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Any old grrogs here from cases ladder

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Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/12/2006 10:30:04 AM   


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Joined: 8/28/2000
From: new Zealand
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They were damn good old days i must say with CC1, and then CC2, i have found memories of many battles of polish drop etc, and some good old players such as Subzero,Hammer, Soldaten etc
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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/12/2006 1:40:37 PM   
Marc von Martial

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From: Bonn, Germany
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I only played CC3 on Cases. Best position was 3rd for a while.

But indeed that was a pretty tough ladder, loads of fun too

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/12/2006 6:36:56 PM   


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CCV..CaptCherry..Reporting for Duty!

Got to #2 spot.

Never could beat TVDarkTiger though

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/12/2006 10:36:49 PM   

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From: ask doggie
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Recon here

Hit my high water mark at #8 but leveled off at 10-15 towards the end.


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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/13/2006 8:06:15 AM   


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From: Low Desert, Ca.
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Got to #18 (I think) Played on TH too.


The Guz

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/13/2006 10:44:05 AM   

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From: Denver, CO
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I was on both TH and Case's very briefly. Ladder play just wasn't for me though. I liked the GC in CC5, since there was a touch of strategy to it and there were time you would not just use the best units in the battlegroup (which was the case in ladder games).


Upper portion used with permission of and, copyright John Meeks

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/21/2006 3:04:31 PM   


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Used to play a lot with my nick "jaaski".
Those were the days

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/21/2006 11:49:40 PM   


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Joined: 11/19/2006
From: Denmark
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Oh yes..... the good old days on "Zone"
I have always used the nick "vonOle" in games of all kind, (actually since 1982). Once, I reached the 7th. spot on Case's. It was a little undeserved, cause I won a cc3-game against a "highlevel-player" by inexpressible luck and coincidence -Well, so is life
99% I used TH, always cc3 and my "wins" were about 33%.
I nearly can't wait to get this piece of "Strategy-gold" back on stage !

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/22/2006 2:43:13 AM   

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From: Tennessee
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This is soldaten. I still mess around with CC2 , making the occasional map. I remember
SuBzErO and you... I think you were both working the same place as car salesmen at that
time. I can remember some games so close, it came down to one routed soldier per
side, and victory hinged on which one ran off the map edge first. It doesnt get much
closer than that.

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 11/22/2006 2:10:12 PM   


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From: Denmark
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Soldaten - I do remember your nick
I have never sold cars, but funny enough, I do also remember the two car salesmen from the "chat" on Zone, maybe because of their fantastic "draw's !
Sometimes my thoughts go to "Finnies", (the crazy Italian), we have had many very entertaining battles. I still remember a match, (which I lost), where Finnies were crossing a small Bridge in his King Tiger. I had absolutely nothing left, but accidentally I was hiding just there unter that Bridge, like a scared newsboy - and killed the Tiger in great flames, with something like a single slingshot ! Finnies turned absolutely "Italian" - I have never before seen the chat used so fast and "well-written", lol

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 12/19/2006 8:54:02 AM   
Shaun Wallace

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Joined: 3/23/2001
From: UK
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Wow, that brings back some memories! Used to play on TH alot.

Played CC3 and many mods with JJVan. Whoa that was a while ago ... lol,



Nec amicus officium nec hostis iniuriam mihi intulit, quo in toto non reddidi. - Sulla

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 12/20/2006 3:27:21 AM   

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Myself and all of the former members of the AA clan used Cases ladder a lot back in the days. That was
until a player named SCAG came along and ruined it for everyone.  Then it was strictly TH ladder for us.


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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 12/23/2006 7:58:07 AM   

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I reached #1 on Cases then resigned. It was harder to get a game with the #1 person then actually winning. Didnt like that system.

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 12/23/2006 10:05:10 AM   


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From: new Zealand
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HAha , good to hear from you Soldaten, And yes, well im the Manager of that car yard now.Subzero and i work together back then and we spent maybe to much time talking about some of our battles we had on cases.

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 2/12/2007 9:01:59 PM   


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Oh yes..... the good old days on "Zone"

LOL mr. vonOle aka Kylling form Denmark! Nice to see you're still around, I remember we played a load of cc3 ladder or fun games back in the good old days
last one according to TH: vonOle (868) FK_Finnies (1242) 2001-05-07 17:54:56
who knows, maybe CoI is gonna make us cross our paths again

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 2/12/2007 10:11:02 PM   


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The KampfGruppe Clan is still around I made it up to 4th on Cases for CC3 but couldn't get those friggin' squatters GDS_Candy, GD_Luk, KPB_Bonk or KPB_Dug_in to give me a game. Wreckies was always a nightmare to play too.

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Retired Commander of -

KampfGruppe - Wargaming Since 1998

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 2/12/2007 10:22:24 PM   


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who knows, maybe CoI is gonna make us cross our paths again
I hope so! and many other 'duels'

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 2/12/2007 11:57:12 PM   


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... those friggin' squatters GDS_Candy, GD_Luk, KPB_Bonk or KPB_Dug_in to give me a game.

prehistory... so you maybe remember FenceH, Spreewerke and GDS_Bug as well.
Anyway I bet Luk is still around, the greatest ladderwhore ever that's what he was (along with ITL_MAS63 and GS_Kesselring, them both lords of pet-maps also). He was a KPB then, KPB_Luk13 if my memory serves me right. Guys like _Brake, Starfury and CB_TROUT were always picking on him for they thought he used to disconnect when losing LOL...
Shame on me i seem one of those nostalgic elderly veterans who recall the past with wet eyes.
So keep the good work on and good luck you all

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 2/13/2007 3:52:50 AM   

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I was always number 1 on the ladder I played on. Just couldn't be beat. Hopefully the AI is improved this time around he? haha

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 2/13/2007 9:18:31 PM   


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never played the ladders but loved to play the game.  I'm still alive and once this thing finishes downloading I'll be looking for some new games.

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 2/13/2007 9:23:13 PM   


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Was on the ladder and might still be in the hall of fame, not sure though, haven't looked in a looong time.


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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 2/13/2007 10:12:10 PM   

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From: Michigan
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I was too and that was some time ago. I was a PZ guy also IIRC. PZ_Jagd maybe was my handle. I kinda of sucked though.

