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Tomster -> scenario help (5/11/2005 7:00:42 AM)


i'm getting crushed on scenario 5.....i'm so outgunned i get stomped....any hints


mtemple -> RE: scenario help (5/13/2005 9:55:23 AM)

First, you need to send your fighters over to destroy the artillery piece that's probably picking you apart. Just go in the direction the shells are coming from until you find it. After that, you should be able to bring in the units you'll need via your base. Be sure to upgrade it so you can bring in all of the units available.

The gist of this mission is to get familiar with using transports because you'll need them to get your units accross Layth river. Once you are ready to move your units across the river, you will need to scout a suitable landing site, and you'll probably have to clear it of defenders before you land so your transports don't get chewed up. Again, use your fighters as scouts, and be sure to use the terrain masking capability by placing a fighter in "hold" mode over some trees. This will prevent defending engineers from blasting your fighters (they can't see them hiding in the trees), but will allow you to see or "spot" the defenders. You should then use your artillery to destroy the engineers. Once the engineers are gone, your fighters can operate freely to clean up any other defenders.

If you still have trouble, try choosing a different landing site...maybe one closer to the objective. Don't get bogged down fighting every idiot that crosses your path either. You should think "blitzkrieg" and simply overrun weaker units on the way to the objective.

See if this helps. If you are still having trouble, there are other things I can recommend. But I don't want to ruin it for you in the process!

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