  • ECM nullifies BOL weapons

    ECM nullifies weapons on Bearing-Only-Launch. All missiles are automatically drawn to the jammer regardless if it can hit the target or not due to the Home-on-Jam flag.

  • Nukes won't work without AALog activated

    Nuclear weapons for BCGN Kirov do not work unless AALog is activated.

  • Sonobuoy deployment altitude

    Sonobuoys can be deployed at any altitude.

  • Sonobuoy datalink cannot be turned off

    Although the manual says that sonobuoys can be dropped / discarded by turning off the Comm Datalink to them, this is not true under any realism setting.

  • Jamming from dead ships

    Ships that are destroyed still show the Active Jamming "*" indicator.

  • Torpedoes ignore cruise depth

    Torpedoes ignore cruise depth set by the database even when the "Level Cruise Flight" flag has been set and a value has been entered in the "Cruise Altitude" field. They stay at the depth at which they were fired.

  • Ground units attacked by Ship Strike mission

    Units assigned to Ship Strike missions will attack ground facilities.

  • Ships attacked by Ground Strike mission

    Units assigned to Ground Strike missions will attack ships.

  • SAVE AS window error

    When SAVE or SAVE AS function is selected, other files with either *.SAV or *.SCN suffixes do not appear in the selection window.

  • Active sonobuoys dropped passively

    Sonobuoys with active-only sonar systems are dropped in passive mode even when the "Drop Active Sonobuoy" hotkey is depressed.

  • Active sonobuoys do not deploy

    CASS Active Sonar Sonobuoys carried by S-2 Trackers do not deploy when the "Drop Active Sonobuoy" hotkey is depressed. However, they do deploy with "Drop Passive Sonobuoy".

  • Max launch speed restriction

    When a unit is travelling faster than the Maximum Allowable Launch Speed of the weapons it is carrying and tries to fire them, the weapon allocation table appears and the player is mistakenly given the choice of firing the weapon. The window no longer displays a warning message and restricts player from attempts to fire.

  • Hellfire do not launch in ODb

    Hellfire missiles will not launch even though they appear in the weapons allocation window.

  • CTD when Database button is depressed

    When playing Multi-player games, scenarios will sometimes crash to the desktop when the Database button has been depressed.

  • Mission fails to navigate without Full throttle setting

    Aircraft without a "Full speed" throttle setting in the database are fully functional under manual control, but are unable to calculate a path to their targets under AI control.

  • Planes directly inserted ignore target list

    Planes directly inserted ignore targets listed in strike missions. However, planes that launch on those same strike missions will obey the target strike list and not attack any target not on the list.

  • All strikers fail to launch

    All aircraft assigned to a strike mission fail to launch.

  • Player loses control

    Player loses control of all units in the middle of a game.

  • Protect ViCond doesn't evaluate properly

    Protect ship Victory Condition does not evaluate properly.

  • Game ends abruptly

    When playing Multi-player games, scenarios will end at incorrect times. One side gets a message that it has not fulfilled the ViConds and has lost. He is then kicked from the game even though there is plenty of time remaining. This occurs more often during "high" time compression rate (1:60+).

These 79 new behaviours have been added by the 3.8.0 patch:

  • Altitude mis-match between Group and units

    Units and Group icons show different altitude values in SE.

  • ANW battleset - File not found

    Scenarios not found when trying to load ANW battleset.

  • ASW/WH torps tracking wrong targets

    WH/ASW torps tracking targets they cannot hit.

  • Ferry mission fails to launch

    Ferry mission fails to launch unless manually ordered to do so.

  • Min engine altitude ignored

    Min engine altitude ignored for Trident SLBM. Missile can be launched from a depth deeper that allowed by the engine parameters.

  • Mixed Unit and Group icon error

    Unit and Group icons show up at the same time when platforms deleted in SE.

  • SSM Altitude crash

    Land-based SSMs appear to crash into the surface after launch and ignore their cruise altitude.

  • Sub changes depth and goes active

    A sub on Plotted mission at max depth detects a ship, changes to periscope depth, and goes active on its own.

  • TALD materialize at wrong point

    When firing lots of missiles i.e. TALD, the missiles all originate from the same point even when the plane moves away.

  • Time compression causes miss

    Higher time compression creates automatic miss.

  • Unknown Sub contacts not attacked

    Unknown submarine contacts no longer attacked unless positively identified as hostile.

  • Weapon Max Launch Speed ignored

    Weapons ignore Maximum Launch Speed set in database.