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 3/15/2012 12:02:35 PM   
US Brake

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Joined: 6/5/2009
From: USA
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Cases Ladder Close Combat III


Best win streak? 30 wins in a row.

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 3/15/2012 3:23:55 PM   
US Brake

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Joined: 6/5/2009
From: USA
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MSN Zone Gamechat Jan 2001

X_Finnies> and i don't like to report victpries
KPB_Luk13> and how many times I could have losted?
KPB_Luk13> did we had discon?
XX_Finnies> remember the 1st time we played in Chateau?
KPB_Luk13> yes..
KPB_Luk13> it was most vic wins also
FC_Maj_Wittmann> LOL
FC_Maj_Wittmann> Brake what movie is that from?
FC_Maj_Wittmann> l
_Brake> JFK2
KPB_Luk13> I do not get it..finnies I was always fair to u we even played for fun ..not for ladder damn if u called me like u did that means u have soemthing against me..well ok with u take care
FC_Maj_Wittmann> JFK?
_Brake> just kidding Gump
FC_Maj_Wittmann> oh
_Brake> FG?
Rascal_Rascal> someone plays a ladder rr with me on 1
Rascal_Rascal> ???
Rascal_Rascal> for fun is also ok
_Brake> Luk why dont you go play reg with kesselring
KPB_Luk13> I hate him
KPB_Luk13> I was peanlized coz of him
KPB_Luk13> penalized
KPB_Luk13> he is pet map player
KPB_Luk13> most famous
KPB_Luk13> here
_Brake> At least kesselring reported when i debunked his pet map
KPB_Luk13> brrrr never against him never ever
KPB_Luk13> I qwon with him twice but he did not allowed me to host for the 3dr time
KPB_Luk13> brrrrr
KPB_Luk13> u won u better than me then
KPB_Luk13> he is a looser what else I could say
FC_Maj_Wittmann> god I hate that guy
FC_Maj_Wittmann> he alwyas was a ****
ITL_MAS63> Hi All
XX_Finnies> chi c'è di là mas?
ITL_MAS63> cadaveri
XX_Finnies> anche qui
XX_Finnies> cc3 è un cadavere ormai
(Enter)> Mj_Repsol
XX_Finnies> sigh...
(Exit)> GS_v_Witzleben
(Enter)> KG_Brandenburg
(Enter)> NL_Lehr
FC_Maj_Wittmann> sigh what?
KG_Brandenburg> Hey Finnies
XX_Finnies> hi branden
XX_Finnies> nothing witt
KG_Brandenburg> Man just loged on 4 a to go somewere
(Enter)> GS_v_Witzleben
XX_Finnies> u'll be back
KG_Brandenburg> Talk to ya latter just checking something out
XX_Finnies> later?
(Enter)> Namretto
Rascal_Rascal> hi
Rascal_Rascal> wo?
v_Pottum> krass
KG_Brandenburg> Talk to ya latter or tommorrow ok hope to play ya tommorrow too
(Exit)> NL_Lehr
XX_Finnies> ok
KG_Brandenburg> C ya man take care
(Exit)> KG_Brandenburg
XX_Finnies> bye branden
(Enter)> NL_Lehr
FC_Maj_Wittmann> that Luk guy is why I think ladders are garbage
XX_Finnies> why?
(Enter)> _meercat
_Brake> good observation
FC_Maj_Wittmann> because it breeds lusy cheaters
XX_Finnies> i think some guys are garbage cause of ladders
v_Pottum> right!
_Brake> brings out the best and worst
_meercat> tell him to his face if you don't like it...
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I think a properly run campaign is the best way to have competion in wargame
_Brake> we did
_meercat> who's we?
_Brake> cheer up _meercat
FC_Maj_Wittmann> Im not about to get in a running battle with that guy again im here to chat
_Brake> wittman seen +a team lately?
_Brake> wargames?
FC_Maj_Wittmann> last time I got so pissssd at GDS and KPB I got banned and it took me months to get back on
(Enter)> papasmurf0
FC_Maj_Wittmann> +A?
(Exit)> papasmurf0
_Brake> z team
FC_Maj_Wittmann> who?
XX_Finnies> kill them....
_Brake> trekkies
(Exit)> NL_Lehr
XX_Finnies> sysop and all
_Brake> sleestack
(Enter)> Ironsides45
FC_Maj_Wittmann> yeah I told those guys off cause they werent doiing ther jobs and the banned me LOL
(Enter)> errantknave
(Exit)> _meercat
(Exit)> Ironsides45
XX_Finnies> they disabled my chat for a porno url
XX_Finnies> unbelievable ...
(Enter)> Hetzer_44
(Exit)> errantknave
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I just got back to zone its been half a year I bet
XX_Finnies> lol
(Enter)> GS_Niemack
_Brake> they cut off all the little arms cause we wrote **** on our tank
(Exit)> Hetzer_44
FC_Maj_Wittmann> Luk and strarfury used to make so mad I bust a vessel
_Brake> watch Luks most classic move?
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I recognize a few others here I remeber too
_Brake> what was
(Exit)> GS_Niemack
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I would sit here and chat and that got em mad I guess
_Brake> chat happens
(Exit)> Rascal_Rascal
(Enter)> badger866
(Enter)> _meercat
(Enter)> NL_Escobar
ITL_MAS63> RR ladders 18
(Enter)> footsoldier7th
FC_Maj_Wittmann> anybody running a campaign in this?
(Enter)> ElCid_Esp
_meercat> you need to remember a lot of thr players here are teenagers or younger...this isn't a good place for porn...
