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Latour_Maubourg -> Trade route offer request... (7/23/2005 5:54:50 PM)

Is there a possibility to turn off the trade route offer thingies at the beginning of the turn, because if you're a bit popular you get about 10 offers every turn. I don't want to turn on the trade expert because he buys stuff I don't want and need.


Naomi -> RE: Trade route offer request... (7/23/2005 10:36:09 PM)

I'll look into that (speaking in Eric's tone). :p

Hard Sarge -> RE: Trade route offer request... (7/24/2005 12:05:35 PM)

you can set what you are willing to trade for ?

of course, I tell it I want Horses and Iron or Wine, and I am willing to trade Tex, Cotten, or food, and I still get a few offers of

you want 10 food for 25 gold ????

but it is a start


Uxbridge -> RE: Trade route offer request... (7/24/2005 4:38:37 PM)

Can you? I didn't thought that was possible outside the Multi/PBEM games. Please inform me how? [&:]

Latour_Maubourg -> RE: Trade route offer request... (7/25/2005 12:34:18 PM)

I unchecked all the import boxes, but still every turn about 10 offers. Unchecked the inport boxes and turn on the trade expert. He still buys.....


Uxbridge -> RE: Trade route offer request... (7/25/2005 1:30:27 PM)

Well, seems my first info on this was correct then. You can only use this feature in multigames. Sad. An intermediate level between micromanagement and "AI-advisor stepping in" would have been nice ...

Naomi -> RE: Trade route offer request... (7/25/2005 5:55:54 PM)

Cutting trade deals myself takes up as much as one thirds of my play time. Once they are made, you still have to monitor them to ensure they are not broken or lost. Your trade partner changes its production a lot so you have to re-arrange trade routes tiringly often. Recently, I even found some misinformation, like wrong partners' names in the "economy" report.

Dayvit781 -> RE: Trade route offer request... (7/31/2005 5:24:20 AM)

When I took some provinces from Austria as Turkey... I noticed these provinces had trade routes still... So did it mean that I was now trading? Or how do you tell if a trade route is broken.

I think if I get provinces in a peace treaty, all the trade routes in those provinces should be cancelled because.. well.. it doesn't make sense that they continue?

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