  • Binoculars jammed

    Ground units with only Binoculars for sensors are shown as jammed by ECM.

  • Passive sonobuoys will not deploy

    Passive sonobuoys will not deploy. Active sonobuoys will deploy.

  • Phantom air group

    Phantom air group.

  • Re-Charge at Int depth

    Subs are reported to be re-charging batteries at Intermediate depth, but it is not known if charge levels actually increase.

  • UnRep broken

    Tanker and ship unable to meet for Underway Replenishment.

  • AI subs will not re-charge batteries

    AI-controlled subs will not re-charge batteries when depleted as there is no one around to depress the 'R' hotkey for the AI.

  • Ammo dumps emptied

    Ammo dumps in all scenarios have been emptied of weapons for aircraft.

  • Ground targets re-engaged prematurely

    Targets are being re-engaged prematurely. Missiles are still in flight when successive attacks are launched thus wasting weapons.

  • Map Scale inaccurate

    Map scale is erroneous.

  • Max altitude for planes is 32,767m

    The Max altitude for planes is now 32,767m. Previously, it was unlimited and could simulate satellite platforms.

  • MP Saved game titles

    MP Saved game titles often use portions of the orders in lieu of the Session name.

  • SSK rises early

    Diesel subs rise to Periscope depth long before their batteries are exhausted.

  • Subs re-charge at Creep

    Subs are able to re-charge batteries without running throttles at Flank speed.

  • Type 65-76 disappear on BOL

    Type 65-76 torpedoes disappear after reaching activation point even though they have copious fuel remaining.

  • Unassign command sound missing

    Use of the Unassign Hotkey command on groups will elicit an audible "ping". However, this audible cue is missing when the same command is issued to individual units.

  • CTD ViCond crash when windows closed out of order

    When setting ViCond, the ScenEditor can crash when windows are closed out of sequence from which they were opened.

  • ViCond Set polygon not possible

    It is not possible to set up a Victory Condition polygon. Once the ViCond menu comes up, designer cannot click on the map to designate a polygon.

  • AAA firing past Max Range

    Guns continue to fire long after targets pass out of range.

  • AAW patrol motionless

    AAW patrol motionless instead of flying between assigned reference points.

  • Accuracy slider changes combat

    Accuracy slider changes combat calculation. Combat may or may not occur dependant upon the setting of the slider from Low/Fast Accuracy/Speed and High/Slow.

  • Accuracy slider changes combat II

    Accuracy slider changes combat calculation. Air strike resolves differently when slider set on Low/Fast or High/Slow Accuracy setting.

  • Air Group formation

    Air Groups do not form properly when the launching platform is destroyed before the group is fully launched.

  • CTD with Re-build Scenario function

    Crash to the desktop when Scenario Rebuild - Re-build All Units is selected with AxisEvil.scn.

  • Dead top after torp evasion

    Escort comes to a dead stop after torpedo evasion.

  • Destroyed planes not counted on Installations

    Planes added to Installations are not counted in Victory Conditions when they are destroyed on the ground.

  • Dual speeds selected

    When ships are damaged, sometimes dual speeds are show in the throttle setting.

  • EmCon does not match display

    EmCon status of units does not match the EmCon state shown in Unit display and there is no way to turn it off..

  • Engagement symbol missing

    Overscore symbol over aircraft fails to appear when engaged by AAA unless one of the aircraft are shot down.

  • F1 Key will not attack

    F1 Key will not attack second target.

  • F6 Key will not attack

    F6 Key will not attack target.

  • Generic strikes seek additional targets

    Generic strikes seek additional targets after initial target is destroyed even if secondary targets have no relation to original target.

  • Haphazard weapons re-loading

    Weapons do not reload with weapon previously fired.

  • Inconsistent RoF

    Guns have different rates of fire between H3.6.3. and ANW.

  • Indexation status false

    ANW Launcher claim that "most community-databases do not support" indexation by Time and Country is false.

  • Min Firing Range prohibits weapon use

    Weapons (guns, ASW rockets, and others) with a Minimum Firing Range value > 0 will not fire.

  • Missiles drawn to wrong targets

    Missiles fired at targets located with pinpoint precision are still drawn to other targets.

  • Nav Zones re-set by mission editor

    Nav Zones are re-set by mission editor every time a mission is edited.

  • On Station ViCond does not trigger in MP

    On Station Victory Condition triggers erratically.

  • Phantom mounts shown on aircraft

    Phantom mounts are shown on aircraft when the Logistics button is pushed.