fon_Avramoff> I think
FC_Maj_Wittmann> everyplace is a good place for porn
ElCid_Esp> hola
XX_Finnies> :)
v_Pottum> ;)
ITL_MAS63> hola
ITL_MAS63> RR ladders 18
XX_Finnies> i have seen worst than porno url here
_meercat> church
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I said worse then that myslef LOL
_meercat> not the point is it...
ITL_MAS63> the poit is that this is a game room
(Exit)> fon_Avramoff
XX_Finnies> r u a member+?
_meercat> right
FC_Maj_Wittmann> IN fact if I am in here after 0230 disregard everything I see cause im drunk
_meercat> for all ages
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I dont need a lecture dude it was joke ok?
XX_Finnies> not for all ages
XX_Finnies> only +13
ITL_MAS63> it suppose that people comes here to find other peoples who likes to game on line
XX_Finnies> piantala!!
_meercat> ok dude
XX_Finnies> mamma mia che parac***!!!!
footsoldier7th> For the Glory of
footsoldier7th> SOVIET REVOLUTION!!!
FC_Maj_Wittmann> oh shut up commie
(Enter)> rommel37
(Enter)> vonOle
XX_Finnies> escobaro
footsoldier7th> HA! Soviets have won the war!
FC_Maj_Wittmann> whatever
(Exit)> Mj_Repsol
footsoldier7th> If there werent t34 you would be speakin fluequent german
FC_Maj_Wittmann> oh give me freaking break'
(Enter)> Hetzer_44
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I speeka fluent german anyway
(Enter)> nemson
v_Pottum> me tooo........;)
footsoldier7th> HA!! i knew it, by your name!
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I have some relaitves that made alot t-34;s go boom
(Exit)> MadMogul
(Enter)> KPB_Luk13
(Enter)> Napolean
_meercat> there's LUK tell him to his face...
footsoldier7th> So youre east german?
FC_Maj_Wittmann> meercat shut up
KPB_Luk13> hi meer
(Enter)> MadMogul
_meercat> make me mouth...
FC_Maj_Wittmann> im from bavaria :)
KPB_Luk13> go ahead
KPB_Luk13> listeingh
KPB_Luk13> listeing
_meercat> hi LUK
FC_Maj_Wittmann> orginally :)
(Exit)> Hetzer_44
(Exit)> lafz
KPB_Luk13> hi men
KPB_Luk13> yes
footsoldier7th> O ja, oktoberfest!!!
KPB_Luk13> go ahead
(Enter)> Hawsepiper
XX_Finnies> received Zmex Luk?
KPB_Luk13> I send u all u asked and some more cu
v_Pottum> was geht hier eigentlich für ne scheisse ab?
footsoldier7th> 15 pints of beeeeeer, 15 pints of beeeeer!!!
KPB_Luk13> nope
KPB_Luk13> i did not
XX_Finnies> cu?
KPB_Luk13> escobaro?
XX_Finnies> what's the prob?
KPB_Luk13> u here?
NL_Escobar> luk
KPB_Luk13> turn zm on pls
NL_Escobar> sorry luk i wash away
footsoldier7th> scheisse ist in deine hosen!!!
pz_Kryssing> ahahaha'
NL_Escobar> ask xx about this hg
KPB_Luk13> was not when u start talk english better
KPB_Luk13> lol
v_Pottum> ;)
NL_Escobar> me?
KPB_Luk13> he meercat
KPB_Luk13> what that guy said?
(Exit)> pz_Kryssing
KPB_Luk13> yes u:))
KPB_Luk13> heheheheh
(Enter)> Hetzer_44
NL_Escobar> sorry ciao
KPB_Luk13> lol
(Enter)> pz_Kryssing
KPB_Luk13> u mad at me?
_meercat> he said you were the reason ladder games are worthless....
KPB_Luk13> that ws not u
(Enter)> bansheed
KPB_Luk13> ok
NL_Escobar> ale korwa po polsku umiem
KPB_Luk13> then why he not play me
(Exit)> NL_Escobar
(Exit)> pz_Kryssing
FC_Maj_Wittmann> im so freaking hungover im think im gonna pass out
KPB_Luk13> czekaj teraz udam ze sie klocimy ok
KPB_Luk13> ok so get the hell out of not waiste my time
KPB_Luk13> pls
XX_Finnies> it's a conspiracy against u Luk
XX_Finnies> :)
footsoldier7th> i would love to play 5 map operations against germans
(Exit)> Hawsepiper
FC_Maj_Wittmann> lol
KPB_Luk13> I need one to make lobotomy all i had is a poor rabid here u brake in?
(Exit)> MadMogul
KPB_Luk13> no pain..than maybe u feel better
v_Pottum> lol
(Enter)> CB_TROUT
(Exit)> GS_Ludendorff
KPB_Luk13> at least i look more mature than u brake
FC_Maj_Wittmann> thats funny
KPB_Luk13> and thoase glasses
KPB_Luk13> I like them
(Enter)> KG_mauserman
CB_TROUT> your a fahg Luk
Pz_J_Dietrich> lol
_Brake> make a nice wallpaper
(Exit)> ITL_MAS63
(Enter)> ITL_MAS63
(Exit)> nemson
(Enter)> nemson
CB_TROUT> anyone here able to log on to the Zone Friends?
XX_Finnies> hey nemson
XX_Finnies> how r u?
Pz_J_Dietrich> yeah
KPB_Luk13> well trout I get used to that all u can say is bad words or fahg etc etc...u have some others words..or is this all u learned in school:)
nemson> nope
ITL_MAS63> RR ladders
XX_Finnies> Zfriends is down
Pz_J_Dietrich> try going in rated rooms if cant log in
ITL_MAS63> 18
footsoldier7th> is here anybody from italy?
ITL_MAS63> here
XX_Finnies> si io
KPB_Luk13> Mas
KG_mauserman> luk why dont you host up a game
ITL_MAS63> y luk
footsoldier7th> You chichen **** italians are the lousiest soldier EVER!!!
KPB_Luk13> how is my lat ..parlato diu italiano?
ITL_MAS63> why don't u?
KPB_Luk13> my lat MAS?
CB_TROUT> @footsoldier
(Enter)> pz_Kryssing
