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puresimmer -> Important info on PureSim Support (10/10/2005 2:14:09 PM)

Since there are a lot of new faces around here I figured I'd fill you guys in on some support information.

PureSim is not my full time job, I already have a plenty stressful day job that is very important to me. While I have been around on some weekdays lately due to days off, typically I will not be able to respond to inquiries on this forum until later in the evening and early morning.

Please understand that support is very important to me, I just don't want you to think you are being ignored if you post something at 10:00 AM on a weekday and I don't answer until later that night.

Lastly, I'm sure the Matrix folks can help out with administrative type issues (getting the game downloaded/upgraded/installed etc.)

Thanks for trying PureSim!

Erik Rutins -> RE: Important info on PureSim Support (10/10/2005 6:14:21 PM)

To add to this, for official support on issues that are not addressed in the support forum (please check there first), e-mail We respond within 24 hours on weekdays and when possible over weekends.


- Erik

pmac0508 -> RE: Important info on PureSim Support (6/17/2008 9:46:50 PM)

Please help!

I am putting together a whole league of major league teams for the purpose of playing a simulated season. I am using the greatest players (lifetime statistics) and placing them on teams using their best years. Many players from (for instance) Tampa Bay Rays and even Boston Red Sox had their best years in 2007. How can I add 2007 teams and players to my game. I've downloaded the latest updates and patches, but I still don't have 2007 teams or players to pick from. Do I have to purchase a new version of the game yet to come out? Please help.

Pat McCaffrey

CrashDavis -> RE: Important info on PureSim Support (6/24/2008 7:25:56 AM)


read this thread concerning using the Lahman 5.5 database:

Lahman 5.5

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