  • Planes jammed against Nav Zone

    Planes are unable to plot path around Nav Zone.

  • Propulsion ranges import improperly

    Propulsion ranges do not import to the Reimer Editor properly. Ranges with a speed of Zero will not import even when those ranges are required for proper platform behaviour in units such as mines and false contacts.

  • Ready display always visible

    Aircraft ready display shows all planes available at a base regardless of the Base's ability to launch them. Previously, when a base was damaged, those aircraft not able to launch (i.e. Large/VLarge planes) no longer showed up in the Ready menu until the runway was repaired.

  • Ready Times shortened

    Aircraft with long ready times can have them shortened to the default 30 minutes.

  • Re-build All causes planes to loiter

    Planes that normally flew at cruise speed go to loiter when Re-Built All command is used.

  • Runways can be destroyed

    Runway facilities can now be destroyed.

  • Sanity check fails for multiple weapons records

    Sanity check reports an error when a Quantity value >1 is entered beside a Weapons Record in either the Loadout tabel or the Magazine table even though this causes no problem for the game, itself.

  • Sanity check fails for propulsion alt bands

    Sanity check reports an error if altitude bands for propulsion entries are not in sequential order.

  • Sanity check fails for propulsion max alt

    Sanity check fails to report an error if the max altitude for the propulsion system is greater than the allowable altitude for the aircraft.

  • Sanity check fails for Ready Times

    Sanity check fails to account for different Ready Times in loadout table. Loadouts that have identical weapons with only differ in Ready Times are identified as 'duplicate' entries by the Sanity Check.

  • Scen locks up at 15 secs into game

    Scenario freezes 15 seconds after start of game.

  • SE shows different results from GE

    ScenEdit shows different results from Game Engine test.

  • Sensor default values are zero

    When Sensor menu [F9] is activated for individual units or groups, all default values are Zero. Previously, the default values were 1 min Active followed by 5 minutes Passive for all types of sensors. Proper default values of 1min/5min appear if a group of separate units are "drag-selected" and then the F9 hotkey is depressed.

  • Sonar detects facility

    Land facility detected by sonar.

  • SSMs ignore delayed strike mission

    Land-based SSMs ignore delay time for Strike missions.

  • Strike Mission continues to dead target

    Strike Mission continues to target even after it is already destroyed.

  • Strike Mission fails to cancel

    Ground Strike Mission fails to cancel after target is destroyed.

  • Strikes fail to launch

    Air strikes that performed properly in ANW 3.7.0 now fail to launch at all.

  • Submarine evades own torpedoes

    Submarine evades her own wake-homing torpedoes after firing. This does not occur with wire-guided torpedoes.

  • Subs fire SS-N-15 under the ice

    Submarines are able to fire SS-N-15 Starfish while under polar ice.

  • Subs surfacing under ice

    Submarines are able to rise to the surface from under the ice pack and run on the surface.

  • Subsequent strikes are disorganized

    Subsequent strikes are disorganized and launch in separate groups.

  • Support missions do not fully launch

    Not all aircraft assigned to support missions launch as they previously did in H3.6.3.

  • Torps chase improper targets

    Torpedoes chase the improper targets once they reach their activation point even though all potential targets are identical.

  • Tubes Cannot Change Loadout

    Torpedo tube loadouts cannot be changed after re-loading by AI.

  • Unarmed units not engaged

    Unarmed units will not be engaged by AI units (sub or ship) on Plotted mission. This is due to the fact that the targets pose no 'threat' to the AI unit thus elicits no response. Once weapons are added to the targets, they are immediately attacked.

  • Unassigned SSMs do not fire

    Unassigned land-based SSMs will fire on ships, but not against land targets.

  • Wrong altitude shown

    TLAM shows Periscope depth.

Confirmation / verification files and discussion of this list and the associated behaviour can be found on

Home of the Harpoon3 PlayersDB

No 1 minute interval between
Every week scenarios!

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RE: A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available - 7/18/2007 8:05:42 PM   


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Sorry, the page you have requested cannot be found.

I think GameSquad have changed all their bookmarks.

I also doubt that all of the noted bugs are there in 3.8 friendly DBs... but it's going to take me an awfully long time to be sure about that.

Ah well, here goes...

<Starts playing 3.8 rewritten scenarios>

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RE: A New Update Ships Out for Harpoon 3 - 3.80 Available - 7/18/2007 10:12:22 PM   


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Bought Harpoon3 acouple days ago myself and I'm ready to work through some scenarios. Downloaded the 3.80 patch as well.

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