ITL_MAS63> or why don't u come into my poor room #18
v_Pottum> 367 ms
v_Pottum> @luk
XX_Finnies> footsoldier, u're a loser
FC_Maj_Wittmann> Italin war heroes is one of the 5 shortest books in the library
footsoldier7th> :))))))))))))))))
(Exit)> nemson
FC_Maj_Wittmann> ethical jewish business men is another
footsoldier7th> way to go witmann
_Brake> pretty ****in funny
FC_Maj_Wittmann> women who give blow jobs after marriage is another
(Exit)> bansheed
KPB_Luk13> pottum..u n/a to me
KPB_Luk13> sorry
(Exit)> Napolean
pz_Kryssing> cya Dietrich...
KPB_Luk13> Mas your room is ocuppied
KG_mauserman> luk host one up
FC_Maj_Wittmann> what the IRS can do for you is another
pz_Kryssing> the fuk ya LOL
Pz_J_Dietrich> later mate
pz_Kryssing> hehehe
KPB_Luk13> ok
(Exit)> pz_Kryssing
KPB_Luk13> 7
CB_TROUT> LOL...nice work Brake..again you have proven your artisic skill as well as humor.i give it an A plus
footsoldier7th> you got yourself a nice library there, wittman
v_Pottum> lol
(Enter)> lafz
FC_Maj_Wittmann> oh yeah the last one is great black men ive known lol
(Enter)> nemson
_Brake> Deep Symbolism here
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I got other kokes too lol
footsoldier7th> I'm digger commie... what could be worse??
FC_Maj_Wittmann> but the might offend somebody LOL
CB_TROUT> whp wants to get high?
_Brake> we stays high? ?
(Enter)> Bigdaddy_34P
CB_TROUT> im about to smoke a bowl
CB_TROUT> i just woke up
CB_TROUT> long night last night
KPB_Luk13> if that is symbolism u have to learn more about history of arts brake keppe trying::)))
footsoldier7th> trout, smoke one for mee, will you
rommel37> rolling a fatty
CB_TROUT> sure
CB_TROUT> mang
rommel37> hydro
CB_TROUT> Luk ...stop proving to the whole room that indeed you like to choke on grown mens genitals
footsoldier7th> nothing beats up morale for charging the steppes than one king size joint
_Brake> mexican red haired girl
rommel37> lol
_Brake> haha
(Exit)> Namretto
rommel37> blond haired slant eye
KPB_Luk13> meercat u here?
KPB_Luk13> damn zone sux tonight
_Brake> trout
CB_TROUT> i heard it already fag..remember sending me the hte mail?
CB_TROUT> ohyeahg
CB_TROUT> its all reoorted afggit
KPB_Luk13> damn
KPB_Luk13> did zone kicked me out?
(Enter)> NL_Escobar
footsoldier7th> anyone plays WF 1940?
CB_TROUT> i hope so
CB_TROUT> here is Escobar
Pz_J_Dietrich> god damn genius!!
GS_v_Witzleben> i see u kpb
CB_TROUT> take a look at Brakes art Escobar
ITL_MAS63> I hope zone kik out all of you
footsoldier7th> italians, they are pathetic, but french....
(Enter)> _56_Predator_62
_meercat> I'm here...
GS_v_Witzleben> my zone friends disconnected but other works at the moment
(Exit)> _56_Predator_62
(Enter)> bansheed
footsoldier7th> the only reason i play german side ever, is when i have the chance to kick french asses
GS_v_Witzleben> dont u read me?
(Enter)> _56_Predator_62
ITL_MAS63> discnnectingTheZone.jpg
XX_Finnies> u surely have more than 1 arsehole footsoldier
v_Pottum> hmmmmm
XX_Finnies> i bet an italian opened u the others
ITL_MAS63> www.discnnectingTheZone.jpg
KPB_Luk13> Escobaro??????
KPB_Luk13> u here?
GS_v_Witzleben> dont want to try kpb?
NL_Escobar> yes
KPB_Luk13> y
footsoldier7th> huh, finnie, youre tough one, don't you?
KPB_Luk13> musze ci dowalic ok?
KPB_Luk13> :))
XX_Finnies> no
NL_Escobar> nie masz szans
KPB_Luk13> ale na zonie
KPB_Luk13> ok
CB_TROUT> in your room Escobato
footsoldier7th> what happened there in 1940, you lose some ground there near russian border
KPB_Luk13> wez mi cos powiedz tak gdybysmy sie poklocili
KPB_Luk13> escobro lok at pic our freind brake did
KPB_Luk13> nice work
CB_TROUT> its funny as fuhck
footsoldier7th> good luck you had allied support, we would kick you all the way to iceland
CB_TROUT> i got the CB masterpiece as my wallpaper
(Exit)> GS_v_Witzleben
KPB_Luk13> u damn fat
CB_TROUT> give them the link to CB masterpiece
XX_Finnies> if you talk in this way of italian soldiers you have wrong vision of history
KPB_Luk13> escobaro
NL_Escobar> yes
(Enter)> GS_v_Witzleben
NL_Escobar> great work brake
CB_TROUT> i want to make a pic of Luk13
NL_Escobar> im imprest
footsoldier7th> well, i have in mind that originakl italians were wiped out by maurs and saracens, and other asses that swept peninsula trough centuries
CB_TROUT> how i imagine how he looks
v_Pottum> witz?
GS_v_Witzleben> jo
KPB_Luk13> ask finnies he got it
GS_v_Witzleben> so ein kack
KPB_Luk13> hwey Gs
KPB_Luk13> sorry
KPB_Luk13> game stopped
footsoldier7th> i just see what happened 60 yrs ago
v_Pottum> mein zon friends klappt nemmer......un bei dir?
KPB_Luk13> can not lunched it
XX_Finnies> ok footsoldiers, go to school, u need it
GS_v_Witzleben> try again?
KPB_Luk13> sure
GS_v_Witzleben> ich hab neu connected
KPB_Luk13> on 13
NL_Escobar> luk wanna try too play ?
v_Pottum> klappt jetzt?
KPB_Luk13> nope
CB_TROUT> fahg
(Enter)> NL_Atilla
KPB_Luk13> u sux
NL_Escobar> chicken?
KPB_Luk13> escobrao all i have is troble coz of u
CB_TROUT> you said you didnt have time to play Ezcofag
KPB_Luk13> yes chicken
XX_Finnies> relax Luk
footsoldier7th> go to school, i could teach, with my fanatism, if not knowledge
(Exit)> vonkaupisch
KPB_Luk13> sorry escobaro
(Exit)> nemson
KPB_Luk13> I do not have to arguee
(Enter)> Kurskey_veteran
(Exit)> v_Pottum
footsoldier7th> what use is knowledge if germans are attacking your homeland? only heroism counts
NL_Escobar> hmmmmmm
(Exit)> CSO_FizWhopper
KPB_Luk13> nic sobie z tego nie rob
(Enter)> v_Pottum
NL_Escobar> ze co?
(Enter)> vonkaupisch
KPB_Luk13> obserwuj i nie bierx tego co tu mowie
CB_TROUT> everyone..ZM is working Now..LOG ON BITCHES!!!!!!!
CB_TROUT> u too Brizzake
XX_Finnies> thanx trout
(Enter)> KPB_Soldier
(Exit)> _meercat
(Exit)> vonkaupisch
KPB_Soldier> TROUT
CB_TROUT> yo nigga!
(Enter)> maxhansen5
CB_TROUT> check out brakes artwork man
CB_TROUT> its fuhcking awesome
KPB_Soldier> hey Brake you know how to convert cc5 maps to cc3?
(Exit)> Kurskey_veteran
(Exit)> NL_Atilla
(Enter)> Rauss
CB_TROUT> log on to ZM now
(Enter)> _meercat
CB_TROUT> its up
_Brake> 1 sec
KPB_Soldier> ha ha
NL_Escobar> hello
XX_Finnies> turn Zf on
CB_TROUT> host it up Escobato
(Enter)> Battle_Joker
footsoldier7th> o.k. guys, i'm gone
footsoldier7th> good luck to all soldiers fighting with Soviets
_Brake> conver them with files at GS Marcks site
XX_Finnies> heil Hitler and good night foot
XX_Finnies> :)
KPB_Soldier> can you give me a link please
KPB_Luk13> soldier
KPB_Luk13> hi
KPB_Soldier> hey dude
KPB_Luk13> I gave u the adrress
footsoldier7th> and italians and french, no offence, but your cooking makes up for everything :)))
KPB_Soldier> to gs marks?
KPB_Luk13> yep
KPB_Luk13> how is daddy
KPB_Luk13> ?
XX_Finnies> right, lol
(Exit)> Pz_J_Dietrich
NL_Escobar> f.....c
KPB_Soldier> went in today and mri showed no growth in last 2 months
KPB_Luk13> k...
footsoldier7th> finnie, aim sharp, shoot straight :))))
KPB_Luk13> so it works
KPB_Soldier> best news we could ask for
KPB_Luk13> XX?
KPB_Luk13> u got mail?
KPB_Soldier> so far
KPB_Luk13> ok
KPB_Luk13> soldier
KPB_Luk13> i am glad tyo hear
KPB_Luk13> it
KPB_Soldier> thanks
(Exit)> Battle_Joker
XX_Finnies> yes, Luk, thanx a lot
footsoldier7th> adios, comrades!!!!!
XX_Finnies> cya
KPB_Luk13> ok
(Exit)> footsoldier7th
CB_TROUT> fuhcking Zone
FC_Maj_Wittmann> hes one wird dude man
CB_TROUT> try an IP game?
NL_Escobar> it works naw finnes
_Brake> ahaah
CB_TROUT> u had to put me as the digger didnt you
CB_TROUT> hahahahahhaha
_Brake> ahaha
_Brake> hurtin LMAO
CB_TROUT> those are great works of art man
_Brake> see our record 21-21
CB_TROUT> i have saved them all
(Exit)> GS_v_Witzleben
CB_TROUT> have not seen it
_Brake> fahg
(Exit)> NL_Escobar
(Enter)> CSO_Pixter
CB_TROUT> you seem to know my scores better than me
_Brake> your closing in on most losses
CB_TROUT> alright..time to smoke more
KPB_Luk13> what the hell is going on with thAT ZONE
_Brake> im down
CB_TROUT> im logged on to ZM
CB_TROUT> no one else is
(Exit)> _56_Predator_62
(Enter)> CSO_Wildcat
(Enter)> NL_Escobar
XX_Finnies> ZM is not working perfectly
(Enter)> ANZAC_SKT
NL_Escobar> luk u know whot!!!!!! .........
(Exit)> CSO_Wildcat
CB_TROUT> he is a hermafrodite?
KPB_Luk13> waht?
KPB_Luk13> what?
NL_Escobar> u know .. u want me too say it
(Enter)> Berto72
(Enter)> Quad_50cal
KPB_Luk13> what u want escobaro?
(Enter)> CSO_FizWhopper
(Enter)> CSO_Wildcat
(Enter)> KPB_SirThomas
CSO_FizWhopper> hey folks
KPB_Luk13> her comes a girl
(Exit)> CSO_Wildcat
KPB_Luk13> boys beahviour pls
(Enter)> CSO_Wildcat
(Enter)> smearnov
(Exit)> CSO_Pixter
NL_Escobar> helloo
CB_TROUT> bidches and w hores
Quad_50cal> WF8 at 2 please
_Brake> disco queens
Quad_50cal> ladders or fun
(Enter)> Papa_Hausser
(Exit)> _meercat
KPB_Luk13> hey quad
(Enter)> Roduulf
Papa_Hausser> RR fun game anyone?
Quad_50cal> hey lUk
KPB_Luk13> still WF?
Quad_50cal> bust a nut with WF at 2
KPB_Luk13> can nopt join games?
Quad_50cal> i think I can now
KPB_Luk13> still
KPB_Luk13> ok
KPB_Luk13> kewl
Quad_50cal> after reformating hard drive
(Exit)> CSO_Wildcat
KPB_Luk13> have fun then
Quad_50cal> Ive only joined one though
CB_TROUT> suck my dick
Quad_50cal> want to play Luck?
FC_Maj_Wittmann> gross
Quad_50cal> suck my bonthc trout
Quad_50cal> bontch
_Brake> alabama black snake
CB_TROUT> hahah
Papa_Hausser> RR fun any1?
KPB_Luk13> yes quad
CB_TROUT> Montana Mountain Goat
KPB_Luk13> on 13
smearnov> u host papa?
(Exit)> NL_Escobar
(Enter)> CSO_Pixter
Papa_Hausser> havent many new customs maps :( u host 1
Quad_50cal> WF8 fun or ladder at 2, be brave
smearnov> k
smearnov> on 7
KPB_Luk13> no WF here
KPB_Luk13> sorry
(Enter)> NL_Escobar
Quad_50cal> reach deep down inside to your innerstrength and then play me
CB_TROUT> i'd kick the zhit out of you mang
Quad_50cal> mang?
CB_TROUT> sned you back to Africa
CB_TROUT> send
Quad_50cal> WF8 at 2 trout
NL_Escobar> i see luk thet u a chicken!!
Quad_50cal> unless yo a puzsy
_Brake> hey mang sup?
CB_TROUT> one sec
CB_TROUT> i switch
Quad_50cal> k me too
(Enter)> KG_AT_attack
(Exit)> XX_Finnies
KG_AT_attack> WF anyone?
KPB_Luk13> damn zopne
(Exit)> KG_mauserman
v_Pottum> ****!!!!!!!!!
NL_Escobar> yo brake!!!
KPB_Soldier> back in 5
FC_Maj_Wittmann> fuhck who?
v_Pottum> what`s up with the zone?
NL_Escobar> u hawe some more funny pictures?
_Brake> .
v_Pottum> damn
Bigdaddy_34P> the zone sucks AGAIN!!!!
v_Pottum> always the same ****
badger866> Why doesn`t rr graphics patch work with new maps ??
Bigdaddy_34P> you got it some days are good but most suck
(Enter)> FFL_Matrf
_Brake> ffl
FFL_Matrf> HI all
KPB_Luk13> zoner u killng me and makeing me nervous more than brake!!!
NL_Escobar> hi
KPB_Luk13> :))
_Brake> I bet
FFL_Matrf> hey luk man
FFL_Matrf> what mres?
KPB_Luk13> hey Frenchie
FFL_Matrf> news?
KPB_Luk13> nothin special]
FFL_Matrf> brake
FFL_Matrf> ?
KPB_Luk13> how about u?
FFL_Matrf> what is that picks?
(Enter)> Napolean
_Brake> :o
(Enter)> KG_mauserman
FFL_Matrf> nothings i just work tomorow
FFL_Matrf> that sucl
FFL_Matrf> k
KPB_Luk13> hah
KPB_Luk13> Iam working now
KPB_Luk13> easy shift
KPB_Luk13> so far
FFL_Matrf> what is that zhit brake?
KPB_Luk13> bed is ready
FFL_Matrf> you and freik and luky are firend now?
KPB_Luk13> sure
_Brake> tv mini series
FFL_Matrf> GOOD!
KPB_Luk13> for ever
KPB_Luk13> till grave
FFL_Matrf> na brake luk and freik are fair
FFL_Matrf> stop that zhit
FFL_Matrf> who is number one now
FFL_Matrf> ?
KPB_Luk13> thx FFL
KPB_Luk13> brake is
KPB_Luk13> I guess
KPB_Luk13> I withdrew today
FFL_Matrf> NO!!!!!!!
KPB_Luk13> and gave it to him
FFL_Matrf> you kiddinf?
KPB_Luk13> hahaha sure i do
FFL_Matrf> fuhck off wait i go see
KPB_Luk13> that was your dream
(Enter)> meggamanuk
NL_Escobar> u dont doo this luk u know thet
KPB_Luk13> to kick me
KPB_Luk13> hahahah
KPB_Luk13> I bet
KPB_Luk13> :)
KPB_Luk13> I have to
KPB_Luk13> soon
FFL_Matrf> yea that is my dream
KPB_Luk13> 3 days
FFL_Matrf> you right
NL_Escobar> why?
KG_mauserman> I want to join the ladder
KPB_Luk13> or more
FFL_Matrf> why you witdraw?
KPB_Luk13> well have to work on PGD
FFL_Matrf> `pgd?
FFL_Matrf> what is htat?
KPB_Luk13> my job depends on it
NL_Escobar> yes and Prima Balerina is a mann
KPB_Luk13> brake
(Exit)> bansheed
KPB_Luk13> tell me pls
CSO_Pixter> u didn't withdraw Luk :)
_Brake> .
FFL_Matrf> yea
KPB_Luk13> how u transllet PGD
KPB_Luk13> pkls
FFL_Matrf> you dont witdraw
FFL_Matrf> LYER!
KPB_Luk13> translate
FFL_Matrf> i was sure you was a lyyer?
FFL_Matrf> !!
KPB_Luk13> brake
FFL_Matrf> brake what?
KPB_Luk13> tell him
(Enter)> bansheed
FFL_Matrf> tell him what?
NL_Escobar> 13281263643674687234
KPB_Luk13> PGD=Phil. GEn.DEgree
NL_Escobar> secret pasword
FFL_Matrf> what is that?
FFL_Matrf> phil?
KPB_Luk13> ask brake he knows
KPB_Luk13> escobaro
KPB_Luk13> mam czas do czerwca
KPB_Luk13> na zrbienie doktoratu
KPB_Luk13> jak nie wylatyuje
FFL_Matrf> he full of zhit?
KPB_Luk13> i have time till end of june
KG_mauserman> meaningless cries the teacher meaningless
NL_Escobar> r.i.p luk
FFL_Matrf> hé mon osti chien parle english
KPB_Luk13> to finish it
FFL_Matrf> tu veux parler une autre langue enculer?
FFL_Matrf> tu comprend ca connard?
KPB_Luk13> keske?
KPB_Luk13> keske se?
(Enter)> CSO_Bone
FFL_Matrf> francias
FFL_Matrf> hey bone!
NL_Escobar> napisales juz cos luk?
CSO_Bone> yo mat
(Enter)> XX_Finnies
FFL_Matrf> napisales = ?
KPB_Luk13> tak
KPB_Luk13> polowa
NL_Escobar> moj stary pisal rok!!
FFL_Matrf> what news bone?
KPB_Luk13> ja mam pol
FFL_Matrf> chiffon rouge?
NL_Escobar> a stara mu sprawdzala bledy ahhaha
CSO_Bone> ah nothin i hate my job
KPB_Luk13> lol
FFL_Matrf> hey lucky you want to play
FFL_Matrf> ?
KPB_Luk13> hey FFL u friedn from CSO here
FFL_Matrf> i know
FFL_Matrf> the comunist?
KPB_Luk13> sure
KPB_Luk13> lol
FFL_Matrf> host it!
KPB_Luk13> ok I will
KPB_Luk13> 16
_Brake> gulley wars
CSO_Bone> sigh
NL_Escobar> luk wanna try too die honour before u withdraw?
CSO_Pixter> come on now, **** game on 9
(Exit)> ElCid_Esp
KG_mauserman> gulley wars?
KPB_Luk13> nope
KG_mauserman> name for a game map?
CSO_Bone> lol
FFL_Matrf> later all
KG_mauserman> I've played that one many times
NL_Escobar> ok theu will Heng U luk...
NL_Escobar> hang
_Brake> you 2 go with eachother
_Brake> go play with eachother
(Enter)> Airborne_Swift
NL_Escobar> more more give more brake...more pictures..
(Enter)> Clyde_6
NL_Escobar> give some real funny
NL_Escobar> maby your picture :))
(Exit)> XX_Finnies
NL_Escobar> thets will bee funny
(Enter)> GS_v_Witzleben
v_Pottum> re witz
KPB_Luk13> brake u guys have some good family doctor around?
KPB_Luk13> I think u need help:))
GS_v_Witzleben> hi all again
KG_mauserman> I thought you were busy luk
KPB_Luk13> I said I play ladder
KPB_Luk13> that is all
(Enter)> jflord7
NL_Escobar> yes u nead but mot docktor.....
FFL_Matrf> hey luk
FFL_Matrf> brake is ok
NL_Escobar> not
_Brake> im a good driver
KPB_Luk13> I was goona ended that war but he insulted me again that I did false raport about him so story begun again
KPB_Luk13> y?
FFL_Matrf> make peace
NL_Escobar> u nead a ....
KPB_Luk13> i do not see u in the room
FFL_Matrf> give you a kiss
KPB_Luk13> ok I will
GS_v_Witzleben> lol
v_Pottum> lol
_Brake> usually the politicians are #1 but sometimes the generals take over
(Exit)> jflord7
KPB_Luk13> I even get used to brake
KPB_Luk13> he is agood player
KPB_Luk13> no doubt
KPB_Luk13> I have respect but those storeis
KPB_Luk13> those stories sux
FFL_Matrf> yea this is the defference bettenw you and brake.... he good,,,, you lucky
FFL_Matrf> as your name
(Enter)> XX_Finnies
KPB_Luk13> u know FFL what kind of conn I have
(Enter)> _56_Predator_62
FFL_Matrf> a good one in job
XX_Finnies> ok vonole
(Exit)> GS_v_Witzleben
XX_Finnies> show me your pet
CSO_Bone> at home
KPB_Luk13> lol
_Brake> luk your con is as high as your bullzhit
KPB_Luk13> FFL
KPB_Luk13> see
FFL_Matrf> berake stop it
KPB_Luk13> hje starts
KPB_Luk13> again
FFL_Matrf> yea i see luk
KPB_Luk13> I never insulted him here first
KPB_Luk13> never
NL_Escobar> hello some one there?
FFL_Matrf> yes friek
KPB_Luk13> have to defend
FFL_Matrf> we see you
KPB_Luk13> frei
FFL_Matrf> i like mpre friek
KPB_Luk13> breke starts again
(Enter)> crusaeder
FFL_Matrf> rechange your name
KPB_Luk13> what to say
(Exit)> Roduulf
FFL_Matrf> brake seem to be angry
FFL_Matrf> but why?
KPB_Luk13> yes
NL_Escobar> hmmmmm i say WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KPB_Luk13> nope I do not want war frei
FFL_Matrf> war commander are gentlement
(Enter)> CSO_Wildcat
v_Pottum> yep
KPB_Luk13> brake is a kid ..that is all I forgive him
(Exit)> Kilawat
NL_Escobar> why war realy funny
FFL_Matrf> kid?
CSO_Bone> no no brake is no child
FFL_Matrf> i dont hink
FFL_Matrf> are old a re you brake?
KPB_Luk13> FFL?
KPB_Luk13> u still in game room
KPB_Luk13> ?
KPB_Luk13> I do not see u there
FFL_Matrf> yea i am in the room
FFL_Matrf> open your eye
_Brake> .
FFL_Matrf> brake
FFL_Matrf> how old are you
FFL_Matrf> ?
KPB_Luk13> he is 29
FFL_Matrf> 29 is a kid!
KPB_Luk13> or 30 somethin like that
FFL_Matrf> i dont hink
(Enter)> Pz_Von_Holman
FFL_Matrf> i think the kid is me here
_Brake> :l
FFL_Matrf> i have 19
(Exit)> Occam33
(Enter)> jack_t_0
(Exit)> jack_t_0
CSO_Bone> i am 19
NL_Escobar> brake im only 9
KPB_Luk13> lol
FC_Maj_Wittmann> im think I amy yack
v_Pottum> you guys are cracy
FFL_Matrf> start it luky
(Enter)> jack_t_0
KPB_Luk13> FFl ready?
_Brake> i was thinking 12
FFL_Matrf> good haead
(Exit)> jack_t_0
(Enter)> frantik0
v_Pottum> hey escobar......want try again?
NL_Escobar> ok
Papa_Hausser> RR fun any1?
FC_Maj_Wittmann> Nazi from hell or Nazis from Illonios witch is worse?
(Exit)> Bigdaddy_34P
_Brake> illinois
Papa_Hausser> fun anyone?
Papa_Hausser> come on....
Papa_Hausser> no1?
Papa_Hausser> d'oh
(Exit)> Papa_Hausser
(Exit)> v_Pottum
(Enter)> Kurskey_veteran
Kurskey_veteran> game on 4
Kurskey_veteran> could someone kindly tell me what my latency is?
(Exit)> KG_mauserman
(Exit)> KPB_SirThomas
Kurskey_veteran> is anybody OUT there? If so, could you tell me what my latency is?
(Exit)> _56_Predator_62
(Exit)> maxhansen5
FC_Maj_Wittmann> 586
(Enter)> v_Pottum
(Exit)> KPB_Luk13
(Enter)> KPB_Luk13
(Enter)> KG_mauserman
CB_TROUT> damn
Quad_50cal> yeah, I just gave Trout a lesson on more modern combat tactics
Quad_50cal> it was great
KPB_Luk13> lol
KPB_Luk13> k congrats quad
FFL_Matrf> that suck luk
Quad_50cal> thanks, my fisrt timing beating him
CB_TROUT> gahahha
CB_TROUT> you were lucky
CB_TROUT> i had 2 pamnthers
CB_TROUT> you had 4 hvy tanks
KPB_Luk13> now our Big mouth man will keep quite
Quad_50cal> he bragged when he beat me so I dont feel bad
KPB_Luk13> :)
CB_TROUT> took em all out
Quad_50cal> you chose side
KPB_Luk13> FFL?
CB_TROUT> had a shortage on Inf due to the req points
Quad_50cal> mines took my firefly out
FFL_Matrf> WHAT?
Quad_50cal> yes, then you should have chose US
KPB_Luk13> Matrf?
KPB_Luk13> u here
FFL_Matrf> what do you want
(Enter)> NixIII
CB_TROUT> no mines on Norm 1 dude
KPB_Luk13> damn f.g zone
CB_TROUT> that was my shreck
Quad_50cal> yes there is
KPB_Luk13> we can not play
KPB_Luk13> u n/a again
CB_TROUT> no there is not
FFL_Matrf> the speed was food
Quad_50cal> oh, could have been shreck
FFL_Matrf> good
KPB_Luk13> food?
Quad_50cal> it was fun anyway
CB_TROUT> it was..i was about 20 meters away right behind you
(Exit)> NL_Escobar
(Enter)> MadRusskie
FFL_Matrf> sometimes when thast appens whit you i am suspicouis but i think i am spycio
Quad_50cal> no before that
(Exit)> Pz_Von_Holman
KPB_Luk13> hahahah
KPB_Luk13> I told u
(Exit)> Berto72
KPB_Luk13> u knwo waht?
KPB_Luk13> let's try in officers rom ok?
FFL_Matrf> na?
(Enter)> NL_Lehr
(Exit)> KG_mauserman
FFL_Matrf> THIS IS A 2 pâlyer GAME
FC_Maj_Wittmann> half a chill pill
KPB_Luk13> lol pentium 133 here
(Enter)> Berto72
KPB_Luk13> lol
KPB_Luk13> my comp sux
KPB_Luk13> anyawy
KPB_Luk13> anyway
NL_Lehr> pffffrrtt...
Quad_50cal> hey can somone post TH address?
CB_TROUT> Luk are you to **** to play me??
CB_TROUT> or what?
FFL_Matrf> hey i trout i will play whit you me
Quad_50cal> that link was bad
FFL_Matrf> i hope!
CB_TROUT> Luk wont play me
(Enter)> ChiefHoss
KPB_Soldier> hey Spicoli
(Exit)> Berto72
CB_TROUT> mang
KPB_Soldier> let me go burn one real quick, then ill get a lttle piece of ya
KPB_Soldier> and you all remember
KPB_Soldier> I taught Trout all he knows
KPB_Soldier> lol
KPB_Soldier> oh, me and Star
KPB_Soldier> STAR
KPB_Soldier> HELP
(Enter)> Willehalm
KPB_Luk13> cc5 maps again
Quad_50cal> hey, can somone please post the TH address?
KPB_Luk13> he is an expert
KPB_Luk13> Star
CB_TROUT> **** u luk
KPB_Luk13> I got that pic again
KPB_Soldier> I got cc5 but find how to change the maps to work on cc3
GDS_STARFURY> go to gods links
FFL_Matrf> i got the fix here
(Exit)> Willehalm
FFL_Matrf> you need to govert it
FFL_Matrf> convert
(Enter)> Bigdaddy_34P
CB_TROUT> may the fleas of 1,000 Camels infest your armpits polish fahg boy
(Enter)> KPB_SirThomas
GDS_STARFURY> look for the zip file with all the right txt files
FFL_Matrf> th adres
Quad_50cal> thanks you
KPB_Luk13> all u can say here is bad and dirty words that is not my level I do not go so low
(Exit)> meggamanuk
GDS_STARFURY> ok lets all get out our moral soapboxs
KPB_Luk13> u have nothin more to say trout it is sad
KPB_Luk13> FFL rdy?
ITL_MAS63> hey star
FFL_Matrf> trout is funny
GDS_STARFURY> hey luk, hes only been using hooked on phonics for month
CB_TROUT> you are just proving what a **** you are to the rest of the room..i dont have to say anything
GDS_STARFURY> lighten up
(Enter)> CSO_L71
KPB_Luk13> u said something else about him FFL one time
FFL_Matrf> HEY!
FC_Maj_Wittmann> ROFLMAO
FFL_Matrf> l71!
(Exit)> KG_AT_attack
GDS_STARFURY> i say **** about ffl all the time
GDS_STARFURY> not even kklinkk takes it seriously
CB_TROUT> 'lol
CSO_L71> salut Matrf
GDS_STARFURY> we do have a sense of humor ya know
GDS_STARFURY> might not be like yours
GDS_STARFURY> but we dont like dry toast
CB_TROUT> hahahha
CB_TROUT> hell no
(Enter)> badbake
GDS_STARFURY> to gewt cc5 maps to work in cc3 u need the right txt files
FC_Maj_Wittmann> I know your sense of humar Star it sumeed up in one word SICK
GDS_STARFURY> whoever was having that problem
GDS_STARFURY> sick is a gross understamnet
FC_Maj_Wittmann> i love it
GDS_STARFURY> its not only bent its a damn pretzel
FC_Maj_Wittmann> hehe
GDS_STARFURY> with a slip knot
CB_TROUT> hey Brake
CB_TROUT> give the links to your art
(Exit)> Bigdaddy_34P
CB_TROUT> the hogans gheros one
CSO_L71> hey Starfart
(Exit)> bansheed
GDS_STARFURY> hey trout did u see my pic yet
CSO_L71> pic?
CB_TROUT> of what star?
GDS_STARFURY> for the cuteset guy in CC3
CB_TROUT> dude...Luk wont play me cause i call him a fahg Lmao
CSO_L71> is there a pic of star?
GDS_STARFURY> why of me of course
(Exit)> NL_Lehr
CSO_L71> post it up!
GDS_STARFURY> i just did
GDS_STARFURY> i see your not cooking with gas today
CB_TROUT> lol..u look like a neo nazi
CB_TROUT> lmao
GDS_STARFURY> : ) i used to scare my rabbi
(Exit)> Quad_50cal
GDS_STARFURY> the camera strap dont help the image huh
(Enter)> Ali63
(Enter)> bansheed
_Brake> haha
CSO_L71> what a ****ing head!!!!!! hahahahahaha
GDS_STARFURY> bald is beautiful
CSO_L71> obviously..
CSO_L71> bet it aint you
(Exit)> smearnov


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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 8/9/2012 2:22:52 PM   

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my tag back then was Tigerleader later ANZAC _Tigerleader Zone ,TH,Cases Ladder still playing and modding

i only remember playing CB trout ,did play CC2 a lot the campaign mostly looking back now but was a lot of Fun!

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You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life

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RE: Any old grrogs here from cases ladder - 8/10/2012 4:08:03 AM   
US Brake

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We try to keep that old spirit alive in these days.


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